With regard to citing sources when doing your research, be reminded that the most successful researchers always keep an open mind as there are always possible exceptions.  Any piece of data entered in any media by man is subject to interpretation errors, even though unintentional.  You need to establish a point where you “draw the line” as to what you choose to believe – or not believe.  It has to feel ‘right’ to you.  Always, to the degree you can do so, use multiple sources whenever possible.  Keep track of these sources in your family file.  This is critical as new, or different, information on any particular person can become available at any given time and you will want to cross-check the references you choose to use.  Good luck in your research.  Bill Fleming
Updated 11-1-2016
Source Identification Author Year Published ISBN Comments
A.H.O.D.M. A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts Reprint edition by Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association of Deerfield   091227414X From 1636-1886, history, biographies, battles, names, dates, Indian Wars, children, etc.
Very good source
A.M.E.N.B. Genealogies of the Catholic Families of Aroostook Cnty., Maine, and the Catholic Diocese of Edmondston, New Brunswick Reverend Ernest Lang 4 Volumes, printed in 1997 by Quintin Publications.   Repertoire of marriages; names, dates parents, locations
  Volume 1:  
  Volume 2:  
Very good source Volume 3: 886560383
  Volume 4: 886560390
A.M.P.R.N.Y. Assumption of Mary Parish, Redford, New York   1996, by Norther New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society   Alphabetical, Baptisms: 1853-1910, Marriages: 1853-1923, Burials: 1853-1923
ANGLICAN BAPTISM, MARRIAGES & BURIALS Christ Church, Sorel, Quebec Compiled by Marlene Simmons 1999 0-96998048-4-9  
ANGLICAN BAPTISM, MARRIAGES & BURIALS Christ Church, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Robert Dunn, 2nd Edition 2005 0-9737859-0-X  
A.P.R.K.O. Anglican Parish Register, Kingston – Ontario Russ Waller 1990   Indexed
Rev. John Stuart  
  Good source
B.B.S Best Bill’s Sources Numerous     Mixed sources from personal files.  No one source can be named.
B.D. Blue Drouin Institute Genealogique Drouin 5 printings.  The fifth printing was the final printing.   Mostly Catholic marriages, but the books do contain some non-Catholic marriages.  Some marriages prior to 1760 and after 1940.  Title indicates Québec marriages only, but some other locations are included as well.  
  The institute, originally headed by Claude Drouin no longer exists.  Claude sold the rights to these books – mostly to the Rhode Island Genealogical Society.  
Official title:  “Repertoire Alphabetique des Mariages des Canadiens Francois, 1760-1935” Very reliable source. 113 Volumes of marriages split into dark blue (Female) and light blue (Male)
B.S.L.A.R. Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution Lorenzo Sabine 2 Volumes, printed 1864, Boston, Massachusetts   Alphabetical by surname.
Very good source.
C.I.C.K.N.Y. Church of the Immaculate Conception, Keeseville, New York   2001, Northern New York American Canadian Genealogical Society   Alphabetical - Marriages, Births and Deaths, 1835-1925
C.L.G. Crown Land Grants, Québec Government du Québec, Ministere de la Justice 1 volume, no print date None List of lands granted by the crown in the province of Québec, 1763-1890.
Very good source. Contains names, townships, counties, acres, date of letters-patent, registered # letter & page numbers.
C.O.C. Chronicles of Canada Press of the Hunter-Rose Co., of Toronto 32 Volumes, printed in 1920   Each volume is by various authors who, I suspect, are a specialist in their field for all the different subjects and time periods of history.
Excellent source. Volume 1 starts with the first man in Canada/Aboriginies, and Volume 32 ends with the building of Canadian railroads in 1914.
D.B.P.N.S. Deaths, Burials & Probate of  Nova Scotia – 1747 – 1799 Allan Everett Marble-Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia 1990    
2 Volumes
D.N.B.C. Denizations & Naturalizations in the British Colonies in America, 1607-1775 Lloyd deWitt Bockstruck Genealogical Publishing Co., 2005 9.78081E+12 Listed by State and by Province
D.M.F. Drouin Microfilm Institute Genealogique Drouin.  Distributed in 1999 by Jean-Pierre Pepin. Initial work to compile data begun in 1940.   Also known as “The Lost Marriages” and “Hard-to-Find Marriages”.  Originally for Québec, but many other Canadian provinces and some U.S. States also included.  All religions included.
Very Reliable source. 32 films, double-sided, from New France beginning into 1940s
D.R.C.H.S.N.Y. Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York Procured in Holland, England and France John Romeyn Brodhead, Esq. 15 Volumes, printed: 1856, 1600s, 1700s   Alphabetical index.  Actual documents.
