Lewis County, West Virginia
Death Register 1
Pages 59 and 60
Age Name of Person giving Designation of
Full Name   Place of Death   Sex   Color   Date of Death   Cause of Death   Yrs Mons Days   Occupation   Name of Parents   Where Born   Consort of, or unmarried   information of death   Informant
Atkins, Catharine   Laurel Lick Run L C   F   W   December 7   Consumption   57 8 3       Samuel & M Bonnett   Harrison Co, WVa   Richard M Atkins   Jasper Gibson   son-in-law
Bennett, Lorenzo   Hackers Creek Lewis Co M   W   May 22   not known     10 6       Silas & Phoebe Bennett   Lewis County, WVa       Silas Bennett   father
Bonnett, Margaret H   Maxwells Run "   F   W   February 15   Chronic Disease   11 5         Peter & M.F Bonnett   " " "       Peter Bonnett   father
Bonnett, George W   Gilmore County WVa   M   W   August 27   Consumption   27 6 5   Saddler   Eliza Bonnett   " " "   Nancy A Bonnett   N.A. Bonnett   wife
Burkhammer, George W   Polk Creek Lewis Co   M   W   June 15   Croup     1 3       W.B. & J Burkhammer   " " "       J Burkhammer   mother
Beeghley, Martha   West Fork River   F   W   May 27   Whooping Cough   1 2 11       John & CH Beeghley   " " "       John Beeghley   father
Cox, Joseph   Buckhannon Run   M   W   March 12   not known   69       Farmer   Robert & Rachel Cox   Pendelton Co   Anna Cox   A Cox   wife
Colssin, Martin   Leading Creek   M   W   October 18   Killed By Tree   55       Farmer   Owen & Ellen Collison   Highland   unmarried   Thomas Casey   brother-in-law
Ford, Margaret   Weston Lewis Co   F   W   September 25   Dropsy   41           John & C Butcher   Lewis County, Va   H.G. Ford   H.G. Ford   husband
Forinash, Peter D   " " "   M   W   May 20   Consumption   18 2 2   Farmer   Jonas & E.A. Forinash   " " "   unmarried   E.A. Forinash   mother
Fisher, Elizabeth   West Fork River "   F   W   May 22   Old Age   92 8         Joseph & E Sterots   Hampshire County, Va   Adam Flesher   Noah Flesher   son
Fisher, Juliet J   Freemansburg   F   W   July 12   Fever   35           Phillip & S Lowe   Lewis County   Asa S Fisher   A. S. Fisher   husband
Frasure, Emma   Turkey Pen Run   F   W   July 1   not known       1       J.R. & Belinda Frasure   Turkey Pen Run       Joseph B Frasure   father
Gum, Leah   Freemans Creek   F   W   October 3   Shot Accidentally   21 8         Henry & M Gum   Highland Co, Va   unmarried   Henry Gum   "
Gibson, Malinda   McCans Run   F   W   February 24   not know   66           Wm & Mary Hall   Louden Co "   Smith Gibson   Kitty Bailey   neighbor
Hinzman, Stephen   Finks Creek   M   W   February 25   Consumption   25 4 5   Farmer   Henry & Mary Hinzman   Lewis Co "   Mary L Hinzman   M.L. Hinzman   wife
Hinzman, Wm H   " "   M   W   October 25   not known   3   9       Stephen & M.L. Hinzman   Finks Creek L Co       M.L. Hinzman   mother
Hurst, Rebecca   " "   F   W   May 3   Consumption   34   14       A & Elizabeth Osborn   Randolph Co, Va   John L Hurst   J.L. Hurst   husband
Keen, Jacob Franklin   Buckhannon Run   M   W   April 6   not known       22       J.H & Louisa J Keen   Buckhannon R       James H Keen   father
Killison, Phillip S   Fink Run   M   W   April 21   Consumption     10 2       John M & Sarah Rollison   Smiths Run       J.M. Rollison   "
Lawson, Jacob W   Hackers Creek   M   W   July 20   "   23 1 2       George & C L Lawson   Lewis County   unmarried   G. Lawson   "
Lovell, Elizabeth J   Finks Creek   F   W   May 27   "   42 6         Hanz & Mary Sleith   " "   Enos Lovell   E. Lovell   husband
McDonald, Thomas   Harrison Co WVa   M   W   June 26   Enysiplias   86       Farmer   Samuel & Ellen McDonald   Bath Va   Nancy McDonald   A McDonald   son
Morrison, Margaret   Hackers Creek   F   W   June 3   Old Age   79 10 4       John & Elizabeth Brake   Hardy County Va   Alxander Morrison   A. Morrison   husband
Monutz, Icher   Jesses Run   M   W   July 28   Consumption   70 3 22   Farmer   Humphrey & P Momitz   Harrison Co Va   Martha Momitz   F Mimitz   son
Maxon, Seth Lee   Hackers Creek   M   W   August 14   Lung Fever     9 19       J.K.P. & Sarah F Maxon   Hackers Creek       J.K.P. Maxon   father
Moneypenny, Adelaide   Leading Creek   F   W   June 27   Consumption   17           not known Ashenfelter   Virginia   Wm R Moneypenny   Wm R Moneypenny   husband
Marsh, Mary   Camp Run F Crk   F   W   March 17   not known   47 4         John & Susan Morrison   Lewis County   Jonathan Marsh   J Marsh   husband
Pumphrey, Margaret A   Stanleys Run   F   W   June 11   Brain Fever   2   15       F.M. & Angela Pumphery   Smiths Run       Angela Pumphry   mother
Riffee, Laura A   Freemans Creek   F   W   July 29   not known   1   9       Benj & Nancy Riffle   Freemans Creek       Benj. Riffle   father
Swisher, Oscar R   Jesses Run   M   W   September 1   Lung Fever   25 11 4   Farmer   L.M & Eliza Swisher   Harrison Co, Va   unmarried   L.M. Swisher   father
Starcher, Mary A   Hackers Creek   F   W   April 18   Consumption   26 10 2       John & Julia A Starcher   Lewis Co, Va   same   J Starcher   "
Smith, Thomas   Weston   M   W   October 12   "   46       Laborer   John S   Harrison Co       A.G. Hale   neighbor
Shulratler, Charles   Weston   M   W   April 21   "   25       Farmer   Lawrence & M Shulreller   Hardy Co, Va   unmarried   L Shurtnetter   father
George Wilson
Wilson, Walter   Buckhannon Run   M   W   May 8   Old Age   86 10     Farmer   mothers name unknown   Monogalia   Margaret Wilson   G.T. Wilson   son
Williams, Charity   Laurel Lick Run   F   W   July 8   Consumption   35 2 4       Wm & Sarah Myers   Harrison Co Va   Micheal Wilson   M Williams   husband
George & 
Whetsel, Abraham   Lifes Run   M   W   June 2   Dropsy   62       Farmer   Rebecca Whetsel   Rockingham Co Va   Phoebe Whetsel   E Whetsel   son
Lawrence, Nancy N   Freemans Creek   M   W   August 16   Dropsy   65 8 16       George & Agnes Jeffries   Falquair Co   Alxander Lawrence   R.E. Lawrence   son