What's New 2000

What's New 2000

For 2001 there is a new address for the web site, which is rather easier to remember www.usherfamily.net The site is still on the rootsweb server and this is just a different way to get to it. The old address will also work but I would recommend changing your bookmarks to the new address incase it changes in the future.

I also have some great additions for the site for the New Year that will be of great interest to some of you, but in the mean time, I wish you all a Happy New Year and leave this year with the updated information that I have collected since the last time. This is all US and Canada, and of course there has been an update to my own tree on the The Usher Family of Scotland page, connecting up the tree from Pat Black - thanks for that.

U.S. Military Records, 1925: Official National Guard Register - New York - Georgia

Alabama Deaths, 1908-59 - New page for Alabama
Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900 (updated)
California Birth Index, 1905-10 - California
William USHER, Santa Ana Cemetery, Orange - California
Colorado Marriages, 1859-1900 - New page for Colorado
Obituaries - The Augusta Chronicle - Georgia
Marriages - Indiana
Jo Daviess County, Illinois - found a Moses Usher in the 1870 Census Index.
Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) Obituaries, 1990-2000 - Kentucky
Marriages, 1851-1900 (Updated)
Kentucky 1910 Miracode Index - Kentucky
Louisiana Marriages, 1851-1900 - Louisiana
History of Paris, Maine to 1880 - Maine
Maine Marriages to 1875 - Maine
RIVERSIDE CEMETERY Kingfield, Maine - Maine
Baltimore City Death Index - Maryland
Chancery Papers, Index - Maryland
Baltimore County Court (Chancery Papers) - Maryland
Maryland Indexes Marriage References - Maryland
Maryland Marriages, 1778-1889 (Updated) - Maryland
Boston Herald (Massachusetts) Obituaries, 1991-2000 - Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts Marriages, 1700-1809 - Massachusetts
Danvers, Essex County, Massachusetts Births to 1850 - Massachusetts
Newburyport, Massachusetts Directory, 1891- Massachusetts
Worcester County, Massachusetts, Probate Index - Massachusetts
Library of Michigan 1870 Census Index
Michigan Marriages, 1851-1900 - Michigan
Carter Co. Marriage Book D 1906 - 1915 - Missouri
Missouri Marriages, 1851-1900 (Updated) - Missouri
Omaha, Nebraska Directories, 1889-90 - Nebraska
Buffalo News (New York) Obituaries, 1992-2000 - New York
Oneida, New York Directories, 1887-88, 1890 - New York
Staten Island, New York Directory, 1886 - New York
William USHER, Fairlawn Cemetery, Stillwater, Payne - Oklahoma
Oregon Death Index, 1903-70 - Oregon
Oregon Marriages, 1906-20 - Oregon
Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825 - Pennsylvania
Chester City, Pennsylvania Directory, 1888-89 - Pennsylvania
Utah Cemetery Inventory - Utah
Utah Directory, 1890: Salt Lake City, Logan, and Provo - Utah
Washington, DC Marriages, 1826-50 - Washington

... and in Canada

Halifax District, Nova Scotia Census, 1901: Halifax City
Marquette District, Manitoba Census, 1891
Saint John County, New Brunswick Census, 1901
The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
Winnipeg City, Winnipeg District, Manitoba Census, 1901

California Death Index, 1940-1997

Yes, just as you were beginning to think I had forgotten you all.... Not at all. I have been constantly working on additions for the site, and not got around to putting the updated pages onto the internet. Sorry. As some of you know I am about to move apartments, and have been busy chasing electricians, plumbers and the like making sure things are done properly, and then there's the decorating... choosing colours... painting... trying to find the right furniture... I'm sure many of you will know what I'm talking about. Just the packing and the moving to go.

I have also been looking into the subject of DNA research with genealogy. I'm sure some of you will also have read something on the subject. Well I have been looking into the costs and organization of such an undertaking. If Ushers around the world are willing and interested I would like to set this up in the new year. I will need male Ushers and at least two from each branch. Preferably cousins/2nd cousins etc, and not males in a direct line, i.e. Grandfather, Father, Son. No needles are involved, just a home testing kit with a mouth swap. Anyway drop me a line if you are interested and if you have any questions. I will try and set up a web page in the next week or so, that will give all the details and answer any questions. Cost would be in the region of $220 US, payable directly to the lab. Let me know what you think.

