This article was found pasted into a scrapbook entitled, “1838 Patriot War.” The scrapbook is located at the Flower Memorial Library Genealogy Department at Watertown, New York. This article, one of a series written by L. N. Fuller, was copyrighted in 1923 by the Brockway Company, Publishers of the Watertown Daily Times. The series appeared in the Watertown Daily Times in March, April, and May of 1923. John B. Johnson, Jr., Editor/Co-Publisher of the Watertown Daily Times has granted me permission to incorporate these pieces on my website. I feel very honored to have been given this permission. (Shirley Farone)

Killed, Wounded And
Captured At Prescott


List of Those Who Died On Field of Battle, Those Executed
and Those Who Were Sentenced to Life Banishment at
British Penal Colony in Van Dieman’s Land




(Copyright, 1923, by the Brockway Company, Publishers of the Watertown Daily Times.)


When the Battle of the Windmill opened on the morning of November 13th, there were, according to the best records available 186 men in the stronghold. Four of these deserted without doing any fighting. Five others made their escape after fighting gallantly and seeing further resistance useless. The casualty list is marked by many men from Northern New York. Practically every community in Jefferson and Oswego counties and many in St. Lawrence county, were touched. The list of killed, wounded and captured is given below, together with the final disposition of the cases of the prisoners.

In instances where two forms of spelling are used, it is to indicate the forms used by the different authorities. Those who were transported were sent to Van Dieman’s Land, the British penal colony, now called Tasmania.

Killed in Action.

Nelson Butterfield, aged 22, Philadelphia; Charles E. Brown, 24, Brownville; Nathan Coffin, 27, Liverpool, Onondaga county; Rensaelear Drake, 23, Salina, Onondaga county; Adam Empy, 40, Rossie, St. Lawrence county; Edmund Foster, 22, Alexandria; Moses Haynes, 20, Salina; Samuel Laraby, 35 Rossie; Paul Lamear, Ogdensburg; Oster Myer, 30, Poland; Benjamin Obrey, 18, Madrid; James Phillips, 38, Ogdensburg; Leonard (or Lysander) Root, 27, Sackets Harbor; _________ Savoy, 44, Lewisburg, Lewis county; Tenike Venalstine, 40, Salina; Lorenzo West, 26, Salina; Alexander Wright, 21, Ogdensburg.

Died of Wounds in Hospital.

John Bromley, 38, Depauville; Frederick Millow, Germany; Monroe Wheelock, 23, Watertown.

Escaped Before Capture.

Junah Woodruff; William Hathaway; Benjamin Fulton; _______ Tracy; and an unidentified Pole.


Samuel Austin, 21, Alexandria Bay, pardoned; Charles Allen, 24, Scriba, Oswego county, pardoned; David Allen, 37, Volney, Oswego county, transported; Philip Alger, 23, Salina, Onondaga county, wounded and released without trial; Dorethus (or Dorephus) Abbey, 48, Pamelia, hanged at Fort Henry, Dec. 12, 1838; Duncan Anderson, Lyme, hanged at Fort Henry Jan. 4, 1839.

Orlin Blodget, 19, Philadelphia, transported; John Bradley, 28, Sackets Harbor, transported; Thomas Baker, 47, Hannibal, transported; John Berry, 42, Oswego, pardoned; Chauncey Bugbee, Lyme, transported; Hiram Barlow, 19, Morristown, pardoned; Charles Brown, 20, Hastings, pardoned; John Brewster, 19, Henderson, pardoned; George T. Brown, 23, Evans Mills, transported; Rouse Bennett, 19, Norway, Herkimer county, pardoned; George Blondon, Lower Canada, 21, Lower Canada, pardoned; Ernest Barance, 40, Poland, wounded and pardoned; Christopher Buckley, 30, Salina, hanged at Fort Henry, Jan. 4, 1839.

