Lewis County, West Virginia
Death Register 1
Pages 63 and 64
Age Name of Person giving Designation of
Full Name   Place of Death   Sex   Color   Date of Death   Cause of Death   Yrs Mons Days   Occupation   Name of Parents   Where Born   Consort of, or unmarried   information of death   Informant
Bonnett, Mary F   Maxwell's Run   F   W   September 17   Dropsey   33           P W & P Dodson   Shanadoa Co, Va   Peter Bonnett   P Bonnett   husband
Bailey, Kitty   Mares Run   F   W   September 22   Old Age   74 8         John & Frances Bailey   Fakquire Co, Va   Thomas Bailey   Brunett Bailey   daughter
Bailey, Irving   Weston   M   W   March 20   Consumption   33 2     Merchant   Minter & Sarah Bailey   Lewis Co, Va   Mary L Bailey   Sally Bailey   mother
Bailey, Granville   Weston   M   W   October 13   Burnt To Death   7           Irving & M.S. Bailey   Lewis Co, Wva       M.L. Bailey   mother
Divers, Eli   Laurel Lick Run   M   W   July 2   not known   80 10 24   Farmer   John & Catharine Divers   Harrison Co, Va   Tobitha Divers   Noah Taylor   son-in-law
Depriest, Emma L   Stanleys Run   F   W   December 29   Newmonia Fever       15       R.E. & M.A. Depriset   Lewis Co, WVa       R.E. Depriest   father
Dean, Leanah   Gee Lick Run   F   W   August 2   Old Age   79           T & E Washington   Westmoreland Co, Va   James Dean   George W Dean   son
Frasure, Jemima   Turkeypen Run   F   W   February 27   Newmonia Fever   55 2 23       J & Abigail Yerkey   Harrison Co, Va   William Frasure   W Frasure   husband
Frasure, Belinda   "  "  "   F   W   February 21   "  "   32 8         J & Mary Post   "  "   Joseph B Frasure   J.B. Frasure   husband
Fetty, Joseph H   Polk Creek Lewis Co   M   W   March 26   Disease Of The Lungs   24           E & Margaret J Fetty   Lewis Co   unmarried   E. Fetty   father
Fiddler, Eliza   Gee Lick Lewis Co   F   W   July 9   Heart Disease   65           she was a Dickerson   Fluvanna Co, Va   Elisha Fiddler   William L. Fiddler   son
Goldsmith, Wm   Gee Lick Run   M   W   October 9   Consumption   51       Farmer   Wm L & Leanah Goldsmith Virginia   Catharine Goldsmith   Catharine Goldsmith   wife
Hull, Ida   Leading Creek   F   W   October 25   Arosypolas     2         P.S. & R.V. Hull   Lewis Co, WVa       R.V. Hull   mother
Hays, Minervia   Westfork River   F   W   February 4   Disease Of The Heart   41           M & Mary Smith   Lewis Co, Va   Hays, David J   David G Hays   husband
Hardman, John D   Stanleys Run   M   W   December 24   Palsey   59       Farmer   H & E Hardman   Ohio   Mary Hardman   George W Hardman   son
Hall, Sarah   Freemans Creek   F   W   February 27   can't tell   39           J & Mary Straley   Lewis Co, Va   Addison Hall   Mary Straley   mother
Hinzman Abraham   Laurel Lick Run   M   W   January 12   Cancer   75       Farmer   H & C Hinzman   Harrison Co   Elizabeth Hinzman   Elizabeth Hinzman   wife
Hinzman, Mary   Waters of Fink   F   W   January 18   unknown   68           John & Jane Starcher   Harrison Co   Henry Hinzman   Perry Hinzman   son
Jackson, George R   Stone Coal Creek   M   W   March 21   Killed By Limb Of A Tree   15           G. R. & C. V. Jackson   Lewis Co       C.V. Jackson   mother
Lock, John   Leading Creek   M   W   September 12   Cancer   50       Farmer   Wm & Mry Lock   Ireland   Mary Lock   Mary Lock   wife
Moneypenny, Albert   Crooked Run   M   W   June 2   Derangement Of Bowels   30       Farmer   John & Jane Moneypenny   Lewis Co   Jane H Moneypenny   J.H. Moneypenny   wife
Moneypenny, Gilbert   "  "   M   W   June 19   not known     9         A & J.H. Moneypenny   Lewis       J.H. Moneypenny   mother
Norman, Wiliam T   Jesses Run   M   W   February 3   Breast Complaint   37 10     Farmer   N & Rebecca Norman   "   not married   Stephen Norman   brother
Neeley, Maud   Jane Lew   F   W   December 15   Dipthera   1 1 12       H & M.C. Neeley   "       H. Neely   father
Post, Mary   Jane Lew   F   W   September 5   Consumption   22           J.E. & E Kayser   Harrison Co, Va   Jasper N Post   J.N. Post   husband
Petty, Catharine   Jesses Run   F   W   April 9   not known   56 10         John & Susan Mitchel   "  "  "   Philip Petty   J.S. Mitchel   brother
Pickerel, Sheridan.   Alum Fork   M   W   June 7   Spinal Affection   3           J & H Pickerel   Lewis Co, WVa       Jesse Brown   grand father
Rinehart, Richard   Waters Hacker Creek   M   W   June 1   Inflamation Of Bowels   30 4     Farmer   A & E Rinehart   Harrison County, Va   Caroline Y Rinehart   C.Y. Rinehart   wife
Ratliff, Lilie Mertal   Turkeypen Run   F   W   December 23   Bold Hives     1 9       J.B. & S.J. Radcliff   Lewis Co, West Va       Joseph B. Radliff   father
Rogers, Catharine   Waters Stone Coal   F   W   May 2   Consumption   54           M & M Wood   Page Co, WVa   Robert Rogers   R. Rogers   husband
Simpson, Nancy   Weston   F   W   December 6   Tumor Of The Womb   58           David W & C Sleeth   Lewis Co, WVa   Allen Simpson   A. Simpson   husband
Smith, (not named)   Gee Lick Run   M   W   August 9   not known     2 3       E.S. & Louisa Smith   "  "  "       E.S. Smith   father
Smith, Abram   Smith Run Near Weston M   W   April 9   Disease Of The Heart   70 4     Farmer   M & Mary Smith   Pendleton Co, Va   Elizabeth Smith   A. Smith   son
Suttle, Charles   Poor House   M   W   May 19   Old Age   88       Farmer   T & Elizabeth Suttle   Can't tell   widower   P.M. Hale   manager of poor house
Shoulders, Amos M   Hackers Creek   M   W   March 12   Fever   6 6 8       J & Sarah Shoulders   Lewis Co, WVa       Sarah Shoulders   mother
Siders, Winford Nora   Jesses Run   F   W   August 24   can't tell       9       C & Matilda Siders   "  "  "       Matilda Siders   mother
Skidmore, Mary   "  "   F   W   June 4   Consumption   67           J & Mary Ratliff   Hardy Co, Va   Hiram Skidmore   H Skidmore   husband