St.Thomas, Dudley MI's
Contributed by Malcolm Platt-Grigg.
Church Interior.
Starting at the main doors on the north wall working across the church along to the west wall.
Large marble tablet.
In a vault in an aisle beneath are deposited the remains of /James BOURNE 
late of this town;Gentleman/who died on the 6th day of April,1835 aged 75 years./Also of 
Elizabeth his wife who died on the 25th day of August/1821 aged 58 years./In affectionate 
rememberance of,whose kindness and worth/Their children have erected this memorial.
Then directly under - A small brass plaque. 
Sacred to the memory of William Lewis DUDLEY M.D. - F.R.C.S./Late of Cromwell Road,London.
/Died 7th March,1902 aged 82/Also Sarah his wife died 14th February,1893 aged 70.
Still North wall near main doors.
Tablet - stone.
"Blessed are all they that fear the Lord./Walk in His ways."/Near this place is interred Eliza 
wife of Joseph GREEN/who died September e th:
                                        y J5 in the year of our Lord God 1740/Also the said 
Joseph GREEN who died January 6th,1778/In the 71st year of his age./He was a man of unblemished 
reputation eminently distinguished/for his piety and charities both public and private./He loved 
the habitation of God's House and the place where his honour dwelleth./XXVI:V8.
Brass plaque.
In sacred memory of Samuel SPITTLE/Chief Beadle of this church and Ringing Master of the Dudley/
of district Guild who died January 26th,1917 at the age of/80 years,an honoured and devoted 
servant of the church/for 71 years./May he rest in peace./On Feb. 3rd,1917 was rung,upon the 
bells of this church,/in 3 hours 18 mins. half muffled,a peal of Grandshire Caters,/5057 changes
composed by the late Willm. MICKELWRIGHT,and/rung bby the following members of the above Guild as a last/tribute to the memory of their beloved master./Gilbert GUEST,Treble;Samuel BAKER 2nd,
Willm.MILLS 3rd,/Herbert SHEPPARD 4th,John GOODMAN Senr. 5th/Harry JEAVONS 6th,John GOODMAN Jun. 
7th/Harry GOODMAN 8th,Benjn. GOUGH 9th,Willm. MEEK Tenor,/Conducted by John GOODMAN,Junr./Rev A.
West wall working from the main doors down to the altar.
Small brass plaque.
Cyril Cassan MESSITER M.A. Cantab. M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. Lon./In memory of the twenty six years of 
unselfish devotion/to healing the sick of Dudley/Born 1884 - Died 1951.
Tablet - stone.
Sacred to the memory of Thomas GRIFFITHS/of Wellington Road,Dudley.Gentleman/who died on the 
24th March,1864 in the 54th year of his age/This tablet is erected by his fellow Townsmen as
a record of his valuable public services during many years to the town and parish of Dudley.
Marble plaque level with wall.Under window.
This window was erected by public subscriptions/In grateful memory of Eugenia Frederica Louisa
ROBINSON/wife of Brooke ROBINSON Esqr. M.P. for the Borough of Dudley./Who died May 4th,1891/A
gental lady beneficent and courteous./Job XXIX
Large tablet.
Sacred to the memory of John ROUGHTON Esqr./Many years a resident of this town who died/February
2nd,1837 aged 72./His remains rest in the catacombs of Trinity Church,Cheltenham./"Not lost but 
gone before."
Small black plaque under window.Difficult to read.
This window was given by/Henry? CHARLTON? Priory House Dudley/In affectionate memory of his
nephew/Henry? CHARLTON?/Who died February 7th,1869 aged 21 years/and interred in Kensal Green
Cemetery,London/February 15th,1869.
Very modern style corner memorial brass with brass statue.
In memory of Muriel DUDLEY died Jan.1976/and of Thomas her husband/Warden and Benefactor of this
church died July,1980.
Large tablet.
This tablet records the memory of/William George ROBINSON of Lincoln's Inn/Barrister-at-law/
Younger son of the late William ROBINSON Esq./of this town who died 11th Dec. 1888 aged 45 years/
and now lies interred in the burial ground of this church./Filius et frater carissimus/Amicus
jucundus et fidelis/Apud oxoniam honore non mediocri Bis dignatus juris necnon legumove bene
Small chapel South West corner of Church.
Small black slate - Also see No.114 churchyard.
To the Glory of God and in memory of/Alice Sophia PAYNE/Born 1861 Died 1936/For over fifty years
a teacher and worker in this parish/this chapel was provided by her friends.
Tablet behind altar.
This tablet is in memory of William /Solicitor of this town,one of the Coroners and a 
Deputy Lieutenant for this county.Son of John ROBINSON,/also a solicitor of this town,by 
Elizabeth his wife/daughter of John WOOD Gent. of Whiston Salop./Born 1802 Died 1867/Also in 
memory of Harriet daughter of John JOHNSON Gent./of Leverington in the Isle of Ely,/wife of 
William ROBINSON,Born 1805 Died 1892.
Tablet behind altar.
Sacred to the memory of Edward GUEST Esqre./Churchwarden of this parish from the year 1815 to 
the year 1821/during which period this church was rebuilt/He died the 9th day of August 1826 
aged 60 years/His remains are interred in the family vault at/St.Edmund's Church in this town.
Small desk with brass plaque.
In memory of Kate CLIFF/A founder member of st.Thomas's Mothers Union/Given by her family.
Small brass plaque on pillar.
The East window damaged by enemy action in 1942/was restored by Alderman J.Leonard HILLMAN/in 
memory of his father Joseph Alfred HILLMAN/People's Warden of this church 1905-07/and Mayor of 
Dudley 1909-1911./The window was rededicated on Ascension Day,1950.
Small plaque on Choir Pew.
In Grateful Remembrance of Henry PREEDY 1872-1950/For nearly 50 years a chorister and a 
generous benefactor to the music of this church.
Next to Main Doors.
Stone tablet.
Memoriae Sacrum Francisci/Filii natu maximi eximieque dilecti Francisci et Mariannae/Downing 
natus est die Septembris A.D. MDCCCXII mortuus est die Decembris A.D. MDCCCXXV/Ah!Puer innocue,
vere primo aetatis,morte/soeva abrepte!/Sed ita voluit deus!
Under the latter a metal plaque.
Sacred to the memory of Francis DOWNING/who died Nov. 17th,1857 aged 80 years/of Mary Ann DOWNING
 his wife/who died May 31st,1874 aged 89 years/Also to them two sons/Francis DOWNING who died 
Dec. 11th,1825/and John William DOWNING who died May 1st,1845/whose remains are interred in the
Family Vault in the churchyard.
North wall near main doors.
Stone tablet. 2nd MI from main door.
In memory of Cornelius CARTWRIGHT Esqre. M.R.C.S./For many years an active Magistrate for the 
Counties/of Worcester & Stafford and a Deputy Lieutenant/for the county of Worcester./He was the 
third son of the Revd. Joseph CARTWRIGHT/formerly Vicar of Dudley./And after a life of piety and 
benevolence was called to his/rest on the 22nd day of October,1867 in the 88 year of his age.
/Also Mary Anne youngest child of the Revd. Joseph CARTWRIGHT/who married first James BOURNE the 
younger of Tansley Hill Esqre./and secondly John ROBERTS of Dudley Esqre./Both of whom she 
survived and went to her rest/greatly loved & respected on the 7th day of June,1870/in the 79th 
year of her age.
North wall.3 MI's across from main doors.
Stone tablet.
In memory of the Revd. Henry Antrobus CARTWRIGHT B.D./Fellow of Trinity College Oxford./Sometime 
Vicar of Sedgley in the county of Stafford./Who steadfastly looking onward to a life of eternal 
blessedness in the Kingdom of Glory through the alone/merits of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 
and possessing/largely the love and respect of all who knew him was taken/to his rest on the 6th 
day of June,1859 in the 85th year/of his age.His decease having occured at Dudley the place/of 
his nativity.His mortal remains were deposited in a vault in St.Thomas church yard on the 14th 
day of  the same month./William Percy CARTWRIGHT/CAPTAIN IN THE 20TH REGIMENT of the Bengal 
Native Infantry/H.E.I.C.S. who died of malignant fever at/Huzzaree-Baugh in Bengal on the 20th 
day of November,1804/in the 27th year of his age./And was buried with his wife Frances/who had 
fallen a victim to the same violent disease/a few days before/Eliza CARTWRIGHT/Who died at Ludlow
on the 15th day of August,1810 aged 51 years./Charles CARTWRIGHT/who died the 26th day of Sept,
1799 aged 17 years/and of Mary & Ann CARTWRIGHT/who died in their infancy/All children of the 
Revd. Joseph CARTWRIGHT/Formerly Vicar of this parish and Mary his wife.
East Wall.
Starting North East corner.
Large slate plaque framed in wood.
Sacred to the memory of the ancient family of YONGE/who remains rest in Dudley./William YOUNGE
25 Jan,1685/Margaret his wife 29 April,1664/Joseph YOUNG 5 Oct,1696/Hannah his wife/Joseph 
YOUNG 9 March,1764/Catherine his wife 13 April,1762/Herbert YOUNG 7 Oct,1793/Margaret his wife
30 April,1795/This brass is placed here in the parish church/of Dudley by their descendant.
Small brown marble plaque under window.
This window is erected to the greater glory of God./In loving memory of Deborah CAPEWELL DINGLEY/
(wife of Edward DINGLEY of Fern Bank,Dudley)/who died December 1st,1897/and of their eldest 
daughter Hannah CAPEWELL DINGLEY/who died August 11th,1897.
Very large tablet.
To the memory of Mary/Relict of John ROUGHTON Esquire/who died at Cheltenham the 4th day of 
December,1847/Aged 68 years./In Remembranceof her many virtues this tablet is erected/by her 
affectionate and deeply afflicted sister.
East Wall. All these were difficult to read.
Small black plaque under window. 
To the glory of God and in loving memory of/W.S. De Courcy Ireland/ W.James CAULFIELD BROWN - 
Allen DUDLEY/ Harriet BROWNE - Fanny Georgina Charlotte ASKEW/ Ada Charlotte MELLO.
Small black plaque under centre window.
This window was placed in the memory/of Sarah the wife of Magens James CAULFIELD BROWNE/Captain 
in the 15th Reg. 2nd Batt./Who diedon the 17th day of November,1865/ih the 26th year of her age.
Long black plaque. Directly under the latter.
These windows were erected to the memory/of Charles Seymour BROWNE/Born July 1832 Died April 1835
/And of Captain Magens James CAULFIELD BROWN/Second Battalion Fifteenth Regiment/Born Dec. 1st,
1838 Died Dec. 31st,1866/By their loving and sorrowing parents R.... .... P..... 3? XXI.
Small black plaque.
To the Glory of God/In loving memory of the Revd. John George COTTON? BROWNE/of Walkern Hall,
Hertfordshire?/Formerly Vicar of St.James Church,Dudley/Who fell asleep in Jesus/the 28th day of
Brass plaque.
In Loving Memory of Walter Leopold SMITH/Solicitor of this town and at one time Churchwarden/of
this parish,who died at Aberystwyth/on the 9th day of September,1898,/Also of Mary Elizabeth his
wife who followed him/into rest on the 12th day of May,1919.
Brown marble tablet shaped.
In memory of Ann BAGOTT/who died March 14th,1847 aged 61 years/Also John BAGOTT who died July 
14th,1855/aged 71 years./This tablet was erected in memory of the above/by their daughter Mary 
Ann/Also Mary Ann who died February 11th,1890 aged 74 years.
Small metal black plaque. Under window.
This window is given by William BAGOTT/of Wallheath in affectionate remembrance of his brother/
John BAGOTT who died September 29th,1861/and was interred in the cemetery near this church.
Black and blue marble plaque.
In Affectionate Remembrance of William BAGOTT/late of this town who died at Wallheath/on the 28th
day of October,1905 in his eighty fifth year.
South East corner of church.
Grey and beige marble tablet.
This monument is erected by James GRIFFIN/of Withmoor Works as a last tribute of/affectionate 
endearment to his son /James Avery GRIFFIN/who died February the 27th,1853 in his 45th year/
leaving a widow and infant son.
White marble tablet. Over rear door South wall.
To the Glory of God and to the Sacred Memory/of Alderman Job GARRALL J.P. of Wassell Grove/
Warden of this church 1875-1877/Mayor of Dudley 1881-1882/For 30 years Justice of the Peace for 
this county./Founder of the Dudley Chamber of Commerce./After serving his generation for upwards 
of 40 years/he fell asleep June 12th,1908 in his 69th year./This is erected as a token of esteem 
by his staff and workpeople of the colleries and brickworks.
South Wall. Next to rear door.
To the memory of Anne/who died May the 10th,1806 aged 35;/of Phillis Anne/who died May the 17th,
1817 aged 28;/and of Elizabeth/who died January the 6th,1827 aged 33./The beloved wives of Luke 
BOOKER LL.D.F.R.S.L./Vicar of this Parish/Eight of their children,like vernal flowers/Blossomed 
and died/An Affectionate husband and father/consoled by the faith and hope of the Gospel,/
dedicates this to worth and innocence 1827/Also to the memory of the said Luke BOOKER/who died 
October the 1st,1835 aged 73.
Lawns in front of church.
3 slabs unreadable plus:
Slab level with ground.
Sacred to the memory of Sarah/Daughter of Thomas and Sarah PITT/who died Nov. 7th,1797 aged 12 
Slab level with ground.
Sacred to the memory of 3 children/of John and Mary STOKES who died in their infancy.
White marble cross.
In loving memory of Helen SEPPINGS F.COSENS/Taken from her family June 5th,1890/"The stamp of
Heaven sealed her dreamless rest/and hushed the cares of Earth at last on the breast of/eternal 
peace."/Life!What is life?A shadow!Ten thousand accidents for us in ambush lie!
Slab level with ground.
Here lieth the body of Isaac BATE/....?November 1784 .....?/......?wife died April 4th,1785 aged 
66 years.
Slab level with ground.
Beneath lie the remains of children of Thomas ... .....?/WILLINGTON ? ....? .....? infancy.
Slab level with ground.In memory of Peter PITT/who departed this life 20th October,1797 aged 7.
Starting along south wall,corner next to Vicarage.
1.A level stone slab marked ROBINSON.
2.A level stone slab marked FELLOWS.
3.A level stone slab marked BROOKS.
4.A level stone slab marked SHAW.
5.A level stone slab marked CARTWRIGHT.
6.A level stone slab marked GARRATT.
7.A level stone slab unmarked.
8.A level stone slab marked A.BOURNE.
9.A level stone slab marked B.J.BATEMAN.
10.Tomb with railings.
   1st side facing North.Sacred to the memory of/William ROBINSON Esq. of Dudley who died at the 
Park Cheltenham/March 17th,1867 age 64? years./"These - the - for the people of God"/Also 
Harriet his wife/Died - Feb,1892 Age 86 years.
   2nd side facing West.Sacred to the memory of/William George ROBINSON Barrister at Law/who 
died December 11th,1888 Age 45 years.
   3rd side facing South.Sacred to the memory of/Brooke ROBINSON Esq./who died October 1.11 Aged 
70 years./For 20 years men ........ for this ........
   4th side facing East.Sacred to the memory of/John ROBINSON Esq.Late of The Firs Dudley/who 
departed this life September 24th,1840/in the 49th year of his age./"The memory of the just is 
blessed"/Also of Elizabeth Anne his wife/who died on the 21st of December,185? Aged 59 years./
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
11.Tomb with railing three quarters of which are missing.