Now for the updated pages... deep breath.... first UK:

Christine Usher (a big hello to you Chris) has supplied details for Ushers in Northumberland, and a family tree to go with it. Bedfordshire now has a page also. The Usher Family of Scotland - Other info has been updated, as has the family tree (again), and over the water the Ireland General page has been added to, as has the The Usshers of Gerardstown with a document from Hugh Casement - sorry it took a while to get done.

Now over to the US:

Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900
New London, Connecticut Directories, 1888, 1890-92
Rockville, Connecticut Directories, 1889-92
Louisville, Kentucky Directory, 1886
Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Index, 1871-1909 (Part A-K)
Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Index, 1648-1870
Nevada State 1875 Census: Churchill, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Lyon
Glen Falls, New York Directories, 1888, 1890, 1891-92
Newburgh, New York Directories, 1889-92
Names of those hospitalized due to heat prostration, Aug 1896, from the New York Times
Pennsylvania 1910 Census Miracode Index
Newport, Rhode Island Directories, 1887-92
Tennessee Marriages, 1851-1900
Texas Land Title Abstracts
Virginia 1910 Census Miracode Index

Rev. G. Randolph USHER in South Carolina sent me some details of the branch in Lancaster that he descends from.

and in Canada:

Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario Canada Census, 1901
Obituaries. Canada
Ottawa Citizen, Aug 30, 2000.

and finally New Zealand gets its own page.

I have been quite busy recently working and updating my own tree, so all you who are of the Scottish branch should check the The Usher Family of Scotland page. Many thanks to the Canadian Courthill descendents for supplying me with the information. Also added a couple of photos and tidied all the IGI sources for the USHERS. I will get round to the other surnames soon. Cousin Stuart USHER was in the papers again, this time the "Scotland on Sunday". I have placed the article on-line so that the anyone who missed it can read it. A Sorry Estate - thanks to Viv for sending it on to me.

Margaret McLeod has send me her tree, which starts with John USHER and Elizabeth SIMPSON. He was from Northumberland and emigrated to Tasmania, and then moved on to New South Wales. The tree can be seen on the Northumberland page, many thanks to Margaret for supplying the information.

And of course there have been numerous updates on the following pages:
Wisconsin Marriage Index, 1820-1907
Canada Scott Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada Census, 1901
Pennsylvania Norristown, Pennsylvania Directories, 1888-93
US POW/MIA Records
on the Illinois page
Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900
Indiana Marriage Records Index, 1845-1920

And so the Irish Ushers/Usshers don't feel left out, I have added a tree for the The Ushers of Birr. It has been created from the articles by J.M. Masters and Jemma Ussher and is intended to be a companion to those articles and not a source of information in it's own right. I hope some of you find it of use.

Added 1888-90 Directories for Worcester, Massachusetts and Illinois Marriages, 1851-1900. In the state of Victoria, Australia added details of Ushers mentioned in Local History Book Indexes.

And some major work been done on my own tree, see The Usher Family of Scotland for  more information.

Added details of Ushers in Taunton, Massachusetts as of Directories, 1890-93 and Jacksonville, Florida, according to Directories, 1888-93.

Quite a few death entries have been added, namely, Texas Death Index, 1964-1998, Wisconsin Vital Records Death Index, Cemetery records in New York and Ohio Death Certificate Index 1913-1937 where certificates can also be ordered for the modest fee of $1.00. Lets hope more follow this lead.

A new page has been added for Rhode Island

Jayne Grace has just returned from a trip to the UK where she has found more information regarding her Ushers in Kent (The Kent researchers have definately been very active recently - well done) - and has kindly supplied me with a GEDCOM so that we can present her tree on-line. 

A big hello and thankyou to Monica Ryan for adding her article "Going Round in Genealogical Circles". It concerns Ushers in Kent, and can be found on that page.

In the US States, added Utah State Archives Database; New Britain, Connecticut Directories, 1888-93 and Minnesota Volunteers in the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection.

