Levi Tackett Pension Papers (Excerpt)

Levi Tackett Pension Papers (Excerpt)

1872, June 24: Levi Tackett, resident of Magoffin Co. KY, age 53, makes application for Invalid Pension, states that on or about the 16th day of Nov. 1862 he volunteered at Paintsville, KY for a term of three years. He enrolled under Capt. James M. Atkeson [Atkinson] in the 14th Regt. of KY, commanded by Col. G. Gallup in the War of 1861 to 1865 for the suppression of the Rebellion. While in service in line of duty at or near Atlanta, GA, on the 22 day of June 1864 being engaged in battle with the enemy he was struck with a ball from the enemies [sic] gun entering his left thigh and passing through near the bone, badly wounding him at the time...has disabled him from the time of receiving it to the present...since leaving service...has resided in Magoffin Co. KY on the State Road Fork of Licking River and his occupation has been farmer.
Witnessed by D.D. Sublett and Farrish Arnett.

1888, Jan. 14: Levi Tackett, age 68, resident of Magoffin Co. KY made affidavit in Magoffin Co. Court, he is a pensioner of the United States, enrolled at the Louisville KY Pension Agency at the rate of $6 per month by reason of disability received when while in the military service by the enemy on the 22 day of June 1864 near Kenesaw Mountain the the state of Georgia while Private Co. I, 14th Regt. KY Vol. Inft. He believes himself entitled to increase of pension on account of injury received by gun shot by the enemy, he is almost totally disabled by said wound from performing manual labor. He was treated in hospital for said wound in Knoxville, TN in June 1864. Appoints John M. Power of Salyersville, KY, his attorney.
Witnessed by William Tackett, Salyersville, KY and William Conley, Nehemiah, KY.

1898, May 4: Levi Tackett, answered questionnaire from Bureau of Pensions: his wife was Susanna Tackett, before marriage, they were married 16. Jan. 1844 in Johnson Co. KY by E. Howse, record exists in Johnson Co. Court, no previous marriages, children are: Wm. Tackett, b. 7. Oct. 1844; Letty Jane Blair, b. Oct. 1846; Pheby Montgomery, b. Apr. 1848; Mary C. Burks, b. 11. Feb. 1854; Westiney Shaver, b. Aug. 1856; Milton S. Tackett, b. 2. Jul. 1867; G. W. Tackett, b. 25. Apr. 1869.

1907, Feb. 27: Levi Tackett, age 87, of Nehemiah, KY, Civil War soldier, gives his places of residence since service as " Johnson Co. KY, left Johnson Co. KY 1867 then removed to Magoffin Co. KY where I have resided ever since."
G. P. Wheeler and Peter Hunley witnessed statement.

1909, Aug. 26: B. B. Wheeler, age 29, resident of Magoffin Co. KY makes application for reimbursement for expenses incurred by last sickness and burial of Levi Tackett, his first wife Susan Tackett is deceased, his last wife Polly Caudill survives him, his last sickness dated about one month before death, was attended by Dr. Barnes[Byron?] Conley of Falcon, KY for neuralgia of the heart, pensioner died 20. Jul. 1909 at the home of his son in law, Benjamin I. Wheeler.
Witnessed by G. P. Wheeler and E. E. Caudill.
Dr. Byron R. Conley made Physician's Statement above.

1909, Oct. 4: Widow's pension Application of Polly Tackett, age 83, resident of Falcon, Magoffin Co. KY, widow of Levi Tackett, states she married under name of Polly Caudill on 28. Aug. 1902 at the home of of Rev. Charles Wheeler; her former husband died at Falcon, KY 29. Apr. 1897, and Levi Tackett died at Nehemiah, KY, 28. Aug. 1900 [??]. Witnessed by Bud Blanton and Kellie Adams who state they have known her for 20 years.

Source: Legends in Blue & Gray, Vol. V, pp. 1722/1723, Magoffin Co. KY Historical Society, 1998
Transcription by: Marlitta H. Perkins