plympton st mary

Plympton St. Mary,

With Colebrook Hermerton*, Lee Mill Bridge, Ridgeway, Sparkwell, Underwood, and Venton.

Transcribed from - Morris and Co.'s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer. 1870

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Transcribed by Val HENDERSON

Checked by Robert ROWLAND


Pages 850 - 854

Plympton St. Mary, Gazetteer

Clergy, Gentry, and Private Residents.

Trades and Professions (Abbott ~ Luscombe).

Trades and Professions (Martin ~ Yeo).

Information of Public Men and Institutions Connected with the Town and County.








  PLYMPTON ST. MARY, with COLEBROOK HERMERTON*, LEE MILL BRIDGE, RIDGEWAY, SPARKWELL, UNDERWOOD, and VENTON. - PLYMPTON ST. MARY is an extensive parish, formed by the above named places, but having no village of its own name, the principal of the Poor Law Union, containing, by the census of 1861, 3026 inhabitants, and 9983 acres; in the deanery and hundred of Plympton, the archdeaconry of Totnes, diocese of Exeter, South Devonshire, about half-a-mile north of Plympton Maurice; 5 miles east of Plymouth, 44 from Exeter, 130 from Bristol, and 245 from London, on the South Devon Railway, at which it has a station. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Edward George Hunt, M.A., is valued at £150 per annum, and is in the patronage of the Dean and Canons of Windsor, who are also appropriators of the rectorial tithes. The church is a large edifice, dedicated to St. Mary, principally in the perpendicular style, though some portions of the east end are as old as 1220, consisting of nave, transept, north and south aisles, chancel, with sedilia and piscina, and tower containing eight bells (three of which have been recently added), and a clock. The church has been admirably restored, and a noble east window, in memory of the late Earl of Morley, and another in the memory of the Rev. J.W. Coppard, the late incumbent, both by Hardman, of Birmingham, have been added. The Communion Service is of the reign of Elizabeth. There is a Chapel-of-ease at Sparkwell, 3 miles from the parish church. The Congregationalists have places of worship here, and there is a National School for children of both sexes, also one at Sparkwell.

  SALTRAM, the seat of the Earl of Morley, who is lord of the manor, is a noble mansion, in the midst of a splendidly wooded park, on the east bank of the river Plym; it was principally erected by Lady Catherine Parker, in the early part of the 18th century.

  OLD NEWNHAM is a farmhouse, which was formerly the residence of the Strode family. It is supposed to have been erected about the 11th century, and contains many interesting and ancient relics; it is now occupied by Mr. George Coaker.

  The NURSERY GROUNDS of Messrs. Chalice, with their extensive assortment of shrubs and trees, are situated here, and are well worthy of a visit.

  The UNION WORKHOUSE occupies the site of an ancient hospital, and has an endowment of £50 per annum arising from land.

  There are some charitable bequests for the benefit of the poor.





Clergy, Gentry, and Private Residents.