Excellent source
D.R.R. Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Valley, 1701-1936 Rev. Father Christian Denissen, published by Detroit Society for Genealogical Research 2 volumes, First printing, 1976, Revised printing 1987 (my source) 943112028 Births, baptisms, burials, cemeteries, children, marriages, etc., for the Detroit River region, with some Lac St. Clair, Lake Erie, Windsor, Sandwich, Ontario and south coast of Ontario.  Can also contain origins, i.e., France and Ireland.
Very good source.
D.S.E.C.B.C A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation Donald Whyte, Ontario Genealogical Society Volume 1, printed 1986 920036090 Alphabetical, very short history of vital statistics for each name.
Very good source.    
  Volume 2, printed 1995 777909199
E.N.E.T.Q Extracts From Newspapers of the Eastern Townships of Québec, 1823-1849 Diana Hibbert Bailey 1998   Includes:  
  The Stanstead Colonist
  The St. François Gazette
Very good source. The Sherbrooke Gazette
  The Missisquoi Standard
  The Stanstead Journal
  Lists births, deaths, marriages, indexed.
FAB Fabien Collection Ottawa, Canada Archives.   Printed in 1981   Marriages only.  Can also contain some obituaries, but infrequent.
25 Microfilms for Eastern Ontario Used primarily for Eastern Ontario research.
Good source, but missing a lot of info; e.g., names of parents.  
F.P.W. Francis Parkman’s Works Francis Parkman Published 1899, Toronto   Begins:  “Pioneers of France in the New World; last volume is “The Oregon Trail.”
  16 Volumes  
Excellent source.   Parkman is perhaps one of the most famous and most quoted historians.
G.F.H.N.N.Y Genealogical & Family History of Northern New York   Published 1910 by William Richard Cutter,    1700s to early 1900s.  Gives history of families and all other statistics.
  Reprinted 2000 by Clearfield Publishing Co.  
Very good source    
G.F.H.S.V. Genealogical & Family History of the State of Vermont Honorable Hiram Carleton 2 volumes ~1,450 pgs each. (Reprint): Covers up to 1902.
Originally published, 1903, reprinted 1998  
G.I. 1847 A Register of Deceased Persons at Sea and on Grosse Ile in 1847 André Charbonneau & Doris Drolet-Dube, produced through Canadian Heritage, Ottawa, Parks Canada 1997 660168774 Deaths and burials at Grosse Île, Emigrants, employees, sailors, others who died on ships and in quarantine; married women who died and were buried there.  Also lists ships names that arrived at Grosse Île and Québec City.
Very good source
H.A.S.A.V. Holy Angels, St. Albans, Vermont, 1873-1930   2005, The Vermont French Canadian Genealogical Society 0-9761263-3-8 Alphabetical – Marriages, 1873-1930
H.I. History of Ireland Rev. Geoffrey Keating Originally published 1866, reprint volumes:   History and surname information
  Volume 1-------  
  Volume 2------- 940134440
Very good source. Volume 3------- 940134480
H.I.C.C.N.Y. Headstone Inscriptions, Clinton County, New York   Vol 1 (2004) 0-9749999-3-8 Alphabetical.  Actual tombstone reading with tombstone location(s).
Vol 2 (2004 0-9749999-2-X
Vol 3 (2004) 0-9749999-4-6
H.N. A History of Newfoundland from the English Colonial and Foreign Records, with supplement, “The Churches in Newfoundland.” D. W. Prowse Originally published 1895    
Very good source. 1 Volume
H.N.C.N.Y. History of the North Country, New York Harry F. Landon 3 Volumes ~4,000 pgs.   Includes:  Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Oswego, Lewis, Franklin counties.  Indexed.
Published: 1932
H.O.B. History of Buffalo (New York William Ketchum Printed 1864, Reprinted 2002 0788420380 (set) History and names, well indexed.
  2 Volumes
Very good source.  
H.S.C.Q. The History of Stanstead County Province of Québec B. F. Hubbard Printed in 1874 1556131232 (reprint) History and family information; dates and indexed.
  Reprinted in 1988
Very good source.  
H.S.D.G. History of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry John Graham Harkness 1946 at Ottawa   Indexed.  History of the area and its peoples.
Very good source.
H.S.L.C.N.Y. History of St. Lawrence County, New York   Published reprint by St. Lawrence County Historical Society 0-932334-52-0 Indexed, 540 pages
I.H.M.C.N.Y. Immaculate Heart of Mary (Formerly St. Philomena and St. Bridget), Churubusco, New York   2005 by Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society   Alphabetical, Marriages, Births, Deaths – 1860-1930.
