State of Pa. County of Layette. March 9, 1841 Daniel Ackerly alias Daniel Sickles appeared in court to declare for pension owed him. He is a resident of County of Fayette , Pa. aged nearly 80 yrs. old. He claims he entered the service and listed the named officers and he was a resident of Middlesex township NJ. He volunteered and entered the war. There were 60 from his Middlesex county who went into service. The date he canít recollect. The time he was in the service amounted to three years and seven months and four days. He entered the service under Capt Wm. Scudder. He belonged to the 15th or 17th Reg. from NJ. Longstreet was the Lieutenant. My half brother Benjamin Ackerly was second lieutenant. He stated he was in the battle of Trenton. After this battle I was marched to Penytown where we overtook Washington with the main body of the army. From Penny town the army marched to Brunswick where we encamped for some time. From there we went to Manmouth. I was in the battle of Manmouth and received a flesh wound in my right thigh by a musket shot. I was in the Battle of White Plains and also at Tyconderoga.

I was not in the latter battle. My fathers name was John Sickles, he was a Major in the army and went out under general Montgomery in the expedition to Canada and fell at the Battle of Quebeck. I was discharged by Capt Chambers at Brunswick in the name of Daniel Ackerly. I went by the name of Ackerly in the army. My proper name is Daniel Sickles. My Mother was married previous to her marriage to my father, John Sickles. She was married to a man by the name of Ackerly by whom she had children in consequence of this circumstances I went by the name of Ackerly in my neighborhood. I entered the service with my half brother Benjamin Ackerly above mentioned. I was discharged under Capt. Chambers. I was very young when I entered the service. I served for a short time in the capacity of drummer and the commander of the time I followed the artillery and prepared and handed cartridges. I lost my discharge many years ago. It is about 50 yrs. since I came to Fayette County Pa. I know of no person living by whom I can prove my service. I have no record of my age. My father had a record of my age in NJ. I donít know if it is in existance or not. I was born the 18t6h of April 1761 in Middlesex County NJ. Joseph Hamis and John Springer are persons who are well acquainted with me. I lived in Middlesex County NJ until I came to Fayette Co. Pa.


NY Sickles Jacob, (SEE BELOW)

VanOrden Hannah or Annaetye. former widow. w 18186

Hannah VanOrdern who was widow of Jacob Sickles who died 8 May 1784 of Rockland CO. NY he was a private and Ensign in the company commanded by Capt Sickles of the ______ by Col. Ha-----

Certificate of Pension filed the 8 day of May 1840 and sent to David Pye Clarkstown NY.

June 19 1780 Jacob Sickles married Annaetye[Hannah] Tunuare?

Looks like...Rules Sickles his hand ---- June 1782 Hannah Sickles was born ____ June [hard to read as it is very faint]

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State of NY Rockland CO. 9 Nov. 1836 Cornelius I Blanout one of the judges in the county Hannah VanOrden whose maiden name was Hannah Tenuore/Tercore a resident of town of Orange Rockland CO. aged 79 yrs was sworn in and filed for benefits Congress set forth. She was married to Jacob Sickles who was a private and Ensign in company where Wm. Sickles was Capt until the year 1772/8. John Hogenkamp was Capt. Col A Hawkes Hays Reg. mentioned. The month of July 1776 the British sailed up the Hudson River and her husband then belong to the co. of Capt. Sickles. He was ordered to guard along river to prevent their landing.

She declares that she was married to Jacob Sickles by the Rev. Samuel Verbyek on the 19th June 1780. Jacob Sickles died on 8 May 1784. She was afterwards married to Peter VanOrden who died on the 20 Nov. 1833. Hannah signed her name.

On another piece of paper.

Extract form the record of marriages of the formerly United Congregation of Tappan and Clarkstown of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Petrus A VanOrden widower met Annetye [Hannah] Turnuer widow of Jacob Sickles. I Isaac D Cole Pastor of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Tappan Certify that I am in the possession of a book baring the record of marriages of the former United Congregation of Tappan and Clarks town. The record is fairly legible figures as follows one thousand seven hundred and Ninety Five. 28th June.


SICKLE, DAVID or VanSickle NJ S 34485

under Capt. Amos Potter Private NJ. Certificate of pension issued the 1 Oct. 1818 and sent to John Little Esq. New Providence NJ. He enlisted as a private Feb. 1776 for the term of one year. The names of officers. Capt. Samuel Potter Co. Reg. commanded by Col. Dayton of Elizabeth town.

New Jersey Essex co. 19th Apr. 1818 appeared in court to declare his service in the Rev. war. His name was David VanSickle or David Sickles aged 73 yrs. resident of County of Essex. He enlisted some time in the month of Feb. 1776. Capt. Lemnuel Potter, Col. Elias Dayton of Elizabeth town NJ were officers he served under. They went to Ticonderoga and there was taken sick and with others brothers from there to Albany on sleds and from there in the same manner to Morris town NJ. By the time he got there he was able to walk and traveled home which was only two or three miles a day away and arrived there 8-10 day before the years was out for which he enlisted. He got no regular discharge. He was in no battles while in the year service. David made his mark.

