What follows below are bits and pieces of 1812 material left over from a typing project I recently did for someone. I just can't get rid of papers that contain names and dates that someone out there might find useful. The copy from which this was typed was not good -- I've done the best I could. (by Shirley)

based mainly on service as
listed in





ADAMS - Dr. Archibald Hamilton, (s/o Dr. Wm. & Margaret) d. 4-5-1811 ae. 42. Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Schenectady, N. Y. Will 3-27/4-8-1811 Vol. A. Schenectady Wills. Married _______Mary, d/o Daniel McKinney (Pearson’s First Settlers of Schenectady, N. Y.) d. 7-6-1810, ae. 33.

Service: Surgeon’s mate 1790 Albany County & Surgeon 1805, Vol. 1, p 174 & 780 Council of Appointments.



ADAMS - Dr. Henry (s/o Dr. Peter C., whose wife was prob. Cathalina Van Bergen, p. 93, Munsell’s Vol. 4, Annals of Albany, N. Y. b. Coxsackie 7-6-1787 and was a doctor at 21. Was a surgeon in the American Army and at Sackett’s Harbor. Returned to Coxsackie, then to Albany, 1848, and in 1850 to Cohoes where he died 7-6-1857 in 70th (year). Have no dates for wife.

Service: Surgeon’s mate, Greene Co., 1811, & Surgeon, 1812. Vol. 2, Council of Appointments, p. 1414. Reference: Howell & Tenney’s History of Albany & Schenectady Counites, p. 224.



BAIRD - Hon. Benjamin (s/o William, Major in Revolution), b. 9-22-1742 from New Jersey, 1795, d. 10-5-1830 ae. 87 years, 9 months, 13 days & wife, Catlina Hoagland, d. 7-11-1817, ae. 64 years, 4 months, 19 days, per Charleston Baptist Church Cemetery at Rider’s Corners, Town of Glen, Montgomery County, N. Y.

Service: Ensign 1817 same regiment as Benjamin 2: 1794, search of records in Adjutant General’s Office in Albany would undoubtedly show service as private by 1814.



BAKER - Ezekiel, Sr., b. New London Co., Conn. d. 8-15-1800 and buried beside son, Thomas, in Cemetery on north side of road from Jordanville to Van Hornesville, Herkimer Co., N. Y. It was undoubtedly he who served as surgeon in 1791, Rensselaer Co. (Vol. 1:197 Council of Appointments) and 2-0-3 in 1790 Census in Schaghticoke. His grandson, Ezekiel, was born in Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y.



BAKER - Thomas S., s/o above Ezekiel, b. New London Co., Conn. d. 4-11-11, ae. 40. He, of town of Minden, Montgomery Co., N. Y., per Vol. 2 Orders & Decrees, Surrogate’s Office, Fonda, N. Y., had 2 minor children: viz: William, ae. 16 on 4-14-1811; and Lydia, ae. 14 on 9-27-1811; and one of the guardians was Samuel Phillips of Petersborough, Renssalear County.

“He was the first proprietor and possessor and cleared the virgin forest from this spot in 1794” per monument erected 1868 by his surviving sons, William, Thomas, and Gardner” in grateful commemoration of his parental kindness and manly worth.” His children were Ezekiel, eldest born, Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., d. 4-6-1811, ae. 21 (who m. Dorothy ________ and left Ezekiel, ae. 5 months); William, 4-14-1795; Lydia, 9-27-1797; Thomas; Gardner; Isaac, b. 5th son (6-12-1808, ae. 8); Richard, posthumous, d. 7-1-1814, ae. 3. Thomas, s/o Ezekiel, Isaac B., and Richard all in Cemetery mentioned in top paragraph.

Service: Lieut. 1805, Montgomery Co., Lt. Col. Geo. H. Nellis,

Vol. 1: 795 Council Appointments,

Vol. 2: 1143 Council Appointments, Capt. in 1810

Vol. 2: 1572 Council Appointments, moved



BARHEYT - John, s/o Cornelius & Rachel of Jos. Yates) bap. 8-30-1767, d. 21-30-1830 in 63rd, m. 1-24-1790 Maria, d/oCorn, Pieterse Van Slyck & Catharine of Peter Veeder & Maritie Vander Bogert) who d. 7-12-1846, ae. 76-9-7. She was bap. 10-8-69 (pages) 7-8-242-265, Pearson’s First Settlers of Schenectady.