P.A.L. 1817/A.B. 1818/J.R.B. 1819/E.R. 1821/M.P.B. 1821/E.B. obt. Jan. 6,1827 age? 32.
12.Tomb - large with inscriptions in shields along sides.
   1st side facing East.4 shields.In memory of Ann daughter of John and Ann FELLOWS/who died 
Sept. .. 1848 aged 18 years./Also in memory of John FELLOWS/who died Nov. 5th,1856 aged 55 years.
/Also in memory of John son of John and Ann FELLOWS/who died Feb. 16th,1855? aged 16 years.Also 
a 4th shield which may have been blank.
   2nd side facing North.3 shields.Also in memory of Richard son of John and Ann FELLOWS/who 
died May 1st,1860 aged 36 years./Also in memory of Ann wife of John FELLOWS/who died Dec. 4th,
1877 aged 80 years./Also in memory of Maria STOKES daughter of John and Ann FELLOWS/who died 
Sept. 8th,1892 aged 66 years.
   3rd side facing West.4 shields.Also in memory of Arthur son of John ALLEN and Maria STOKES/
Died 7 June,1929 aged 87 years.Shields 2 & 3 are blank.Shield 4 - In memory of Charlotte WEBSTER/
who died March 28th,1858 aged 65 years.
   4th side facing South.3 shields.Blank or unreadable.
13.Tomb of raised stone.No inscription.
14.Large grave of white stone with cross.
In loving memory of Mary Ann PEARSON/of this town who died March 30th,1905/Also Mary Ann (Pollie)
daughter of above/who died March 9th,1905/"The day break and the shadows flee away."
15.Large tomb.Grey marble with cross and railings.
   1st side facing South.In memoriam Job GARRATT/Born 30th October,1839 died 12th June,1908/Annie
 Maria his wife/Born 8th June,1843 Died 3rd April,1912/The undermentioned were their children/
Ada Annie GARRATT Born 16th December,1861,Died 7th April,1872/Henrietta Beatrice GARRATT Born 
12th May,1870,Died 17th May,1872/Fanny GARRATT Born 21st February,1872,Died 28th February,1872/
Evelyn Maud GARRATT Born 23rd July,1882,Died 6th August,1882/Also in remembrance of Shelah 
GARRATT Born 10th April,1865 Died 10th July,1902/and was interred in Weston Super Mare cemetery.
   2nd side facing East.Julius GARRATT/Dearly loved husband of Beatrice Edith Born July 10,1866 
Died Spet. 22,1943/Beatrice Edith/Born August 24th,1871 Died Sept. 13th,1959./John Howard 
GARRATT/The dearly loved son of Julius & Beatrice GARRATT/Born 4th Sept.1900,Died 25th Nov.1925.
   3rd side facing West.J.WHITMORE GARRATT/Lt. Col. V.D./Late D.C. 7th Bn. Worcs. Regt./Born 
Sept. 23rd,1867 Died April 20th,1942/F.SHENSTONE GARRATT/Maj. Lancs. Fus./Born January 27th,1874 
Died Sept. 30th,1936 Interred at Bexley/Arabella Mary GRAINGER/Born Dec. 25th,1875 Died April 
21st,1955 Cremated Golders Green London.
   4th side facing North.Shelah GARRATT/Born 17th February,1816 Died 24th Sept.1893/Harriet 
GARRATT/Born 30th January,1814 Died 24th Sept.1893/Albert Victor/Born 24th May,1887 Died 12th 
Dec.1910/Seventh and youngest son of Job and Annie Maria GARRATT Isiah? 10
16.Tomb - brown marble.
   Side 1 facing South.Robert JOBSON/Born Roscoe Place Sheffield/1st April,1817 Died 1st August,
1872/Lillias his wife/Born 15th June,1815 Died 13th September,1905 Buried at Churchill 
   Side 2 facing East.Robert LIVINGSTONE JOBSON/Eldest son of Robert and Lillias JOBSON Born 
29th April,1846 Died 18th July,1866/Arthur HENDERSON JOBSON/Born 26th September,1852 Died 31st 
January,1884 Buried at Funchal Madeira.
   Side 3 facing West.Lillias Edith JOBSON/Born May 7th,1848 Died Hagley Lodge Worcs.December 
   Side 4 facing North.Howard COCHRANE JOBSON/Born 30th June,1850 Died 4th July,1901 Buried at 
Kensal Green Cemetery./Edward Percy JOBSON/Born 20th March,1855 Died 20th April,1909 Buried at 
17.In 10 pieces of raised levelled stone slabs.Once had railings.
No inscription (large tomb?)
18.Large level slab.No inscription.      
19.Modern grey marble tomb.
In affectionate memory of Mabel/The beloved wife of Harry HARPER/died Dec.4th,1935 aged 53 years.
/"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."/Also of the above Harry HARPER/died July 
14th,1938 aged 61 years./Reunited.
20.A level stone marked HARPER.
21.Large grey tomb with cross.
   1st side facing North.In loving memory of/Frederick CLARK/Born Sept. 20th,1832 Died February 
26th,1901/"I know that my Redeemer liveth."/Also Charlotte his beloved wife/Born Dec. 28th,1830 
Died January 7th,1911/"Rest in the Lord."
   2nd side facing East.In loving memory of/Sarah Ann beloved wife of/Frederick Edwin CLARK/Born 
28th October,1861 Died 6th February,1934/"Though the body dies the soul shall live for ever."/
Also of Frederick Edwin CLARK/Born May 21st,1863 Died September 1st,1945.
   South and West sides of tomb blank.
22.A level stone slab marked F.CLARK 1901.
23.White stone with white cross.
   1st side facing North.Sacred to the memory of/Reginald Unwin DUDLEY/of Prospect Place,Highland
Road.By whose bequest was founded and/endowed the Reginald Unwin DUDLEY Homes,Fair View Road./
Died 17th September,1904 aged 81 years."Blessed are the 
   2nd side facing West.Also Benjamin DUDLEY/died December 26th,1858 aged 78 years./And Elizabeth
DUDLEY/wife of above died May 25th,1863 aged 72 years./Father and mother of Reginald Unwin DUDLEY.
24.A level stone slab marked R.U.DUDLEY No.16,1858.
25.A level stone slab marked W.WIGGINTON No.15 1858.
26.Tomb stone with railings.
In memory of Ann CHILD/who died June 13,1859 aged 77/Also John CHILD husband of the above/who 
died April 2,1863 aged 83 years./Also James MILLWARD/who died September 22,1861 aged 33/Also 
Elizabeth wife of Joseph NEWEY CHILD/who died December 8th,1861 aged 26 years./Also Joseph NEWEY CHILD/who died September 22nd,1903 aged 82 years./"I know that my Redeemer liveth."/Also Ann NEWEY widow of the above James MILLWARD/who died June 25,1906 aged 82 years/Also Sarah NEWEY MILLWARD/Died November 22,1942/Aged (80 or 30?)years.
27.A level stone slab marked Mrs. MILLWARD No.14 1859.
28.White cross and stone.
   1st side facing north.Sacred/to the memory of David DAVIES (of this town)/who died November 
10th,1893 aged 70 years./"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."/Emma widow of the above/
who died Feb. 19th,1899 aged 73 years.
   2nd side facing East.Also of Annie DAVIES/daughter who died 16th October,1935 aged 70 years.
29.A level stone slab marked D.DAVIES No.13 1887.
30.Large tomb.
   1st side facing North.Sacred to the memory of/Julia/the beloved wife of Samuel RUDGE who died 
September the third,1859/aged 33 years.Also the above Samuel RUDGE/who died August 7th,1881 aged 
63 years./Also Mary Ellen relict of the above Samuel RUDGE/Died December 27th,1893 aged 70 years.
   2nd side facing South.Sacred to the memory of/Samuel HARRISON RUDGE/Son of Samuel and Julia 
Died January 25th,1920 aged 68 years.
31.A level stone slab marked S.RUDGE No.12 1859.
32.Grey tomb with pillar.
   1st side facing South.In memory of Hugh/The beloved husband of E.J.Gertrude FELLOWS/Born June 19th,1862 Died March 4th,1916./Also E.J.Gertrude FELLOWS/July 1863 - Sept. 1941.
   2nd side facing North.In loving memory of Epaphroditus DUNN/Who fell asleep the 9th day of 
April,1880 in the 62nd/year of his age."From suffering to rest."/Also Sarah his wife who fell 
asleep the 10th day of March,1892 in the/73rd year of her age."God's finger touched her and she 
slept."/Also Joseph Charles HEWETT their baby Born July 20th,1850/Died August 20th,1851/"Jesus 
called a little child."/Also Arthur Daniel grandson of the above and son of Daniel and Sarah P.
BRADLEY Born May 3rd,1860 Died January 6th,1879./"In the Kingdom of Thy Grace give a little 
child a place."
   3rd side facing east.In loving memory of William BACHE/who died April 15th,1877 in his 80th 
year./Also Elizabeth wife of the above/who died January 6th,1864 aged 68 years./Also James their 
son who died April 13th?,1861 age 1 year./Also Joseph their son who died on his 40th birthday 
August 16th,1871/Also of Catherine Rachel (Kate) daughter of E. & S. DUNN/who died October 3rd,
1924 aged 79 years./"Made perfect through suffering."
   4th side facing West.In loving memory of Caroline wife of Joseph BACHE/who died October 3rd,
1871 in the 32nd year of her age.
33.A level slab marked DUNN.
34.A level stone slab marked Revd. H.A.CARTWRIGHT & FAMILY No.10 1859.
35.A level stone slab marked John Orme BRETTELL.No.9 1859.
36.A level stone slab marked SHUTTLEWORTH.
37.A level stone slab unmarked.
38.A level stone slab unmarked.
39.A level stone slab unmarked.
40.A level stone slab unmarked.
41.Brick built grave - 1st in row,near church.
In Sacred Memory of Tamar Dearly loved wife of/Wilfred SHUTTLEWORTH Died 18th March,1934 aged 47 
years./Also the above Wilfred SHUTTLEWORTH Died 23rd March,1961 aged 76 years.
42.Brown marble with cross.
In loving memory of Wynn JENKINS second son of/Watkin and Louie JENKINS Born August 25th,1885 
Died March 16th,1893.
43.3 level slab stones marked.
In memory of Joseph COOKE/who died January 18th,1860 in the 81st year of his age.
44.2 level stone slabs marked.
In memory of Frances wife of Josiah STORRS/Sergeant Major Q.O.R.W.Y.S./who died June 14th,1860 
aged 50 years.
45.Raised stone with cross.
   1st side facing North.In loving remembrance of William SMITH/who died August 3rd,1886 aged 60 
years."Blessed be the man that provideth for the sick and needy.The Lord shall deliver him in 
time of trouble."
   2nd side facing East. .... Remembrance of Jane/Relict of the late William SMITH who died 
November 12th,1890 aged 73 years./"In the midst of life we are in death."
   3rd side facing West.Loving Remembrance of Emma/daughter of William and Jane SMITH who died 
February 19th,1890/Age 35 years."Thy will be done."
46.Large level stone.
In memory of Martha wife of Evan ROBERTS/who died February 18th,1864? aged 33 years./Also to the 
affectionate memory of Evan ROBERTS/who died on his birthday May 20th,1868 aged 45 years.
47.Large level stone.
Sacred to the memory of Edward the beloved son of/Thomas and Ellen SHEPPARD who died June 24th,
1859 aged 1 year and eight months./Also Florence KING/cousin of the above who died December 4th,
1864 aged 6 years.
48.Raised stones with railings and cross.
In memory of Joseph STOKES Solicitor of Dudley/who died 3rd July,1884 aged 50 years."Thy will be 
done."/also Esther Dearly loved wife of the above/who died 23rd August,1909 aged 79 years."He 
giveth His beloved sleep."/In memory of Elizabeth LAWLEY/Eldest daughter of Joseph and Esther 
STOKES of Dudley/who died 20th February,1879 aged 17 years./Also of Edith Ellen second daughter 
of the above/who died 25th July,1866 aged 3 years./Also of Albert Allen son of the above/who 
died 19th October,1865 aged 3 months.
49.Large level stone slab.
In affectionate remembrance of Frederick James WHITFORD/who died January 9th,1866 aged 15 
months./Also Ellen WHITFORD who died September 18th,1875 aged 12 days./Also in loving memory of 
Emma Jane/The beloved wife of George WHITFORD who died May 15th,1877 aged 42 years./"For ever 
with the Lord."/Also George Walter WHITFORD/who was drowned in the wreck of S.S.Gulf of Aden/
March 12th,1890 aged 29 years./Also Catherine EVANS Daughter of George WHITFORD/who died 
November 27th,1900 aged 34 years./Also Maud Eleanor Beloved wife of Herbert WHITFORD/who died 
October 23rd,1906 aged 31 years./Also of James Alfred and Alfred Henry their sons./Also George 
KNIGHT WHITFORD/who died October 3rd,1912 aged 85 years./"Father in thy gracious keeping leave 
we now our loved one's sleeping."
50.Large level stone slab.
In affectionate remembrance of William HARRISON of King Street Dudley/who died March 14th,1868 
age 67/Also Margaret HARRISON wife of the above/who died March 30th,1868 aged 69/Also of 
Margaret HARRISON Eldest daughter of the above/who died September 9th,1881 aged 58/Also of 
Amelia IRVING Widow of the late Robert IRVING of Annan,Scotland and youngest daughter of the 
above/who died at 50 King Street,Dudley November 10th,1891 in the 54th year of her age.
51.Large level stone.
In memory of Susan Anne wife of Robert DICKINSON/Died 1st December,1869/Also Mary their daughter 
Died 18th November,1870 aged 2 years and 8 months./Also George FELLOWS DICKINSON Died October 
26th,1874 aged 4 years and 11 months./Also Edward,son of Robert and Emily Mary DICKINSON/who 
died September 16th,1876 aged 1 year and 8 months./In loving memory of Robert DICKINSON/Beloved 
husband of Emily Mary DICKINSON/who fell asleep July 14th,1924 in his 88th year./"The Lord shall 
give thee rest."/Emily Mary beloved wife of Robert DICKINSON died June 12th,1936 in her 80th 
52.White marble cross.
In memory of Patience Beloved wife of George MORRIS of /this town who died March 4,1878 aged 44 
years./"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours."/Also John 
GREEN son of the above who died January 19,1865 aged 7 years/Also Emily Jane,their daughter who 
died January 26,1868 aged 13 years/Also Laura Patience,their daughter who died October ..? 1871 
aged 7 weeks/In memory of George MORRIS/who died April 3rd,1881 in the 50th year of his age/Also 
Sarah Ann MORRIS,daughter of the above/who died April 9th,1881 in the 22nd year of her age.
53.Stone,coffin shaped.
In memory of William EAGLES JOHNSON of this town Surgeon/who departed this life the 7th day of 
July,1861 aged 42 years./In memory of Marianne Relict of William EAGLES JOHNSON/who died at 
Great Malvern on the 5th day of May,1862 aged 40 years.
54.Square pillar with urn on top.
In affectionate remembrance of Betsy/the beloved daughter of Job and Mary BATES of Hall Street in this town/who departed this life May 11th,1870 aged 2 years and 8 months (Further M.I. unreadable then)In affectionate remembrance of Rachel/beloved daughter of Job and Mary BATES/who departed this life December 22nd,1875 aged 11 years and 5 months.
55.White stone with round pillar.
In memory of Richard MEREDITH of Netherton/who departed this life March 2nd,1873 aged 49 years.
56.(Once) white stone and cross.