On another paper. he declared he was in the battle of Springfield during his year service at the time it was burnt. He declares his family consists of himself less than one month of 75 yrs of age, 2n wife in the 76 yrs of age and 3, grand daughter of his wife in the 17th yr of her life. He says he is heavily infirmed by his old age and his wife very much so by near on of being afflicted with Rheumatism and with other and unable to support themselves. The grand daughter with her work helps them and that is the reason she lives with them. He listed his wordly goods and make his mark.




Herkimer County personally appeared now sitting John Sickles from Norway in the county of Herkimer aged 76 yrs of age who was sworn and makes the declaration that he entered the service under the Regiments as Rangers for the purpose of pursuing the Indians and Tories. He served out his time about Albany and Greenbush. I was born in Dutchess County on the 15th Oct. 1756. Says he resided in the county of Albany at the town of Greens town? He served nine months but can not recollect the year that he served under Capt. Daniel Vanantwerp commanded by Col Fisher. Applied for pension Oct. ? 1832. Residence Norway, Herkimer Co NY Date of application Born Oct 15 1756. He with others in his Reg. followed all the way to the Susquehanna River and on that there was several Indians and Tories. I further served out my time of enlistment in and about Albany and Greenbush that I received a written discharge but is lost or destroyed. I served as a fifth major. Ft Edwards is mentioned also Germans Landing a few miles below Albany. He said he served at several Forts along the Mohawk River. Helped build Ft Bull.

Called down to a place called Freehote? [Freehold?] was seen to Schobarry, Albany Greenbush, Lansing burgh Fort Edwards Saratoga. Says that the company he belonged with sent to Saratoga to assist in the battle that was fought there but arriving too late came when the battle was over. Says saw the dead bodies lay on the ground the ground all covered with blood. He recalls being called to Plattsburgh during the war of Rev. I received from Government a Lieut. of clothing adopted to me as First Maj. He describes the cloths of either what was given to him or what the Maj. was wearing. A Red scarlet Coat with blue facing, on three corner corked had one white under jacket and pair of yellow burnuskin? pantoloons one pair white stockings, one white handerchiff this upon and further South that he ast another time dress from Government one whole Leiut. of white cotton clothing, say that said clothing he received from said delivered by a Col. John Wm Mc Cathy who arrived at Germans Landing who has clothing to supply the army. He further saith that he was born at the place called Fishkill says he hs no record of his age says his resided where he entered on the service of the Revolution German Landing Some miles below Albany removed to the town of Minden town Montgomery Co. thense Norway the present place of residence. He says he was personally acquainted with the following officers, Gen Gansevanst, General Van Ranselear, General Lee, General Arnote, General Herkimer, Col. Willot, Col. Francis Winner, Col. James Walderson, col. Joseph Shingsteel, Major TenTyck, Major Vasplank, Maj. Blailey, Maj. Searmahorn, Capt Daniel VanAntwerp, Capt. John French.

He said he received a written discharge at the close of the war which was last and that he has received one fourth Of Col. Fisher a written discharge.

The following persons in my neighborhood who can testify to my verosity and then belief in my services as a soldier in the Rev. John Roth, John Wamnuth, Thomas Hall. He made his mark.

Thomas Hall and John Warmuth of the town of Stark Herkimer Co NY swore they were well acquainted with the man John Sickles who was sworn above. To be 76 yrs old the he is reported in his neighborhood to have been a soldier. Thomas Hall signed his name. John Warmuth made his mark. Feb. 13, 1833.

April 14 1847 Hannah Sickles aged 78 yrs. applied application for the pension of her husband. Looks like she said she was from the town of Prussia. She said he was residing at Fishkill but probably entered into service from New Briton/Butom? or vicinity. That his brother was William Sickles and served with him. He was taken sick from which he never did recover and died on Jan. 25, 1837. Hannah made her mark..

Married Hannah _________ who in 1849 was 78 yrs.



HANNAH WAS HIS WIFE _____________________________________________________________________


NJ 32525 James Sickles decíd Manmouth in the state of NJ who was a pvt. and Dea. in the Co commanded by Capt. Hilwell of the Reg. commanded by col Henderson in the NJ line for 10 mo. 15 day. dragoons and 2 months private. On the roll of Trenton for 50 dollars 41 cents per annum. commence March 4, 1831 and 15th Nov 1836 when he died.

On the reverse side of this paper states.

To Elizabeth Woolley, Mary, Layton, William, John, Hendrick, Joseph, James and Benj. Sickles only children.