Have had a bit of a breakthrough this last week in finding a link to Patrick Black and his Ushers from the Usher Family in Scotland. Also managed to find some extra information in a Canadian 1901 census index in Dufferin, Lisgar District, Manitoba, Canada. This has enabled me to add some more details to the Ushers of Scotland (see James Moffat Usher, his siblings, and his 1st cousin Thomas Usher, son of William Usher and Alison Tait. Now I know why some of these people weren't showing in the 1881 British census. An updated tree has also been uploaded.

Have also added American Emigrant Ministers, 1690-1811, and a Land Records Database link to USA General , North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 to North Carolina, a Roster of Ohio soldiers in war of 1812, and directory listings from Spokane, Washington, 1889-93 and Youngstown, Ohio, 1889-90.

Back to Canada a listing has been added for Ushers in Saskatoon's Woodlawn Cemetery, City of Saskatoon, Canada.

I have also added a page detailing an Usher family that originated (from our earliest information) in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ireland, and subsequently migrated to Scotland. If anyone can help with this line then please get in touch.

Rather a lot this week ! First the U.S.A.

California : California Land Patent Records, San Francisco, California Directories, 1889-91 and Shasta Co. added.
Connecticut : Oliver Usher married Huldah FOOTE m. June 18, 1789.

Wisconsin Vital Records Indexes, Pre-1907 Birth Index, Marriages, and Death Indexes.
Missouri Marriages, 1851-1900 
Maine : Biddeford, Maine Directory, 1890-91, Obit for Gerald Frederick Usher who died Dec 1998, Portland.
Massachusetts : Lawrence, Massachusetts Directories, 1888-92 
Indiana : Indiana Birth Records Index, 1880-1920 and details of David Thomas Usher 1879 - 1967 married Clara Margaret Yott 1884 - 1968
New York : Girls High School, Brooklyn, Graduation Class June 1909
New page for Oklahoma
Mary (Polly) Usher in Virginia
Moses H. Usher to Tennessee
Details of Major Simon Willard and Nonacoicus Farm from Groton Historical Series by Dr. Samuel A. Green 1887 who at the time of his death was in debt to Hezekiah Usher of Boston, Massachusetts.

Australia :
Deaths in Melbourne Hospital 1867-1880 Australia

UK :
Added details for a William Usher born 1916 in Newcastle, UK. Northumberland
Added a page for Essex, UK, with some Usher details.
John Usher, Haberdasher 1768, London 

Ireland :
Help for a Mary Anne Usher from Co. Galway
Magaret Alice Usher, b. Tipperary, Ireland General
Added details to The Ushers of Birr from Judy Scott and obituary details of Dr Joseph Francis Usher.

Details added for Elmira, New York Directories, 1889-93, Houston, Texas Directories, 1890, Cincinnati, Ohio Directory, 1890-91, KENTUCKY MARRIAGE INDEX, Kentucky, MAINE DEATH INDEXES, Maine. A death entry in a local newspaper for James Usher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Irish Records Extraction Database on the Ireland General page and added a plea for more information regarding Elizabeth Usher in Wychling, Kent.

Added Gwen Knowles' details of Dr. Issac William Usher of Dundrum, along with some historical details behind some of the Usher place names in Dublin on the Ireland General page. Added a picture and details of the Usher who became Matron of Birr Workhouse on The Ushers of Birr page.

Ancestry.com have added to their databases the CIVIL WAR PENSION INDEX with images online ! This is the direction that genealogy should be going. Details are on the USA General page.

Link added to the KENTUCKY DEATH INDEX (1911-Present [2000]) on the Kentucky page (where else). There are quite a lot of Ushers listed. Added a new pages for South Dakota and Wisconsin bringing the number up to 32 US states. Still in the US, Lain Brooklyn City Directory 1897-98 has been added to the New York page; Miles Usher was in the Duluth, Directories, 1890-92 in Minnesota; 21 Ushers added from the Salem, Massachusetts Directories; 4 extracts added from "Calendar of New Jersey Wills" concerning Ushers; 2 births in Caroline County, Virginia; 2 marriages in Frederick Co., Maryland and 2 deaths in San Diego, California.

