14th Kentucky Heritage Society

14th KY Heritage Society

~ Sons and Daughters of 14th KY Veterans ~

The 14th KY Heritage Society would like to invite all descendants of 14th KY veterans to join our society. Our goal is to honor the memory of our ancestors and remember the sacrifices they made while fighting so valiantly to protect family, home and country.

We encourage research on the regiment to further a more in depth knowledge about the men and their believes , enabling us to pass this information on to our families as well as to educate the general public. The exchange of information between members is strongly encouraged.

Another focus will be to locate as many of the 14th KY veterans’ graves and assure their upkeep, as well as placing markers wherever needed.

Another commemorative project will be raising funds for a monument at Kenesaw Mountain Battle Field Park in Georgia, in honor of the men of the 14th KY, for their gallant actions on June 22, 1864 at Kolb’s Farm. It was here, that the regiment sustained one of the heaviest losses in their service history.

Membership to the 14th KY Heritage Society is free and open to any male and female descendants of 14th KY veterans. We also offer a free membership in our auxiliary organization "Friends of the 14th KY" to anyone who doesn’t have any ancestors in the 14th KY Regiment but shows a genuine interest in our goals and projects and would like to participate in our activities. The 14th KY Heritage Society is a non-profit organization.

Membership entitles you to our on-line 14th KY Newsletter, issued quarterly [if possible] as well as access to our on-line, but private, membership list.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us your name, e-mail and/or street address and name of ancestor.

For our heritage!
Marlitta H. Perkins
14th KY Regimental Historian

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