Concerning Edward A. Wilson

"I read your artical with great interest! My greatgrandfather was Edward Augustas Wilson. It really brought the history to life. thank you very much. Edward married in Tasmania, and lived in Oregon Territory where he prospered and raised a large family., He is buried in Pendleton, Oregon.   Bob Wilson "

A second letter from Bob:

"............ Here is what I know. He was born in upstate NY, and was at the Battle of the Windmill. 60 of them were sentenced to life at hard labor and shipped on the HMS Buffalo to Tasmania. After 2 years they were parolled to work outside the prison. He met and marrried an Irish girl, Mary Ann Sly. 2 years later, all of them were pardoned bythe Queen. They left on a whaling ship,got to the Sandwich Islands, (Hawaii) where their first child was born. Then on to Oregon Territory and settled near Umatillo. They had several more children,including my grandfather, Winfield Scott Wilson. He had quite a life, very productive...no more invasions! And is buried in Pendleton, Oregon. My sister, Dona found all this out on the internet."

badbob54@hotmail.com    Bob Wilson    May 4, 2004

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