I.P. Irish Pedigrees John O’Hart Printed 1892, reprinted 1976 and 1989 806307374 Indexed
Very good source.
I.S.I.A.R. Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research Margaret Dickson Falley Published 1962 – 2 Volumes:   Guides to genealogical records, methods and sources in Ireland
Very good source. 2>>>>>>>>>> 806309180
J Jette “Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles du Québec” René Jetté Original publisher – Presses de l’Universite de Montréal. 2-7606-0645-5 Marriages, births, deaths, burials, locations, occupations, parents, some history and some generations back to France
Very good source. 1 Volume, printed 1983, 1,173 pages
J.H. Janet Jehn Janet Jehn 1977 939444046 Births, deaths, marriages, where and when the Acadians were sent.
Acadian Exiles in the Colonies       Indexed.
        Histories and genealogies
        Same as Volume 1, indexed
“Acadian Descendants” Very good sources, all. 1972 – Volume 1 939444011 Same as Volumes 1 & 2
    1975 – Volume 2 093944402X Family charts
    1979 – Volume 3 None  
    1980 – Volume 4 939444003  
K.D. King’s Daughters and Founding Mothers:  The Filles du Roi, 1663-1673 Peter J. Gagné 2 volumes, First printing: Sept. 2001   Biographical sketches of the women who left France for New France between the years of 1663-1673.
  Volume 1  
Excellent source. Volume 2 1-58211-950-3
K.V.G.S. Kankakee Valley Genealogical Society Website: http://www.kvgs.org     Publications, Kankakee Records: Birth, Death, Meetings, etc.
L Loiselle Antonin Loiselle 1908-1986   Microfiche & Microfilm.  For Québec Province marriages with exceptions; e.g., Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, New England, New York and occasionally Massachusetts.  Some fiche for obits and nuns and priests. Time Period: From founding of New France into1900’s.
Québec National Archives, 
at Ste-Foy, Québec, Canada
Collection continually being added to. 
Very reliable source.
L.C.U.C. Loyalist Children of Upper Canada Barbaranne Wright, compiled by Ontario Archives Warrants Printed 2000 968737404 Alphabetical.  Children, warrant numbers, townships, occupations, wife/husband, land issues, 1818-1865.  
Very good source.
L.E.T.Q. The Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Québec Sir John Johnson Branch, United Empire Loyalists, 1783-1784 Printed 1992   Historical sketches, biographies, descriptions, annals, narratives.
Very good source.
L.L.O.C. Loyalist Lineages of Canada Toronto Branch of United Empire Loyalists Assoc of Canada 1991 969517807 Baptisms, burials, cemeteries, churches, children, land concessions, deaths, divorces, military killed in action, marriages, dates and parishes.
  2 Volumes, 1784 – 1791
Very good source.  
L.P.F.F. La Population des Forts Français d’Amerique Marthe Faribault-Beauregard, printed by Biblioteque Nationale du Québec (National Library of Québec) 2 Volumes   Baptisms, marriages, deaths (Catholic & non-Catholic), Indians/Métis
  Volume 1, printed 1982 2892471001  
Very good source.     Listed events for each fort (mostly French forts in America – with exceptions)
  Volume 2, printed 1984 2892471168  
M.C.C.N.Y. Marriages, Clinton County, New York   1984, Pontbriand   Alphabetical - Marriages, 1830-1880 for: Plattsburgh, Coopersville, Ausable Forks, Keeseville, Redford, Rouses Point, Champlain, Dannemora, Moores Forks, Cadyville, Ellenburg, Churubusco
M.F.M. Métis Families Genalogical Compendium Gail Morin 2001 1582114129 Métis = Children of French Canadian and Indian parents.  Contains 21 tribes of Indians; births, deaths, marriages, parents, children and locations.  Info is derived from census records, annuity lists, church and death records, info from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and from private researchers.
Time period: 1700s – 1900s.
Very good source.
N.C.C.C. New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 – 1760 during the French-Indian Wars Emma Lewis Coleman 2 volumes, published 1925, indexed None Contains missions, missionaries, redemptions, ransoms, attacks, naturalizations, names and dates.
Very good source.
N.C.I. Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 Col. Leonard H. Smith, Jr., & Norma H. Smith 2 volumes, published 1992 806313439 Alphabetical.  Immigrants’ names, vessels, biography, manuscripts, dates, locations, etc.
Very good source.