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States he was appearing in court from County of Manmouth N J William Sickles a resident of Township of Freehold Monmouth NJ. aged 60 yrs who is the son of James Sickles deceased who was a soldier in the Rev. war. together with heirs of James Sickles deceased namely Elizabeth Wooley formerly Elizabeth Sickles, John Sickles, Hendrick Sickles, Joseph, James, Benjamin and Mary Layton formerly Mary Sickles that he the said William is the first son his sister Elizabeth being older then himself then his brother above mentioned William and his sister Mary being younger then himself. That he is the said William and the married individuals Mother Ann Sickles died on the first day of March 1829. That their father James was a native of the state of NJ in the town of Freehold. James died 11th Nov. 1836.

William made his mark.




NEW YORK Mary Sickles widow of Thomas who died on the 6th of April 1811 of Orange Co. questionable on the county, NY who was under Capt. Sheely of the Reg. by Col. Dayton in the NJ lines for 2 years. In scribed on the rolls of Albany to commence on the 4th day of March 1831 ending 21 Jan. 1840 when she died.

Certificate of Pension issued July 6th 1849.

written below that....Pay wife Cornelia Arnold Elizabeth Williams, Wm, and Mary Ann Sickles.

Onieda Co. NY in front of Judge Charles Hayden Esq. judge of Onieda Co. Mary Sickles a resident of the city of Utica in said county. aged 79 yrs and previously unable an application. She states that Thomas was an Ensign as well as Lieutenant in Col Daytons Reg. of NJ in 1776 and went northward with the troops. He might have been appointed Quarter Master on 1777

The minister states He further states that he was married Thomas Sickles in NJ July 6, 1777and will appear from the family__ which was printed from the original record in the family bible for the benefit of the family and a copy of what was placed in family bible. That the husband the aforesaid Thomas Sickles died on the 4th of April 1811 and that is below.


THOMAS SICKLES was born Feb. 14, 1749

MARY NORWOOD was born Jan. 29, 1757

Married in NJ the 6th of July 1777

Their son William Norwood Sickles born at Albany Sept. 28, 1778-Christened in NJ by Mr. Reed.

RICHARD SICKLES born 9th July 1780 Christened in Albany by Mr. Westerlo

JOHN BRAZIER SICKLES born Aug 25, 1782 Christened in Albany by Mr. Westerlo-John VanAnglon God Father.

THOMAS ANDREW SICKLES born 3d Sept. 1784 Christened by Mr. Kirkland.

CORNELIA SICKLES born at Walloomsack Nov. 15, 1786 and Christened by Mr. Wharford

GEORGE WASHINGTON SICKLES born at Walloomsack Nov. 15, 1788-Christened by the Rev. Barent S Lupton.

ELIZABETH SICKLES born Sept 3d, 1791 Christened by Mr. Whatford.

MARY ANN SICKLES born March 22, 1793 Christened by Mr. Page at Sanchoyck Church.

WILLIAM SICKLES born 20th Aug 1795

JOANNAH SICKLES born June 3, 1797 -The two last Christened by Mr. Page, Troy.

LEWIS SICKLES born at Butternutts, November 18, 1800

THOMAS SICKLES died April 4th 1811 aged 62 yrs. 1 mo and 21 days

WILLIAM N SICKLES died May 26 1785 buried in the Presbyterian Meeting house cellar, Albany.

JOHN B SICKLES died Nov. 25, 1783 aged 15 month-buried in the Presbyterian Meeting house cellar, Albany.


A paper dated Jan. 9, 1841 to the child of Mary Sickles a pensioner on the roll of the Alban y NY Agency. The sum of Three Hundred dollars per annum. has been paid at the Dept. from the 4th of Sept 1839 to the 21st Jan. 1840 the day of her death.

On last paper was in the record. Onieda Co. NY

Mary Ann was applying for the money of pension as the surviving child of Mary Sickles, leaving the following children Richard, Cornelia wife of John Amted?, Eliza wife of John Williams, Mary Ann and Lewis Sickles.




#11712 ISSUED Jan. 11 1796 to Joshua Ward Assignee

one other record states that the pension was increased for Cornelia Arnold, Elizabeth Dillerans, could be Williams, William Sickles, and Mary Ann Sickles.



Private on the NJ line in the Corp. command Capt Chambers of the Reg. commanded by Col. Crow in the NJ line for 2 years. Certificate of Pension issued 7th Dec 1833 and delivered J F. Randolph late MC

A paper INVALID file number 1136 Stephen Van Sickle Pvt. NJ line June 7, 1832

The name James P Randolph New Brunswick written on another paper.

Declaration of Stephen Van Sickles of Middlesex Co. NJ Act of Congress June 7,


19th Aug. 1832

This record is very light and very hard to read. He describes his service under various Col and Capt. Elizabeth town, Brunswick under Capt Guat?, in 1777, Col. Taylor.

