George W. Hutchinson Pension Increase

George W. Hutchinson Pension Increase

H. R. 12775. George W. Hutchison, aged 72 years, served as a private in Company H, and commissary sergeant. Fourteenth Regiment Kentucky Infantry, from October 25, 1861, to January 31, 1865 (3 years 3 months 7 days), and is now a pensioner under the act of May 11, 1912, at $25 per month. (No. 506296.) He was formerly pensioned under special act at $24 per month. He was formerly pensioned under the act of June 27, 1890, at $12 per month for disease of left testicle, varicose veins of both legs, and disease of heart. He was formerly pensioned under the general law at $4 per month for disease of left testicle.

Address, Huntington, W. Va.

Board of surgeons, December 28, 1898, found pensioned disabilities, and disease of lungs, lumbago, and general and nervous debility.

Medical testimony is that " said claimant is wholly incapacitated for the performance of manual labor by reason of disabilities contracted while serving in above-mentioned regiment and increased disabilities owing to age and increased disability by reason of a gradually growing severity in disabilities for which now pensioned."

Claimant has a home and no income but his pension.

It is recommended by this committee that it be increased to $40 per month.

The committee adds the following statement from the Member introducing the bill in this case:
I wish to make this statement with reference to the case of George W. Hutchison and to say that this soldier nnd his wife both need the care and attendance of another person in looking after them. They are both old and infirm. They have no means of support other than the small pension they now receive, and I sincerely ask for an allowance of $50 a month for them. Very truly, yours.
J. A. Hughes

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