Service: Ensign Albany Co. 1802 (Lt. Col. Jacob Swits), Vol. 1: 576, Lieut 1805; 779 Capt. 1807, Vol. 1.896 & 3:2433, declined 1808 Vol. 2: 957.



BECK - Caleb s/o Caleb and Elizabeth d/o Abraham Truax, was bap. 10-22-1758 and d. 10-0-1798. He was married Aug. 26th, 1790 to Catharine.


HART - Henry, s/o Henry, a Revolutionary soldier, who bought farm in town of Amsterdam, Later to Jefferson Co., N. Y., where died. B. 6-13-1796 Town of Palatine, d. 11-11-1863, married 9-22-1819 Dorothy Stoller, who was living ae. 90 (page 59, Frothingham’s History of Montgomery Co., Family Sketches.) He is buried in Tribes Hill Cemetery.

Service: “widow Dorothy of Tribes Hill” pensioner #17423 on rolls 1879 per 1883 List of Pensioners of various wars. (He was aged 67-4-28 per stone).


HASLETT - Thomas, s/o Thomas from England, wife Margaret Gibson, b. 4-21-1781, p. 131 Munsell’s Annals of Albany, Vol. 4, d. 12-14-1848 ae. 67-4-7 per Florida Reformed Church Cemetery, Minaville, Montgomery Co., N. Y. (the father, 1790 Census as Aslet in Rensselaerwyck with 1-3-2, p. 67 Frothingham’s History of Montgomery Co., married before 1804 (when had son, Wm. A.) Eunice, d/o Gideon Curtis, who came from Conn.) (See corrections to calculations via note below.)

Service: Ensign 1814, Montgomery County 26th Regiment under Lt. Col. Sylvanus Wilcox, Vo. 2:1481.

TYPING NOTE REGARDING HASLETT: An e-mail received from F. K. Millar on July 25, 2006 with cc. to Tim Brace and Max Brace -- a portion of Mr. Millar's note follows:

"FYI and in case it may be of interest to you or a client - I note that the birthdate seems to have been incorrectly calculated. Looks as though 4 months and 7 days of age have been added to death month and day instead of subtracted, Date of birth should be 7 August 1781."

Thank you for your keen observation, Mr. Millar. I no longer have the copy; possibly this was a typo on my part. (Shirley)


HILDRETH - Mathias B. “late Attorney General of New York State” d. 7-11-1812, ae. 38, wife Anna, d/o Amaziah Rust, 7-27-1821, ae. 52 both in Colonial Cemetery, Johnstown, N. Y. His will 3-24-12 - 7/20-12, Vol. 2, Montgomery County wills in Vol. 56, p. 385, N. Y. Genealogical &

Biographical Record. He mentions a cousin, Hedges, and both Hedges and Hildreths are in Suffolk Co., N. Y., so Mathias may have come from there.

Service: Lieut. 1797, Montgomery County Vol. 1:393, 421 under Lt. Col. Abraham Veeder. Also per tombstone, “Attorney General of New York State.”


HILTON - Abraham, d. 2-22-1875, ae. 76-6-3, wife Catherine d. 2-21-1887, ae. 94-6 both per Fairview Cemetery Town of Guilderland, Albany Co., N. Y.

Service: Is his the “widow Catherine” of Knowersville, Albany Co., who was pensioner #29536 per 1883 List of Pensioners of various wars?


HYNEY - John, d. 5-14-1864, ae. 74-6-9 Old Cemetery at Argusville, Schoharie Co., N. Y.,

wife Mary d. 11-20-1882, ae. 92-6-17

Service: She, Mary C., Widow of Argusville. [emsopmer #1220 on rolls 1871 per 1883 List of Pensioneers of various wars.


JACKSON - Robert, s/o William, b. 4-5-1760, d. 4-28-18--(?), looked like 1819 or 1829, but a descendant says 1829.Wife, Albertje Hogeboom, bap. 10-19-1762, Claverack, N. Y. Found no stones in Mayfield Cem., for either. Her unrecorded will dated 5-31-1823, says husband already dead so the date 1829 for his death cannot be correct. He lived on the Hudson River before coming to Mayfield.

