Martin County, Kentucky

14th Kentucky Veterans

1890 Veterans and Widows Census
Martin County, Kentucky

* indicates that the veteran was deceased at the time the census was taken

Last name     First Name  Company  Residence      Comments / Notes of the Census Taker

Damron Moses H Inez 1861-1864; Disease of heart/throat/lungs from fever

Davis Henry H. Emily 1862-1865; Pvt.

Davis James Emily 1861-1863; Pvt.

Delong John P. K Inez Nov. 8, 1861-Jan. 31, 1865; Chronic diarrhea

Delong* Samuel K Inez Nov. 8, 1861-Jan. 31, 1865; Widow Jemima; rheumatism, heart disease

Demron John J. K Inez Oct. 1861-1863; Swelling in legs by exposure for 28 years

Goble William B Inez Oct. 10, 1861-Feb. 1865; No disability incurred

Hall Geo. W. K Inez Nov. 8, 1861-Sept. 25, 1865; Wounded in left leg

Hammon John P. Warfield 1862-1865;Inflamed eyes & rheumatism

Howard Elisha H Inez 1863-1865 ?

Howard James H Inez April 11, 1862-1865; Disease of lungs

Johnson William J. Inez 1861-1864; Gunshot wound in shoulder

Mollet Levi G Inez Aug. 5, 1863 dyphteria, inkblot [?], 5 years

Moore Sampson H Inez 1861-1865; Lung trouble

Muncy Daniel Emily 1862-1865; Pvt.

Pack Thomas G Inez Sept. 13, 1861-March 1865; Gunshot wound in arm

Price Henry H. H Inez 1861-1864

Smith Frank E Inez Oct. 18, 1861-Jan. 9, 1865; Gunshot wound in hand

Underwood Jackson H Inez Aug. 1863-Sept. 1865; Rheumatism

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