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TRANSCRIBED FROM E. L. EVERT'S 1749-1878 'HISTORY OF ST. LAWRENCE CO.' published 1878 Philadelphia, Pa.



The following notes and abbreviations are used: g., plead guilty; n. g., plead not guilty; t., transported to Van Diemen's Land ; h., hung at Fort Henry ; a., acquitted; w , wounded in the battle; r., released without trial; p., pardoned. Numerals denote the ages of prisoners. All, except those in italics, were sentenced to be hung.

*means the name was in italics

Dorephus Abbey, 47 (Watertown), n.g., h. Dec. 12;
Philip Alger, 23 (Bents, N. Y.), w., r. ;
Charles Allen, p. ;
David Allen, 24 (Volney), t.;
Duncan Anderson, 48 (Livingston Co.), h. Jan. 4;
*Oliver Aubre (Lower Canada), w., r. ;
Samuel Austin (Alexandria, N. Y.),p.;
Thomas Baker (Winder, N. Y.), t. ;
Hiram W. Barlow, 19 (St. Lawrence Co.), p. ;
Rouse Bennett, 17 (Herkimer Co.), p. ;
Ernest Berentz (Poland, Europe), p. ;
John Berry, 40 (Columbia Co.), t. ;
Orlin Blodget, 23 (Jefferson Co.), g., t. ;
George Bloudeau; 19 (Canada), p.;
John Bradley, 30 (Ireland), t. ;
John A. Brewster (Henderson, N. Y.), p. ;
Charles S. Brown (Oswego Co.), p. ;
George T. Brown, 23 (Le Ray, N. Y.), n.g. t. ;
*Bromley (died of wounds in hospital);
Christopher Buckley (Onondaga Co.), h. Jan. 4;
Chauncey Bugbee, 22 (Jefferson Co.), t.;
Hugh Calhoun (Ireland), t.;
Paschal Cerventes (Vermont), p. ;
Levi Chipman, r. July 29 ;
Truman Chipman, p. ;
Culver S. Clark, 19 (Fulton Co.), p.;
Eli Clark (Oswego Co.), p. on account of age and infirmities
Robert G. Collins, 34 (Ogdensburg), t.;
Philip Condrat, (Germany),p.;
*Hiram Coultman, 19 (Jefferson) w.,r.;
Peter Cranker, 19 (Jefferson Co.), p. ;
John Cronkheit (Otsego Co ), t. ;
Charles Crossman (Jefferson Co.) p.;
*James Cummings (Canada), r. on account of insanity
Lysander Curtis, 33 (Ogdensburg), w., t. (died in Van Diemen's Land) ;
Luther Darby, t. ;
Leonard Delino, 25 (Jefferson Co.), t. ;
William Denio, 18 (Le Ray), g. p. ;
Joseph Dodge (Montgomery Co.), p. ;
Aaron Dresser, Jr., 22 (Alexandria N. Y.), t. (released in 1843);
Joseph Drummond (Oswego Co.), p.;
David Dufeld, 22 (Upper Canada) p.;
Moses A. Dutcher (Dexter, N. Y.), t.;
John Elmore (Jefferson Co.), p.;
*Shelah Evans, 35 (Jefferson Co.), r. ;
Ebon Fellows, g., t.;
*David Field (Granby, N. Y.);
*Lorenzo F. Finney, 21 (Watertown), w.;
Michael Friar, 23, t. ;
Francis Gagnion, 18 (Canada), p. ;
Emanuel Garrison (Vermont), t.;
William Gates (Lyme, N.Y.), t.;
Daniel George (Lyme), h. Dec. 12 (paymaster);
John Gilman, t.;
Cornelius Goodrich (Salina, N. Y.),p., seven years penitentiary;
Gideon A. Goodrich (Massachusetts), t. ;
Price Gould, 21 (Jefferson Co.), p.;
*John Graves (Plattsburg), r. ?;
Jerry Griggs (Connecticut), t. ;
Nelson J. Griggs (Onondaga Co.), t.;
Hiram Hall, 15 (Jefferson Co.), seven years'penitentiary, p.;
*Jacques Herod (France), w., r. ;
Garret Hicks, 27 (Jefferson Co.), t. ;
Edward Holmes (Syracuse), p. ;
Charles Hovey (Lyme), p. ;
David Houth 24, t. ;
Daniel D. Hustace 27 (Watertown), t.;
James Ingles (Scotland), t.
Henry Jantzen, 29 (Germany), p. ;
John M. Jones (Philadelphia, N. Y.), p.;
George H. Kemble, 18 (Brownville), w., p.;
John O. Koinski (Cracow, Poland), p.;
Hiram Kinney, 20 (Onondaga), p.;
Oliver Lanton (Albany), p. ;
Sylvester A. Lanton, 23 (Lyme), h. Jan. 4;
Andrew Leeper, 42 (Jefferson Co.), t. ;