Hiram Colton (Or Coultman), 21, Philadelphia, 19, wounded and released without trial; Philip Coonrod, 21, Salina, pardoned; Lysander Curtis, 35, Ogdensburg, transported and died in Van Dieman’s Land; Robert G. Collins, 32, Ogdensburg, transported; Eli Clark, 61, Oswego, released on account of age and infirmities; Charles F. Crossman, 19, Watertown, pardoned; Paschal Carpenter, 20, LeRay, pardoned; John Cronkhite, 20, Alexandria, transported; Calvin S. Clark, 19, Fort Covington, Franklin county, pardoned; Peter Cranker, 19, Orleans, pardoned; Hugh Calhoun, 35, Salina, transported; Truman Chipman, 44, Upper Canada, pardoned; Nathan Coffin, 27, Liverpool, Onondaga county; Levi Chipman, 45, Upper Canada, released; James Cummings, 40, Orleans, released on account of insanity.

Leonard Delano (or Delino), 26, Watertown, wounded and transported; Joseph Drumma or Drummons, 22, Salina, pardoned; Dave Duffold (unclear), 22, Salina, pardoned; Joseph Dodge, 28, Salina, pardoned

Moses A. Dutcher, 23, Brownville, transported; William Denio, 21, LeRay, pardoned; Luther Darby, 48, Watertown, transported; Aaron Dresser, 24, Alexandria, transported and released in 1843.

John Elmore, 19, LeRay, pardoned; Selah Evans, 35, LeRay, wounded and released.

Elom (or Eben) Fellows, 23, Dexter, transported; Michael Fraer (or Friar), 23, Clay, Onondaga county, transported; Lorenzo E. Finney, 21, Watertown, wounded, disposition of case not recorded.

William Gates, 24, Lyme, transported; Emmanuel Garrison, 26, Brownville, transported; Gideon Goodrich, 43, Salina, transported; Nelson Griggs, 28, Salina, transported; Jerry Griggs, 21, Salina, transported; John Gilman, 38, Brownville, transported; David (or Price) Gould, 24, Alexandria, pardoned; Cornelius Goodrich, 18, Salina, pardoned after seven years in the penitentiary; Francis Ganyo, 18, Lower Canada, pardoned; John Graves, 25, Plattsburg, released (?); Daniel George, 28, Lyme, paymaster of expedition, hanged at Fort Henry Dec. 12, 1838.

Daniel D. Heustis, 32, Watertown, transported; Charles Hovey (or Hariz), 22, Lyme, pardoned; Edmund Holmes, 24, Plattsburg, pardoned; Garret Hicks, 45, Alexandria, transported; Hiram Hall, 17, Orleans, seven years in penitentiary; David House, 26, Alexandria, transported; Jacob Herald, France, wounded and released.

James Inglish (or Ingles), 28, Adams, transported.

(copy clipped off - line or two missing)

pardoned; John M. Jones, 35, Philadelphia, pardoned.

George Kimball, 20, Brownville, wounded and released; Hiram Kenney, 20, Palermo, Oswego county, pardoned.

Joseph Lefore (or Lefort), 29, Lyme, transported; Daniel Liscomb, 40, Lyme, transported; Samuel Livingstone, 40, Lisbon, transported; Joseph Lee, 21, Palermo, pardoned; Andrew Leeper, 44, Lyme, transported; Hiram Loop, Schroeple, Oswego county, transported; Sylvester A. Lawton (or Lanton), 28, Lyme, hanged Jan. 4, 1839; Leman L. Leach, 40, Salina, hanged; Oliver Lawton, 22, Saratoga Springs, pardoned.

Peter Myer, 20, Salina, released; Sebastin Myer, Rochester, pardoned; Calvin Matthews, 25, Lysander, Onondaga county, transported; Andrew Moore, 26, Adams, wounded and transported; Justus Merriam, 18, Brownville, released; Jehiel H. Martin, 32, Oswego, transported; Phares Miller, 18, LeRay, pardoned; John Morrisett, 20, Lower Canada, wounded and transported; Chauncey Matthews, 25, Liverpool, transported; Foster Martin, 34, Antwerp, transported; Alonzo Myatt, 18, Lower Canada, released (?).

Joseph Norris, 26, Rossie, acquitted

Lawrence O’Reilly, 46, Lyme, not recorded; Alson Owen, 27, Palermo, transported, died in Van Dieman’s Land; Oliver Obrey, 21, Madrid, wounded, sentence not recorded; William O’Neill, 42, Alexandria, acquitted; John Okonski, 32, Poland, pardoned.

