James Conley Pension Papers (Excerpt)

James Conley Pension Papers (Excerpt)

Declaration for Invalid Pension 1877, Dec. 20: James Conley, age 39, appeared before clerk at Magoffin Circuit Court to make declaration. He enlisted at Louisa, KY on the 10th day of December 1861, a private in Co. I, commanded by John Powers in the 14th KY Vol. Inf., commanded by Laban T. Moore, and was discharged at Louisa, KY on 31 Jan. 1865.

States that while in the servive he was afflicted with a malignant form of sore eyes. He took sore eyes some time in December 1864 and at the time of his discharge was so afflicted as to be nearly blind. He did not get said sore eyes cured for nearly two years after his discharge and when they were apparently cured the right one was nearly gone. He has never been enabled to see but very dimly since with said eye. It is the right eye that is so affected. He can see anything in bulk but cannot distinguish what the object is farther than twenty steps from him, said object being the size of a man.

Since leaving the service he has resided in Magoffin Co. KY, has been a farmer as far as his injured condition will permit, prior to service was an able bodoed farmer with good, clear eyesight. He now is 2/3 disabled in said eye. He appoints W. Moore of Salyersville, KY as his attorney, his post-office is Salyersville, Magoffin Co. KY, his home is on the county road up Licking River about three miles from Salyersville, KY. Signed James Conley
Witnesses: Proctor Arnett and G. F. Adams

Source: Legends in Blue & Gray, Vol. I, pp. 392/393, Magoffin Co. KY Historical Society, 1998
Transcription by: Marlitta H. Perkins