Babb Rev. James, 1, Boringdon villas, Colebrook

Beall Mrs. Elizabeth, 2, Hemerdon villas, Colebrook

Bewes Cecil E., Esq.,J.P., Hillside, Ridgway

Butcher Mrs. Amanda, Plym villa, Colebrook

Cahill James, Esq., 1, Boringdon terrace, Colebrook

Cawse Mr. Hy., Bridge cottages, Ridgway

Clark Mrs. Matilda, Bridge cottage, Ridgway

Clarke James E., Esq., Underwood

Coall Mrs. H.M., 1, Torriano place, Colebrook

Conram Capt. William, Blackland's house

Cose Mr. William

Courtis John Terrell, Esq., 1, South Devon place, Ridgway

Creagh Mr. Richard, Sparkwell lodge, Colebrook

Crease The Misses, South Devon place, Ridgway

Cridland Mr. E.F., Colebrook

Crook Mrs. Julia, 2, Torriano place, Colebrook

Croker Mr. Elias, Underwood

Daws Mrs. Sarah, Vine house, Ridgway

Derry Ernest, Esq., Mount priory, Ridgway

Dillon Capt. Charles, R.N., 2, Morley villa, Colebrook

Elliot James John, Esq., J.P., Elfordleigh

Farewell Mrs. Augusta, Moor view villas, Colebrook

Fox Henry, Esq., Furzedon

Gayer Capt. Charles R., 7, Saltram terrace, Ridgway

Gandy Henry W., Esq., Lee Mill bridge

Griffin Mr. John

Hall Sparkes, Esq., Hemerdon villa, Colebrook

Harris James, Esq., Hillcott

Hart Mr. Samuel C., Barn cottage

Hartman James, Esq., Saltram

Hawkins Mr. Christopher S., Triton lodge, Colebrook

Hingston Miss. Hannah, Ridgway

Hoare Mrs. Elizabeth, 6, Saltram terrace, Ridgway

Hunt Rev. Edwd. G., M.A., vicar, Ridgway

Hutchinson Capt. Joshua, R.N., 6, Boringdon villas, Colebrook

Hyllyer Capt. Henry, R.N., 3, Boringdon villas, Colebrook

Jones Miss. Caroline, Underwood

Light Mr. Richard, Underwood

Matthews Mr. John, Frogmoor cottage, Ridgway

Morley The Right Hon. Earl of, Saltram

Oliver Mr. Geo., 2, Bridge place, Ridgway

Parkins Mr. John, Ridgway

Phillips The Misses, Ridgway

Ritts Mr. William, Ridgway

Newbey Samuel P., Esq., 4 Boringdon villas, Colebrook

Radcliffe Col. William P., Underwood

Robinson Capt. Joseph, R.N., Torriano place, Colebrook

Robinson Mr. Joshua C., Torriano place, Colebrook

Salmon Col. Arthur, 8, Boringdon villas, Colebrook

Scobell Thomas E., Esq., Ridgway

Scofield Rev. I., The Bridge, Ridgway

Seaton Dowager Lady, Beechwood house

Smith Miss. Jane, 6, Boringdon terrace, Colebrook

Smith Mr. Samuel, Ridgway

Soltau-Symons George William Culme, Esq., D.L., J.P., St Mary's house, Underwood

Soltau John, Esq., J.P., St Mary's house, Underwood

Spry Mr. Thomas, Ridgway

Strode Major George Sidney, S.D.M., Newnham park

Taylor Mr. John William, 1, Hemerdon villas, Colebrook

Taylor Mr. Thomas, Ridgway

Tolchar Mrs. M.T., Harwood house

Treby Miss. Blanche J., Goodamoor house

Tucker Mr. Saml., Yealm cottage, Ridgway

Veitch Mrs. Alfred, Ridgway

Veitch Mrs. Jane, Ridgway

Vice Miss, 2, Torriano place, Ridgway

Walke Andrew, Esq., South View house, Colebrook

Watkins Rev. William (curate pf Plympton St. Mary), 8, Saltram terrace, Ridgway

Watt Isaac, Esq., 2, Boringdon terrace, Colebrook

Waye Capt. John, R.N., 1, Morley villa, Colebrook

Winnecott Mrs. Harriet, 2, South Devon place, Ridgway

Woodley Mr. Charles, 2, Saltram terrace, Ridgway

Woodmuson Mr. John, 11, Saltram terrace, Ridgway

Woollcombe Mrs. Mary, Hemerdon house, Colebrook




Trades and Professions (Abbott ~ Luscombe).

