Lewis County, West Virginia
Death Register 1
Pages 65 and 66
Age Name of Person giving Designation of
Full Name   Place of Death   Sex   Color   Date of Death   Cause of Death   Yrs Mons Days   Occupation   Name of Parents   Where Born   Consort of, or unmarried   information of death   Informant
Stern, Jemima L   Weston   F   W   September 9   Hooping Cough   1 7 16       J. & Elizabeth Stern   Lewis Co. W Va       J. Stern   father
White, Rebecca   Leading Creek   F   W   May 5   Fever   7 1         A.P. & Mary White   Lewis Co W Va       A.P. White   father
Waggoner, Herbert E   Hackers Creek   M   W   January 27   Aroypelas     9 1       A.E. & V.L. Waggoner   " " "       A.E. Waggoner   father
Whetsel, Phoebe   Life Run   F   W   January 10   Lung Fever   58           J. & Barbary Life   Lewis Co Va   Abraham Whetsel   Dianah Dean   daughter
Wood, Lucy Ellen   Stone Coal   F   W   December 13   Consumption   23           R. & Catharine Rogers   Lewis " "   Wm V Wood   W.V. Wood   husband
Williams, Sarah J   Westfork River   F   W   May 21   "   26 5         B. & Nancy Sprouse   " " "   Joseph Williams   Joseph Williams   husband
Winney   In The Poor House   F   C   May 29   Old Age   90           can't tell who   Old Va   can't tell   P.W. Hale   manager of the poor house