Lewis County, West Virginia
Death Register 1
Pages 47 and 48
Age Name of Person giving Designation of
Full Name   Place of Death   Sex   Color   Date of Death   Cause of Death   Yrs Mons Days   Occupation   Name of Parents   Where Born   Consort of, or unmarried   information of death   Informant
Alkiar, Nimrod   Hackers Creek   M   W   September 15   Disease Of The Heart   11   13       Nicholas & Mary J Alkire   Hackers Creek       Nicholas Alkire   father
Atkins, Richard M   Weston   M   W   August 13   Killed By A Horse   47       Blacksmith   John & Louisa Atkins   Rockbridge Co, Va   Katharine Atkins   Katharine Atkins   wife
Farmer &  Paulser & 
Butcher, Henry   Westfork River   M   W   November 3   Fever   74 10     Merchant   Elizabeth Butcher   Harrison Co, Va   Katharine Butcher   K. Butcher   wife
Bailey, Martha A.   Laurel Lick   F   W   October 13   Consumption   20           Wm Frances Starcher   Lewis Co, Va   Benj. Bailey   Elizabeth Hinzman   sister
Bell, Benjamin   Stone Coal Creek   M   W   November 21   Suden Not Known   62       Miller   Samuel & Polly Bell   Pennsylvanna   Mary Bell   Mary Bell   wife
Burnsides, Sarah A.   Turkey Pen Run   F   W   February 3   Spinal Fever   9           Wm & Elizabeth Burnside   Harrison Co, Va       William Burnsides   father
Brown, James   Westfork River   M   W   May 16   not known   66 6 1   Farmer   James & Sarah Brown   Harrison Co, Va   Sarah Stalnaker   Unis Stalnaker   daughter
Brown, Elias A.   Broad Run   M   W   March 1   Newmoney   8           Elias & Barbary Brown   Lewis Co, Va       Elias Brown   father
Francis & 
Batton, Joseph   Weston   M   W   August 15   not known     1 6       Lenandra S. Batton   Weston, WVa       Francis Batton   father
Abraham & 
Cutright, Sophiah   Laurel Lick Run   F   W   December 31   Consumption   31 7 4       Rebecca Hinzman   Lewis Co, Va   Mifflin Cutright   Abraham Hinzman   father
Calison, Mary   Maxvilles Run   F   W   December 23   same   26           Riley & Orinia Pugh   Franklin Co, Va   John M Callison   James Pugh   brother
Cobern, Virginia A.   Weston   F   W   July 14   not known       11       John W & Ellen Cobern   Weston       John W Coburn   father
Dodd, Nancy   Leading Creek   F   W   November 9   Brain Fever   48           John & Nancy Ballard   Nelson Co, Va   William Dodd   William Dodd   husband
Depriest, Jamima L   Maxwells Run   F   W   May 28   Dipthery   13           Wm A & Louisa Depriest   Lewis Co       William A Depriest   father
Davisson, Emma G   Stanley Run   F   W   June 1   Arosypilus     3 12       George & Sarah Davisson   Stanley Run       George W Davisson   father
Davis, Anderson H   Kinslow Creek   M   W   August 18   Typhoid Fever   48   9   Farmer   Wm & Racheal Davis   Harrison Co, Va   Angeline Davis   Angeline Davis   wife
Edmond, Injmore   Cuckel Run   M   W   Octber 17   Typoid Fever   21       Farmer   John & Hannah Edmonds   Lewis Co, Va   unmarried   John Edmonds   father
Fahay, Cristopher   Freemans Creek   M   W   December 25   not known     6         Michael & Cahterine Fahey Freemans Creek       Michael Fahey   father
Andrew & 
Greathouse, Signore T.Z   Westfork River   M   W   April 25   Newmoney     2 24       Margratt E Greathouse   W.F. River       Margaret E Greathouse   mother
Hacker, Jonathan   Hackers Creek   M   W   May 14   Disenterry   87 4 4   Carpenter   John & Margaret Hacker   Harrison Co, Va   Hannah Hacker   Sarah Barnett   daughter
Stephen & 
Hall, Celia D.   Jane Lew   F   W   August 21   Disease Of The Liver   37           Hannah Jackson   Harrison Co, Va   Silas W Hall   S.W. Hall   husband
Hitt, Alexander   Freemans Creek   M   W   August 11   not known   64 3     Farmer   James & Katharine Hitt   Faquire Co, Va   Mariah Hitt   Mariah Hitt   wife
Joice, Judah   Freemans Creek   F   W   December 29   Flux   3 6         Richard & Bridget Joice   Freemans Creek       Richard Joice   father
King, Nancy   Finks Creek   F   W   September 24   not known   40 5         Rodum & Rutha Nutt   Lewis Co, Va   Elija King   Elijah King   husband
Lake, Bradford   Westfork River   M   W   November 1   not known   28       Farmer   Elias & Nancy Lake   not known   Elizabeth Lake   Elizabeth Lake   wife
James K.P. &
Maxin, David B   Hackers Creek   M   W   October 17   Bold Hives       1       Sarah F Maxon   Hackers Creek       James K.P. Maxon   father
Nicholas & 
Moneypenny, Caroline   Poke Creek   F   W   August 3   Brest Complaint   34           Katharine Fisher   Lewis Co, Va   Asa Moneypenny   Asa Moneypenny   husband
Minter, John   Freemans Creek   M   W   November 29   Arosypelus   64 10     Farmer   Jacob & Hannah Minter   Faquier Co, Va   Elizabeth Minter   Caraline Minter   daughter
Norman, Mary   Jesse Run   F   W   March 28   Consumption   34           Nelson & Rachel Norman   Lewis Co, Va   unmarried   Nelson Norman   father
Nicholas, George   Buckhannon Run   M   W   October 20   Fever   70       Tailor   not known   Pennsylvania   not married divorce   Stephen Nicolas   son
Post, Margaret M   Hackers Creek   F   W   March 22   not known   53 4 18       George & Mary Cookman   Lewis County, Va   Martin Post   Martin Post   husband
Queen, Sarah   Hackers Creek   F   W   April 18   Consumption   52           Anthony & Mary Garnett   Fauquir Co, Va   Levi H Queen   Levi H Queen   husband
Rexroad, Henry   Geelick Run   M   W   March 27   Dyerear   19       Farmer   Wm & Ellen Rexroad   Pendelton Co, Va   unmarried   William Rexroad   father
Snider, Robert   Geelick Run   M   W   August 1   Lung Fever   30       Farmer   George & Elizabeth Snider   Rockingham Co, Va   married   George Snider   father
Joseph & 
Starkes, Joseph   Crooked Run   M   W   September 5   Dropsey Of The Heart   61 6     Farmer   Katharine Starkes   Germany   Mary Starkes   Mary Starkes   wife
Smith, Nimrod   Jesses Run   M   W   February 9   Lung Fever   64       Labourer   John & Unis Smith   Hardy County   Jane Smith   David Curtice   son-in-law
Smith, Edgar Grant   Weston   M   W   November 15   not known   2           Alfred M & Eliza Smith   Weston Lewis Co, WVa       Alfred Smith   father
Striner, William G   West F. River   M   W   March 27   Suden Not Known   not known     Farmer   Daniel & Nancy Striner   not known   Nancy Striner   Nancy Striner   wife