Ellen Louise the dearly beloved wife of John P.BILL/who died suddenly August 7,1897 aged 35 years/"Until the day break and the shadows flee away."/Also Claude Harrold and Reginald Kinsey/children of the above who died in infancy./Also James Harper BILL Died February 27,1892 aged 76 years./"So He giveth His beloved sleep."/Also Susanna/Died February 18th,1909 in her 81st year./In sacred memory of John Poole BILL/The beloved husband of Edith R.BILL/Also Edith Beloved wife of the above who entered into rest July 25,1949.
57.A level stone slab marked J.R.B.
58.A level stone slab marked.
B.HOLLAND 1901/W.HOLLAND 1906/H.HOLLAND 1907/A.E.HOLLAND 1909/M.HOLLAND 1931 (Also see No.67)
59.A level stone slab unmarked.
60.A level stone slab marked T.B.H. 1877.
61.A level stone slab marked H.C.R.
62.A raised stone slab marked S.D.
63.A level stone slab marked T.MORRIS 1877.
64.A level stone slab unmarked.
65.A level stone slab marked C.LEWIS 1889.
66.A level stone slab marked DOVEY 1889.
67.(Near church rear door) Brick built.
In loving memory of William HOLLAND/Died May 6th,1906 aged 80 years/Also his wife Martha HOLLAND/Died August 1st,1931 aged 80 years.
68.Black with pillar.
In memory of Frederick TANDY/Who died January 29th,1871 aged 30 years/In memory of John Eldest son of Frederick and Mary TANDY/who died February 21,1863 aged ? months.(Plus further M.I. worn away.)
69.White cross (once had railings.)
In loving memory of Thomas Bradford MEREDITH/Died October 1st,18..? Aged ?/Also of Sarah wife of the above died October 27,? Aged ?
70.Raised brick and slab.No inscription.
71.Blue brick and slab.No inscription. 
72.White stone & cross.
In memory of Thomas MORRIS of Dudley/who died December 7th,1877 in his 49th year/Also Emma his beloved wife/who died September 20th,1898 aged 67 years/"Thy will be done."/Erected by their children Ann,Emma & Harry.
73.Blue brick and earth grave.No inscription.
74.Brown marble with pillar.
In loving memory of Frances FISHER/The beloved wife of S.J.PERKS,Jeweller of Dudley/who entered into life 31st October,1887 aged 56 years/Also Samuel J.C.PERKS Died 8th May,1912.
75.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
76.Stone grave with cross.
Sacred remembrance of Frances Leondra/The loving wife of E.C.LEWIS/Born July 15th,1905/"Fear not for I have redeemed thee I have called thee by thy name;thou art mine."/Also Ebenezer Charles LEWIS who died May 12th,1945 aged 88 years.
77.White stone and cross.
In ? memory of Thomas DOVEY of Hall Street.Dudley/who died September 25th,18..? aged 78 years./Also of Hannah his beloved wife who died January 24th,1889 aged 76 years./"Blessed are those ... ... the Lord when he .......... find ..."
78.Raised slab.
Sacred in Memory of William TAYLOR/Died May 27th,1891 aged 65/Eliza TAYLOR who died January 2,1893/Harry Howard TAYLOR who entered to rest Nov. 22,1902 aged 39 years./Frank TAYLOR who died March 15th,1914 aged 52.
79.White modern type stone grave (along West wall)
In loving memory of E... Ma... ..... /Who passed away February 21st,1924 aged 6.? years/Also Edgar P.BILL Died June 16th,1952 aged 68 years.
80.Small slab with cup (near church)
Reginald LITTLE 1894-1963/Doris May LITTLE 1890-1969.
81.Small white stone.
Amy HOPSTER Born 2nd July,1964 died 17th March,1965/"Hers was a brief but happy life."
82.Black bible.
Precious remembrance of the love and happiness/shared with my beloved husband Albert Edward Victor SHERWOOD/Born August 20,1897 fell asleep June 19,1957/"Father in thy gracious keeping leave we now thy servant sleeping."
83.Old stone slab marked T.M.
84.Raised slabs.
In loving memory of Mary the beloved wife of Thomas MEREDITH/who entered into rest April 21st,1887? aged 36? years/Also Margaretta Hyde MEREDITH/......... daughter of the above/who fell asleep ......... Aged 1.? months ?
85.White cross with railings.
In loving memory of John YOUNG MEREDITH/who entered into rest September 30th,1889 aged 68 years./"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."/In ever loving memory of Sarah Ann/Eldest daughter of John YOUNG and Anne MEREDITH/
who fell asleep (suddenly) January 1st,1927 aged 80 years/"The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God." R.I.P./Also of Sophia Margaretta who passed away January 23rd,1945 aged 82 years/"To His own His well beloved father 
giveth a new life."/In loving memory of Harriet PAINE/second daughter of John YOUNG and Anne MEREDITH who died March 22nd,1877/in the 20th year of her age."Not lost but gone before."/Also Alfred fourth son of the above J.Y. 
and A.MEREDITH/who died December 12th,1878 in the 24th year of his age./"Beloved Esteemed,Lamented."/Also Richard YOUNG son of the above John YOUNG and Anne MEREDITH/who Died January 18th,1855 aged 17 months./In loving memory 
of Arthur Edwin MEREDITH/who entered into rest January 4th,1943 aged 83 years.R.I.P.
86.Large white cross with statue and chains.
In loving memory of John WALMSLEY of Dudley/who died January 19th,1878 aged 37 years/"Beloved in life,lamented in death."/"The memory of the just is blessed."/Also of Emma wife of the above who died March 24th,1903 aged 77 years./
In loving memory of John Francis BAYLEY/who died February 1st,1887 aged 58 years/"Come unto Me,all ye that are weary and heavy laden,and I will give you rest."/Also of Sarah wife of the above who died January 31st,1911 aged 84 years/
Also of Louise Phoebe daughter of the above/who died October 31st,1912 aged 55 years.
87.Brown marble pillar with heavy railings.
In affectionate remembrance of Janet/wife of Jesse JEWKES of this town died June 22nd,1881 aged 59 years/Also of the above named Jesse JEWKES who died September 21st,1887?/Aged 68 years."Not my will but thine."
88.Ground level grave edged in blue brick no inscription.
89.Ground level grave edged in blue brick no inscription.
90.Stone with cross (MI very worn).
Loving memory ? of Benjamin DAVIS/who entered into rest January 30th .... aged 46/"A pleasing mind .... a generous heart,a good companion/.... without .... just in his .... to his friend/Beloved through ..............ted in his end.
"/Also of William .... son of above./Who died ....23rd? 1900 in his .... year./Also of Emma? DAVIS/who died September .. aged 77 years.
91.Ground level grave edged in blue brick.No inscription.
92.Raised kerb stone with headstone.
William PARSONS of Bond Street,Dudley/who died February 14th,1890 aged 80 years/Also of Mary his wife who died February 7th,1867? aged 75 years/Also of John PARSONS son of the above who died May 21st,190? aged 73 years./Also of Elizabeth HYDE? wife of the above/Died March 3rd,1... aged 84? years.
93.Metal kerb stone with disc M.I.
Beatrice Annie KIMBERLEY Born February 20th,1876 Died October 3,1888/"Not lost but gone before."
94.Modern type grave (along West wall)
In loving memory of Annie/the beloved wife of W.C.BARTRAM/who passed away December 26th,1933 age 69 years/William Cole BARTRAM/Passed away June 7th,1939 age 82 years.
95.Very large tomb/grave raised blue brick filled with chippings.No inscription.
96.Slab marked J.Y.M. (Also see No.85)
97.Slab unmarked.
98.Slab marked Jesse JEWKES 1878 (Also see No.87)
99.Slab marked J.E.HISTON.
100.Slab marked B.D. (Also see No.90)
101.Slab marked J.C.RAWFORD ?
102.Slab marked W.PARSONS 1887 (Also see No.92)
103.Slab marked B.A.KIMBERLEY 1888/E.KIMBERLEY 1904/H.B.KIMBERLEY Died October 9th,1932 in her 82nd year.(Also see No.93)
104.Slab marked BARTRAM (Also see 94)
Next row from church.
105.Slab marked Gray MAITLAND.
106.Slab marked G.W.P. (Also see No.117)
107.Slab marked John EDWARDS (Also see No.118)
108.Slab marked J.W.R.BACHE 1893.
109.Slab marked M.A.FELLOWS 1893.
110.Slab marked W.ALLAN 1893 (Also see No.122)
111.Slab marked D.M.PITCHFORD 1893 (Also see No.123)/J.T.PITCHFORD 1896/J.T.PITCHFORD Junr.1906/Ann PITCHFORD 1930. 
112.Slab marked E.H.WRIGHT (Also see No.124)
113.Slab marked M.M. 1894.
Next row from church.
114.Raised white marble slab with inlaid cross.
In loving remembrance of Alice Sophia PAYNE/who passed to her rest February 4th,1936 aged 74 years/"He giveth his beloved sleep."/Also Hannah PARKES died 12th January,1965 aged 79 years/"Peace Perfect Peace"/In loving memory of Catherine Jane PAYNE/who died October 20th,1951 aged 85 years/"Blessed are the pure in heart."
115.Blue brick grave with chippings.No inscription.
116.Slab marked M I SMITH
117.Raised slabs with railings.
In loving memory of Charles William PHILLIPS/who departed this life the 9th day of December,18?9/..50th year of his age./(Middle of inscription gone.)/Charles .... PHILLIPS/(Son of Charles and Ann PHILLIPS)/who died at Brownhills September 11th,1893 aged 39? years/"He giveth his bbeloved sleep." 
118.Tomb with railings.(1st inscription of brown marble stone.)
In memoriam of Thomas DAVIS 1843-1931/Mary his wife 1846-1927/Ernest their son 1877-1899/Kate (Kitty) their daughter 1878-1926/"Loves last gift remembrance."/Earlier inscription on slab.)John EDWARDS who died July 9th,18.. aged 85 years/Also Henry Wilcox EDWARDS June 22nd,1882 aged 74 years/Also Emma EDWARDS wife of Henry Wilcox EDWARDS/who died February 14th,1884 aged 85 years/Also Sarah SMITH who died June 24th,1894 aged 82.
119.Stone kerb with headstone.
Prudence second daughter of the late Thomas HARTLAND/of Tipton who died March 9th,1889 aged 65 years/"I know that my redeemer liveth."/Also of Eliza Jessie LAW niece of the above/who died January 15th,1900 aged 41 years.
120.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
121.In loving memory of Mary Ann wife of William FELLOWS/who departed this life 21st April,1893 
aged 61 years/Also of William FELLOWS who entered into rest 11th March,1896 age 73 years/Also of Mary Ann WHITWORTH FELLOWS daughter of the above/who died 20 August,1898 aged 38 years/Also of Lucretia WEBB wife of Edward C.WEBB and youngest daughter/of the above William and Mary Ann 
FELLOWS who died 31st December,1934/aged 69 years/Reunited.
122.Grave with large white stone with cross and dove.
In loving memory of William ALLEN/who died 3rd July,1893 aged 49 years/"In the midst of life we are in death."/Mary Elizabeth ALLEN/Died 5th May,1923 aged 68 years.
123.White modern marble stone. M.I. along sides.
In memoriam/Joseph Thomas PITCHFORD Aged 54/Ann PITCHFORD aged 76/Joseph Thomas PITCHFORD Aged 24/Dorothy Mary PITCHFORD aged 14. 
124.White stone with cross.
.....Eliza Hale WRIGHT/who died January ..... aged (10 or 40) years/Also of Henry William WRIGHT brother of the above/who passed away June 15th,1911 aged 55 years/"I know that my redeemer liveth"/Also of Esther WRIGHT of 43 Constitution Hill,Dudley who died August 29th,1911/In loving memory of Ann Hannah GUEST who passed away January 9th,1932/Aged 81 years.
125.Along West wall.Stone slabs with pillar.
In loving memory of Michael Beloved husband of Agnes MACKIE/who died at 109 King Street,Dudley April 7th,1894 in the 78th year /of his age.Also of their two sons/John Alexander and William who died in infancy./"Oh call it not death tis a holy sleep and the precious dust the/Lord doth keep.They shall wake again and how satisfied /with the likeness of Him who for them died."/In loving memory of Agnes widow of the late Michael MACKIE/who died at 109 King Street,Dudley October 9th,1895 age 75 years/"Oh call it not death it is life begun,for the waters are fast/The home is won the ransomed spirit hath reached the shore./Where they weep and suffer and sin no more."/In loving memory of Helen SHEARER MACHARG?/Niece of Michael MACKIE/Died 19th February,1918 aged 61 years. R.I.P.
126.Double slab.No inscription.
127.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
128.A slab.
Here lie the bodies of Francis DOWNING/who died November 17th,1857 aged 80 years/and of Mary Ann his wife who died/May 31st,1874 aged 89 years.R.I.P.  
129.A very tall brown marble,needle type pillar.
In affectionate remembrance of Joseph MATTHEWS/of this town who died October 18th,1882 aged 65 years/"His end was peace."/Also of Phebe MATTHEWS widow of the above/who departed this life
July 9th,1893 aged 74/"Rest in Peace."
130.A slab marked J.MATTHEWS A.D.1880.
131.Grey marble coffin (shape) inlaid with cross.
Mary the wife of John ROUND TILLEY of Edgbaston/Formerly of Dudley who died May 14th,1894 aged 75 years/Elinor Gertrude TILLEY wife of Benjamin Bissell TILLEY/who died February 15th,1930 aged 74 years/In loving memory of Benjamin Bissell TILLEY/of Gromartie Edgebaston who died 17th January,1920 aged 68 years/John Round TILLEY of Edgebaston Formerly of Dudley/who died December 18th,1902 aged 84 years/John William TILLEY of Field House Harbourne/Died January 20th,1942 aged 88 years/Sarah Ann wife of John William TILLEY/Died January 28th,1945 aged 86 years.
132.A slab marked J.R.T.
133.Small slab with small raised slab M.I.
In loving memory of Alfred John DAVOREN/M.B.B.C.H./Born November 12th,1884 Died November 29th,1943/Also his bbeloved wife Beatrice Daisy/Died January 3,1960 aged 75 years.
134.Stone with grey cross.
In loving memory of George BAGOTT at one time Mayor of Dudley also a former church warden of this parish who died january 21st,1906 aged 80 years."Life's work well done,Life's crown well won."/Also of Ann BAGOTT his widow who died February 25th,1911 aged 80 years."Blest are the departed who in the Lord are sleeping."Also of Beatrice Georgina BAGOTT/who died August 22nd,1935.
135.A slab marked G.B.
136.Grey marble cross.
In loving memory of James John HOLLAND DARBEY/of Claslyn Dudley who departed this life on May 22nd,1915/at the age of 55."He giveth His beloved sleep."/Alice Lillian FELLOWS/Born 26th December,1866 Died 25th April,1947/Also of Ernest Edwin FELLOWS/Died 26th October,1961 aged 87 years./ (M.I. along side) In remembrance of Mary Ann DARBEY/Died 5th July,1894.
137.A slab.Inscription worn away.
138.Stone kerb with headstone.
In loving memory of Louisa wife of Thomas WHITMORE/of Dudley who departed this life May 31st,1896 in her 33rd year./"In the midst of life we are in death."/Also Thomas WHITMORE who departed this life/November 7th,1896 aged 35 years "At rest."/Also Maria Louisa HICKTON Relict of the late William HICKTON/who departed this life November 19th,1896 aged 37 years.
139.A slab.No inscription.
140.Grey kerb stone.Grave.
In memoriam Joseph HOMER/Died September 26th,1901 aged 49 years/Also Charity HOMER his wife/Died October 4th,1933 aged 73 years.