N.D.M. Notre Dame Montréal Québec City Archives, Laval Microfiche, 1642 – 1850, 15 fiche    
N.D.O.N.Y.D. Notre Dame Parish, Ogdensburg, New York       Alphabetical death records, 1859-1915
N.D.O.N.Y.M. Notre Dame Parish, Ogdensburg, New York       Alphabetical marriages, 1859-1915
N.D.Q. Notre Dame Québec City Québec City Archives, Laval Microfiche, 1621 – 1900, 15 fiche    
N.C.S. French-Canadian Families of the North Central States – a Genealogical Dictionary Paul J. Lareau and Elmer Courteau 1980 by Northwest Territory French & Canadian Heritage Institute   Families originating in Québec Province.  Derived from Church and civil records, genealogies and private researchers.  Alphabetical by surname, mostly Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota and some for Upper Michigan, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
8 volumes: 1600s – 1970s
Very good source.
O.F.C.A. Our French Canadian Ancestors (Nos Ancetres Biographies d’Ancetres) Father Gerard Lebel, C.Ss.R., translated by Thomas J. Laforest Copyright 1993 by The LISI Press Separate for each volume Biographies of early ancestors of New France
  30 Volumes
Excellent  source.  
O.L.L.S.L. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Schroon Lake, New York Kelly Townsend; translated by Father Gilbert Patenaude.     Baptisms, marriages and deaths taken from church records.
Very good source.
O.M.N.W. Ontario Marriage Notices by Wilson Thomas B. Wilson 1982 806346833 Indexed.  Mostly from Newspapers.
1830 – 1856
P.C.P.B.M.B. Pontiac County Protestant Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1864-1911 (Pontiac, Québec, CA) Dawn Murphy Printed 1999 1894378091 Includes St. Georges, St. Stephens and St. Mathews Anglican churches.
Very good source.
P.M.D.B. Protestant Marriages in the District of Bedford, Québec, 1804-1979 Ralph Neil Broadhurst Published 1991 1895-435-005 Title is self-explanatory.
Very Good source.
P.P.O.N.A. Pioneer Priests of North America Rev. T. J. Campbell, S.J. Printed 1908 None Major stories, history, biographies of famous priests, such as:  Isaac Jogues, Simon le Moyne, Jean de Brebeuf, Gabriel Lalemant.
  3 Volumes
Very good source.  
P.R.D.H. Programme de rescherche en démographie historique University of Montreal Website:   All births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials of Québec province between 1621 and 1799.  Information derived directly from parish repertorie.
Excellent source.  
R.D. Red Drouin  Institute Genealogique Drouin (see Blue Drouin) Volumes 1 & 2:  Marriages of Québec, and ancestors of Acadians who moved to Québec.   Biographies are of early, prominent settlers to New France.  Some Acadian, New England, etc., marriages as well as Native, Indian, Métis.  3 Appendices (1978, 1979 and 1985).  Important:  Those appendices are at the end of Volume 2.
    Volume 3:  Historical part, usually, not reliable.  Articles written to give prestige to our ancestors.
Dictionnaire National des Canadiens Français, 1608-1760 Very reliable source.  
R.P.C. Rolls of the Provincial (Loyalist) Corps, Canadian Command American Revolution Dundurn Press, Ltd. Prepared by Mary Beacock Fryer & Lt.-Col W. A. Smy, C.D., 1981 919670563  
S.A.C.M.F.N.Y. St. Anne’s Church, Mooers Forks, New York     1998 – Northern New York American Canadian Genealogical Society Alphabetical – Marriages, Baptisms, Burials, 1860-1925
S.A.C.P.N.Y. St. Augustine’s Church, Peru, New York   2001 by Northern New York American Genealogical Society   Alphabetical -  Marriages, Births, Deaths.  1841-1947, also includes St. Patrick’s and Mother Cabrini Shrine Mission of West Peru, New York.
S.A.L.C. St. Alphonse of Ligouri Chapeau, Allumette Island, Pontiac County, Québec Elaine Brown, Yarker, Ontario, Canada. 2000 968697704 Cemetery inscriptions and burial records; names, death dates, burial dates, age, witnesses and relationships. 
Very good source.
S.F.O. Societe Franco-Ontarienne d’Histoire et de Genealogie Society of French Ontario History and Genealogy, Ottawa, Canada 2000 968780571 Marriages, dates, locations, mainly for Ontario and Québec, but all provinces mentioned as well as 11 states.
