Lewis County, West Virginia
Death Register 1
Pages 55 and 56
Age Name of Person giving Designation of
Full Name   Place of Death   Sex   Color   Date of Death   Cause of Death   Yrs Mons Days   Occupation   Name of Parents   Where Born   Consort of, or unmarried   information of death   Informant
Nicholas & 
Alkire, Charles   Hackers Creek Lewis Co M   W   October 3   Dypthera   4 10         Elizabeth A Alkire   Lewis County WVa       N. Alkire   father
Burkhammer, not named   Murphys Crk " "   M   W   April 13   unknown       10       W.J. & S.E. Burkhammer   " " WVa       Mary J Burkhammer   aunt
Brown, Mathew   Hackers Creek " "   M   W   January 1   unknown   74       Farmer   John & Jane Brown   Ireland   married   John Brown   father
Brown, John   same " "   M   W   November 4   Burnt to Death   38 6     "   J & Harriet Brown   Harrison County, Va   "   Harriet Brown   mother
Bennett, Sarah E   same " "   F   W   November 10   Confinement   15 11 24       T & Phoebe Foster   Roan County, Va   Elias Bennet   Phoebe Bennett   "
Boram, Elizabeth   Waters Hackers Creek   F   W   March 24   unknown   72           James & Jane Turner   unknown   John Boram   Mary Swisher   daughter
Bragg, Benjamin S   Weston Lewis County   M   W   September 28   Colick     2 8       Wm H & Elizabeth Bragg   Weston WVa       Wm H Bragg   father
Bennett, Jessie M.C.   Lewis County   M   W   January 4   Pneumonia   38 10 2   Farmer   J.E. & Patience Bennett   Ohio   married   Rachel Bennett   wife
Butcher, John   Westfork River   M   W   October 5   Flux   86           P & Elizabeth Butcher   Harrison County Va   "   Mary Butcher   daughter
Coburn, Olive   Jessies Run   F   W   September 27   Paralittic Stroke   47 4 3       R & Sarah Dobson   Lewis County Va   John Coborn   John Cobern   husband
Dodson, Joseph   Polk Creek   M   W   February 7   By Fall Of Log   53   5   Farmer   J & Elizabeth Dodson   Shenandoah Co Va   married   Priscilla Dodson   wife
Fisher, Mandville B   Westfork River   M   W   June 6   Consumption   24 8     "   W & E Fisher   Lewis County Va   "   Eliza A Fisher   wife
Flanagan, Mary J   Jane Lew   F   W   April 26   unknown   51           Wm & Nancy Green   Fauquier County Va   James Flanagan   James Flanagan   husband
Flesher, Susan   Finks Creek   F   W   March 22   Fever   31           F & Elizabeth Law   Harrison Co, Va   William Flesher   William Flesher   "
Gaul Charles E   Fereemans Creek   M   W   December 12   unknown       8       L.E. & Elizabeth E Gaul   Lewis County WVa       L.E. Gaul   father
Gibson, Luella   Freemansburg   F   W   October 28   Croup   3 6 29       J.J & Laura J Gibson   Minessota       J.J. Gibson   "
Hacker, Elias H   Hackers Creek   M   W   July 9   Dyptheria   14 2         Wm P & Lucretia Hacker   Lewis County, Va       Wm P Hacker   father
Houton, John   Polk Creek   M   C   September 30   Consumption   17       Laborer   Thos & Margaret (unknown) unknown       Margaret   mother
Jewell, Albert   Maxwells Run   M   W   September 16   unknown   53 6     Farmer   Eno & Fanny Jewell   Somenet Co, Mi   married   Catharine Jewell   wife
Kelly, Holzen D   Jessies Run   M   W   July 9   unknown     8 5       M.B & H Kelly   Lewis County, WVa       M B Kelly   father
Loveall, John J.M.   Finks Creek   M   W   February 19   Scrofula     3 6       J & Elizabeth Loveall   same       Elizabeth Loveall   mother
Means, Edgar O   Walnut Fork Fink   M   W   January 19   same   15 10 13       Isaac & Ely Means   Lewis County Va       Ely Means   mother
Musser, Emma   Pennsylvania   F   W   August 14   Whooping Cough   2           P.C & Elizabeth Musser   Lewis County WVa       P.C. Musser   father
Jessies Run
Mounts, Camey   Lewis Co Wva   F   W   March 27   Spinal Affection       4       G & Delila Mounts   same       G Mounts   "
Norman, Wilson   same   M   W   November 9   Erecylas   56       Shoemaker   unknown   Virginia   married   Rebeca Norman    wife
Priest, July Ann   Freemans Creek   F   W   August 27   Consumption   23           J & Ann Foreman   Fauquier Co, Va   Warren O Priest   Jarret Foreman   father
Rollyson, Dora May   Weston WVa   F   W   May 1   unknown       12       S.A & S.M Rollyson   Weston Lewis Co WVa       S.A. Rollyson   "
Swisher, Charles L   Waters Hackers Creek   M   W   May 1   Billious Fever   9 10 29       G.W. & Mary A Swisher   Lewis County, Va       G.W. Swisher   "
father unknown &
Skidmore, William B   Jessies Run   M   W   September 4   Croup   2           L.E. Skidmore   Lewis Co WVa       Mary A Skidmore   grand mother
Shepler, John William   Stone Coal   M   W   March 24   Consumption   16 9         S & Sarah P Shepler   Hardy Co Va       S.P Shepler   mother
Shiflet, Henry C   Westfork River   M   W   February 14   unknown       6       Saml & Claracy Shiflet   Lewis Co WVa       Saml Shiflet   father
Shiflet, Sinclair   same   M   W   February 14   same       6       same   same       same   "
Simmons, Lavana E   Leading Crk   F   W   July 17   Heart Disease   26 8         P & Margaret Butcher   Lewis Co Va   Washington Simmons   W Simmons   husband
Simmons, Adam C   same   M   W   October 3   unknown     3 26       W & Lavara Simmons   Lewis Co WVa       W Simmons   father
Varner, Manda   Finks Creek   F   W   May 20   unknown     9         P & Rachel Varner   same       Phillip Varner   "
Wanstreet, Sarah A   Waters of Fink   F   W   November 18   Spinal Affection   1 11         H. & Susie Wanstreet   Doddrige Co, WVa       Henry Wanstreet   "
Wagoner, Rebecca   Laurel Lick Run   F   W   December 23   Consumption   22 2 11       John & Mary A Wagoner   Lewis County, Va   unmarried   Mary A Wagoner   mother
White, Lloyd   Polk Creek   M   W   April 27   Lung Fever   4 3 24       M & Flora White   Lewis County, WVa       M White   father
Williams, Eliza J   Walnut Fork   F   W   December 16   Scrofula     3         I & Rebecca Williams   same       Isaac Williams   "
Moore, Andrew J   Hackers Creek   M   W   November 16   Dropsey In Chest   3 9 23       D.B & Mary Moore   Harrison Co, WVa       Mary Moore   mother