Vivienne Dunstan sent me some articles from the Border Magazine pertaining to The Usher Family of ScotlandMr John Usher as a Poet, Thomas Usher Esq. Secretary, Edinburgh Border Counties Association and The Death of Mr Thomas Usher. The Scottish tree has also had many additions to it recently and we are starting to see more connections to Canada and the U.S. Added an 1871 census entry for Wm Usher age 15, a farm servant in Kent.

Added a link to Maine Marriage Records which contains records from 1892 to 1965. There are a few Ushers there. Added wife and children for James Moffat Usher which is in the The Usher Family of Scotland tree. Rootsweb has also a cemetery database that turned up a few Ushers in Oregon and Texas. Chelsea in Massachusetts revealed a Joseph Usher in it's midst's between 1890-92, Cambridge, Massachusetts Directories, 1887-90 have also been added, and a Mary A. Usher born in Co. Galway was found in a death notice in Chicago, with her brothers attending the funeral.

Added a link to Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1819 at Ancestry.com! on the Pennsylvania page. A new page for Oxfordshire has been added.

Added Ushers in the Boston, Massachusetts Directory, 1890 to the Massachusetts page. Added Canadian immigration information to the Canada page. The The Usher Family of Scotland tree has been updated with a few more Ushers, and details of marriages and deaths have been added for Lamar Co., Texas.

Some Hezikiah's found in  "Connecticut Soldiers, French & Indian War, 1755-62". Look at the Connecticut page for further details.

Added an entry for William Usher's Civil War Record to Kentucky, added some info for Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts and two clergymen added, Independent (New York City) Ministerial Register, 1892-95 on the New York page. Page added for Virginia and for those of you interested in South Carolina some details have been added for Norwood Cemetery, Darlington, SC, where 3 Ushers are buried with birth and death dates.

Also added the most recent "What's New" to the start page and added a link to another Usher web site for the The Usher Family of Scotland run by my cousin Stuart Usher - actually 3rd cousin twice remove but who's counting !

Added some information in Baltimore - Maryland, Newark - New Jersey, Columbus - Ohio. Some extra links to search on the Texas page, with a lot of information for 20th century Ushers.

A plea from Jayne Grace has been added for information regarding Clarice Bertha Usher in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Updated the Usher Family Tree for the Scottish branch. Many source additions, mostly IGI and census 1881 information.

Page added for Indiana, added details of Ushers to be found at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Military Men, 1917-18 added for Maine. Information added to the New York page.

Well I am back, less half a thyroid gland but well.

Added a page for Kansas, details added to New York and a lovely rendering the arms of Usher: (Eastwell, Co. Galaway, Mount Usher, Co. Wicklow, and Co. Monaghan...) in The Usher Armory - thanks to Brian for sending me that.

This is the last update for a short while as I am going into hospital tomorrow for a thyroid operation, and will therefore be slightly indisposed until the end of the week. I should though be fighting fit in about 9 days time.

In the meantime, there is plenty of information to update the site with, and I must thank Dr Kenneth Ussher in NZ, for sending me many details of his branch, and also hello to Brian Ayliff Usher who is gathering up information for the Ushers that migrated from Wiltshire to South Africa. What he has put together so far is now online as a tree from the Wiltshire page.

Among the updates at the moment are U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 3 on the USA General page, a new page for Minnesota and District of Columbia and  details of b/m/d's in Massachusetts. I have also updated the Scottish tree, a couple of extra details and reformatting of some of the source information.

Al Chassereau sent me some tree details for Ushers in Screven County, Georgia, and this has now been added to the Georgia page. Thanks Al.

Added a new page for Pennsylvania and updates on Missouri, Canada, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Iowa, New York

A happy Easter to you all and a happy St George's Day too. Some additional pages have been added to the UK section, Channel Islands, Cumberland, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Isle of Man and Somerset.

These have had 1881 census  information added, as has Wiltshire.

Joan Hanlon sent me a copy of the Usher's Brewery Centenary Speech which I have added to the site. It can be found on UK / Wiltshire. Also added a page for Louisiana and some details on the Ohio page.

Added Jayne Cole's information to the London page. Joan Ussher Sharkey sent me some information regarding Kathleen Browne [nee Ussher] who died on April 10th 2000. She was of The Usshers of Gerardstown formerly Eastwell.

Amended the email address for Lindy Boeck on The Ushers of Birr page. Made a couple of programming corrections. Generated a new tree for the Ushers of Scotland with links for sources that are on the net.