141.A slab marked J.H.
142.Grey modern marble grave (along West wall)
In loving memory of Edith Annie beloved wife of/James FEREDAY who departed this life October 8th,1937/aged 54 years."She is not dead but sleepeth." S.Luke VIII-52.
143.Black Bible.
In loving memory of Bert H.WEAVER.Died 17th July,1966/Aged 70 years "At rest"/Also his dear wife May WEAVER/Died 18th August,1980 aged 81 years.Reunited.
144.Stone kerb and cross.
In loving memory of Alice Maude BLOOD who died October 23rd,1946/"She hath awakened from the dream of Life."
145.Raised slab with M.I. on stone cross.
In loving memory of Samuel William CUMMING L.R.C.P. L.R.C.S.I./of Beaconsfield House,Dudley and Shercock Co. Caven/Born September 1st,1876 Died January 14th,1939/"They rest from their labours and their works follow with them."
146.2 stone rasied slabs with M.I. on stone coffin.
Remember in the Lord William BAGOTT/Died 28th October,1903 in his 85th year/Septimus BAGOTT Died 11th March,1907 aged 77/Ann BAGOTT his wife Died 24th August,1910 aged 86/William Henry BAGOTT A nephew of the above/Died 15th October,1924 aged 67./Who (no further inscription.)
147.Raised tomb grey marble M.I.
In loving memory of Edgar Henry LETT of Dudley/Born February 25th,1844 Died January 28th,1893/Also of Ann Maria LETT wife of the above/Born August 2nd,1847 died July 26th,1925/"Her end was peace."/In loving memory of Gertrude Annie LETT/Born September 9th,1876 died October 6th,1948/"Her end was peace."/In loving memory of Ethel Mary LETT/Born March 8th,1881 died March 16th,1964/In loving memory of Rupert Arthur RUTLAND LETT/Born September 13th,1886 died July 10th,1929/Also of Millie his wife/Born July 14th,1885 died February 12th,1975.
148.White marble stone grey marble cross lying across grave.
Sacred to the memory of John HYDE HOUGHTON F.R.C.S. J.P./who departed this life February 12th,1879 aged 63 years/"He is not dead but sleepeth."/And to Isabelle Eliza Catherine,his beloved wife & eldest daughter of the late Rev. James CAULFIELD BROWN,D.C.L./Vicar of this parish,at rest January 30th,1908./And to James HYDE HOUGHTON their son/who departed this life April 5th,1874 aged 20 years.
149.Large raised tomb with large grey marble raised cross.
Here rests in peace the body of/James CAULFIELD BROWN D.C.L./25 years Vicar of this parish
who departed this life/March 11th,1870 aged 65? years/Also Isabella his beloved wife died December 12th,1877/Also Isabel Grand-daughter widow of Walter HOLLINS/of Willoughbridge Wells Staffs.Died October 30,1928/R.I.P./Also Harriet their 4th daughter widow of J.C.BROWNE A.H.S./Died February 4th,1901/"Her children arise up and call her blessed."/Also Percy O.E.THORNE/youngest son of the above died April 4th,1928 aged 60/R.I.P. (Also see No.148)
150.Brick and earth grave.No M.I.
151.Slab with railings.
In affectionate remembrance of John STOCK/who died August 15th,1887 aged 62 years/Also of William WARD/who was called suddenly away by an accident on April 29th,1892/Aged 50 years.Also of Hannah WARD/wife of the above who entered inot rest March 5th,1905 aged 70 years.
152.Large raised slab.
In affectionate remembrance of Benjamin BAKER/who died September 17th,1889 aged 68 years/"God is our refuge and strength a very present help in our troubles."/Also Sarah BAKER of Stafford Street Dudley/who died April 6th,1896 aged 73 years.
153.White headstone placed in centre of white kerb adged grave.
In loving memory of George Ernest WOODHOUSE/The beloved husband of Flora WOODHOUSE,Hall Street,Dudley/Born January 20th,1865 Died February 4th,1894/"From death unto life."/Also of Betsy OATWAY wife of T.G.WOODHOUSE/of Market Place,Dudley.Died February 15th,1904 aged 71 years./Also of the above Thomas George WOODHOUSE/Born February 2nd,1828 Died May 16th,1910/"At rest "/Charles WOODHOUSE/Born March 25th,1867 Died January 16th,1913.
154.(End of row) White cross and stone.
In loving memory of Anne wife of Edwin FELLOWS/who departed this life April 5th,1894 in her 57th year/Also Edwin husband of the above/who departed this life September 26th,1894/In his 57th year./"Thy will be done."
155.Level slab marked W.B. (Also see No.146)
156.2 level slabs unmarked.
157.Thick level slab.Unmarked.
158.Level slab unmarked.
159.Level slab unmarked.
160.Level slab unmarked.
161.Level slab marked B.BAKER (Also see No.152)
162.Level slab unmarked.
163.Level slab unmarked.
164.Brown stone with cross.
In memory of Laura GRIFFIN the beloved and devoted wife of/Frederick Richard MCDOWELL who died August 11th,1949 aged 76/"So he giveth his beloved sleep."/Also of the above Frederick Richard MCDOWELL/who died January 26th,1951 aged 82.
165.Level slab marked J.?.SECKERSON 1908 (Also see No.166)
166.Blue brick grave with white chippings.
Mary Ann SECKERSON 1876-1973.
167.Level slab marked J.L. 1905.
168.Brick and earth no inscription.
169.White cross.
In memory of Sarah ROBERTS/of Bourne Street? Dudley who died 18th June,1907/Rest in peace.
170.Level slab marked J.BEDDINGTON (Also see No.171)
171.Slab with marble headstone and railings.
"Be thou faithful unto death,and I will give thee crown of life."/In loving memory of Harriet the dearly loved wife of/James BEDDINGTON of the Inhedge who died May 11,1904 aged 74 years/"Peace Perfect Peace,our future all unknown/Jesus we know,and he is on the throne."/Also of the above James BEDDINGTON who died December 30th,1906 aged 76 years./"Heaven's morning breaks,and Earth's vain shadows flee in life,in death O Lord,abide with me."
172.Level slab marked C.T.OWEN.
173.Stone edged grave,white M.I. stone.All inscription worn away.
174.Level slab marked E.HAWKINS (Also see No.175)
175.Stone kerb and cross.
Loving memory of Elizabeth Ann wife of Edward HAWKINS/who died June 2nd?,1895 aged 72 years./"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."/Also of Edward HAWKINS who died June 30th,1909 aged 75 years.
176.Level slab marked R.HARPER (Also see No.177)
177.Stone kerb and cross.
In loving memory of Rev. Robert HARPER M.A./Rector of Tubney who died November 25th,1898/in his 74th? year/Also of Jane wife of the above who passed away/October 23rd,1899 aged 68 years./"I heard the voice of Jesus say come unto me and rest."
178.Level slab marked C.PARGETER.
179.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
180.Level slab marked C.H.M. 1900.
181.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
182.Level slab marked with a large H (Also see No.183)
183.White marble stone with Bible/book M.I.
In Memoriam George W.Freeman HOOPER/who died 13th August,1901 aged 86/Arthur G.HOOPER M.P. for Dudley 1908-1910/Born 30th January,1857 Died 28th April 1940/Fanny SHILLITO HOOPER wife of A.G.HOOPER/Died 23rd October,1947 aged 89/Sarah PITT wife of G.W.F.HOOPER/who died 29th November,1911? aged 85/Sidney GUEST HOOPER son of the above/Solicitor of this town died 7th April,1924 aged 63/Jessie SMITH THOMPSON wife of S.GUEST HOOPER/Died 12th March,1945 aged 77 cremated at Golders Green/Emma Constance wife of E.A.J.HOOPER/Died 2nd February,1944 aged 82/Edgar Augustus Joseph HOOPER of Handsworth/son of G.W.F. and S.P.HOOPER who died 3rd August,1912 aged 50/Minnie Sarah Josephine TANFIELD of Handsworth/Daughter of G.W.F. and S.P.HOOPER who died 3rd March,1913 aged 47.
184.Level slab marked A.R.TAYLOR.
185.Blue brick and earth.No inscription.
186.Modern grave whitemarble stone.
In loving memory of Elizabeth GROCOTT RAYNES/Widow of Francis RAYNES of Walsall/who passed peacefully to rest June 13,1916 aged 83 years/Peace Perfect Peace.
187.Level slab marked GOODYEAR. (Also see No.188)
188.Along West wall.Grey marble stone,grey marble Bible M.I.
In loving memory of Arthur GOODYEAR/Died August 2nd,1934 aged 36 years/"Blessed is he that endureth to the end for he shall be saved."/Always a loving son/Also of Howard Sidney his brother and beloved husband of/Sarah GOODYEAR died October 13th,1935 aged 47 years/"Blessed are the pure in heart."/Also Alice dearly loved wife of William GOODYEAR and mother of/the above passed away November 26,1936 aged 73 years./Also William GOODYEAR beloved husband of Alice/Died December 19th,1947 aged 86 years.Re-united./Gladys GOODYEAR died January 7th,1970 aged 74 years.
189.Black bible.
In loving memory of Thomas WRIGHT/who died 25th January,1979 aged 56 years."Till we meet".
190.Small white marble cup and M.I. stone.
In loving memory of Mary ASHMAN/Died 27th December,1962 aged 72 years/Also her dear husband Thomas/Died 27th June,1965 aged 76 years/"Re-united in Peace at last."
191.Small slab marked.
In memory of Mary Irene ALLEN MOSS/who died June 13,1957.
192.Small grey marble wedge shaped stone.
Treasured memories of Alfred passed away peacefully/New Years Day 1962 aged 79 years/Fondly loved husband of Dorothy WINBOW who died 28th October,1974 aged 82 years.Much loved by her family.
193.Small grey marble cup and M.I. stone.
To the tender memory of Doreen Eley/Beloved and devoted wife of Albert L.H.CUTLER/Died May 1st,1958 aged 63 years./Also her beloved husband Albert Lees Hingley CUTLER/Died January 11th,1978 aged 85 years.
194.Modern white marble stone.
Sacred to the memory of Ada BREEZE/Beloved wife of John W.TILLEY/Died 29th September,1951 aged 70 years/Also of John William TILLEY/Died 5th September,1958 aged 79 years.
195.Brown marble pillar with small cross on top.
In loving memory of Prudence DICKINS/of The Bridge Hotel,Tenbury/who died May 3rd,1911 aged 70
years/"Rest in The Lord."/Also of Edwin Tew DICKINS husband of the above/Who died June 19th,1912 aged 78 years/"Come unto me ye weary and I will give you rest."/In Loving Memory of Willliam Stephen TIMMINS/of the Bridge Hotel,Tenbury/Nephew of the late Prudence and E.T.DICKINS/who died February 22nd,1918 aged 52 years/"No more sorrow no more pain."
196.Grey marble stone and cross.
In loving memory of Pollie LONG/who fell asleep October 14th,1944/"At rest."
197.Unusual monument,tall,6 sides with railings.
In loving memory of Thomas HARPER/Born 1st December,1822/Died 14th February,1908/In loving  memory of Eliza HARPER/who died January 11th,1896 aged 61 years.
198.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
199.Stone grave coffin shape with inlaid cross.
Henry ? BAGOTT of this town/who died September 8th,1904 aged 84 years/Also Ann his dearly loved wife/who died March 21st,1902 aged 67 years/Also Harry Herbert BAGOTT/who died June 8th,1871 aged 9 months/And Ernest Jarvis BAGOTT/who died April 15th,1904 aged 33 years.
200.Grave with kerb stone and unusual pink colour marble cross.
In loving remembrance of/William SPITTLE of Manhattan Villa/who fell asleep January 30th,1906 aged 72 years/"I know that my Redeemer liveth."/Also of Maryann beloved wife of the above/who died January 29th,1916 in her 78th year/"Rest in the Lord."
201.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
202.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
203.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
204.Grave with kerbstone & white marble cross.
In loving memory of Mary Ann MORRIS of Dudley/who died December 20th,1908 aged 88 years/"Her end was peace."
205.Brick grave,slab top,no inscription.
206.White marble stone and cross.
To the beloved memory of/Hannah Maria HARVEY of High Street,Dudley/Widow of the late James HARVEY of Mauchline/Born July 2nd,1833 Died January 30th,1908/"When thou passest through the waters I will be with thee."/Also of Mary Ann Lucas HARVEY Daughter of the above/Born July 12th,1861 Died September 26th,1916/"So He bringeth them to Heaven where they would be."
207.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
208.3 slabs with inscription Frederick JAMES 1937.
209.Raised brick,edged grave.Stone cross,slate M.I. plate.
In loving memory of Harriet Edith/The wife of William Henry THOMPSON/Died 19th February,1935 aged 71/Also of the above William Henry THOMPSON/Died 30th September,1940 aged 80.
210.Slab marked E.T.D. )Also see No.195)
211.Slab marked E.P.
212.Slab marked T.H. (Also see No.197)
213.Slab marked G.H. 1902.
214.Slab marked H.B. E.J.B. (Also see No.199)
215.Slab marked W.S. (Also see No.200)
216.Slab marked A.T./H.E.W./J.W.H./R.H.
217.Slab marked J.GUY
218.Slab marked A.S.WRIGHT 1906/R.WRIGHT 1907
219.Slab marked M.A.MORRIS (Also see No.204)
220.Slab marked R.HOLLAND 1907
221.Slab marked H.M.H. 1908 (Also see No.206)
222.Slab marked D.H. 1910
223.Slab marked A.JAMES 196 (Also see No.208)
224.Slab marked W.H.THOMPSON (Also see No.209)
Next row from church.
225.White bible and cup.
In loving memory of Charles WILLIAMS/who died December 11th,1971 aged 58 years.RIP.
226.Small grey marble slab.
In loving memory of John SPENCER 1899-1982/50 years Diocesan Lay Reader/Elizabeth SPENCER 1899-1970/A devoted wife and mother.
227.White Bible/book.
In loving memory of my dear husband/Albert Henry HOTCHKISS/Died 7th November,1959 aged 47 years/"Peace after pain."
228.White Bible/book.
In loving memory of my dear husband/John Wesley PLIMMER/Passed away October 21st,1953 aged 71 years./"Peace Perfect Peace."/Also his beloved wife Hilda/Passed away January 28th,1975 aged 92 years/"At rest."
229.Small pale grey marble slab.
In memory of Lucy Maud CLAY Died July 31,1955 aged 84 years/Emma HILLMAN HARVEY Died November 23rd,1958 aged 82 years/Mary Kathleen Maud CLAY Died October 17,1980 aged 82 years.
230.Black marble wedge/slab with pot holder.
In loving memory of Edward WAGSTAFF/Died 14th August,1978 aged 69 years.
231.Grey marble Bible.
In loving memory of Frederick CHANDLER/Beloved husband of Lucina May/Died 2nd February,1970 aged 68 years/"The Lord is my shepherd"/Also his beloved wife Lucina May/Died 11th December,1980 aged 77 years/"Together at rest."
232.Small white marble slab.
In loving memory of Arthur Eric ROBOTHAM/Died 17th August,1969 aged 81 years.
233.Small white marble headstone.
In loving memory of a dear husband and father/Albert Ernest BRIDGEWATER/who entered into the higher life/March 15th,1964 aged 67 years./"At rest."/In loving memory of Frank Donald GUEST/Died 16th July,1976 aged 48 years.
234.Small white marble slab.
In loving memory of Samuel BRISTOWE/Died 26th September,1957 aged 82/Also of his wife Christiana/Died 18th September,1962 aged 84/and their daughter Lily/Died 2nd August,1962 aged 50/"Peace Perfect Peace."
