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Peacham, Vermont  Cemeteries

              There were nine known burial grounds in Peacham Vermont:

              1. Olde Peacham Cemetery

              2. Groton/Peacham Town Line Cemetery

              3. Heath Family Cemetery

              4. Worcester / Hooker Cemetery

              5. Woodward Family Cemetery Deweysburg Vt - near the Danville/Peacham town line

              6. Peacham Village -- currently in use - the town clerk has a partial transcript

              Three others no longer have stones, and their locations are indefinate, as memories vary.  Research to identify the exact locations, and occupants, of these final resting places continues:

              7. Near the Cabot town line on Macks Mountain Road to Cabot

              8. In the Peacham Fire District Forest on Macks Mountain Road to Cabot, in the dead center of the town

              9. East Hill Cemetery at the Barnet town line on Morrison Hill Road

              The first five cemeteries have been fully transcribed; and copies of the transcripts, sketches, & photographs have been placed on file with the Peacham Town Clerk, Peacham Library, and the Peacham & Vermont Historical Societies.

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