Service: Capt. of a company in Mayfield 1798 Vol. 1: 423, Capt. declined 1807 Vol. 1:912


JACKSON - Samuel, b. Manchester, England, 11-8-1777, d. 4-12-1845, wife Louisa Heyer, b. 4-21-1776 d. 10-29-1865, both in Chuctanunda Cemetery, Minaville, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

Service: 2nd Major Montgomery Co. 1809, Vol. 2:1098

1st Major 1812/14 Vol. 2:1398, 1527


JOHNSON - John T., d. 2-12-1834 in 64rh (?), Cemetery: Perrth, Fulton Co., N. Y., wife Rebecca d. 9-1-1837 ae. 66

Service: Ensign 1805 Montgomery Co. under Lt. Nich. Hagaman, Vol. 1: 794


JOHNSON - Thomas Payne (s/o John of the Revolution and Patience Scribner, b. Saratoga Co. (ae. 61 in 1855 Census for Amsterdam, N. Y., and died 3-11-1884 ae. 90, bap. as an adult 4-30-1820 at Church at Manny’s Corners, near Amsterdam. Came to Amsterdam with parents when ae. 3 in 1797 and was 6 months in the War of 1812. He m. 8-10-1854 when 60 yrs., Antoinette, daughter of Frederick De Graff Van Worker (sic) and wife Anne Cooley, Frederick being son of Egber & Elisabeth DeGraff. Pages 272/3 Frothingham’s History of Montgomery Co., N. Y. Antoinette b. 6-1-1832.

Service: “He of Amsterdam” pensioner #16555 on rolls 1872 per 1883 list of pensioners of various wars.



Charles in 1840 census town of Mohawk, Mongtomery Co., with 1-4-5. Page 65 of Frothingham’s History of Montgomery Co., Family Sketches says “born on sea, was in revolution as Sergeant and later Ensign and had son, Cornelius, b. 1788 Town of Florida. There was another Chas. Hubbs in Town of Root adjoining this area but he did not come from Long Island until 1802 so service did not belong to him. He married Evah Lutes of Warrens Bush July 30, 1780, per marriages of Rev. James Dempster and per same records had John M., 1-9-1786. (Her name was Lutz per her father’s will, John Lutz of Town of Florida, 10-31-1803/5-28/04 which mentioned daughter, Eve Hubbs, and her children, John, Daniel, Cornelius, Jeremiah, Polly, Peggy, Anne, and Eva. Page 153 Vol. 56, N. Y. Genealogical & Biographical Record.)

Service: Ensign 1786, Lieut. 1798 Montgomery County, under Lt. Col. Com. John Newkirk, Vol. 1:101,423


HUBBS - Thomas, d. 7-3-1862, ae. 78, death list of the Church of Christ of Charleston (also called Christian Church, Montgomery County, N. Y.), wife, Mary, widow of Thomas, 5-17-1885, ae. 92-1-6 per stone in Glen, Montgomery Co. Cemetery.

Service: Only service in Council of Appointments is Lieut. 1819 and resigned 1821, but she “Mary of Glen” pensioner #25116 on rolls 1879 per 1883 List of Pensioners of various wars, so he must have had service either as private in N. Y. or with U. S. Govt.


GROOT - Dirk, son of Cornelius D. & Maria of Ven Branken, bap. Albany 12-31-1758, d. 6-26-1847 in 89th, married Dec. 1797 Jacomyntje, dau. of Bastiaan Tymerson of Niskayuna, p. 83, 85, Pearson’s, Schenectady, N. Y.

Service: Dirk C., Lieut. 1792 and Captain 1797, Albany Co., Vol. 1:214, 394, Vol. 3:2429


HARRIS - Alvin, d. 4-29-1860, ae. 85 Tribes Hill, N. Y. Cemetery, wife, Lovina, d/o Adam & Neeltje Fonda, per his will “of Johnstown” 5-29-1806 / 11-9-09, Montgomery County wills p. 160, Vol. 56, N. Y. Genealogical & Biographical Records. She 12-6-1851 in 84th. (?) He bap. as adult 4-30-1820 per records of Manny’s Corners Church, north of Amsterdam.