235.Small grey marble slab.
In loving memory of Harold HARTLAND SHORTHOUSE/Born 9th October,1885 Died 6th November,1955/Also his dear wife Alice Evelyne/Born 18th June,1891 Died 30th April,1981.
236.Small white marble headstone.
In loving memory of Edward Michael KELLY (PRIEST)/Died February 1st,1955 aged 53 years/"To me to live is Christ and to die is gain."/And Norah who died at Oxford 19th May,1962/"Put thou thy trust in God."
237.Black marble modern grave.
In sacred memroy of Joseph William/Beloved husband of Beatrice BAYTON/who fell asleep November 14th,1952/"O rest ih the Lord."/Also the above Beatrice Ellen BAYTON/who fell asleep November 22nd,1973 aged 82 years.Reunited. 
238.Small white marble scroll.
In loving memory of Ernest DAVIS/Died September 23rd,1955 aged 78 years/Also of his wife Martha/Died December 2nd,1958 aged 82 years.
239.Raised grey marble Bible/book.
In loving memory James Dougal TAIT/Beloved husband of Violetta A/Passed to his rest April 8th,1949/aged 77 years.
240.Slab marked A.PREEDY.
241.Large marble tomb.
Sarah PREEDY the dearly beloved wife of Henry PREEDY /Born November 9th,1877 passing onwards September 23rd,1923/Henry PREEDY /Born March 18th,1872 passing onwards March 22nd,1950/Alfred PREEDY/Born October 11th,1840 passing onwards February 20th,1921/Sarah Hannah PREEDY/died February 25th,1930 aged 89 years.Charles PREEDY/Born May 26,1873 passing onwards February 1st,
1922/Ada PREEDY the dearly beloved wife of Charles PREEDY/Born March 23rd,1874 passing onwards January 12th,1953/Evlyn Sarah Beloved wife of Kenneth Leslie PEARCE/Daughter of Henry and Sarah PREEDY/Born September 9th,1908 passing onwards June 21st,1957/Alfred PREEDY/born 9th February,1900 passing onwards 1st December,1976.
242.Grey marble stone and cross.
Sacred to the memory of Samuel SPITTLE/Born December 16th,1836 Died January 26th,1917.
243.Slab marked J.W. H.W./L.W. 1912
244.White marble stone and cross.
Francis John WILKES April 25th,1893/August 31st,1912/"Patience Beloved!Yonder is thy cuerdon;here all is change;/Uncertainty,decay;Transient and passing are Earth's choicest/treasures;Beyond deaths ends,love life,thine own alway in God."/Herbert WILKES/Born July 9,1862 Died January 26th,1924/"Peace Perfect Peace."
245.Slab marked M.A.GUEST.
246.Brick and earth grave.No inscription.
247.Kerbstone and earth.
In loving memory of William Henry CARROLL/who died April 12th,1917/"Peace Perfect Peace."/Also of Matilda HARPER CARROLL/who died October 8th,1924/"He giveth his beloved sleep."
248.Slab marked Sir Goerge BEAN.
249.Double size grave/tomb with pillar.
In loving memory of Sir George BEAN KT:,/Born April 27th,1855 Died January 23rd,1924/Also of Lady Mary Ann BEAN/Died August 3rd,1932 aged 78 years.
250.Slab marked J.W.JONES 1942 (Also see No.251)
251.White marble grave with Bible M.I.
Sacred to the memory of James William/Beloved husband of Irene JONES/Called to rest May 18th,1942 aged 56 years./Sleep on beloved."/Also of Irene Gladys JONES/Died 13th November,1961 aged 70 years.
252.Slab marked E.A.PENN 1915/ J.PENN 1920.
253.Slab marked A.ROBINSON 1918.
254.White marble tomb with chippings and pillar with cross M.I.
In loving and affectionate remembrance of Eliza Ann/Dearly beloved wife of John PENN of 37 Wellington Road,Dudley/who departed this life November 19th,1915 aged 56 years./"On that happy Easter morning all the graves their dead restore/Father sister child and mother meet once more."/Her sufferings were great her end was peace./In loving memory of Ada dearly beloved wife of George ROBINSON/and elder daughter of John and Eliza Ann PENN/who departed this life November 28th,1918 aged 32 years/Rest in peace./In loving memory of George ROBINSON Died 15th February,1951/aged 69 years."Thy will be done."/In loving and affectionate remembrance of John PENN/Dearly beloved husband of Eliza Ann PENN/who passed peacefully away March 6th,1929 aged 71 years/"Until the day break and the shadows flee away."
255.Slab marked HARTLAND 1924.
256.White marble kerb with pillar M.I.
Sacred to the memory of Hannah HARTLAND/who died 13th March,1924 aged 64 years/Also of William Edward HARTLAND husband of the above/who died 25th January,1927 aged 65 years.
257.Slab marked M.A.SHEPPARD 1931/ H.SHEPPARD March 1940
258.Raised slabs.No inscription.
259.Raised slabs marked.
In loving memory of Francis STOCKTON/Died April 7th,1931 aged 78 years/Also Elizabeth beloved wife of the above/Died January 17th,1935 aged 80 years.
260.Small grey marble slab.
In loving memory of Hilda WHITEHOUSE/Died 20th May,1981 aged 86 years.
261.Dark grey marble Bible/book.
In loving memory of Henry Thomas HARPER/Beloved husband of Jean May/Died 11th March,1981 aged 52 years./Peace Perfect Peace.
262.Small grey marble slab.
William Francis HANDLEY A beloved husband and father/Died 20th November,1982 aged 70 years.
263.White marble cross and stone.
In loving memory of Frank Martin MAYHEW/who died August 9th,1924 aged 51 years."Peace Perfect Peace.'/Also of his dear wife Edna Ellen/who died April 29th,1959 aged 89 years./Re-united.
264.Large grave with kerbstone and brown marble pillar.
In fondest remembrance of Mary Susannah/Dearly loved wife of Arthur Edgar WESTLEY/Born September 24th,1897 passed on September 27th,1926/Also of Arthur Edgar WESTLEY/Died December 25th,1949 aged 67 years.
265.White marble stone and pillar.
In loving memory of Harry James/Beloved son of Albert Edward and Harriet HARVEY/who died February 2nd,1930 aged 37 years/"I know that my Redeemer liveth"/Harriet Jane HARVEY/Died April 15th,1942 aged 79 years/Albert Edward HARVEY/Died July 21st,1947 aged 84 years/Re-united.
266.Modern grey/black marble grave with headstone.
In loving memory of Alexander James HARDIE/Died 29th May,1931 aged 63 years/Also of Sarah Eliza HARDIE his wife/Died 13th November,1932 aged 62 years/"Peace Perfect Peace."
267.Raised slabs.
In loving memory of my dear husband Thomas VINES/Born October 2nd,1860 Died December 6th,1931/"Untill the day breaks."
268.Grey marble with headstone.
In loving memory of Eva HOUSE/Who died August 2nd,1932 aged 48 years/"Thy will be done."/Also of Sarah Ann HOUSE Mother of the above/Died March 5th,1935 aged 77 years/Also William HOUSE/Died January 22nd,1940 aged 84 years.
269.White marble with headstone.
In loving memory/of Francis WORTLEY LOXTON M.A./First Curate in Charge of St. Francis Church,Dudley/Youngest son of Thomas GATLEY and Laura Jane LOXTON/of Sheffield died July 14th,1934 aged 39 years/"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
270.Large marble slab raised.Inlaid with cross.
In loving memory of/Francis Walter YATES/who passed away January 3rd,1936 in his 59th year/Also Janet Mary beloved wife of John Walter YATES/who died March 12th,1952 aged 75 years/Also their son John Villiers YATES/who died November 2nd,1953 aged 40 years.
271.Along on west wall.Old type headstone.
In memory of William BUNN.A Christian miner/who on the 23rd of February,1848/Sustained fractures in the spine and both thighs/But survived in humble faith and exemplary patience /until the 16th of December,1857 when clothed in the wedding garment/of the saint he entered on a blessed immortality.Aged 50 years./This stone is erected in the earliest hope that ye who read/will pray for grace to live the faith as he lived/die in Jesus as he deed and then rejoin him in those/prepared mansions.Where the wicked cease from troubling/and the weary are at rest./By his faithful and affectionate friend./The Vicar.
272.Corner of West wall near North railings.Headstone.
Foresters Memorial erected to the Memory of Brother/Edwin LEWIS P.H.C.J.B./By the members of Dudley and Cradley Heath/District of the Ancient Order of Foresters/Friendly Society inrecognition of his long and faithful/services in all good work in connection with the above society./He died April 28th,1898 aged 68 years/and was interred in Queens Cross Cemetert./"Be thou faithful unto death." 
273.White marble stone & headstone along North railing.
In loving memory of Gladys Muriel/ Beloved  wife of William R. EDWARDS/Passed away 2nd June,1952/aged 60 years and William Robert EDWARDS/Passed away 12th June,1974 aged 82 years.
274.Grey stone kerb and headstone.
In loving memory of Stella BROWN/who passed to her rest November 19th,1931 aged 39 years/"Blessed are the pure in heart."/Also Fanny Elizabeth BROWN who passed to her rest January 2nd,1970/aged 82 years and Emily BROWN/who passed to her rest January 31st,1970 aged 79 years.
275.Slab marked SOUTHALL.
276.Grey marble stone & Cross.
In memory of George,beloved husband of Mary Ann SOUTHALL/Died May 31st,1927 aged 59 years/"Even Christ pleased not himself"Rom's./Also Mary Ann SOUTHALL,died January 5th,1956 aged 82 years/"Rest in Peace".In memory of Nancy beloved wife of Francis BAGNALL/Died March 31st,1953 aged 33 years/and their younger daughter Annie Ivy BAGNALL/Died March 31st,1953 aged 33 years.
277.Stone coffin shaped.
In memoriam Douglas Percival PIELOU,M.P./Born October 17th,1887 Died January 9th,1927/Michael PIELOU Born October 5th,1919 Died May 27th,1971/Nora PIELOU nee PITCHFORD/Born December 23rd,1888 Died December 30th,1978.
278.Slab marked James SMELLIE.
279.Double size grave,white marble stone.
Alderman James SMELLIE M.B.E. J.P./Born 31st May,1861 Died 27th May,1948/Mayor of Dudley November 1924-November 1926/Annie Grace SMELLIE/Born 26th July,1861 Died 14th April,1926/One of God's Saints on Earth.Mayoress of Dudley./10th November,1924-14th April,1926/Cecil A.SMELLIE/Born 8th February,1895 Died 15th June,1930/Josephine S.SMELLIE/Born 12th May,1896 Died 3rd May,1940.
280.Slab marked WESTWOOD.
281.White marble stone and cross.
Sacred to the memory of Lucy Olive/Beloved wife of Albert Henry WESTWOOD/who died 18th March,1925 aged 48 years/"Till we meet again."Also the above Albert Henry WESTWOOD/who died 31st August,1934 aged 59 years/"Re-united."
282.Raised slab.No inscription.
283.Slab marked W.O.H.
284.Slab marked R.H.
285.Tall pillar M.I. with railings.
In affectionaye remebrance of Matilda/The beloved wife of Richard FELLOWS HARPER who departed this life /January 26th,1890 aged 57 years/Also Matilda Grand-daughter of the above/who died June 11th,1892 in the 5th year of her age./In affectionate remembrance of Richard FELLOWS HARPER/who died March 10th,1889 aged 58 years/Also Ellen HARPER Grand-daughter of the above/who died August 31st,1889 aged 4 years/In affectionate remembrance of Walter Owen HARPER/who died March 31st,1889 aged 42 years/In affectionate remembrance of Mary Ann/beloved wife of Walter Owen HARPER/Died June 22nd,1926 aged 69 years. (Also see No's.283/4)
286.Slab marked B.H.  
287.Stone kerb,grey marble cross.
Ethel Mary HARPER daughter of the late Benjamin and Henrietta/HARPER died 17TH February,1943 aged 64  years/Thomas Jaffray HARPER Dearly beloved husband of Amy Lillian/and eldest son of the late Benjamin and Henrietta/Died 2nd August,1940 aged 64 years inteered at Bloxwich Cemetery/Also of Arthur HARPER/born 18th July,1882 died 6th February,1959./In loving memory of  Henrietta Beloved wife of Benjamin HARPER/Born 14th August,1848 Died 15th December,1907/"In the midst of life we are in death."/Also Benjamin Clifford son of the above/Born 5th April,1889 died 17th September,1889/Also Benjamin HARPER/Born 12th December,1836 Died 10th December,1922./Also Stanley Benjamin/eldest son of Sydney and Elizabeth HARPER/and Grandson of the above/Born 12th July,1911 Died 6th May,1923.
288.White marble stone.Anchor MI stone and 2 scrolls.
To the honoured memory of Sailor James HORTON/of Kingswinford who gave his life on November 25th,1923/in a gallant attempt to rescue from drowning/ Clifford Albert SMITH who himself died a heroic death/in coming to his brothers assistance and Albert Edward PARKES/whose bodies were laid to rest beneath November 30th,1923/Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his/life for his friends./In everloving memry of Clifford Albert SMITH Beloved son of William and Mary SMITH/who was accidently drowned November 25th,1923/Aged 15 years."Be strong fear not."/In everloving memory of Albert Edward PARKES/Beloved son of Samuel and Alice Mable PARKES/who was accidently drowned November 25th,1923/Aged 16 years."Faint not nor fear his arms are near."
289.Slab marked A.E.W. 1926.
290.White marble stone and cross.
In loving memory of Isiah Albert/Dearly beloved husband of Georgina JACKSON/who departed this life November 29th,1923 aged 31 years/"Thy will be done."/In loving memory of Georgina/beloved wife of Alexander BANKS who passed peacefully away/May 12th,1938 aged 45 years."At rest."/In loving memory of Florence Maud/Dearly beloved daughter of Isiah and Clara JACKSON/who departed this life May 2nd,1929 aged 38 years/"At rest."
291.White marble stone and cross.
In loving memory of Hubert William/Dearly beloved son of Alfred Henry and Myra Elizabeth OLIVER/who entered into rest April 20th,1924 aged 19 years./"Well done good and faithful servant enter thou into the Joy of the Lord."/Also of Alfred Henry OLIVER who entered into rest/November 8th,1937 aged 64 years/"Safe in the everlasting arms."
292.White marble stone.
In loving memory of Mary Elizabeth/Beloved wife of Thomas George HADLEY/who fell asleep November 26th,1926 aged 54 years/"She is not dead but sleepeth."/Also her beloved husband Thomas George HADLEY/Died 13th June,1963 aged 90 years./"Abide with me."
293.White marble stone with statue.
In loving memory of Phoebe/Dearly loved daughter of Joseph and Bertha/of Oakham Farm.Died August 3rd,1929 aged 22 years/"Oh for a closer walk with God a calm and heavenly frame/A light to shine upon the road that leads me to my God."/The soul's of the righteous are in the hands of God/Also Joseph WHITEHOUSE/Died March 2nd,1941 aged 81 years.
294.Raised slabs unmarked.
295.White marble with headstone.
In loving memory of Frederick Hurst GOODHIND/who died March 4th,1946 aged 65 years/Also Agnes his beloved wife/Died January 31st,1957 aged 76 years/In loving memory of Marjorie/Beloved wife of Edward K.RICE/Died 3rd March,1979 aged 72 years.
296.Slab marked John W.YATES (Also see No.270)
1.Headstone and footstone.
Rebecca LUCAS March 7th,1862/Charles LUCAS February 11th,1871/Mary Ann LUCAS May 1st,1892.
