Wayne County, West Virginia

14th Kentucky Veterans

1890 Veterans and Widows Census
Wayne County, West Virginia

* indicates that the veteran was deceased at the time the census was taken

Last name     First Name  Company  Residence      Comments / Notes of the Census Taker

Adkins William R. H[?] Akers James E Blind in one eye Bellomey Marshal C Heart disease/sore eyes for 15 yrs. Chaffin William H Measles settled on lungs Copley Benj. F. Copley Johnson H Copley Stanley H Back trouble Dean Joseph C Fever in war Gilkerson Henry Lung disease Hite Andrew J. K TYF;liver/kidney disease 28 yrs;UFL Hunt Thomas C Injured breast by horse falling Hylton Jefferson G Kimbler Joseph G Lewes Allen A McCloud Jonathan K Measles/lung disease; AFP McCormick James A Hearing affected by measles Myers Martin F. C Piles + rheumatism 26 yrs. Robinson William C Kidney disease Runyon Harry C Salmon Flurry H Right shoulder dislocated Salmons William H Rheumatism and now sore eyes Shuff Smith Smith Samuel H Rheumatism; unfit for labor Travis William Wallace Solomon H Bronchitis * Abbreviations: AFP - Applied for pension TYF - Typhoid fever UFL - Unfit for labor

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