November 17, 2007 - Jill Dopke (e-mail as of 12/30/2009 is is preparing an article about James Pearce, the Patriot, who served time in Van Dieman's Land, and who was pardoned in 1845.

Jill is preparing an article about James Pearce for the Kewaunee County Historical Society Newsletter. The Town of Pierce in that county was named for James Pearce. Jill is now looking for the parents of James Pearce. What follows is the accumulated research, thus far:

"James married Fidelia Pearce from Oneida Co. NY. in 1850. Their marriage is listed on the site. Fidelia's parents are Elisha & Lucy (Stetson) Pearce. Elisha b 1808 Stockwell, NY (Oneida Co.) Lucy b 1812 Stockwell, NY (Oneida Co.) Actually, I think Stockwell is half in Madison Co. and half in Oneida Co. Sangerfield is the name used for it, though, or else Sangerfield is close by."

"James is listed in the 1850 census in Marshall in Oneida Co. with his wife, Fidelia. I have that. I don't know where he was between 1851 and 1855, but I know he settled in Kewaunee Co. in 1856, purchased the land he was living on there in 1857, and James, Fidelia, and Edward are in the 1860 Census for Pierce Town, Kewaunee Co., WI."

Jill's goal now is to determine the parents of James Pierce. There is confusion whether James was born in Town of Orleans in Jefferson County, N. Y. or in Oneida County, N. Y. Jill's write-up indicates that he was born in New York State in New York State August 19th, 1817. Her note to me indicated that he died in Kewaunee County, WI at the age of 48 of smallpox on February 1, 1863. If anyone has information, it would be most welcomed, although if you follow this narrative, you will see that Jill Dopke has progressed amazingly well with her research.

Note: 1/17/2009 - Jill wrote indicating that she had not accumulated more information on James Pearce, who eventually settled in Pierce Town, Kewanee Cty., WI, but her note gave me indication that James died in that county. Perhaps I had overlooked that indication in previous correspondence. (by sitehost)

Note by website host: The 1850 Census for Town of Orleans, Jefferson County, N. Y. shows only one Pierce family as of that year. Alexander Pierce, a farmer, age 54. Apparently, he is not from the patriot Pierce family being discussed here.


11/16/2007: Jill's endeavor to document information on James Pearce, brought forth the following from Pete Shew (descendant of Patriot Henry Shew):

".......He is listed in the back of Guns Across The River on page 236 as being 22, laborer, from Orleans in Jefferson Co NY, sent to Van Diemens Land.

"The book also mentions an Oliver B Pierce on pages 89, 91, 105 as being the pilot of the steamer "The United States" which landed men & supplies at the windmill prior to the battle. No idea if they were related. "James was also listed on list of prisoners in book as being from Oneida County, NY: E.L. EVERT'S 1749-1878 'HISTORY OF ST.LAWRENCE CO.' published 1878 Philadelphia, Pa. "Also an attachment with a newspaper article listing transportees. And another attachment of his record that I received from Tasmania yesterday, listed on the same page as my Henry Shew."

Note: The attachments are not included here. (by shirley)

And from Victoria Windsor, another Shew descendant:

"Database # 55355     Pearce James     12 Feb 1840     Buffalo     28 Sep 1839     Quebec"


May 25, 2009 - Jill Dopke wrote advising me that she had indeed completed her article on James Pearce, the Patriot, who moved to Wisconsin. The James Pearce article is in the spring issue (2009) of the Kewaunee County Historical Society Newsletter. You can access it at: The Kewaunee County, WI website. Click on "KCHS Newsletters" and click on the April, 2009 issue. Jill also wrote, "I recently published a small book on "The Early History of Carlton Town" in Kewaunee Co., WI. I live in Carlton Town(ship). It borders Lake Michigan, and some of our earliest settlers came from Jefferson Co., NY. Jill mentions in this book, Bradford R. White, James A. Defaut and his wife, Susan Fowles.

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