2.Headstone and footstone.
Elizabeth NEWTON April 5th,1865/John NEWTON June 5th,1865/John NEWTON January 9th,1869/Charles NEWTON November 11th,1869.
3.Headstone laid flat on slab.
Sarah PITT April 17th,1818/Thomas PITT 1835.
John STOKES August 8th,1830.
Three children of Mary and Isaac HAMMONDS/John July 5th,1837/Caroline and Isaac Infancy.
6.Headstone laid flat on slab.
Ann STOKES April 28th,1825/Thomas STOKES 1836/Mary STOKES September 1855.
7.Slab,no name.
8.Slab,no name.
9.Small headstone.
Ann Maria LUCAS October 31st,1835/Christopher Olden LUCAS February 15th,1841.
Isaac HADLEY November 1st,1839/Elizabeth HADLEY November 22nd,1839.
11.Headstone & slab.
Benjamin CARTWRIGHT April 25th,1830/Esther CARTWRIGHT November 11th,1841/John CARTWRIGHT March 3rd,1832/George GREEN/Benjamin GREEN/Hannah GREEN January 28th,1842.
12.Headstone and slab.
Thomas CARTWRIGHT April 17th,1846/Lucy CARTWRIGHT April 18th,1836.
13.Headstone laid flat.
Ann WHATMORE May 25th,1840/William WHATMORE (Son) December  6th,1841/Wm. WHATMORE (Father) October 26th,1845/Harry Downing GUNTER February 28th,1855.
14.Headstone laid flat.
Joseph HODGETTS September 1st,1840.
John SMITHEMAN March 18th,1839. (Five bodies in grave but no other names given.)
Benjamin HODGETTS December 14th,1830/Martha HODGETTS February 10th,1842/Ann SWIFT July 14th,1845.
17.Elizabeth HODGETTS March 21st,1838/Elizabeth MEW July 18th,1838/Henry HODGETTS (Son) May 3rd,1842/Benjamin HODGETTS December 19th,1847.
18,19 & 20.Two slabs.
John HADLEY (Nine bodies in grave.No dates or other names.Three grave spaces occupied.)
Sarah OWEN August 14th,1895/Mary Ann STARR October 7th,1897/Edwin STARR March 10th,1854.
22.Ledger slab.
John OWEN September 6th,1869/Lidia OWEN May 29th,1873/Susannah OWEN December 27th,1891.
Benjamin MILLS November 20th,1812/Ann MILLS April 10th,1823.
Abraham BAKER April 13th,1818/Jane BAKER.
Stephen HODGETTS July 23rd,1843.
26.William OWEN December 23rd,1858/John George OWEN March 7th,1859/William Wallace OWEN October 31st,1865/William OWEN October 16th,1873/Mary OWEN October 17th,1904.
27.Slab inscribed S.B.  
28.Headstone,slab and railings.
Ann Maria GREEN February 16th,1850/Amelia Geast GREEN July 5th,1852/Charlott Steenton GREEN May 10th,1859/Thomas Azeldine GREEN December 6th,1861/William Geast GREEN January 8th,1882.
29.No name on slab.CARTWRIGHT on coffin.
30.Ledger slab.
Robert AINSBURY August 2nd,1856/Martha AINSBURY March 10th,1869.
31.Ledger slab.
Mary GRIFFITHS February 22nd,1817/Elizabeth GRIFFITHS March 1st,1827/Thomas GRIFFITHS April 15th,1835/Thomas GRIFFITHS (Son) March 24th,1864/Rebecca GRIFFITHS March 5th,1875.
William MILLS April 18th,1881/Harriet MILLS November 30th,1881/William George MILLS October 31st,1879/Mary Anne MORRIS MILLS January 30th,1906.
33.Stone too bad to remove.
Richard POTTER March 22nd,1822.
George ASHFILED December 25th,1873/Mary Ann ASHFIELD April 1st,1901.
Hannah WOODWARD January 7th,1858/Joseph WOODWARD April 19th,1863.
Catherine Jane LAVENDER May 22nd,1903/Joseph LAVENDER October 1st,1906.
37.Headstone and footstone.
John HYDE June 23rd,1876/Rhoda HYDE May 13th,1879.
Christopher LUCAS February 17th,1875/Mary Ann LUCAS November 27th,1876.
..... WILLCOX/Martha WILLCOX January 26th,1852/..lia Jane WILLCOX May 9th,1816.
Thomas WOOLLEY May 9th,1816.
41.Agnes Mary LUKIS (Name found on coffin) June 26th,1826.
42.Headstone and corner pillars.
John JORDAN September 3rd,1875/Anne JORDAN March 9th,1884.
43.Headstone and curb.
Thomas Lee JORDAN January 31st,1884/John JORDAN April 22nd,1890/Charles Percival JORDAN February 20th,1886/William Ernest JORDAN August 10th,1899/Mary Ann JORDAN June 21st,1922.
44.No name on stone.
William NEWEY June 20th,1839/Henry NEWEY May 21st,1826/Oliver NEWEY June 10th,1825/William NEWEY October 13th,1830/Louisa NEWEY January 19th,1831/Richard NEWEY October 6th,1835/Herbert NEWEY July 7th,1876.
46.Headstone and slab.
Benjamin NICKLESS July 13th,1830/Elizabeth NICKLESS April 26th,1836/Thomas NICKLESS December 27th,184? 
Maria PARKER May 16th,1816/Daniel PARKER July 11th,1829/Catherine PARKER July 17th,1833/Daniel PARKER January 4th,1839/Sarah PARKER November 9th,1839.
Initials only - S.F. 1824/D.J.F. 1824.
Sarah ROUND June 19th,1827.
Joshua WILKINSON March 29th,1809/Sarah WILKINSON May 18th,1825.
51.Headstone and curb.
Benjamin ROUND February 14th,1836/Phoebe ROUND April 19th,1854/Adelaide ROUND November 23rd,1892/Francis Henry ROUND August 13th,1923.
Mary PEARSON July 4th,1834.
Martha JACAM September 21st,1837.
54.Headstone laid flat on slab.
Richard HANCOX November 8th,1825.
55.Headstone and slab. (Headstone too bad to remove.)
Elizabeth ....R 1826/........ ...LE December 21st,1826.
Elizabeth Maurice BOOKSELLER August 2nd,1809.        
57.Thomas COOKSEY May 18th,1842/Mary COOKSEY March 25th,1849.
58 & 59.Three slabs. 1 big and 2 small ones.
Ann PHILLIPS .... 22nd ..../Mary COWLEY PHILLIPS March 25th,1817/William PHILLIPS February 21st,1823.
60.Ledger slab.
Joseph CARTER October 18th,1850/Jane CARTER February 29th,1864/Jane CARTER June 21st,1859.
61.Headstone,slab and footstone.
John DARBEY January 20th,1855/Ann DARBEY July 10th,1867/William DARBEY September 22nd,1872/John DARBEY May 13th,1873/James DARBEY January 28th,1879/Mary DARBEY December 4th,1818/Mary DARBEY May 13th,1843/Caroline DARBEY September 12th,1852.
62.Emily BROWN (Name on coffin plate) January 22nd ....?
63.No name.
64.Stone too bad to remove.Name unreadable.
John PHILLIPS April 5th,1938.
66.Slab.No name.
67.Elizabeth JORDAN 1915/.... JORDAN (Male) 1918/ (Names on coffin plate.)
68 & 69.Square monument.
Robert MARTIN November 15th,1843/Ann MARTIN August 12th,1844/Henry HARPER April 21st,1818/Sarah HARPER October 23rd,1815/Edward HARPER,William HARPER,Elizabeth HARPER - Died in infancy/Hannah HARPER February 21st,1819/Francis Maria HARPER February 18th,1840/John MARTIN HARPER November 26th,1841/John MARTIN HARPER August 11th,1847.
70.Headstone and footstone.
Thomas TURNER May 2nd,1822.
James PRICE February 14th,1810/Mary PRICE December 2nd,1819.
Elizabeth OCKEY October 3rd,1836.
73.Headstone and slab.
Ann BAILEY March 20th,1811.
74.Headstone and slab.
Prudence BAILEY April 7th,1817/George BAILEY October 2nd,1853/George BAILEY October 20th,1871.
75.Ledger slab.
John GROSVENOR January 23rd,1860.
76,77 & 78.Headstone and slab.
Thomas RHODES August 18th,1821/Elizabeth RHODES November 19th,1845/Edward RHODES May 3rd,1808/Thomas RHODES January 25th,1856/Ester PARKER RHODES July 4th,1842/Arthur RHODES October 19th,1832/Robert RHODES October 15th,1833/Ann RHODES December 9th,1846/John Bennett RHODES October 9th,1846.
Richard BAYLISS July 28th,1837/James BAYLISS December 21st,1814/Hannah BAYLISS February 13th,1903.
80.Ledger slab.
Elizabeth HARPER December 20th,1846/James HARPER May 10th,1847.
81.Ledger slab.
Thomas PASKIN November 19th,1873/Ann PASKIN July 10th,1843.
82.Headstone and footstone.
Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT October 15th,1878/John CARTWRIGHT August 2nd,1879/Ann CARTWRIGHT - also 3 children.(Names on coffin plates)
83.Headstone and footstone.
Thomas CARTWRIGHT December 8th,1833/Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT September 19th,1840/George CARTWRIGHT April 9th,1837. 
William HARPER December 11th,1829/Mary SMITH November 9th,1853/John SMITH November 5th,1858/Elizabeth WILCOX June 7th,1866.
Martha HARPER September 6th,1820/William HARPER (Jun.) March 5th,1819.
86.Ann HARDWICK September 28th,1824/Thomas SKIDMORE October 18th 1832/Also seven children.Died in infancy.
87.Footstone only erected.Headstone too bad to remove.
William Henry CORBETT March 30th,1847/George CORBETT April 4th,1847/William CORBETT January 29th,1864.
Anne PRICE May 26th,1834.
89.Stone too bad to remove.Name unreadable.
Sarah COLLINS November 27th,1818/Adam COLLINS July 5th,1811/John COLLINS June 1st,1843.
91.Headstone and footstone to two graves,91 and 92.
Joseph MONK (Jun.) June 6th,1822/Thomas MONK August 2nd,1843/Sarah MONK January 9th,1854/Thomas MONK (Jun.) September 24th,1858/Sarah MONK March 14th,1855.
92.Matilda MONK August 30th,1828/George MONK August 8th,1859/William MONK March 23rd,1812/Sarah Ann MONK May 21st,1814/Also son - name unreadable April 17th,1821.
93.Two slabs.No name.
Eleanor WILKINSON November 26th,1851.
95.Two slabs. No.30 on slabs - no names.
96.No names.
97 & 98.W.R.B. on slab. (Eleven bodies in grave.)
Sarah LAVENDER November 22nd,1810.
William DAVIS April 5th,1817.
Samuel HICKMAN February 19th,1822/Also wife - name unreadable.
102.Headstone laid flat.
Elizabeth SAUNDERS June 14th,1826/David SAUNDERS December 29th,1819/George SAUNDERS April 16th,1820/Richard SAUNDERS April 16th,1828/Mary SAUNDERS October 20th,1825.
103,104 & 105.Slab on concrete.
Thomas SMART December 9th,1849/Mary JACKSON SMART January,1881/Thomas WEBB SMART April 6th,1888/William SMART 1898/Mary WEBB SMART 1909/Esther Elizabeth SMART January 10th,1835/Esther SMART November 1st,1850/Ann SMART May 1930/Charles Henry SMART October,1939.
106.Ledger slab.
James MORRIS February 1st,1847/Lydia MORRIS January 14th,1875.
107.Two bodies in grave.No names.
108.3 slabs.3 bodies in grave.No names.
109.Two slabs.
Absalom HARPER/Mary Ann TIMMINS (name on coffin plate).
W. & R.HARPER Vault.8 bodies.
111.4 bodies in grave.
John PEARSON (on coffin plate),no other names.
112.Two bodies in grave.No names.
113.Slab inscribed W.B.
114.Two slabs,no names.
115.Headstone and two slabs.
Edward SHORE April 23rd,1829/Etty SHORE September 13th,1838/Joseph SHORE June 24th,1851/Thomas TROMAN SHORE June 24th,1860.
116.Headstone and two slabs.
John HOLLAND June 28th,1828/Sarah HOLLAND March 22nd,1840/William Henry TAYLOR April 19th,1889/Elizabeth TAYLOR November 26th,1893.
John HARTLE November 7th,1898.
Joseph SILVERS August 27th,1821/Catherine SILVERS November 4th,1823/Jessie SILVERS January,1823/Also two others - names unreadable.
William HOLLAND August 30th,1866/Ann HOLLAND December 6th,1874/Thomas HOLLAND November 24th,1879/Richard Francis ROWLEY Jnauary 29th,1880.
Edward WOODALL June 12th,1855.
Mary BECKTON December 21st,1825/Also another name unreadable (Mary BECKTON Junr.) March 17th,1868. 
Joseph LEECH January 1st,1834/Benjamin LEECH July 17th,1890/Mary COOPER June 9th,1864/Also 
two children.
William WHITEHOUSE November 25th,1829/William MORRIS May 22nd,1835/George MORRIS May 1857/Sarah Jane MORRIS/Mary Ann MORRIS 1859.
124. 2 bodies.No names.
125.Stone too bad to remove.
Anne LAVENDER April 11th,1832.
126. 4 bodies.No names.
Edward SHORE June 18th,1862.
128.Tomb monument.7 bodies.
Elizabeth HODGETTS September 16th,1815/Charles HODGETTS (name on coffin plate) June 13th,1836.
Maryann CRAVON July 7th,1810/Joseph CRAVON September 11th,1810/Dianah HARRISON April 3rd,1814/Joshua CRAVON/Sarah CRAVON.
130.Headstone and kerb.
H.M.CARTER (Nee FRANKHUM) February 14th,1924.
131.Cross and kerb with corner pillars - previously ledger stone with existing cross.
John FRANKHUM May 11th,1906/Sarah FRANKHUM December 31st,1907/George Henry FRANKHUM August 3rd,1921/Sarah Sophia FRANKHUM November 9th,1932 (interred since re-interring of the other three.)
132,133 & 134. 9 bodies.Only name - Catherine BLOOMER April 4th,1849 (name found on coffin plate.)
Isaac ASTLEY January 21st,1848/Sarah ASTLEY January 3rd,1851/Sarah ASTLEY July 6th,1878?/Hannah ASTLEY March 9th,1892/Phebe WOODWARD July 15th,1872.
136.Slab.No inscription except No.15.
Edward SHORE July 5th,1803/Also Sarah mother of Thomas SHORE July 17th,1890/Also five children/Sarah SHORE August 4th,1816/Thomas SHORE April 20th,1821.
Samuel FULLWOOD November 26th,1813/Mary FULLWOOD June 26th,1819/William FULLWOOD February 18th,18?8/Mary FULLWOOD June 11th,1830/Richard PALMER October 28th,1841.
Anne Rebecca QUINTON (Name found on coffin plate.)
140.Ledger slab.
Ann DAVIS October 23rd,1875/William DAVIS December 12th,1867.
141.Two slabs and square monument.
Ann WOODALL April 29th,1884/Alfred Arthur WOODALL January 12th 1859/Emily Clara WOODALL September 17th,1874/Herbert William WOODALL November 21st,1903/James WOODALL February 27th,1885/George Henry WOODALL February 13th,1874.
142.Ledger slab.
Edward WOODALL December 30th,1879/Mary WOODALL December 22nd,1862.
143,144,145 & 146.No names given.