Abbott Philip, "Smiths' Arms" inn, and blacksmith, Lee Mill bridge

Adams James, farmer, Colebrook

Adams James, farmer, Boringdon farm

Adams S.W., land agent, 7, Boringdon villas

Andrews Thomas, poulterer, greengrocer, and newsagent, Ridgway

Anthony Thomas B., greengrocer, Ridgway

Bailey John, furniture dealer, Underwood

Bartlett Philip, shoemaker, "Lee Mill"inn, Lee Mill bridge

Bates Stephen, head gamekeeper to the Earl of Morley, Hardwick wood

Bickley The Misses Jane and Hannah, "Devonshire" inn, Ridgway

Blake James, carpenter, Mill lane, Ridgway

Bradridge Albert, farmer, Spurham

Brogden John and Sons, coal merchants, Railway Depot - Richard Stone, agent

Brown James, bootmaker, Ridgway

Bunker William, farmer and shopkeeper, Hemerdon

Burnett William, painter, Ridgway

Cane Daniel Edwin, farmer, Tuxton farm

Cann William, saddler and harness maker, Ridgway

CHALICE THEODORE AND ALFRED, nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, South Devon Nurseries.

CHUBB JOHN, coal merchant, and agent for Odam's manures, Ridgway, Plympton St. Mary Coal Depot.

Chubb William, lodginghouse-keeper, Ridgway

Cleave George, wheelwright, Colebrook

Clinnick William, lodgings, Prospect place, Colebrook

Cloke James, shoemaker, Colebrook

Clynick Henry, blacksmith, Colebrook

Coaker George, farmer, Old Newnham

Cock Theophilus, lodgings, 3, Hemerdon villas, Colebrook

Cook Ralph, postmaster, Ridgway

Cooke Mis Jane, lodgings, 4, Boringdon terrace

Corber Henry, farmer, Houndall farm

Cork Henry M., farmer, Woodford farm

Cott Mark, head gamekeeper to the Earl of Morley, Triumphant Arch lodge

Cottle William, dairyman, Bridge, Ridgway

Cottle William, carpenter, Bridge, Ridgway

Crossing William B. and William John, farmers, Hay farm

DART JOHN, saddler and harness maker, Fore street, Ridgway

Daw and Serpell, millers, Marsh mills

Deeble William, tailor, Ridgway

Dennis William, farmer, moor farm

Dewdney George, farmer, Higher Chaddlewood

Dewdney Isaac and Arthur, farmers, Lower Chaddlewood

Dewdney Joseph, farmer, Baccamore

Dewdney Robt., "Hele Arms," Underwood

Doddridge James, farmer, Battisford

Dore James, grocer, Ridgway

Dunn William, shopkeeper, Underwood

Edwards William, grocer and baker, Ridgway

FINCH BENJAMIN, grocer, tea-dealer, and provision merchant, Fore street, Ridgway

Fletcher Mrs. Jane F., "Lyneham" inn and farmer, Old Exeter road

Ford Robert, boot and shoemaker, Ridgway

GOSS AND BRIGGS THE MISSES, drapers, milliners, and Berlin wool and fancy repository, Ridgway

Harvey William, baker, Ridgway

Hawkin John, commercial traveller, Moor View villas

Head William, "Post Office" inn, Ridgway

Hillson George, farmer, Elfordleigh and Heath farms

Hodge William, farmer, Coombe

HOLMAN F. AND H., paper manufacturers, Lee Mills bridge; and at Ivybridge

Honey Richard, farmer, Bottle hill

Horton Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, Lee Mill bridge

Horton Henry and Henry William, farmers, Voss and Collaford

Horton James, farmer, Colebrook farm

Hoskin Mrs. Agnes, farmer, Ford

Hoskin William, farmer, Higher Langage

Howard Mrs. Catherine, grocer, Underwood

Hutchings William, plumber and tinplate-worker, Ridgway

Jago Mrs. Agnes, lodgings, 5, Boringdon terrace, Colebrook

Jenkins Henry, farm bailiff to the Dowager Lady Seaton, Beechwood farm

Kingdon Richard, butcher, Ridgway

Kingwell John, farmer, Lower Langage

Lamacraft Mrs. Susan, baker, Colebrook

Lemin John, shopkeeper, Underwood

Lister Mrs. Elizabeth, matron of St. Mary's Union, Underwood

Lister William Henry, master of Plympton St. Mary's Union, Underwood

Luke Thos., grocer and baker, Underwood

Luscombe John, farmer, Bude

Luscombe John, jun., farmer, Lobb farm

Luscombe Philip H., John, Thomas H., and William, farmers, Great Sterat**





Trades and Professions (Martin ~ Yeo).