Service: Paymaster 1803, Ensign 1812, adjutant 1812, Vol. 1:668, 2: 1302-1329


KELLOGG - Asa, d. 6-4-1820 in 76th (sic) Jersey Hill Cemetery, 2 mi. south from Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. Wife, Lucy, d. 11-8-1816 in 71st (sic) Saratoga Co., N. Y.

Service: Capt. 1786, Saratoga Co., Lt. Col. John Ball, 1st Major 1793-97 Vol. 1:113. 234, 402


KELLOGGG - Giles, d. 10-29-1834, ae. 50-9-15, Casper Cemetery, Town of Cobleskil, wife Anna Christina, d. 10-26-1841, Schoharie County, N. Y.

Service: Capt. 1807/9 Schoharie Co., Lt. Zenas Pineau’s Regiment Vol. 1: 898 2: 1086


HOSMER - Daniel, s/o Daniel, a native of Conn. who came to Kingsboro, N. Y. returned to Conn. on a visit and died there in 1800 (brought wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters) b. 12-5-1774 Conn. m. 1st 12-11-1801 Thanksful Johnson m. 2nd 5-29-1805 Matilda Goodman and 3rd. 6-14-1814 Ruth Sedgwick and had a daughter by each per page 67 Frothingham’s History of Fulton Co., Family Sketches. The first wife is buried with him in old Kingsboro Cemetery, Gloversville, N. Y. He d. 9-12-1840, ae. 60 and Thankful, 5-7-1804, 28th (2790 census his father, Daniel, 2-2-4 Caughnawaga district, which included Kingsboro and also an Eldad and Simeon. These names may help locate section of Connecticut they came from).

Service: Capt. Montgomery Co. 1804-1810 Vol. 1:707 & Vol. 2: 1117


HOWE - “Col.” Reuben, d. 5-21-1859, ae. 73-1-24 (Sexton’s record says 5-29-1835, ae. 73, but the stone in Chuctanunda Cemetery, Minaville, Montgomery County, N. Y., is correct and agrees more nearly with his wife’s. Wife, Urania Skeels, d. 8-11-1858, ae. 72-3-28 (in New York Census, 1790, there were no Howes in this area and the Skeels were spelled “Skeals.”)

Service: Ensign 1814 26th Regiment, Montgomery Co.; Lieut. 1815 Vol. 2: 1481, 1569. Were m. before 1815 when had son, Lewis, in Florida, per Frothingham’s History of Montgomery County, N. Y.


900 COOK, Zuriel Private, Mounted Dragoons


2195 COOKE, Joseph General Assembly, Conn. 1785-1788


2910 COOPER, Ira b. 11-30-1795, d. 5-21-1860 Watertown, N. Y.
Private, Corporal, Capt. Wright’s Co.
5-30-1814 8-21-1814
Desc. Harrington, Mary Jane Cooper
3625 Desc. Dexter, Caroline E. Cooper
2924 Desc. Woodward, Eunice S. Harrington


10471 COREY, Parley 6-8-1796 - 7-4-1855, Lewis Co., N. Y.
Private, Capt. Rufus Stoddard’s Co., Col. Zeboam Carter’s Reg.
3-8-1813 - 3-20-1813


11593 CORNELL, Richard b. (blank) - d. 8-3-1839, Flushing, L. I., N. Y.
Private, Capt. Peleg Peck’s Co. 1st Regt.
Dodds (Capt. Hicks) N. Y. Militia
Enl. not given
9546 Desc. Breadwell, Mary Franklin
Desc. Heald, Mary Boswell


12518 CORNELL, Lewis Grant b. 1755, d. 12-19-1836, buried Flushing, N. Y.
(Little Neck) Chairman of Flushing Town Meeting 1798
Justice of Peace 1799
Desc. Roe, Marjorie Tilton


8601 CORNWELL, Daniel b. 7-10-1781, d. 9-4-1849, Private, Capt. Marcus Underwood’s
Co, Col. Elisha Farnum’s Madison County Regt.
9-9-1814 1-13-1814
Desc. Wlson, Carrie May Edmonds


8601 COVILL, Jonathan, b. 1750, Conn. d. 1830 Fleming or Auburn, N. Y.
Private, Capt. Asa Winter’s Co., 2nd Battalion (Andrews)
Penna. Militia.
1-4-1814 - 2/10/1814
Desc. Rowland, Edna Vose


