FROM THE PARISH OF ST.JOHN'S , WORCESTER

                            Transcribed & kindly contributed by JohnWatts.

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                                             "LEST WE FORGET"


Pte William Ernest BRUTON Died 17th February 1915, aged 16.

Lt Col Ernest Charles Forbes WODEHOUSE DSO. Killed in action, 12th March,1915. CO of 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment.

Capt. John Edmund Valentine ISAAC DSO. Killed in action 9th May 1915.Brother in law of Col. Wodehouse.

L/Cpl.Thomas FIDOE. Killed in action 4th June 1915, Gallipoli.

Pte Rueben PINGREE. Died 19th July 1915. Egypt.

Pte George Henry COLLINS. Killed in action 6th August 1915, Gallipoli. Aged 23..(Born Kempsey).

Pte George Henry PHELPS. Killed in action 6th August 1915, Gallipoli Aged 25. (Born Kidderminster).

L/Cpl Walter Frederick THATCHER. Killed in action 6th August 1915,Gallipoli,aged 32.

Pte Joseph James Edward ROWBERRY. Killed in action 10th August 1915,allipoli. Aged 21.(Born Redditch).

Pte William John HILL. Died of wounds 13th August 1915. France.

Pte William Hubert George HOWSE.Killed in action 22nd August 1915,Gallipoli. Aged 22. (Born St Nicholas, Worcester).

Pte William MANN. Killed in action 25th September 1915. Battle of Loos. Aged 28. (Born Mathon, Worcs.)

L/Cpl Thomas Edward CARWARDINE. Killed in action 26th September 1915, Battle of Loos. Aged 27.

Sgt Walter Edward COOK. Died Home, 7th October 1915.

Sgt Arthur MAUND. Killed in action 13th October 1915, France. Aged 27.(Born Hereford)

Pte Henry HAYNES. Died of wounds 5th December 1915, Gallipoli. Aged 33.

Rifleman Arthur TAYLOR. Died of wounds 15th December 1915, France.



Pte Frederick James BRAY. Killed in action 23rd April 1916, Battle of Quatia, Egypt. Aged 23. (Born Powick).

Pte Herbert KINGS. Killed in action 23rd April 1916 Battle of Quatia, Egypt.

Pte Walter Ronald REPTON. Killed in action 23rd April 1916, Battle of Quatia, Egypt. Aged 19.

Ordinary Seaman Herbert BADGER. Killed in action 31st May 1916, HMS Queen Mary, Battle of Jutland. Aged 19.

Pte Frank Sydney MORRIS. Lost at sea 5th June 1916, HMS Hampshire. Aged 22.(Lord Kitchener went down with this ship).

Able Seaman Frank Ladbrooke MADDOX. Killed in action 11th June 1916, serving in H. M. Submarine E 18, lost in the Baltic. Aged 29. (?Born Stow in the Wold?).

2nd Lt Arthur WHITMORE ISAAC. Killed in action 7th July 1916, The Somme.Brother of Capt J E V ISAAC.

Pte Albert Edward FULCHER. Died of wounds 9th July 1916. The Somme. Aged 22.

Pte Percy Charles CROMPTON. Killed in action 14th July 1916. The Somme.

Pte Leonard Austin CAUSIER. Killed in action 19th July 1916. The Somme. Aged 20.(Born Martin Hussingtree, Worcs).

Pte Reginald FARMER. Died of wounds 20th July 1916. The Somme.

Pte Henry WEBB. Killed in action 20th July 1916. The Somme.

Pte Harold Theodore ENNIS,. Killed in action 27th July 1916. Fromelles,France.

Sgt Edgar Thomas HARDMAN. Died of wounds 1st August 1916, Etaples,France.Aged 28.

L/Cpl Albert Edward SWEETMAN. Killed in action 18th August 1916, Delville Wood, The Somme. Aged 26. (Born Kidderminster).

Pte Albert Henry LANGSTONE. Killed in action 3rd September 1916. The Somme.

Pioneer Walter Buncombe WEBB. Died 3rd October 1916, Salonika, Greece. Aged 40. (Born Honiton, Devon).

Pte Robert COOK. Died 10th October 1916. The Somme. Aged 29. (Born High Lane, Worcester).

Pte Robert MANN. Killed in action 12th October 1916. The Somme.

L/Cpl Sidney Hugh BURGESS. Died 23rd October 1916. Home. Aged 26.

Pte Robert William BRAY.Killed in action 15th November 1916. The Somme.(Born Brindon Bishop Hereford)

Pte Henry HEMMING Killed in action 18th November 1916, Grandcourt, The Somme. Aged 38. (Born Brockleton, Worcs).

Pte Hubert James LERRY. Killed in action 13th December 1916. The Somme. Aged 20.



Pte Francis John HARRIS. Killed in action 16th January 1917. Mesopotamia.

Pte Alfred Ernest FULCHER. Died 17th February 1917. Salonika, Greece.

Pte Ernest Victor BOSWORTH. Killed in action 22nd February 1917,Assevillers, The Somme. Aged 19.

Pte Ernest Alfred INSLEY.Killed in action 9th April 1917, Vimy Ridge. Aged 19.

Sgt Armourer T B INSLEY, Drowned 24th April 1917 when hospital ship bringing him home was torpedoed.(Father of the above).

Capt Francis William HEMMING. Killed in action 24th April 1917, Battle of Arras. Aged 29.

