Elhanan Wright Pension Increase

Elhanan Wright Pension Increase

H. R. 20392. Elhanan Wright, aged 08 years, served as a private in Company G, Fourteenth Regiment Kentucky Infantry, from November 19, 1801. to January 31. 1865 (three years and two and one- half months), and is now a pensioner under the act of February 6. 1907, at $12 per month - on account of age.

He was formerly pensioned at $10 for injury of left arm. disease of heart, and loss of right eye.

Address, Prestonburg, Ky.

The pensioned disabilities were disclosed by medical examination of August 7. 1901.

Dr. G. T. Frederick and Dr. R. M. Ackers. March 20. 1912. say sight in right eye is gone and the left is very bad. His hearing is bad. Can not get up, when down or sitting, without help. The knee joints are stiff.

The Member introducing the bill has known pensioner all his life, and he says, " I know that he is entirely without income but his pension. He has no property of any kind, and is taken care of by his relatives and neighbors, and is totally unable to earn anything.''

An increase to $30 is recommended.

Source: Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.United States Congressional Serial Set, By United States Government Printing Office; Published by U.S. G.P.O., 1912, p. 56