Auburn Christian Advocate 1845-1849 (Northern Christian Advocate section), October, 1845 (p. 107)

Release of American Prisoners
On Van Dieman’s Land

Thomas G. Larkin, Esq., the United States Consul at the port of Monterey, has transmitted a despatch to the government of this country, under date of May 30, 1845, in which he communicates intelligence that will be immensely interesting to the friends of many of the unfortunate young men who have been so long confined by the British authorities in Van Dieman’s Land, in consequence of their connection with the well-known Canadian troubles.

Unquestionably, the most interesting part of this intelligence, has yet to follow. We refer to the names of these twenty-seven Americans, who are now returning to their native land, after such a fearful season of exile. These we have also been allowed to transcribe and record with pleasure, as the heart of many bereaved parent or brother or sister, will beat with gratitude, as they discover the name of long the lost one on the list.

Nelson Griggs

N. York

E. A. Wilson

N. York

Luther Darby

Elon Fellows

Dan’l D. Hustis

Elizur Stephens

Orin W. Smith

John Gilman

John Thomas

Jo’s Thompson

Gideon Goodrich

David Hume

Jerry Griggs

Chauncey Sheldon


Robert Marsh

H. B. Barnum

Nathan Whiting

Samuel Snow


Bemis Woodbury

Alvin B. Sweet

John Cronkhite

James Dewitt Ferro

J. W. Swansbury


Canadian Prov.

Ira Polly

John Grant


Leonard Delano

Henry Barnum


The following person have been pardoned, but had not, at the last advices, had the opportunity for leaving Van Dieman’s Land:

Moses A. Dutcher       Garret Hicks
John Vernon                 James M. Aitcheson
Hiram Sharp                 Daniel Liscum
Robert G. Collins         Emanuel Garrison


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