Added Robert Usher to the Waifs and Strays. He sailed to NYC in 1903. Added some strays to the Canada page. Been working hard on some other bits and pieces that should be coming in the next week or so.....

Added pages for Tennessee and Washington state, with some directory information. Added some info to the New York and Connecticut pages.

Gwen sent me a mail correcting my spelling of the Ushers of Birr, they are a single s lot ! Also the Ireland page title has been altered to reflect this.

Again, all pages have been updated. For anyone who has trouble with the new menu there is now a text based site index page. This can be accessed from the bottom right of every page.

Also added some links specific to each of the US states and Irish counties, both for web information and mailing lists. I shall probably do those of the UK tomorrow.

Also added a list of the Ushers included in the US WWI Civilian Draft Registrations Moved some of the Waif and Stray information to the relevant county page.

Added text for all the graphic pictures to make the pages appear better to people browsing in "text only" modes.

A while since the last official update. There have been minor additions to many of the US branches. Various Ushers that I keep coming across. I have also split the US Ushers into the various states - one state per page. Also the countries Australia, Belize, Canada and Germany have their own pages. Whilst I was at it I also decided to split all the UK other's into their individual counties. This makes the page layout more efficient as more and more information comes in.

I have now updated the menu. As you can see it is a bar that is added to the top of the page. This saves a lot of space and quite a lot of maintenance work. If you experience problems please let me know.

Also added another Whisky Jug to the Andrew Usher & Co. memorabilia page (see The Ushers of Scotland).

Added Dawn's details to the Ushers of MA, added a new page displaying various pieces of advertising from Andrew Usher & Co. Whisky Distillers. This is on the Ushers of Scotland page (my branch) - it's about time I did some more on my own line :-)

Also added some Ohio details. 

Added details of New Jersey Ushers to the USA/CAN page. These include Broomfield Usher who is mentioned in "The Ushers of Birr" article, and also some of my branch who I have been searching for.

Hello all. Added the Ireland Co. Wicklow page (Hello Lorna), and also fixed many of the spalling mistaeks on the pages. Added a link to an old map of Ireland that I came across on the Irish page and added some info from Tom to the Waifs and Strays. I also found some Ushers listed in a some directories, namely in Texas and Toronto and have added them to the USA/CAN others along with details of William Allan Usher who was in Kentucky in the mid 1800's. Details of some contacts also added to the Ushers of Massachusetts page along with a web link to an article mentioning good old Hezekiah Usher.

One major change that I would like to make is with the menu. It takes up far too much space. So I am experimenting with a new one I have programmed. I have only put it on the armory page at the moment to test it to see if it works (especially with older browsers). If you don't see anything you May not have Java enabled in your web browser. I would also like some feedback regarding layout etc. I do hope to split all the USA and Canadian branches up into states and have a drop down list of all the states instead of a long page which is getting longer every week.

Thanks as always to all the comments I get thought the week, and for the information that many of you are in the process of gathering.

Been a little strapped for time this week but have managed to update a few pages, namely UK Others - Wiltshire Ushers - namely the brewery family, USA/CAN Others with a plea for the parents of Travis Usher who was born in S. Carolina, and addition to the obituaries, some details of some Ushers in the Yorkshire area and an addition for another Usher who emigrated from Ireland to Australia - one for Jemma I think :-)

Coming in the week a couple of additions including (another !) page for Ireland. This time Co. Wicklow will receive the honours. I also fixed a couple of links. If you find any that don't work, please drop me a line.

A very major update has taken place to the site. Not sure where to start. Spelling corrections made in the Ushers of Scotland sources file. The Ireland page has now been split up. The main page is for the general information, and there are links on this page to the Ushers of Birr, Cappagh, Galway and Gerardstown. The pages were becoming too slow with when too much information was in them.

The UK others has had some additions, as has USA/Can others. The Web Resources has two more links to genealogical databases and the locations has had a bit of a revamp. The main home page has now lost the what's new list, which has become a page of it's own. Also some HTML code has been added to help search machines index the site better, which will hopefully lead to more "hits" and hopefully more information.