Very good source. 4 volumes (French only)
  2,130 lineages
  Beginning of New France to ~1998
S.J.B.K.N.Y. St. John the Baptiste, Keeseville, New York   1987, Northern New York American Canadian Genealogical Society   Alphabetical – Baptisms and Burials, 1853-1880
S.J.D.C.C.N.Y. St. Joseph du Corbeau, Coopersville, New York   1985, Pontbriand   Alphabetical Baptisms and Burials, 1843-1880
S.J.D.N.Y. Saint Joseph’s Church, Dannamora, New York Northern New York American Canadian Genealogical Society 2001   Alphabetical Marriages, Births, Deaths, 1860 - 1922
S.M.C.R.C.C.C.N.Y. St. Mary’s Church Records, Champlain, Clinton County, New York   1998, Northern New York American Canadian Genealogical Society   Alphabetical – Marriages, Births and Deaths, 1860-1899
S.M.C.S.A.VT. St. Mary’s Church, St. Albans, Vermont   2005, The Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society O-9761263-5-4 Alphabetical – Marriages 1850-1930
S.P.C.N.Y. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Chateauguay, Franklin Cnty., New York Kelly Townsend; translated from Latin by Father Gilbert Patenaude, from church records.     Baptisms, marriages and burials recorded in the church.
Very good source.
T.M.O.C. The Makers of Canada Multiple authors 1906, Toronto, Canada   Histories, biographies; beginning of Canada to mid 1800’s.
21 Volumes
T.M.R. The Munson Record Myron A. Munson Originally printed in 1896   Genealogical and biographies of the Munson family; an account of Captain Thomas Munson and his descendants, 1637 – 1887. Complete index.
2 Volumes
T.O.M.N.Y.V.S. Town of Moores, New York, Vital Statistics   2004, Northern New York American-Genealogical Society, Keesevilly, NY, Clinton County   Alphabetical – Births=1875-1959
T.P.O.O.H. The Province of Ontario History – 1615-1927 Edgar Middleton and Fred Landon 1927   Same content as The Province of Québec History
4 Large Volumes
T.S.B.N.A. The Scot in British North America   Printed 1880 in Toronto   Indexed, names, history.
Very good source. 4 Volumes
T.S.F. The Stebbins Family Genealogy Robert Stebbins Greenler & Robert Lemuel Greenler 2 volumes, printed 1904   Over 1400 pages.  All information possible concerning genealogy of this family and related families.
Very good source.
T.S.O.Q. The Siege of Québec and The Battle of the Plains of Abraham A. Doughty 1901, Québec City   Great history of the subject and well indexed.
6 Volumes
T.S.P.Q. The Storied Province of Québec Col. William Wood 1931, Toronto, Canada   1534 – 1921 – History of Québec Province.
4 Volumes
T.T.T. The Taillon/Tyo Duncan Darby MacDonald, U.E.   921133618 Taillon/Tyo family genealogy, Lalonde descendants, marriages, baptisms, deaths, newspaper clippings.  Indexed.
U.C.L.G. Index to Upper Canada (Ontario) Land Books (Grants) Ontario Genealogical Society of Toronto Volume 3, pub 2001 777921162 Jan 1806 – Dec 1816
  Volume 4, pub 2001 777921189 Jan 1817 – Dec 1820
Very good source. Volume 5, pub 2002 777921170 Jan 1821 – Dec 1826
  Volume 6, pub 2002 077792126X Jan 1827 – Dec 1832
  Volume 7,    Jan 1833 – Dec 1835
  Volume 8,   Jan 1836 – Dec 1838
  Remaining volumes will be acquired as they are published.   Contains names, personal info (rank, widower, deceased, etc.), residence, location, dates, petition numbers, and book and includes the townships where the land is located.
U.E.A. United Empire Loyalists Alexander Fraser 1904   Complete alphabetical index:  “Enquiry into the losses and service in consequence of their loyalty,” “Evidence in the Canadian Claims.”  From the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario.
  2 Volumes
Concerns Loyalists who lost everything while in the US during the Revolutionary War period; land, services, etc.  
Very good source.  
U.E.L.L. United Empire Loyalist Lists Ontario Genealogical Society Printed 1984 777902273 Part 1: General return of refugee loyalists in Québec province.
  Part 2: Roll of Kings Rangers/Rogers Rangers.
Very good source. Part 3: Return of the 1st battalion of the King’s Royal Regiment of New York / The Royal Yorkers.
  Part 4: Return of Loyal Rangers / Jessup’s Rangers.
WH Stephen A. White Books – Dictionnaire Genealogique des Families Acadiennes Volume 1 & 2 (French)   919691919 Primarily marriages, births, deaths, locations, children, small amount of history. 
Volume 3 (English) Published 2003 919241476 Relates to families of Québec province as well as Acadian families.
Volume 4 Corrections   None  
1636 – 1714 with some exceptions before and after.      
Very good source.      
*Organized and edited by Diane Szabo.  Any questions, please direct them to me at [email protected]