Martin Robert, farmer, Colebrook

Matcham Thomas, commercial traveller, Ridgway

Miles and Scobell, surgeons, Ridgway

Moon Mrs. Jane, farmer, Colebrook

Moore Mrs. Amy, farmer, Windwhistle

Mumford John,farmer, Sparkwell

Newbery Samuel P., steward to the Earl of Morley, and secretary to the Lee Moor Clay Company, 4, Boringdon villas, Colebrook

Nelder Josias, carpenter, Sparkwell

Newman Mrs. Martha, rope manufacturer and dairywoman, Ridgway

Nicholls John, watchmaker, Ridgway

Oliver John, china clay merchant, Hemerdon Clay Works

Parson Lewis, farmer, Smithaleigh

Pearse Henry, farmer, New barn

Pearce Henry S., registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, and relieving officer for Plympton St. Mary, Auburn place

PHILLIPS EDWARD, coal merchant, Underwood; and at Railway Station

Phillips Frederick, farmer, Bridge farm

Phillips Frederick Wm., butcher, Ridgway

Phillips Henry, farmer, Sherwell

Phillips John, builder, Ridgway

Phillips WIlliam, mason and farmer, Apple Thorn Slade

Pitt William, "Union" inn, Underwood

Pote Richard, farmer, Lower Woodford

Prowse Edward Henry, "George" inn, Ridgway

Putt William, builder, Ridgway

Quick John, baker and grocer, Ridgway

Raddon Edward, master mariner, Bridge villa

Ramsey Frederick A., watchmaker and photographer, Ridgway

Reynolds William Hawke, watchmaker, Ridgway

Roberts John, mason, Ridgway

Roberts Richard, gardener, Underwood

Roberts Thomas, farmer, Hemerdon

Rawe Elias, farmer, Venton farm

Rowe Mrs. Mary Ann, farmer, Hemerdon

Rowe Thomas, farmer, Higher Woodford

Rundle Philip, blacksmith, Colebrook

Sanders John Stocker, general dealer, Ridgway

Sanders Thomas, mason, Sparkwell

Sandover James, blacksmith, Sparkwell

Sandover John, "Treby Arms" inn, Sparkwell

Sandover William, wheelwright and shopkeeper, Sparkwell

SECCOMBE WILLIAM, draper, hosier, haberdasher, and outfitter, Ridgway

Selden Robert, painter, Ridgway

Sellick Francis, cowkeeper, Ridgway

SENDEY HENRY, auctioneer, builder, surveyor, and house agent, and agent to the Liverpool and London and Globe Fire and Life Insurance and Provincial Life Insurance Companies, Ridgway

Sercombe William, wheelwright, Lee Mill bridge

Sherwill John, farmer, Challonsleigh

Short Walter, farmer, Bursland

Sleeman Thomas D., stationmaster South Devon Railway, 1, Bridge place


Soper John, shopkeeper, Ridgway

Soper Miss Rachel, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Ridgway

Soper William, shoemaker, Ridgway

Sowton Richard and Albert, farmers, Higher and Lower Yealmpstone

Spry Mrs. Mary jane, preparatory school, Smithaleigh

Stanbury Benjamin, assistant overseer, and assessor and collector of income, house, and land taxes, Ridgway

Stanbury Henry, wheelwright, Ridgway

Staples Wm., "Plymouth" inn, Ridgway

Stephens Emanuel, butcher, Colebrook

Stephens John, "Colebrook" inn, Colebrook

Stephens Mrs. Thirze, shopkeeper, Colebrook

Stephens William, farmer, Nicholls' farm

Stevens Richard, cabinet maker, Ridgway

Stockman Henry, carpenter, Underwood

Stuttard Hartley, master of Plympton St. Mary Mixed School, School house

Tall Thomas H., lodginghouse-keeper, Ridgway

Taylor John, day school, Saltram terrace, Ridgway

The Lee Moor Porcelain Clay Companies; office: 4, Boringdon villas, Colebrook - Samuel Newbery, secretary

