Benjamin Puckett Pension Increase

Benjamin Puckett Pension Increase

H. R. 24547. Benjamin Puckett, aged 69 years, served as a private in Company I, Fourteenth Regiment Kentucky Infantry, from November 10, 1861, to September 15, 1865 (3 years 10 months), and is now a pensioner under the act of July 14, 1862, at $30 per month on account of disease of rectum and varicose veins of right leg.

Address, Catlettsburg, Ky.

Medical examination of February 17, 1909, showed, besides the pensioned disabilities, varicose condition of left leg and some disease of heart.

On January 9, 1912, the medical referee denied another examination on the ground that the pensioned disabilities alone did not require the frequent and periodical attendance of another person.

Neither of the two physicians who testify assert that he requires a constant attendant, but. does require some aid at times, and is becoming more helpless every month.

He has no property and no means of support except his pension.

An increase to $40 is allowable.

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