Stephen VanSyckle signed his mark. Someone wrote the spelling as typed.

James VanNunse, Wm. VanNostrand of the town of North Brunwick county of Middlesex tell of their acquaintance with Stephen.

It looks like Simon Addis came in the 85th year of his age. to court to give decree for Stephen.

Jacob Vantine made a statement in his honor also. Jacob made his mark.




May 20th 1856

Mary of Hunterdon Co.. NJ a widow aged 75 resident of Union Hunterdon Co NJ a widow was sworn in. She presented that her husband was in the NJ militia in the Rev. War. Her husband Cornelius VanSickle was drafted at least for 12 months.

Her husband died 13th of Sept. 1847 on file under Act of Feb. 3, 1853 for her proof of Marriage. Mary make her mark. Wesley Bird, and Elizabeth Kellman or Skellman. declared they know of Mary and that her husband did serve in the Rev. War.



State of NJ Essex Co. certified in court that he served in the Revolutionary War. John P Jackson was sworn in to produce the declaration for Eliah VanSickle. He was a resident of Elizabeth town in the county of Essex and sates of NJ and died in Elizabeth town 6th April 1842. I do further certify that he left Phebe Vansickles his widow. I certify that Cooper Paise Esq. before whom said deposition of Huldah Terry after being sworn in and further certify that Elias Manaunt? Esq. before whom the affidavit of Phebe VanSickles that I am personally acquainted William Pool for a pension. She also appeared for Huldah Terry widow of Jonathan Terry for a pension . Phebe signed her name

Another paper.

Huldah Terry the widow of Johnathan Terry and the brother of Elias VanSickle. She states that Elias was older than her and was a soldier in the Rev. War. He was in the militia of Essex Co as a substitute for the deponents [Hulda Terry] husband three monthly tours. He also served on the militia of Middlesex Co as a substitute and supported his fathers family with the proceeds. It looks like she is saying the father was a prisoner in NY and the deponent says that her brother was out in the 6 months service and was in the services of Light Horsemen in the latter part of the war. He resided during the war in Bricktown? Essex Co NJ. She stated that her brother had not filed for a pension and that she could not find the papers to prove his service. She stated that when he was 15 he entered the service. He stayed in the same place during the service in the war attending to civil pursuit the overseeing corn town?. He went to see his mother when he was discharged. Huldah made her mark. Sept 15, 1845.


PETER VANSICKLES S 9457 At the end of the records is a letter that explains his service. Being they could read the script I will copy the information here. A letter sent to Mrs. Frank J. Hall 2715 Washington Ave. Racine, Wi.

Peter VanSickle was born in Hunterdon Co. NJ served from NY and married Catherine Hoffman. He had made only one claim for pension based upon service in the war. Peter VanSickles was born in NJ the date of his birth and name of parents were not given. At the age of about 22 yrs he settled in Ulster Co NY at the time of the Rev. war. He enlisted first in 1776 and served a tour of ten days as private. he Marched to Ft. Montgomery shortly after he enlisted and served five months and 20 days as Pvt. in Capt. John Grahams Co. Col. Pawlings NY Reg. he marched to Kings Bridge to Horseneck them to White Plains and was in the battle there and later went to Peekskill and Mirdars? creek where he was discharged. He served his next tour of four days at the time Esopus was burned. In 1776 under Sgt. Decker scouting on the Delaware River. The soldier continued to reside in Ulster Co. NY. after the war and resided also in Tompkins Co. NY moved 1815 to Callia Co. Ohio and resided until 1819 when he moved to Delaware Co Ohio. Peter was allowed pension on his application executed June 30 1836 at which time he resided in Kingston Township Delaware Co. Ohio. He gave his age then at 87. In 1836 referred to his wife but gave no name, date of place of marriage. He stated that a number of his wifeís relatives were in the war but didnít give the names. 1836 one Selah VanSickles made affidavit in behalf of the soldier in Delaware Co Ohio. One John VanSickles Esq. was a neighbor of the soldier at that time. End of letter.




David VanSickler Private NY line Rev. war. at the rate of 8 dollars commenced on the 8th of May 1813. Certificate 6 Oct. 1818 and sent to James Hildreth Esq. Johnstown NY. arrears to 4th of Sept. 1818.

Johnstown Montgomery Co. NY He was in the battles of Johnstown and Mrt. Canada Creek. Date of application May 8, 1818 His claim was allowed. He resided Johnstown Montgomery co NY when he applied. Age at the date of application Born Sept 20, 1764 died June 29 1828 at Johnstown. he married Mary ____ March 1781. She was a resident of Mayfield Fulton Co. NY in 1848 died Feb. 2, 1851. her claim was allowed on an application executed Aug. 14, 1838 at which time she was 68 yrs.