11656 COTTON, Samuel, 2nd. Lieut. 10th Regt. of Cavalry, N. Y. Militia


6183 COUNTRYMAN, John, Private at Sackets Harbor, N. Y. Name on Monument.
6195 buried Evergreen Cemetery, Stokes, N. Y.


1076 COVILL (COWEMHOVEN) Christian 2nd Lieut., N. Y. Vol. Artillery


2355 COX, Calbe Capt. 1st Louisiana Regiment, Battle of New Orleans


12939 COX, Thomas b. 5-1-1792, Gilbertsville, N. Y., d. 4-2-1848
Private, Capt. Ezra Adams’ Company, Det. Art. Regt., N. Y.
Desc. Sherwood, Margaret Riggs Cox


CROMWELL, “Dr.” Philip d. 9-30-1826 in 80th (Perhaps the Jan Philipse bap. 1-11-1747 to
Stephen and Cornelia (Pootman) per Pearson’s First Settlers of Schenectady, N. Y.)
Wife, Megdelen (sic), d/o Peter Lewis of Charleston, Montgomery Co., N. Y., per will
p. 381, Vol. 56, Genealogical & Biographical Record, d. 12-4-1841, ae. 82-5-4. Both
buried in a Van Epps farm cemetery between Fultonville, and Randall, Montgomery Co.
N. Y.

Service: Surgeon 1786/1798 under Lt. Col. John T. Vissher (sic) Vol. 1:101, 460
Council Appointments


DAVIS - John Parson (of Major John b. E. Hampton, L. I. & Puah Parsons) b. Lyme, Conn., 11-4-1777, d. 7-31-1848, married 6-1-1805. Stone in Greenhill Cemetery, Amsterdam, N. Y. says d. 7-31-1849, ae. 71, although Frothingham’s History of Montgomery Co., N. Y., under Family Sketches, p. 34, gives first date. Wife, Susan Allen, b. Portsmouth, R. I. d. 12-14/5-1857/8 per stones Green Hill Cemetery, Amsterdam, N. Y., ae. 73-9-4. She was daughter of James, b. R. I., 2-25-1744 per Frothingtham’s previously mentioned. His will p. 381, Vol. 56, N. Y. Genealogical & Biographical Record.)




Dexter Cemetery, Town of Brownville, N. Y.:
William Reeves
Jeremiah Carpenter

Perch River Cemetery, Town of Brownville, N. Y.:
Issa Rogers

Warren Settlement, Town of Clayton, N. Y.:
William Stoel

Hillside Cemetery, Champion, N. Y.:
Solomon Calkins
Col. Ora Harris

Luther Hill Cemetery, Pillar Point, N. Y.:
Riley Rogers

?? Cemetery:
Josiah Rogers

Three Mile Bay, Town of Clayton:
Gideon Rogers

Ellisburgh, N. Y.:
John Hildreth

Carpenter Cemetery, Henderson, N. Y. :
John Carpenter

Fayles Cemetery, Town of Henderson:
Calab Harris

Sanford Corners Cemetery, Town of LeRay, N. Y.:
Amos Carpenter

Sheep Hold Cemetery, Town of LeRay, N. Y.:
Timothy Rogers

Evans Mills Cemetery:
Lt. Jacob Fuller
Hezekiah Lawton
Thomas Robbins
Leonard Helmer
Solomon Howe
John Hoover
William Jenkins
Sylvester Kelsey
Daniel Klock
Josiah Lawton
Ebenezer Leach
Reuben Lock
Isaac Lyman
John MacComber
Isaac McCrea
Samuel Miller
James Post
John Morris
Samuel Pennal
Samuel Ray
Capt. Aaron Root
Roger Steel
Ebenezar Stevens
Neherniah Thornton
Lorence Timmerman
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walrath
Benjamin Walts
Ebenezar Ward
Suel Wilaon
John Wilson
Jacob Wilson
Dr. Cabel Woodward
William Young

Stone Mills Cemetery, Town of Orleans, N. Y.:
Peleg Arnold

Sandy Hollow Cemetery, Town of Philadelphia:
Daniel Rogers

Fairviewville Cemetery, Town of Rodman, N. Y.:
John Russell

Chaufty’s Corners Cemetery, Theresa, N. Y.:
Henry Becher

Rising Cemetery of Town of Worth:
Abner Rising

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