Thomas SMART August 27th,1826/Diana SMART December 1st,1849.
148.No name.
George PITT June 23rd,1824/Mary BARRS August 4th,1831/Nancy BATE October 21st,1821/Sarah HODGKINS July 31st,1835.
150.Headstone and slab.
Joseph HILLMAN February 2nd,1803/Elizabeth HILLMAN February 19th,1803/Sarah ROADES HILLMAN February 23rd,1804/Joseph ROADES HILLMAN September 4th,1810/Mary HILLMAN February 4th,1824.
Rebekah BROOKBANKS February 1st,1837/Hannah BROOKBANKS/James BROOKBANKS January 6th,1847/Benjamin BOWMAN June 18th,1844/Ann BOWMAN & Martha BOWMAN Died in infancy.
Thomas LAMBERT November 4th,1812.
153.Footstone only - placed at head. T.L. and 1812 on footstone.
154. 2 bodies,no names.
155.Stone too bad to remove. 2 bodies,names unreadable.
156.Stone too bad to remove. 4 bodies,names unreadable.
Mary ROGERS Jnauary 4th,1830/James ROGERS December 18th,1832.
John HUGHES October 18th,1855.
159.No name just No.14 on slab.
160 & 161.No names.
162. 4 bodies in grave.
Only name - Mary Ann PITTMORRAL (On coffin)
163. 6 bodies,no names.
Sarah Ann QUIENCY AUGUST 22ND,1845.
John JOHNSON May 21st,1806/Also his wife Hannah JOHNSON December 12th,1830. 
166.Stones too bad to remove.
Mary DAVIES September 22nd,1825/William DAVIES.
167.Stone too bad to remove. 2 bodies,no names.
168.No name.
169.Ledger slab.
Mary AZELDINE October 25th,1845/Shem HASE September 29th,1874/Thomas AZELDINE October 21st,1858/Ann AZELDINE March 28th,1880/Benjamin Thomas AZELDINE January 16th,1854.
170. 3 bodies,no names.
171.Headstone and slab.
William THOMPSON June 25th,1867/Mary Ann THOMPSON February 4th,1903/Mary WILKINSON November 10th,1842/Hannah WILKINSON May 25th,1843/Joshua WILKINSON May 8th,1850/Ann WILKINSON December 23rd,1872.
172 & 173.Stone too bad to remove.
William SMITH May 1st,1864/Ann SMITH June 4th,1874/Celia SMITH,Mary Ann SMITH,Matthew Henry SMITH,Matthew James SMITH,Mary Jane SMITH - Died in infancy/Also two grandchildren of M.S./Elizabeth COLE April 6th,1829.
174.Headstone,kerb and corner pillars.
Edward WILKINSON April 13th,1843/Hannah WILKINSON December 25th,1906.
175. 6 bodies,no names.
176.No name.
177.4 bodies.Only name - Thomas GRAINGER (on coffin plate)
178.Slab - No.11 on slab.
John POWELL September 10th,1856.
179.No name.
180.Stone too bad to remove.
Richard THOMAS March 8th,1827/Mary THOMAS October 18th,1839/Harriet Jane THOMAS September 17th,1846.
181 & 182.No names.
William MARTIN Nov 18.No year.
184 & 185.No names.
186.Ledger slab.
Thomas PRICE July 21st,1864.
187.Ledger slab.
Esther PRICE September 21st,1859/John PRICE March 23rd,1857/Jane PRICE January 21st,1862/Sarah LATHAM September 15th,1865.
John BRUCE December 26th,1813.
189.Stone too bad to remove.
John SKIDMORE February 21st,1808/Sarah SKIDMORE December 30th,1811/Nancy SKIDMORE January 6th, 1818/James SKIDMORE June 13th,1818.
190.Headstone too bad to remove.
Edward OLIVER February 7th,1863/Elizabeth OLIVER July 4th,1871.
John ADAMS 1832.
Joseph POTTER May 6th,1846.
193.Stone too bad to remove.No names.
194.Headstone too bad to remove.
Arthur BRYON June 25th,1816/Joseph MALPASS/Harbett MALPASS/Richard MALPASS.
196,197 & 198.vAULT WITH OBELISK,14 bodies.
Ann BAGOTT March 14th,1847/John BAGOTT July 14th,1855/John BAGOTT September 29th,1861/Jane BAGOTT February 25th,1872/Edward BAGOTT December 14th,1886/Anne DEVIS BAGOTT May 17th,1902/Eliza BAGOTT March 9th,1883/Mary Ann BAGOTT February 11th,1890/Also 4 children.
199.Headstone and footstone.
Catherine INSTON June 28th,1835/Joseph INSTON October 14th,1840.
200.Ledger slab.
Mary Ann BILL August 29th,1846/Sarah BILL Infancy.
201.William POTTER (Name on coffin plate.)January 23rd,1890.
202,203 & 204.No names.
205.Initials W.P.B. on footstone.1829.
Sarah TAYLOR May 15th,1815/John TAYLOR December 4th,1818. 
Esther HARPER March 15th,1819/Richard HARPER October 14th,1834.
Nancy HARPER April 18th,1811/Also two children.
209 & 210.No names.
Hannah SALTER December 28th,1802.
212.Headstone and footstone.
Hannah WESTWOOD December 27th,1858/John WESTWOOD January 1st,1863.
213.No names.
Jane HARTSHORN December 15th,1824/Enoch HARTSHORN March 15th,1830/Elijah Samuel ROWLEY May 5th,1830.
215.Stone too bad to remove.
Sarah WOODWARD March 4th,1829/Elizabeth WOODWARD November 24th,1831.
216 & 217.No names.
218.Stone too bad to remove.Initials on footstone: - H.T. 1810/D.P. 1813.
Susannah NEWMAN April 29th,1808.
Thomas BUNN,August 6th,1821/Richard BUNN August 6th,1821.
221.Stone too bad to remove.
Mary SHAW April 18th,1804.
Richard WILD July 8th,1818/Also 3 children.
223 & 224.No names.
John HARVEY June 10th,1823/James EVANS November 4th,1861/Sarah EVANS January 2nd,1858/Sarah EVANS March 18th,1866.
John GUEST October 6th,1823/Thomas GUEST September 15th,1824/Isaac GUEST January 10th,1845/Zephaniah GUEST February 5th,1847/Mary GUEST August 3rd,1866.
Mary BOWERS October 3rd,1842.
228.Ledger slab.
Charles BAKER January 13th,1865.
229.Stone too bad to remove.
Elizabeth BENSON/William BENSON.
Thomas THRUSTONE April 1st,1820/Thomas THRUSTONE April 4th,1836.
231.Stone too bad to remove.
Elizabeth MARSH.
232.Slab.Names unreadable.
Elizabeth FRANCE January 20th,1838.
234.No names.
William JEWKES December 12th,1816/Ann JEWKES February 19th,1842.
236.Slab in pieces too bad to remove.
Initials M.W.W. on slab.Celia WHELDON on coffin plate.May 13th,1837.
Mary TIMMINS June 13th,1808/James TIMMINS Nov. 23rd,1846.
William STEVENSON May 15th,1815.
239.Ledger slab.
Clara PREECE February 1st,1871/Harry KNIGHT PREECE July 24th,1872/Gertrude PREECE November 19th,1873/Eliza PREECE April 9th,1877/Robert PREECE December 16th,1892.
240.No names.
Mary Ann ROBINSON October 3rd,1835/Also child - infancy.
242.Headstone and footstone.
Sarah WOODALL July 5th,1832/Joseph WOODALL September 2nd,1836/Eliza SUMMERHILL November 24th,1850/Ann SOUTHALL August 18th,1851/William WOODALL March 13th,1873.
243.Headstone too bad to remove.Only slab laid.
Mary WOOD September 3rd,1823/Betsy WOOD December 1st,1825/James WOOD May 20th,1864.
Mary WOOD January,1820/Peter WOOD July 12th,1839/Janet WOOD December 20th,1876.
Ann SMITH July 11th,1816.
246.Headstone too bad to remove.
Thomas KENNEDY November 14th,1853/David KENNEDY April 12th,1867/Kate Selina KENNEDY July 25th,1878.
247.Headstone and footstone.
Thomas BATE May 6th,1845/Sarah ROBINSON BATE May 25th,1853/Elizabeth BATE November 6th,1875.
248.Headstone and ledger slab.
Joseph OTTEY November 24th,1827/Juliana PASKIN April 9th,1842/Samuel PASKIN January 30th,1864/Two children - infancy/Charles OTTEY PASKIN November 17th,1870.
249.No name.
250.Stone too bad to remove.
Harriet LEE March 30th,1875/Jane LEE April 18th,1884/Also two children (Infancy)/Mary LEE July 14th,1864/Thomas LEE March 15th,1907.
251.No names.
252,253 & 254.Square monument surmounted with urn.
Mary GRIFFIN August 10th,1845/Sarah GRIFFIN October 16th,1829/James Avery GRIFFIN February 27th 1853/James GRIFFIN February 9th,1855/Two children (infancy)
255,256 & 257.Square monument surmounted with urn.
Mary WALKER September 21st,1854/Joseph GRIFFIN WALKER July 14th,1854/Elizabeth GRIFFIN WALKER October 31st,1819/Robert WALKER June 14th,1830/William GRIFFIN WALKER June 9th,1833/John Joseph WALKER January 11th,1864/Lucretia GRIFFIN ARTER June 9th,1856/John GRIFFIN WALKER May 18th,1868/John GRIFFIN WALKER HIGGS April 24th,1870.
Frances WILSON December 18th,1841/Thomas WILSON November 13th,1836/John WILSON December 29th,1841.
Richard WILSON March 22nd,1816/Sarah WILSON October 11th,1850.
Rosanna BEASLEY August 2nd,1825.
John ROGERS December 25th,1818/Susanna ROGERS November 2nd,1833.
262.Tomb monument.
Charles ROBERTS November 12th,1805/Sarah ROBERTS March 11th,1835.
James LEE March 20th,1838/Mary LEE July 1st,1850/Samuel LEE January 24th,1870/John HIPKINS LEE May 22nd,1876/Also two children (infancy)
Harry WILLCOX September 13th,1815.
Ambrose HOLLINGTON February 29th,1808/Elizabeth HOLLINGTON August 20th,1819/Francis HOLLINGTON December 30th,1825/Joseph HOLLINGTON March 29th,1828.
Sophia HEWETT December 25th,1822/Thomas HEWETT August 1st,1827/George HEWETT November 16th,1830/John HEWETT May 20th,1831/Hannah HEWETT February 12th,1834.
Thomas LEE May 6th,1822/Sarah LEE June 2nd,1823/James LEE May 12th,1835.
Edward DUDLEY March 5th,1811.
269.Headstone,footstone and kerb.
Evan ROBERTS September 5th,1825/William ROBERTS January 13th,1857/Thomas ROBERTS November 3rd,1875/Williams ADAMS January 31st,1838/Mary ADAMS August 16th,1862.
270.Stone too bad too remove.
George WOOLEY.
Thomas WEBB April 6th,1831/Mary WEBB February 25th,1821.
272.Headstone too bad to remove.Slab only laid.
John HODGETTS March 2nd,1848. 
Mary LOWE August 10th,1841.
John MARSH March 1st 1813/Joice MARSH December 12th,1809.
Sarah STURMEY December 10th,1817/Rhoda STURMEY May 17th,1841/John STURMEY January 26th,1848.
John HARTIL July 8th,1812/Charlotte HARTIL February 12th,1809/Charlotte HARTIL May 11th,1808.
Joseph BROADHURST September 1st,1827/James BROADHURST August 7th,1828.
278 & 279.Headstone and slab.
John HOLLAND July 21st,1852/Susannah HOLLAND January 26th,1841/Martha Matilda HOLLAND July 6th,1837/William Clarence DARBY March 21st,1864/Alfred Joseph LEADBETTER March 22nd,1865/Sarah LEADBETTER July 22nd,1880/John LEADBETTER October 31st,1890/Charlotte Elizabeth LEADBETTER July 8th,1912.
280 & 281.Tomb monument.
Edward ROBINSON June 12th, 1818/Elizabeth ROBINSON September 20th,1820/John ROBINSON January 6th,1834.
282.Stone too bad to remove.
Mary WHITEHOUSE June 22nd,1851.
283 & 284.Tomb monument with railings.
Sophia GUNTER April 9th,1844/Philip GUNTER November 28th,1847/Eliza GUNTER February 10th,1868/Harry DOWNING GUNTER April 20th,1880/Thomas GUNTER March 19th,1876 (Interred at Tenby)/Harriet WHATMORE GUNTER February 17th,1894/Henrietta GUNTER July 4th,1872/Mary Ann GUNTER October 8th,1872/Eliza GUNTER December 5th,1853/Philip GUNTER January 18th,1874/Eliza DOWNING GUNTER February 20th,1839.
285 & 286.Headstone and kerb and broken cross.
Anthony POWER STEEDMAN October 31st,1833/Elizabeth STEEDMAN February 23rd,1842/Thomas STEEDMAN February 28th,1842/Mary STEEDMAN October 26th,1845/Francis Scott STEEDMAN November 16th,1858/Thomas STEEDMAN March 16th,1868/Thomas TRUELOVE STEEDMAN April 1st,1866/Elizabeth TRUELOVE STEEDMAN January/Charles Edward STEEDMAN/Charles Edward STEEDMAN.
Mary SHAW June 30th,1823/Gilbert READ SHAW July 20th,1831/Daniel SHAW December 27th,1836/Mary 
TURTON SHAW October 6th,1851.
Sarah BOWATER April 14th,1830.
Joseph WHITEHOUSE January 16th,1824/Joseph WHITEHOUSE (infancy).
Jane BODEN January 10th,1810/Edward BODEN February 25th,1827/Amelia BODEN August 25th,1851.
Scheduled No.   Name.
  6             Initials S.P.
 41             Zacharia ROUND
 95             Elizabeth RENALDS
156             ? shaw
176             Initials J.B. on footstone.
204             Samuel MARSH (1836)
215             Initials H.H. (1834)
229             Thomas DAVIESON
A.Isaac MULLET.Died January,1819.Stone too bad to remove.No bodies found.
B.Mary DAVIES.Died September 22nd,1825/Esther DAVIES July 13th,1825.Stone too bad to remove.No bodies found.
C.John HOPE.Died October 24th,1823.Stone too bad to remove.No bodies found.Also stone next to this too bad to remove.No bodies found.
D.Thomas DAVIDSON.Died June 30th,1836.Stone too bad to remove.No bodies found.
E.William SMITH.Died January 17th,1827/Sarah ROBERTS February 23rd,1828/John ROBERTS April 10th,1883.Stone too bad to remove.No bodies found.
Mary FELLOWS age 36,died December 2nd,1907/Jane BROWN died 1894/James BROWN died 1898/Isaac Astley FELLOWS age 56 died August 14th,1919.
Sarah HUMPHREYS Age 68 died October 4th,1885/Francis FONES Age 12 died March 12th,1894/Elizabeth FONES Age 51 died September 21st,1905/James Henry FONES Age 72 died May 3rd,1926.
William KENDRICK Age 49 died March 27th,1887.
Benjamin PHILLIPS Age 59 died February 18th,1884/Mary PHILLIPS Age 60 died March 26th,1886.
William NEWBOULD WEBSTER Age 25 died April 9th,1887/Francis Mary WEBSTER Age 3 months died May 6th,1885.
Henry BREARLEY Age 67 died May 12th,1898/Betsy BREARLEY Age 76 died June 30th,1916.
James BARDSLEY Age 67 died January 18th,1881.