Joseph Lee, 21 (Oswego), p.;
Joseph Lefort, 19 (Cape Vincent), t.;
Lyman N. Lewis, n. g.;
Daniel Liscomb (Lyme), t.;
*Samuel Livingston (Lisbon, N. Y.), r.;
Hiram Loop, 26 (Oswego Co.), n. g. t.;
Foster Martin (Ox Bow ) t.;
J. H. Martin, t. ;
Calvin Mathers (Salina), t.;
Chauncey Mathers, 24 (Onondaga Co.), t.;
*Frederick Meals, 21 (servant of Von Schoultz, w., died of wounds);
*Alonzo Mignoteth r.?;
Phares Miller (Watertown), p.;
Justus Meriam, 17 (Sacket's Harbor), r.;
John Marriset, 26 (Canada), w., t.;
Andrew Moore, 26 (Malta, N. Y.), w., t. ;
*Peter Meyer (Syracuse), r.;
Sebastian Meyer, 21 (Bavaria), p.;
*Joseph Norris, a.;
*William O'Neil, 38 (Alexandria), n. g., a. ;
Alson Owen, 24 (Oswego), t. (died in Van Diemen's Land) ;
*Jacob Paddock, 17 (Jefferson Co.), t ;
Joel Peeler, 50, n. g., h. Dec. 22;
Lawton S. Peck, 20 (Jefferson Co.), p. ;
Ethel Penny, 18 (Jefferson Co.), p ;
Russell Phelps (Watertown), h. Jan. 4;
James Pierce (Oneida Co.), t. ;
Ira Polly (Jefferson Co ), t.;
*Lorenzo Phinney, w., r.;
*D.S. Powers (Brownville);
*Gaius Powers, r.;
Asa Priest, 43 (Auburn), w. t. (died in Van Diemen's Land);
Jacob Putnam, 19 (Montgomery Co.), p.;
Levi Putnam, 21 (Montgomery Co.), p.;
Timothy P. Ransom, 21 (Alexandria), p.;
Solomon Reynolds (Salina), t.;
William Reynolds (Orleans), t.;
*J. B. Razeau (Lower Canada), r., very young;
Asa H. Richardson, 23 (Oswego), t. ;
Andrew Richardson (Rossie), p.;
Lawrence Riley, 43 (Vermont) ;
*Edgar Rogers;
*Orson Rogers, 23 (Jefferson Co.), r.;
Hiram Sharp (Onondaga Co.), t.;
Henry Shaw, t.;
*Truman Shipman (Morristown);
Andrew Smith, 21, p.;
Charles Smith (Lyme), p.;
Owen W. Smith, 26 (Watertown), t. ;
Price Senter, 18 (Ohio), n.g. p. ;
James L. Snow, 21 (Oswego Co.), r. ;
William Stebbins, 18 (Jefferson Co.), p. ;
Joseph Stewart, 2.5 (Mifflin Co., Pa.), t.;
Thomas Stockton, 26 (Felt's Mills), t.;
John G. Swanberg (Alexandria, N. Y.), t. ;
Dennis Suete (Alexandria, N. Y.), n.g., t.;
Sylvanus Sweet, 21, g., h. Dec. 22;
*Giles Thomas, 34 (Onondaga Co.), w., r.;
John Thomas, 26 (Madrid, N. Y.), t. ;
John Thompson (England), p. ;
Abner Townsend, 17 (Jefferson Co.), g., p ;
Nelson Truax, 20 (Antwerp);
Oliver Tucker, 17, n.g., p. ;
George Van Ambler, 17 (Jefferson Co.), p.;
Charles Van Warner, 21 (Ellisburg), p.;
*Martin Van Slyke (Watertown), a.;
Hunter C. Vaughan, 19 (Sacket's Harbor), p. (from intercession of father) ;
Nils Szoltereky VonSchoultz (general), g., h. Dec. 18;
Joseph Wagner (Salina) p,;
Saul Washburn (Warren Co.), t. ;
Simeon H. Webster, p;
*James M. Wheelock, 22 (Jefferson Co.), w.;
Patrick White, 22 (Irish), t.;
Riley Whitney (Vermont), t.;
Nathan Whitney (Connecticut), t;
Hosea C Wilkie (Orleans, N. Y.), p, ;
Charles Wilson, p.
Edward A. Wilson, 23 (Pompey), t.;
Sampson Wiley (Watertown), p.;
Charles Woodruff, 19 (Salina), g.p.;
Martin Woodruff, 24 (Onondaga Co.), h. Dec. 19;
Beman Woodbury, 24 (Cayuga Co.), w., t.;
William Woolcot, 20 (Madison Co ), w. p. ;
Stephen S. Wright, 25 (Denmark), t., released 1843.

All of those who were transported were after several years pardoned, and most have since returned. While detained in the penal colonies they suffered incredible hardships, and numbers of them died. Those who survived mostly came back with impaired constitutions from privations and the hard labor to which they had been subjected.

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