Toope Jonathan, mason and parish clerk, Underwood

Tregillis John, miller, Loughter mills

Triscott Charles, beer retailer, Colebrook

Triscott George, baker, Colebrook

Turpin Richard, farmer, Glaze Alders

Turpin William, farmer, Hitchcombe

Vine Thomas, "Old Ring of Bells", Underwood

Vosper William, farmer, Merafield

Vosper William, jun., farmer, Saltram farm

Wade William, agent, Saltram terrace, Ridgway

Waycott Samuel, farmer, Smithaleigh

Webber Mrs. Grace, dairy, Albert house

Webber Mrs. J., farmer and cattle dealer, Ridgway

Webber William, crrpenter ***, Underwood

Whiteway George, master mariner, The Cottage

Willcock Richard, farmer, Colebrook

Willcocks John, butcher, Ridgway

Williams Charles, ropemaker, Mill lane

Williams Charles F., timber merchant, Torridge house

Willing Andrew and Samuel, farmers, Hardwick

Willis Richard, licensed to let horses and gigs, Underwood

Wills and Toop, coachbuilders, Ridgway

Witnell Charles, shoemaker, Underwood

Wotton Henry, medical student, 1, Avon cottages, Ridgway

Wotton Richard, farmer, Ley farm

Wyatt William, farmer, Collaford

Yelland Daniel, carpenter, Lee Mill bridge

Yeo William, stationmaster at Marsh mills, Ridgway








Information of Public Men and Institutions Connected with the Town and County.


Post Office and Postal Telegraph Office, Ridgway.

Ralph Cook, Postmaster.


On Week Days

On Sunday

Can be posted with extra stamp until

Can be registered until


London, Cornwall, Plymouth, Tavistock, &c.



Do. do. do.

North Mail

London and all parts

10.0p.m. Mail dispatched

4.30 p.m.

Next morning


11.35 a.m.

2. 0 p.m.

7. 0 p.m.


10. 0 p.m.




12.40 p.m.

7. 0 p.m.






11.50 a.m.

2. 5 p.m.

7.25 p.m.





11.50 a.m.

2. 5 p.m.

7.25 p.m.


Commence at

London and all parts

North and West Mail

London and West Mail

On Sundays one delivery only, at

7.15 a.m.

2.50 p.m.

8.20 p.m.

7.15 a.m.

Money Orders granted and paid, and Savings Bank, Annuity, and Insurance business transacted from 9.0 a.m. to 6.0 p.m., and on Saturdays until 8.0 p.m.

Telegraph Office open from 8.0 a.m. to 8.0 p.m.; on Sundays from 8.0 a.m. to 10.0 a.m.



Gas Works, Underwood - J.B. Rowe, secretary

Union Workhouse - William Henry Lister, master; Mrs. Elizabeth Lister, matron; F.P. Cleverton, clerk; Richard Ellery, medical officer; Miss Ellen Robinson, schoolmistress; Henry S. Pearse, relieving officer for the north district; R. Coleman, relieving officer for the south district.



St. Mary's Parish Church - Rev. Edward G. Hunt, M.A., vicar; Rev. William Watkins, curate

Congregational Chapel, Mill lane - Rev. J. Scofield, minister

Congregational Chapel, Lee Mill bridge

Wesleyan Chapel, Colebrook -



National School - Hartley Stuttard, master; Mrs. H. Stuttard, mistress

National School, Sparkwell - Miss Thompson, mistress


South Devon Railway.

Plympton St. Mary Station - Thomas D. Sleeman, stationmaster

Marsh Mills Station - William Yeo, stationmaster and goods manager

Transcript Notes.

* Hermerton is now spelt Hermerdon.

** Modern spelling Stert

*** Webber William - crrpenter ? original misprint of carpenter?





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