Jackie has submitted a piece written by her grandfather Percival Arland Ussher that details some of the more famous Usshers on the Ireland (general) page, and the fanatacial Jemma has added some more data regarding Usher/Ussher's downunder. Most of this can be accessed via the Other branches page. Some data has also been added regarding the Belize branch and I have added Lisa and her plea for information to the Ushers of Massachusetts.

Phew, that's about it at the moment.

Not quite got round to doing an update this week, but there are some minor amendments, mostly to the html code on the site. There are some additions to the site though "waiting in the wings".

I also have a plea. I know some of you use the family tree maker software. Does anyone have CD #210 of the family archive CD's (Thomas B. Usher) or WFT Volume 18: Tree 1111 (Harriet Usher). If so please drop me a line.

There have been some minor updates during the week. Today I changed the layout slightly. Those of you (that's most of you) who use 800x600 screen resolution will find that the web site is now more friendly to your screen resolution. The navigation bar at the top was getting way to big. I have also been playing with some new design ideas to improve matters further, so watch out for that in the coming week or so.

On the Ushers of Ireland, Jemma Ussher has sent me an additional article on Henry Essex Edgeworth, who's mother was an Usher. I have added some photo's of the Church at Birr, sent to me by Gwen. During the week I changed the armory page a little, background to make the colours (colors for the US) stand out better, and added links to the various names if they are in a tree that is on the website.

Robert Usher Somers sent me some articles detailing the origins of the surname. Not sure where to put the link yet. I think that will come in the site revision. I am also contemplating giving, at least the Irish Ushers, a page of their own, especially after being contacted by a member of the Ushers of Cappagh. Hello Jackie.

Also on UK Others, I have added details of the ancestors of Sir George Clemens Usher. He died in South Africa, and Desre Sjoberg and myself have put a tree together for his family and his ancestors. There are also connections here to the UK and US.

I must also welcome my Canadian cousins, who I have managed to make contact with after many years, and for all of you who have wished me well in my new job, I must thank you and say that it seems to have rubbed off as things are really very good, and I am happy I made the move. 

Updated the source info in Jemma's articles regarding the first Ushers in Australia. Also made some corrections to her article on the Ushers of Birr, so if you have downloaded it, you should do so again and overwrite the previous copy. I have been playing about in the armory a little. Added another picture, started to change the look of the page, and added links to the trees of the people who are mentioned.

Added a few flags around the place too.

Added to the Irish page, a link to Birr Castle. Also added Kent and Sheffield to the other branches UK, with pleas for help there, aswell as a plea for Ushers in Ontario - see the other branches USA/CAN.

Added to the Irish Ussher's, USSHER of GERARDSTOWN, formerly of EASTWELL, as documented by Burke's "The Landed Gentry Of Ireland", including family tree data and GEDCOM. Thanks to Gwen for sending the photocopy to me. Also added the GEDCOM file for USSHER formerly of CAPPAGH.

Added Jemma Ussher's article on the Ushers of Birr, both Word and PDF format and added some Irish Ushers who traveled to the U.S. on the Earl of Donegal, to the Waifs and Strays.

I have done a few minor bits and pieces over the last few days. Added James Usher who went to South Africa in 1819 in the Waifs and Strays on the Other Branches pages. Added memorabilia section to the Ushers of Scotland, updated the tree and added a couple of changes in the armory.

Well I am really happy with the response so far to the web site. There has been over 300 hits in the first month - that is about 10 a day.

Jemma has been busy and has sent me three articles to add The First Usher in Australia, The Second Usher in Australia (located on the other braches page) and details of Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington who's grandmother was an Ussher of Ireland.

I have also added the arms of Ussher of Cappagh, Co. Waterford to the Armory and a section entitled snippets of info in the Ireland branch where I can add all those little bits that I keep coming across.

Added a page for Obituaries and added details about the well known ballad "The Wife Of Ushers Well". As it originates in Scotland, I have claimed it for the Scottish branch !

Added an article from a publication named The Biographer about Noble Luke Usher Somers, provided by R J Usher Somers. Added some motto translations in the Armory. Ushers of Co. Waterford also updated and a tree added.

I came across a quote today on a web page Death Quotations about dying, capital punishment, funerals bereavement and grief that one or two of you May find interesting.

