Unity Presbyterian Church & Cemetery, Lee Co., MS
Unity Presbyterian Church & Cemetery
Lee County, Mississippi
(before the Civil War, part of Itawamba County)

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"Unity Church organized A.D. 1848"

This web site is not officially associated with Unity Presbyterian Church, but I have obtained authorization from several deacons and their permission was granted to me to proceed with this page.  It will take quite some time to finish this project, but I hope to eventually have 1. a complete founding members roll (completed), 2. an online cemetery listing with full entries for each person interred here including their parents' names, if possible a short descendant list (linked on another page - but excluding living persons), and also small photographs of the member, 3. a transcribed record of the surviving church records up till the First World War (including some scanned images of the records of particularly important entries), 4. several other views of the church's interior and exterior as well as a map of the church property and surrounding areas, and 5. a short history of the church covering its foundation, its movement from an area closer to Plantersville to the current spot in 1935, and other important dates in its history.

This is quite a lot of work, but I have started on it slowly and have the records in my possession to eventually finish the work.  I will also provide contacts here to church officials today.  The membership still meets, but the number of members has fallen dramatically.  There is a dire need of new, specifically younger, members, but those still there carry on as best they can.

Though I am not a member, I grew up less than a mile from the church and my family has lived within a half a mile of the church's cemetery since it's foundation.  My primary interests are genealogical and I am tracing several lines of previous members currently.  I would love to hear from descendants of anyone buried at the cemetery.

I am also working on a site for the community of Richmond, Lee County.  Please go to the bottom of this page for a link there.  If you are interested in the community, please contact me. I would love to obtain more information or photographs of old Richmond to place online.
For now, if you have further questions, please contact by email at:
David A. Webb

Memorial Day (usually held on either the second or the third Sunday in August) was Sunday, August 13, 2000.  They had a nice crowd and the cemetery looked very nice according to some who attended.  They also took up a good collection and the cemetery fund continues to grow, ensuring that the plots will be well cared for.
In Memorial

Founding Members List

The Cemetery

Alphabetized List of Burials (in progress - first five rows complete)

The cemetery's oldest stone seems to be that of Andrew T. Ruff, on the second row.  He died at the age of 18, on February 16, 1858.  It is quite possible there were burials before his, and there are a large number of conglomerate stones found in the cemetery today with no names, initials, or dates, but which seem to mark graves.  There are individuals whose stones do not survive but who must surely be buried here, like John Boston, the second signer of the church's roll in 1848.  He died on September 22, 1858, but there is no stone for him.  Hopefully the older stones will continue to weather the elements without too much damage, but in case they do not, keeping up with the order that they currently lie in, and with the markings on them, is the next best thing.

There are still a few records on the 1970's cemetery book listing that either are not in my records or don't match up with my information.  I am still working on those handful of graves.

South Side of Drive (8 burials)
North Side of Drive (no burials)
1st Row (52 burials)
2nd Row (25 burials)
3rd Row (24 burials)
4th Row ( burials)
5th Row ( burials)
6th Row ( burials)
7th Row (burials)
8th Row (burials)
9th Row (burials)
10th Row (burials)
11th Row (burials)
12th Row (burials)
13th Row (burials)
14th Row (burials)
15th Row, West Side of Drive (burials)

Note - As the rows get higher, especially rows 13, 14, and 15, they have a tendancy to lose the pattern and the rows.  The 15th "row" is not really a row, and the 14th "row" is very confusing.  I have attempted to place them in as good a grid as I can.