Pte Joseph James COX. Killed in action 3rd May 1917, Battle of Arras. Aged 21.(Born Stourton, Stourbridge).

Pte William Sampson VINNEY lost at sea 4th May 1917, when the troopship "Transylvania" was torpedoed off the coast of Italy. Aged 42.( Born Leominster).

Pte Arthur William HALL. Died 8th May 1917, Angora, Turkey, aged 26. (POW at date of death. Captured and probably wounded at the Battle of Quatia, 23rd April 1916).

Pte Thomas REA. Died 7th June 1917, Arras. Aged 28.

Gunner Arthur George HAMMOND. Killed in action 12th June 1917, Arras. Aged 24.

L/Cpl Albert Victor SPENCER. Died of wounds, 15th June 1917 at Home. Aged 21. ( Born Ledbury, Herefordshire).

L/Cpl Percy KNOTT. Killed in action, 19th June 1917, Arras.

2nd Lt. Frederic Stanley FARMER Died of wounds 20th July 1917, Arras. Aged 22.

Sgt Alwyne WILLITTS. Killed in action 16th August 1917, Passchendaele.( Born Ombersley).

Pte Albert MATTEY. Killed in action 16th August 1917, Passchendaele. Aged 36. (Born Epsom, Surrey).

Pte Harry Thomas BANCROFT. Died of wounds 17th August 1917, Passchendaele.

Pte William COOK. Killed in action 18th August 1917. Battle of Pilckem Ridge,Ypres.

Pte Joseph GWILLAM. Killed in action 24th August 1917, Passchendaele. Aged 30.

Pte George William ROWBERRY . Killed in action 6th September 1917, Vimy Ridge. Aged 26. Served with 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles.

Pte Albert Victor WILDING. Killed in action 25th September 1917,Passchendaele. Aged 29.

2nd Lt Robert Bagshaw PLUM. Died of wounds 2nd October 1917, Passchendaele.

Sgt Thomas Francis WALTERS MM. Killed in action 9th October 1917,Passchendaele.

Pte Alfred TAYLOR. Killed in action 20th October 1917, Passchendaele.

Pte Frank Ernest LUCY. Killed in action 31st October 1917, Ploegsteert ("Plug Street").Aged 25.

Pte Cecil Henry BIRCHLEY. Died of wounds 19th November 1917. The Somme.(Born Cheltenham, Glos).

Pte Frank Pearce HAINES. Killed in action 28th November 1917, Cambrai. Aged 22.

L/Cpl Frank Henry SPRAGUE.Killed in action 3rd December 1917. Cambrai. Aged 19.

Driver Albert RASTALL. Killed in action 3rd December 1917. Cambrai. Aged 19.

Driver Thomas Fisher ROBERTS. Died 5th December 1917, at Home. Aged 40.

Pte Richard Wilfred STEVENS. Killed in action 26th December 1917.Passchendaele/Ypres. Aged 23.

Pte Thomas WILLIAMS. Died of wounds 28th December 1917.Ypres. Aged 39.Born Camberwell, London)

Pte Charles Frederick JONES. Died 31st December 1917. Home. Aged 28.



Pte Ernest THATCHER. Died 22nd February 1918, Rouen. aged 19.

Major Rupert Edward ROBERTS. Died of wounds 26th March 1918, Rouen. Aged 37.

Pte William Pullen WOODWARD. Died of wounds 5th April 1918. Arras/Northern Somme.

Pte Sidney Robert MILTON. Killed in action 13th April 1918. Battle of the Lys.

Pte William Joseph CHARLES. Killed in action 15th April 1918. Amiens. Aged 21.

Pte Harry Benbow JONES. Killed in action 16th April 1918 Ploegsteert. (Born Malvern Link).

2nd Lt Hugh CHIGNELL. Died of wounds 26th April 1918, Ypres. Aged 19.

Pte Thomas Henry WHITE. Killed in action 27th May 1918. Battle of the Aisne.

Pte Harold Joseph BIRBECK. Died of wounds 9th June 1918, Wimille, Boulogne.Aged 19.

Pte Herbert WEBB. Killed in action 18th June 1918. Battle of the Aisne.

Pte Cyril Wilfrid (or William) LEWIS. Died 12th July 1918 Home. Aged 22.

Pte Alfred Frederick Barry BAKER. Killed in action 23rd August 1918.Ploegsteert. Aged 20.

Pte William Frederick BISHOP. Killed in action 20th September 1918 Artois.Aged 23.

Pte Henry McHARG killed in action 21st September 1918 Lagnicourt. Aged 41.

Cpl Frederick ROWE. Died of wounds 25th September 1918 Duisans. Aged 27.

Pte Thomas Henry FULCHER. Died of wounds. Leuze, Belgium. Aged 18.

Pte William Arthur SUMMERS. Killed in action 24th October 1918, Artois. Aged 19.

Pte Albert John WILLIAMS. Died 26th October 1918, Montecchio Precalino,Italy. Aged 26.

Signaller Charles Gordon HUNT. Died of wounds 27th October 1918, Wimille,Boulogne. Aged 26.

Gunner Herbert MEARS. Died 30th October 1918, Home. Aged 38.

Pte Frederick HAWKER. Died 1st December 1918, India. Aged 28.

L/Cpl E R KNIGHT. Died 13th December 1918, Alexandria, Egypt. Aged 26.