A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man.
   ~ ~ Percival Arland Ussher

Also added a few "rough" interpretations of some of the described arms in the armory, so as to help people get a better general idea.

For all the Irish Ussher genealogists I have added Jemma Ussher's details about "Three Illustrious Ussher's" namely Primates Henry and James, and Capt. Sir Thomas Ussher. Also thanks to Robert Usher Somers I have been able to add a picture of Primate Henry Ussher's Arms to the Armory.

Jemma's full article from Dec 1998 is to follow shortly when I have her full permission. It should save some of you some photocopying, or xeroxing as our American cousins call it.

Also updated the Scottish branch tree, with some more people and some birth certificates from the descendents of James Usher who I tracked down in NJ in the 1860's. Co-incidently he was a heraldic artist and genealogist and had 3 genealogical works published. I am still not able to track down all his descendents... so if anyone knows New Jersey Ushers, maybe you can connect somewhere....

Well I must say I am surprised how the number of hits to this site has shot up. Glad to see a few people taking an interest. Don't forget to sign the guest book.

A couple of updates, UK Others has been updated, mostly with pleas for Durham connections, and Australia has been added to the Other branches, with a plea for info on an Usher in Toowomba, Queensland - maybe a connection for the Birr lot. Some of the names in Australia never cease to amaze me.

A couple of corrections have been made, and my brother pointed out to me that in the Usher Book in the Scottish section, Robert Burns (who's day it was yesterday) has sometimes come out as Robert Bums - I hope none of the Scots are too upset. I haven't corrected it yet, as I would like to wait a little to see what other corrections turn up, and then I will release one update instead of five minor ones.

Added a coloured graphic of the Arms for Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh, and two other graphics of arms that I have come across that unfortunately don't fit any of the official information that I currently have.

Split the other branches up into UK, USA & Canada and others. Fixed the link to the publications page and added a few pieces of minor information, along with a plea for more details regarding the arms used by the Ushers of Birr.

Added the Ushers of ?Illinois? in the other branches - actually Caton A. Usher who first appears in Illinois. Where exactly he came from we are not sure. Kerry has also supplied a tree. Added Marc Gentry in Atlanta as being interested in information regarding the Durham / Northumberland line. Added a page for the Ushers of North Carolina. I still need some more background outlines / details for some of these branches. Added the rootsweb details of people researching the various Usher lines.

Whilst searching ships list for James Usher who went to New York sometime between 1840 and 1860, I have discovered other Ushers that have taken a passage on various ships. Although it doesn't tie into my research, I have added the names to the Other branches page under a new section entitled Waifs and Strays. It May help someone....

Received some newspaper cuttings today from Stuart A. Usher relating to the estates in Scotland and have put them up with the other newspaper articles. Also updated the navigation menu to use frames. Quite tricky to get rid of the advertising banner within the frame :-)

Quite a large update. I have put the search engine on it's own page as it was delaying the main page. The book "A History of the Usher Family in Scotland" is now online and can be downloaded. The tree has also been updated with some more information regarding the lives of the individuals as well as some pictures - mostly those from the Usher book.

I have uploaded a basic skeleton tree for the beginnings of the Ushers Of Yorkshire.

The Ushers of Massachusetts have now got their own page.

I have added two pages, locations describing place names with Usher in the title and publications which lists Usher related books, manuscripts that are known to exist. This list comes mostly from public libraries. If a publication is related to a particular branch then the info will be found on the branch page.

Also added a guestbook, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Added the link to the Johnstourburn Hotel. This was a house owned by the Ushers of Scotland. Added a search facility, family announcement on the Scottish branch and a couple of general text alterations. 

Some information added regarding the different coats of arms used by the different branches of the Usher family. Look in the Armory.

This is the first of the new pages. I have moved the site to a new location, hosted by rootsweb. They give unlimited space free of charge. The only drawback is a banner at the top and bottom of the pages, but it does allow me to put up a lot more information including photos and documents. Please change your bookmarks / favourites.

Over the next few months I hope to be putting up more information regarding the various branches of the Usher family. Please feel free to email me with any additions, trees, documents, pleas, errors, offers of  help, to get in touch with others researching your branch, or simply to just say hello.

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Mark Usher 07 Mar 2010

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