Eleanor WATKINS PHILLIPS Age 3 days died May 27th,1881.
Cooper COLEMAN Age 59 died June 19th,1881/Elizabeth COLEMAN Age 70 died July 18th,1891.
W.N.W. 1887/ F.M.W. 1885.
Mary Ann BAYLISS Age 5 died December 1st,1887/Mary Ann BAYLISS Age 77 died April 30th,1923/James Thomas BAYLISS Age 78 died November 22nd,1924.
Florence BILL Age 4 died December 17th,1882.
William Henry WOOD Age 27 died October 31st,1883/Martha WOOD Age 27 died May 21st,1882/Frederick WOOD Age 2 years 7 months died March 6th,1882/Annie WOOD Age 2 years 3 months died April 27th,1883.
George PAYNE/Eliza Sarah PAYNE Age 64 died August 23rd,1898.
Agnes GRIFFITHS died September 6th,1882/Edward GRIFFITHS died December 10th,1889.
John H.JEWKES Age 47 died December 8th,1897/Annie JEWKES Age 64 died February 7th,1916/Harry T.JEWKES Age 7 died October 17th,1882.
Adelaide DAVIES died May 4th,1911/Emma DAVIES died January 3rd,1915.
Priscilla CARTWRIGHT Age 26 died March 6th,1888/Daniel CARTWRIGHT Age 47 died July 2nd,1905.
5856 Sargeant H.MADDOCK Kings Own Yorkshire L.I. died November 16th,1915.
John LINDLEY Age 70 died January 10th,1882/Mary LINDLEY Age 68 died January 14th,1878.
Mary Ann JEWKES Age 55 died December 23rd,1887/Benjamin JEWKES Age 63 died April 4th,1884.
M.A.J. 1887/ B.J. 1884.
Josiah Jabez BAUGH died January 7th,1907/William BAUGH Age 4 years 9 months./Agnes Beatrice BAUGH Age 1 year 10 months./Florence Eva May BAUGH Age 4 years 7 months.
Jane BRADLEY Age 80 died January 16th,1878/Thomas BRADLEY Age 79 died May 13th,1879 (Late of Vauxhall St.)
Eliza Mary GRIFFITHS Age 6 died October 26th,1883 (Union St.)/George Victor GRIFFITHS Age 10 months died February 11th,1888.
Joseph CHURCHILL Age 58 died December 23rd,1907/Sarah CHURCHILL Age 57 died January 7th,1909/Hannah CHURCHILL Age 15 died December 10th,1890/Joseph Arthur CHURCHILL Age 23 died April 13th,1909/Mary CHURCHILL Age 39 died September 23rd,1917.
Robert CLARKE Age 55 died April 18th,1884 (Queens Cross)/Susan CLARKE Age 71 died June 4th,1895/Alice Elizabeth CRUMPTON Age 65 died May 10th,1923.
Martha WELLING Age 52 died December 17th,1865/Henry CROWN WELLING Age 60 died November 7th,1873.
M.W. 1865/ H.C.W. 1873.
F.J.L.FISHER Age 20 died February 6th,1891 (Late of Stroud)
Martha BALDWIN died February 4th,1873/John BALDWIN died August 29th,1900/Richard BALDWIN  died May 6th,1880/Henry BALDWIN died February 22nd,1911.
John EMERY Age 69 died May 30th,1922/Charlotte EMERY Age 74 died November 19th,1929.
Alfred CRACKNELL died June 11th,1907.
James TENNANT Age 67 died October 27th,1874/Sarah TENNANT Age 67 died January 12th,1875/Sarah TENNANT Age 59 died February 20th,1889/Joseph TENNANT Age 64 died March 24th,1894.
J.T. 1874/ S.T. 1875/S.T. 1889 J.T. 1894.
Elizabeth BROWNRIDGE Age 39 died November 22nd,1876 (Late of 24 Victoria Terrace,Dudley)
John & Andrew (Infant children) November 1876.
Joseph PHILLIPS Age 77 died January 12th,1880.
Edward SHEPHERD Age 40 died August 5th,1874/Charles Ernest SHEPHERD Age 9 months died July 2nd,1873/Harry SHEPHERD Age 2 years 6 months died October 22nd,1873/Ellen SHEPHERD died December 3rd,1898.
E.S. 1874/ C.E.S. 1873/ H.S. 1873.
Ann Jane JOHNSON Age 7 months died May 15th,1871/Albert Arthur JOHNSON Age 3 weeks died October 14th,1877.
A.J.J. 1871.
Albert RICHARDS Age 27 died May 27th,1907.
Anne Maria FULLARD Age 66 died April 8th,1860.
A.M.F. 1860.
John GENEY Age 21 died March 21st,1860/Joseph TAYLOR Age 39 died March 21st,1860/Joshua LLOYD died September 2nd,1860/Robert GENEY Age 63 died December 8th,1866.
Charles BALL Age 61 died February 14th,1887/Harriet BALL Age 55 died March 5th,1875/George BALL Age 1 died September 23rd,1859/Harriet Jane BALL Age 10 months died February 28th,1880/Henrietta Maud BALL.
Edward PENNEY Age 32 died December 19th,1857.
Lucy HOMER Age 42 died May 24th,1860.
Joseph HODGES Age 57 died January 22nd,1864.
Sarah BRADNOCK Age 56 died November 4th,1860/Thomas BRADNOCK Age 71 died February 12th,1862.
Mary FELLOWS Age 75 died January 9th,1879/Richard FELLOWS Age 21 died March 29th,1882 (Great Hill Cottage,Dudley)
Jane RICHARDSON Age 48 died January 12th,1876/Thomas RICHARDSON Age 88 died September 3rd,1915/Also Sarah Jane & Thomas PITCHFORD children of the above (infants.)
Sarah JEWKES Age 55 died December 20th,1856/Hannah HAMBLETT Age 76 died December 12th,1906/Daniel JEWKES Age 75 died May 21st,1878/Charlotte JEWKES Age 80 died October 17th ?/Mary Ann STENTON Age 84 died February 19th,1909. (Late of Vauxhall Street)
Joseph GREEN Age 76 died March 10th,1889/Caroline Julia GREEN Age 39 died January 20th,1878/Mary Ann GREEN Age 26 died July 3rd,1870/Joseph GREEN Age 20 died January 26th,1866/Annie SKELTON GREEN Age 13 died July 27th,1865/Charlotte GREEN Age 8 died July 6th,1856/Edwin GREEN Age 4 died June 24th,1854.
Florence Eliza PRICE Age 26 died January 26th,1902 (Late of 96 Queens Cross)
Mary PRICE Age 51 died March 10th,1886/Edward PRICE Age 77 died March 7th,1914.
John CUNNINGTON Age 79 died April 5th,1890/Mary CUNNINGTON Age 76 died February 11th,1889/George CUNNINGTON Age 44 died February 15th,1881/Susan Elizabeth CUNNINGTON Age 44 died February 14th,1880.
Phillip Valentine SWANWICK Age 47 died November 8th,1852/Emma SWANWICK Age 57 died August 7th,1865/Joseph SWANWICK Age 37 died September 6th,1874.
P.V.S. 1852/ E.S. 1865 J.H.W. 1874.
Isabella HODGETTS Age 68/Joseph HODGETTS Age 63 died November 17th,1851.
William HIPKISS Age 78 died August 9th,1877/Catherine HIPKISS Age 74 died August 9th,1874/William Henry HIPKISS Age 28 died October 8th,1856/Sarah Jane WAINWRIGHT Age 28 died November 8th,1871/James HIPKISS Age 55 died December 24th,1889/Rebecca ROBINSON Age 67 died July 6th,1897.
George BODELL Age 49 died May 3rd,1900.
William JONES Age 59 died June 1st,1904.
Sarah SHELDON Age 59 died February 2nd,1921/William SHELDON Age 68 died July 5th,1926.
James WILKES Age 51 died January 18th,1897/Joseph WILKES Age 12 died June 9th,1899/Sarah WILKES Age 74 died October 20th,1924.
William Henry HARTLAND died August 21st,1887.
Benjamin PERRY died November 5th,1925.
Richard DEAKIN Age 76 died July 17th,1925/Ann DEAKIN Age 75 died May 15th,1928/Annie Maria DEAKIN Age 3 months died April 27th,1898/Elizabeth BROWN Age 63 died January 26th,1907/Cecil Herbert DEAKIN Age 34 died January 29th,1921/Frederick Leo DEAKIN Age 3 died March 27th,1895.
George FRANKISH Age 34 died June 4th,1898 (Late of Sheffield)
William MAY Age 58 died February 22nd,1891/Lucy MAY Age 62 died February 7th,1911.
Henry SHELDON Age 54 died February 19th,1900/Louisa SHELDON Age 26 died August 26th,1894.
John NORTHWOOD Age 70 died January 19th,1878/Ann NORTHWOOD Age 44 died April 17th,1863/Eliza NORTHWOOD Age 1 died July 13th,1851.
George BULL DAVIS age 5 months,died April 11th,1852/Fanny DAVIS age 6,died October 24th,1861/Mary Ann DAVIS age 44,died July 5th,1862.
James JACKSON Age 58 died November 4th,1889/Ann JACKSON Age 61 died 
November 8th,1892/James Henry JACKSON died December 7th,1873/Sarah Ann JACKSON died April 23rd,
1872 (Late of Hall St.)
Henry BRITTEN Age 23 died October 14th,1891/Matilda BRITTEN Age 30 died April 15th,1879.
William Henry MORRIS Age 35 died May 4th,1892/Hannah GRIFFITHS Age 78 died February 28th,1908/Mary Ann MORRIS Age 70 died March 2nd,1927.
Gertrude HIGGINS Age 64 died December 3rd,1902/William Brian HIGGINS Age 57 died December 28th,1903.
Hellen HEASTY Age 26 died August 26th,1851.
Rosannah MILLARD Age 73 died October 27th,1933.
James KENT Age59 died January 18th,1864/Hannah KENT Age 4 months died October 11th,1850/George Edwin KENT Age 8 months died July 1st,1856/Alfred James KENT Age 1 year 8 months died March 8th,1860/Joseph BRADBURY Age 50 died September 10th,1850.
Mary Elizabeth HOWLES Age 16 died April 18th,1925.
Thomas HARTLEBURY Age 38 died November 1st,1928.
Edward BERRYMAN Age 51 died January 21st,1840/Betsy BERRYMAN Age 73 died November 18th,1854/Richard BERRYMAN Age 29 died December 29th,1851.
J.B. 1902.
C.M. 1851.
Christiana MONK Age 1 year 10 months died February 24th,1851.
John VAUGHAN Age 7 died January 9th,1850.
Henry George GARDENER Age 20 died June 19th,1872/Harry HADDON Age 2 died November 25th,1880.
H.G.G. 1872/ E.G. 1873/ F.G. 1875/ T.H.J.R. 1876.
William WHITWORTH Age 60 died January 12th,1878/Mary Ann WHITWORTH (infant)/Rebecca WHITWORTH Age 68 died July 29th,1886.
Caroline JUKES Age 57 died July 11th,1849.
William M.MILLIAN 1819.
Sarah CAMPBELL Age 57 died November 6th,1876/Agnes CAMPBELL Age 7 died January 10th,1854/William CAMPBELL Age 2 died January 26th,1854/John CAMPBELL Age 24 died January 27th,1878.
Joseph RICHARDS died September 12th,1875.
Alice POWER Age 68 died September 15th,1898/Francis POWER Age 55 died July 29th,1914.
Elizabeth MASON Age 58 died March 13th,1850.
George WILTSHIRE Age 60 died April 15th,1879/Charlotte WILTSHIRE Age 69 died December 22nd,1883/Fanny Lucy WILTSHIRE Age 17/Henry WILTSHIRE Age 13.
Benjamin HOLLIES Age 70 died June 12th,1866/Ann HOLLIES Age 76 died April 30th,1874/Esther Ann HOLLIES Age 27 died February 22nd,1863.
John AMOS Age 69 died January 29th,1874/Sarah COLLEY Age 76 died January 14th,1872. 
W.ALDRED Age 45 died October 27th,1890.
Clara Jane WILLIAMS Age 3 weeks died August 15th,1872.
Marion Harriet LARGE Age 28 died September 16th,1875/Robert Ernest LARGE Age 10 months died December 31st,1874/Henry LARGE Age 31 died February 23rd,1879 (Late of Vauxhall Street)
John DARBY Age 60 died December 6th,1874/Jane DARBY Age 74 died December 23rd,1893/William Henry DARBY Age 55 died October 25th,1915/Ethel Blanche DARBY Age 7 died May 11th,1885.
Harriet CARTWRIGHT Age 28 died June 24th,1874 (Late Mistress of Dudley Female School of Industry)/William Henry CARTWRIGHT Age 75 died September 11th,1934/Ann CARTWRIGHT Age 66 died June 22nd,1883/Thomas CARTWRIGHT Age 90 died January 21st,1901.
Cornelius CREW Age 38 died September 23rd,1874/Rinaldo CREW Age 1 died April 6th,1867/Charles CREW Age 3 died November 20th,1870/Mary Ellen CREW Age 21 died February 26th,1884/Harriet CREW Age 65 died May 23rd,1897.
L.S. 1875
John Rowland TAYLOR Age 20 died January 24th,1875/Isiah TAYLOR Age 57 died June 25th,1890/Mary TAYLOR Age 63 died August 15th,1887.
George FIELD Age 50 died March 17th,1876 (Late of Edgebaston,B'ham)
Eliza WILKINS Age 47 died February 11th,1875/James WILKINS Age 62 died March 2nd,1881.
Kimberley Age 3 years 2 months died March 18th,1877.
Doris Mable JAMES Age 2 months died January 1st,1877.
Ann Rebecca SHUTTLEWORTH Age 52 died January 14th,1908/Cecilia SHUTTLEWORTH Age 21 died 1908.
Harriet CARTWRIGHT Age 32 died April 17th,1904.
59159 Sapper A.WALKER ,Royal Engineers Age 32 died September 29th,1915.
Joseph BATE Senr. Age 70 died July 23rd,1897/Joseph BATE Junr. Age 32 died October 14th,1901/Margaret BATE Age 92 died November 4th,1919.
Joseph GREEN Age 62 died July 24th,1902/Eliza GREEN Age 76 died March 7th,1915/William GREEN Age 37 died June 3rd,1908.
Joseph GREEN Age 45 died August 12th,1914/Alice Maud WAKELAM Age 45 died September 3rd,1917.
Maggie Beatrice EDWARDS Age 5 died May 29th,1892/Ellen EDWARDS Age 41 died December 19th,1899/Benjamin Age 61 died April 3rd,1919.
Louisa WHITE Age 61 died November 6th,1877/Joseph WHITE Age 77 died October 18th,1884.
John MAUND Age 79 died December 24th,1912/Sarah MAUND Age 58 died March 13th,1900/Alfred Thomas MAUND Age 22 died September 3rd,1898.
Ernest Joseph CHAMBERS Age 28 died October 23rd,1898/William COOPER CHAMBERS Age 1 month died December 6th,1876/Sarah COOPER CHAMBERS Age 4 died August 8th,1891.
M.A.KENDALL Age 75 died July 1922/John KENDALL Age 86 died June 1929.
Alfred GILES Age 55 died November 4th,1890.
John WOODALL Age 51 died October 16th,1895.
T.B. 1878.
Sammuel TROMAN Age 64 died December 4th 1929/Sarah Jane TROMAN Age 74 died May 13th 1936.
Thomas DAVIES 1931/Mary DAVIES 1927/Ernest DAVIES 1899/Kate Kitty DAVIES 1926.