plymstock and yealmpton

Plymstock and Yealmpton.

Transcribed from - Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Devonshire 1830-31.

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  PLYMSTOCK is a village and parish, in the hundred of Plympton, about three miles from Plymouth, having nothing remarkable attached to it on any head. Here is the parish church, and a methodist chapel; the living is a rectory, of which the Rev. Jas. Lambton Harris is the incumbent. The charities are a free-school, upon the national plan, and alms-houses for 12 poor parishioners. The entire parish contained, in 1821, 2,735 inhabitants, the greater number of whom are enployed in agriculture.

  YEALMPTON, a village and parish, in the smae hundred as Plymstock, is about six miles from Plymouth and the like distance from Modbury. There is nothing of note connected with this village or parish. The land is fertile, and in an improved state of agriculture; and there are some handsome seats in the neighbourhood, which conduce much to its ornament. A monthly cattle-market is held here on Wednesdays. The population of the parish, by the last returns, was 1,235.

  POST OFFICE, Yealmpton. --- Charlotte Waller, Post mistress,--- Letters fron London &c. arrive every night at eleven, and are despatched every evening at six.--- Letters from Plymouth and Devonport arrive every evening at six, and are despatched evey night at eleven.


Gentry and Clergy.

Bastard Edmund P., Esq., M.P., Kitley

Bulteel John, Esq., Lynham

Bulteel Thomas, Esq., Belle-vue

Harris John, Esq., Radford

Harris Rev. James Lambton

Holberton Thos., Esq., Yealm-bridge

Liscombe Lieut. Jas., R.N., Yealmpton

Longmore Rev. James, Yealmpton

Platt Thomas, Esq., Brixton house


Anthony William, Yealmpton

Bates Robert, Plymstock

Jones David, R.N., Plymstock

Liscombe George, Yealmpton

Nutt James, Plymstock

Winter John, Yealmpton

Inns and Public Houses.

Church Inn, Jno. Taylor, Plymstock

Volunteer, Thos. Pierse, Yealmpton

Yealm-bridge Inn, Job. Head, Ylmptn

Yealmpton Inn, Dl. Edwards, Ylmtn

Shopkeepers & Traders.

Alger Joseph, carpenter, Plymstock

Anthony Jno., carpenter, Yealmpton

Axworthy Alexr. tailor, Plymstock

Baker Jane, blacksmith, Plymstock

Baker Jno., blacksmith, Plymstock

Barratt Edw. blacksmith, Yealmpton

Bennet Wm., carpenter, Plymstock

Brimblecombe Cs., tailor, Yealmpton

Budge Geo. carpenter, Yealmpton

Chubb Jno. shoemaker, Yealmpton

Crocker John, butcher, Plymstock

Dodridge Ths., blacksmith, Plymstck

Hall Thos., shoemaker, Yealmpton

Hingston Jno., saddler, Yealmpton


Lavers Barth., shopkeeper, Yealmpton

Lavers John, miller, Yealmpton

Lugg Wm., shoemaker, Plymstock

Mann Jno., wheelwright, Yealmpton

Mann Ths., wheelwright, Yealmpton

Popham James, baker, Yealmpton

Roberts John, miller, Yealmpton

Rood James, baker, Yealmpton

Rowe Richd., carpenter, Yealmpton

Rowe Robt., miller, Pomfret Mill

Rundle Jno., wheelwright, Plymstock

Salmon Jno., tallow chandler, Ylmptn

Stadon Thos., stone mason, Plymstck

Symons Jno., blacksmith, Yealmptn

Symons Wm. blacksmith, Yealmptn

Weary Thos., wheelwright, Plymstck

Coaches and Carriers.

To and from EXETER & PLYMOUTH pass within 1/2 a mile of Plymstock daily.