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Thomas G. Larkin, Esq. the United States Consul at the port of Monterey, has transmitted a dispatch to the Government of this country, under date of May 30, 1845, in which he communicates intelligence that will be intensely interesting to the friends of many of the unfortunate young men, who have been so long confined by the British authorities in Van Dieman's Land, in consequence of their connection with the well-known Canadian troubles. The substance of the information is as follows--which Mr. Larkin received by letter, and the Polynesian, from the Sandwich Islands.

The American whale-ship Steiglitz, belonging to Bridgeport, Ct. put into Oahu, on the 27th of April last, from Hobart-town, in New South Wales, having on board TWENTY-SEVEN of those Canadian prisoners, who had previously been set at liberty by the English Government. It appears that the commander of the Steiglitz, Captain Young, at his individual expense, brought these men in his vessel to Oahu, whither he had come from New South Wales, on a whaling cruise to the Northwest Coast. Arrived at Oahu, he immediately apprized the Sandwich Island authorities of the fact, and requested permission for the released prisoners to remain until they could find opportunity to embark for the United States in whale ships, which would doubtless be the case in the course of a few months. In the meantime, Captain Young took a portion of his precious freight (ten of the late prisoners) along with him to the Northwest Coast, to form part of his expedition, leaving the rest behind, under the guaranteed protection of the authorities of the Sandwich Islands.

Unquestionably the most interesting part of this intelligence has, however, yet to follow. We refer to the names of these twenty-seven Americans, who are now returning to their native land, after such a fearful season of exile. These we have also been allowed to transcribe, and record with pleasure, as the heart of many a bereaved parent, or brother, or sister, will beat with gratitude as they discover the name of a long-lost one on the list:

Passengers brought per ship Steiglitz, Captain H. Young, from Van Dieman's Land, in New South Wales, and left temporarily in charge of the authorities of the Sandwich Islands, at Oahu, until they can be brought back to the United States.

   l. Nelson Griggs, N. York
   2. Luther Darby, N. York
   3. Daniel D. Heutis, N. York
   4. Orin W. Smith, N. York
   5. John Thomas, N. York
   6. Gideon Goodrich, N. York
   7. Jerry Griggs, N. York
   8. Robert Marsh, N. York
   9. Nathan Whiting, N. York
10. Bemis Woodbury, N. York
11. John Cronkite , N. York
12. John G. Swansberg, N. York
13. Ira Polley, N. York
14. Leonard Delano, N. York
15. Edward A. Wilson, N. York
16. Elon Fellows, N. York
17. Elizur Stephens, N. York
18. John Gilman, N. York
19. Joseph Thompson, N. York
20. David Hume, N. York
21. Chancey Sheldon, Mich.
22. Henry V. Barnham, Mich.
23. Samuel Snow, Ohio
24. Alban B. Sweet, Ohio
25. James De Witt Fero, Canadian Provinces
26. John Grani, Canadian Provinces
27. Henry Barnum, Canadian Provinces.

The following persons have been pardoned, but had not at the last advices, had an opportunity for leaving Van Dieman's Land: --

Moses A. Dutcher, Robert G. Collins, Daniel Liscum, John Vernon, Garrett Hicks, Emanuel Garrison, Hiram Sharp, James M. Aitcheson.

The following embraces a list of the names of Americans who were yet prisoners on Van Dieman's Land, on the 29th of January, 1845: --

Jehiel H. Martin, James Pierce, Hiram Loop, Michael Fraer, Solomon Reynolds, William Reynolds, Andrew Moore, Samuel Washburn, John Sprague, Chauncey Mathers, Calvin Mathers, Horace Cooley, George Cooley, James Waggoner, Norman Mallery, Chauncey Bugbee, James Inglish, A. H. Richardson, Simon Gutrich (Gutridge ?), John C. Williams, Joseph Stewart, Riley Whitney, Michael Murray, Joseph Lefote (or Lefort), Patrick White, Hugh Calhoun, John Bradley, John Berry, Henry Shew, Thomas Baker, Riley M. Stewart, Orlin Blodget, E. C. Woodman, Jacob Paddock, Linus W. Miller, William Gates.

Some of these may have been released since the date above mentioned, but no official intelligence of fact as yet, to our knowledge, been communicated either to the United States Government, or their families.

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