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Christopher Bishop sent me some photos of what looks to be a tobacco tin. The engraving reads With the Compliments of Andrew Usher & Co., Scotch Whisky Distillers.


Brian Ayliff Usher managed to aquire an old hip flask issued by Andrew Usher & Co. on a recent trip to an antique dealer. It is an oval shaped glass bottle with a round silver screw on lid. The top half of the flask is sheathed in leather and the bottom half in a removable silver "cup".

Barometer Usher's Whiskies advertising barometer. Wooden body or plaque measuring appx. 13" across from flat side to flat side. Has a brass ring or bezel with a beveled plate glass and I believe the dial is porcelain. 


OVG Quart bottle An 11 inch, WARRANTED FULL QUART bottle. The label is old and warn but is still readable. It states ANDREW USHER & CO's/OLD VATTED GLENLIVET WHISKY registered EDINBURGH. An export of England. Printed on the label is RECCIVED IN 1904 FROM SCOTLAND. I know Received is misspelled but it is how it reads. The cork has a wooden top. 


Whisky decanter 1 Comemorative WHISKY DECANTER.10 ins tall to told of crown stopper, cobalt blue and white. 'CORONATION OF KING GEORGE Vth and QUEEN MARY JUNE 22nd 1911,'

Whisky decanter 2 to rear 'ANDREW USHER and CO DISTILLERS EDINBURGH' with portraits of the King and Queen on flags applied in white relief with coat of arms to rear. Copeland Spode.
Whisky decanter 3


Whisky decanter 4


Whisky decanter 5


Life magazine advert This is a great old and original magazine ad from a 1904 issue of Life magazine. Usher's Whisky, a Whisky that will agree with you.


Match striker 1 Patriotic matchstriker advertising Ushers OVG whisky, depicts heroic wounded British Boer war soldier, standing with fixed bayonet, Wounded to head, helmet at his feet, defiantly working the bolt of his Lee Metford rifle, entitled "A Gentleman in Kharki" by reknowned artist A Canton Woodville.
Match striker 2
Match striker 3
Match striker 4

Match striker 5

There is also a poem by Rudyard Kipling titled, The Absent-minded Beggar. It reads as follows,

"When you've shouted Rule Britainia
when you've sung "God save the Queen",
when you're finished killing kruger with your mouth
will you kindly drop a shilling in my little tambourine for a gentleman in Kharki ordered south?

He's an abscent-minded beggar and his weaknesses are great
But we and Paul must take him as we find him
He is out on active service wiping something off a slate
and he's left a lot o' little things behind him!

Duke's son - Cooks son - son of a hundred kings (Fifty thousand horse and foot going to Table Bay!).
Each of 'em doing his country's work (and whos to look after their things!)
Pass the hat for your credits sake and pay-pay-pay!" 

Match striker 6


Bar Mirror Usher's Whiskies Mirror

From the early 1900's, perhaps earlier. Made of a nicely crafted wood frame with a great wood backing, beveled mirror glass and the words reverse painted under the glass include:

The wood frame measures 20" wide and 29 1/2" tall (measurements taken from the widest points). The actually mirror glass measures 12" X 21 1/4" (exposed area). Apparently, this bar mirror at one time was screwed into a wall of a bar using four screws along the side portions that extend out (two screws per side). 
Bar Mirror reverse On the back of this mirror, is a notice that reads:

"Notice - this showcard is the property of Messrs Andrew Usher & Co., Edinburgh and May be claimed by them at any time. The design and combination is Registered No. 800.380 Note: When the mechanism of the Cigar cutter requires oiling or the knife sharpening, it can be taken off the frame by unscrewing the small nuts at the back.


advertising playing card A single Playing Card manufactured c1930 to advertise
USHER’S Whisky "The Indispensable Usher". manufactured by De La Rue.


advert that appeared in "The Sphere" 1915 Another old magazine advertisement, this time from "The Sphere", January 30 1915.

Usher's "Green Stripe" & "O.V.G." Scotch Whiskies.

"Safe in all Waters"


Jug Style 1 Picture 1 Two-tone stoneware water jug, transferred to both sides with a coat-of-arms under pouring lip.

It is 4.0" tall. Backstamp is "HANCOCK & CORFIELD, LTD, IMPERIAL WORKS, MITCHAM".

Jug Style 1 Picture 2


Jug Style 2 Usher’s Scotch Whisky water jug made by Wade Regicor. It has the WADE mark on the bottom. There are some variations on the bottom of the jug including:

"86.6 proof, blended scotch whisky, The Jos. Garneau Co., New York, N.Y.".

"Blended scotch whisky 86 proof. Brown-forman Distillers Corp. Louisville, KY"

and only the Wade Regicor mark without text.


Usher's Extra Liqueur Blended Scotch Whisky 1 Usher's Extra Liqueur Blended Scotch Whisky. Blended and bottled by J&G Stewart Ltd. Edinburgh, Scotland.

This clear glass bottle is approx 9" high. 

Usher's Extra Liqueur Blended Scotch Whisky 2


Jug Style 3 Picture 1 Rare and beautiful Usher's scotch whisky water jug. This early water jug dates back to early century or before. The jug stands 7" high and has a diameter of 5 1/4" at the largest point. Engraved basemark on bottom reads "Buchan, 3, Portobello, Edinburg". Jug  has black lettering on both sides and has a ice catcher on the inside.
Jug Style 3 Picture 2



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