Jacob Putnam, 24, Palermo, pardoned; Asa Priest, 45, Auburn, transported, died at sea; Gayus Powers, 24, Brownville, released; Ira Polley, 22, Lyme, transported; Levi Putnam, 24, Lyme, pardoned; Lawson S. Peck, 20, Brownville, pardoned; Jacob Paddock, 18, Salina, transported; James Pierce, 22, Orleans, transported; Ethel Penney, 19, Lyme, pardoned; Joel Peeler, 41, Rutland, hanged Dec. 22, 1838; Russell Phelps, 38, Lyme, hanged Jan. 4, 1839.

Timothy Rawson, (or Ransom), 24, Alexandria, pardoned; William Reynolds, 19, Orleans, transported; Asa H. Richardson, 24, Upper Canada, transported; Edgar Rogers, 18, Watertown, released; Andrew Richardson, 28, Rossie, pardoned; Solomon Reynolds, 33, Warren county, transported; Orson Rogers, 19, Philadelphia, wounded, released; Charles Rogers, Philadelphia, record not given; Baptiste Raza, 20, Lower Canada, released.

Charles Smith, 21, Lyme, pardoned; John G. Swansberg, 28, Alexandria, transported; Price Senter, 18, Genessee county, pardoned; Hiram Sharp, 25, Salina, transported; Andrew Smith, 21, Orleans, pardoned

William Stebbins, 18, Brownville, pardoned; James L. Snow, 20, Hastings, released; Henry Shaw (or Shew*), 28, Philadelphia, transported; Orin (or Owen) W. Smith, 32, Orleans, transported; Joseph W. Stewart, 25, Pennsylvania, transported; Thomas Stockton, 40, Rutland, transported; William D. Sweet** (or Denis), 19, Alexandria Bay, transported; Sylvanus Sweet, 21, Alexandria, hanged Dec. 22, 1838.

Oliver Tucker, 22, Rutland, pardoned; Joseph Thompson, 26, Lyme, record not given; Abner B. Townsend, 19, Philadelphia, pardoned; Samuel Tibbets, 25, Salina, record not given; John Thompson (or Thomas), 27, Madrid, transported; Nelson Truax, 20, Antwerp, pardoned; John Thompson, 24, Morristown, pardoned;Giles Thomas, 27, Salina, wounded and released; George Van Ambler (or Van Amber), 23, Alexandria, pardoned; Charles Van Wermer, 21, Ellisburgh, pardoned; M. Van Slyke, 23, Watertown, acquitted; Hunter C. Vaughan, 19, Sackets Harbor, pardoned through intercession of father; Nicholas A. S. Von Schoultz, Poland, hanged Dec. 18, 1838.

Charles S Wilson, 23, Lyme, pardoned: Stephen S Wright, 25, Denmark, Lewis County, wounded and transported, released in 1843: Nathan Whiting, 45, Liverpool, transported; Charles Woodruff, 21, Salina, pardoned; Joseph Wagner, 24, Salina, pardoned; Riley Whitney, 28, LeRay, transported; Simeon Webster, 21, Salina, pardoned; William Wolcott, 20, Clay, wounded and pardoned; Jeremiah Winegar, 59, Brownville, record not given; Sampson A. Wiley, 20, Watertown, pardoned; Edward A Wilson, 27, Ogdensburg, transported; Henry (or Hosea C) E. Wilkey, 20, Orleans, pardoned; Samuel Washburn, 23, Oswego, transported; Bemis Woodbury, 22, Auburn, wounded and transported; Patrick White, 25, Lower Canada, transported; Martin Woodruff, 34, Salina, hanged Dec 19 1838.

All of those who were sent to Van Dieman`s Land were subsequently pardoned and the survivors returned to their several homes after suffering almost incredible hardships.

*Typist's Note: The name, according to descendants, is "Shew." See information received on 4/10/2005 from Shew descendants.

**Typist's Note: William D. Sweet was NOT transported. Some accounts indicate he was released because of his age. Whatever the reason, William D. Sweet returned to Plessis, N. Y. and lived a full life. He was an older brother of this sitehost's great-grandmother. Several articles were written about Wm. and may be found in this Patriot War section. Go to Index of All Patriot War Articles

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