Lewis County, West Virginia
Death Register 1
Pages 61 and 62
Age Name of Person giving Designation of
Full Name   Place of Death   Sex   Color   Date of Death   Cause of Death   Yrs Mons Days   Occupation   Name of Parents   Where Born   Consort of, or unmarried   information of death   Informant
Bird, Andrew V   Batelle   M   W   1869   Consumption   44       Farmer   Wm & Sally Bird   Virginia   married   wife    
Pleasant & 
Barnett, not named   "   F   W   1869   not known       10       Elizabeth Barnett   West Va       father    
Criss, not named   Barbour County   F   W   1869               Farmer   John W Criss   Lewis County       father    
Chidester, not named   Lewis County   F   W   1869   Born Dead               W.V. Chidester   " "       "    
Fox, Deborah   Batelle   F   W   1869   Scrofula   35           Henry & Mary Hinzman   Virginia   married   Walter Fox   husband
Grims, David   Lewis County   M   W   1869   Teething     9 18       Grim, David H   Lewis County       father    
Hull, not named   " "   M   W   1869   Born Dead               Inmus Hull   " "       "    
Linger, Harriett C   Lincoln   F   W   1869   Consumption   19           unknown   unknown   married   husband    
Ours, Charley   "   M   W   1869   not known     7         Ours, E.M.   Lewis       father    
Reger,  Abraham   Batelle   M   W   1869   Insanity   60       Farmer   not known   Barbour Co. Va   married   Julia A Reger   wife
Smith, Louisa Ann   Lincoln   F   W   1869   not known               Smith, John   Lewis       father    
Snider, Sarah Margaret   Batelle   F   W   1869   Scrofula   31           Snider, S.B. & M. J.   "       Nathaniel Burroughs    
Robt & 
Underwood, not named   "   M   W   1869   not known       1       Elizabeth Underwood   "       Robert Underwood   father
Vincent, Sarah   "   F   W   1869   not known   99           Wells, John A   Culpepper Va       Father P.J. Chidester    
Wells, not named   Lincoln   F   W   1869                   not known   Lewis County            
Warner, Sarah A   Batelle   F   W   1869   Affection Of Kidneys    28           E & Serena Marple   " "   married   Levi R Warner   husband