Lewis County, West Virginia
Death Register 1
Pages 53 and 54
Age Name of Person giving Designation of
Full Name   Place of Death   Sex   Color   Date of Death   Cause of Death   Yrs Mons Days   Occupation   Name of Parents   Where Born   Consort of, or unmarried   information of death   Informant
Bland, Thomas   Jane Lew   M   W   July 11   Indigestion   74 5 22   Farmer   Tho & Sarah Bland   Fairfax Co, Va   Mary Bland   Mary Bland   wife
Bonnott, John   Hackers Creek L Co   M   W   September 2   Paraletic   69 0 10   Farm   S & Martha Bonnett   Harrison Co, WVa   Elizabeth Bonnett   E Bonnett   wife
Brumley, John   Sandfork L Co WVa   M   W   March 22   Fever     6         John & Sarah Brumley   Lewis Co WVa       John Brumley   father
Crumrine, Henry C   Finks Creek   M   W   June 14   Fever   25       Farme   Wm & Susan Crumrine   Gilmore Co   Caroline Crumrine   Caroline Crumrine   wife
Dodson, Robert F   Stanley Run   F   W   March 2   Newmoney Fever     6 9       Phillip & Matilda Dodson   Lewis Co       Phillip W Dods   father
Fisher, William H   Geelick Run   M   W   July 8   Consumption   26 9     Minister   David & Lidia Fisher   Lewis Co   unmarried   Lidia Fisher   mother
George W & 
Ginkins, Mary E   Harrison Co, WVa   F   W   August 6   same   15           Elizabeth Ginkins   Madison Co   unmarried   George W Ginkins   father
Hacker, Hannah   Jesses Run L Co   F   W   April 9   Old Age   79   9       Joseph & Hanah Bennett   Pendleto Co, Va   Jonathan Hacker   Sarah Bonnett   daughter
Horner, Martha   same   F   W   October 3   Disease Of The Heart   72           Jacob & Martha Bennett   Harrison Co Va   Samuel Horner   S. Horner   husband
Jackson, Ellen   Polk Creek L. Co   F   W   September 12   not known   37           David & Mary Norris   Lewis Co   unmarried   Caroline Norris   aunt
Kee, Charles P   Hackers Creek L Co   M   W   September 7   not known     10 11       James P & Harriett Kee   Lewis Co WVa       John Kee   grand father
Loughan, William   Allumfork L Co   M   W   October 5   not known     5 1       Own & Caroline Lougan   Lewis Co WVa       Own Lougan   father
Loughan, Margarett   same   F   W   October 6   same     5 1       same   same       same   same
Norman A & 
Lovett, James A   Freemans Creek L Co   M   W   June 26   Croup     3 3       Sarah E Lovett   Lewis Co       Norman A Lovett   father
Moore, Dan B   Hackers Creek   M   W   March 2   Drowned   55       Farmer   Andrew & Katharine Moore   Washington Co Pa   Mary Moore   Mary Moore   wife
James P.K. & 
Maxson, Charles A   same   M   W   November 5   not known       1       Sarah F Maxson   Lewis Co WVa       James P.K. Maxson   father
Norris, Richard   Freemans Creek   M   W   June 21   Consumption   2 8 6       John W & Jane Norris   Lewis Co WVa       John W Norris   father
Odison, James   Jesses Run   M   W   June 21   Bold Hives     4 5       Robert & Margaret Odison   Lewis "       R. Odison   father
Osbern, Granville   Finks Creek   M   W   January 4   Consumption   27   1       Joseph & Mariah Osberne   Lewis Co       Joseph Osbern   father
Rollings,Patsey   Broad Run   F   W   February 18   Tumor In The Side   56           Wm & Ann Murrow   Rapahanoc Co, Va   William Rollings   William Rolling   son
Swisher, Oliver B   Hackers Creek   F   W   September 24   not known   12 9 7       Wm & Mary Swisher   Lewis Co, WVa   unmarried   George W Swisher   father
Sponagle, Margarett   Maxwells Run   F   W   May 30   Consumption   28           John & Virginia Galford   Pocahontas Co, Va   William Sponogle   W. Sponaugle   husband
Stalnaker, Charles   Hackers Creek   M   W   October 6   Gravel   73       Farmer   Samuel & Susan Stalnaker Harrison Co Va   Susan Stalnaker   S.E. Stalnaker   son
Stazel, Cristopher   Geelick Run   M   W   September 21   Old Age   85       Farmer   not known   Germany   unmarried   Cristopher Stazell   son
Straley, Katharine A   Kinslow Creek   F   W   February 6   Dipthery   3 11         G.P. & Lucy M Straley   Lewis Co, WVa       G.P. Straley   father
Simmons, Charles A   Leeding Creek   M   W   July 22   Fever     11         W & Levariah E Simmons   Lewis Co       W. Simmons   father
Wilson, An Sharlotte   Hackers Creek   F   W   June 20   Collick     5 16       Jasper & Margaret Wilson   Lewis Co       J. Wilson   father
Wimer, Wm S   Stone Coal   M   W   June 5   Brain Fever   1 6 24       Asa & Eliza Wimer   Lewis Co WVa       Asa Wimer   father
Waggoner, Catharin   Hackers Creek   F   W   April 2   Cramp Collick   33 1 4       Peter & Charlotte Herdman   not known   Peter Waggoner   P Waggoner   husband
Woofter, George   Freemans Creek   M   W   June 2   not known   89 2     Farmer   John & Sarah Woofter   Lounden Co   Mariah Woofter   Alfred Woofter   son
Williams, Dexter L   Finks Creek   M   W   January 28   Croup   1 4 26       Elizabeth Williams   Lewis County       Elizabeth Williams   mother
Smith, Olive M   Near Weston   F   W   November 29       32 5 13       Isaa & Mariah Swisker   Harrison   Leonidas Smith   Leonidas Smith   husband