tamerton foliatt kings tamerton and st budeaux

Tamerton Foliatt, Kings Tamerton

and St. Budeaux.

Transcribed from - Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Devonshire 1830-31.

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  TAMERTON FOLIATT is a small parish in the hundred of Roborough; six miles from Plymouth and five from Saltash. KINGS TAMERTON is four miles from Plymouth; and St. Budeaux ,or St. Budoc, three miles; both in the same hundred as the first named place. These villages are quite unimportant as connected with mercantile affairs. The principal is Tamertom Foliatt, which has two respectable boarding schools, and its neighbourhood contains several handsome residences belonging to retired families. The parishes of Tamerton Foliatt and St. Budoc contained in 1821, about 2,000 inhabitants.


Gentry, Clergy & Professional Persons.

Avent Joseph, sen. gent., Little Ash

Avent Robert, gent., Butshead

Baxter Mrs., Tamerton Foliatt

Gimblett Jno. gent., Tamerton Foliatt

Grigg Mrs. Mark, Tamerton Foliatt

Harris General, Mount Tamar

Howard Ts., surgeon, Tamerton Foliatt

Mackenzie Mrs., Tamerton Foliatt

Mingey Capt. H., R.N., Kings Tamerton

Raynor Rev. Jno., Tamerton Foliatt

Rowe Rev. Samuel, Vicarage house, St. Budeaux

Simpson Capt. Jas., R.N., Tamerton Foliatt

Smith Jas., gent., Tamerton Foliatt

Smith Mrs. Amy, St. Budeaux

Academies and Schools.

Fairweather Jas., Tamerton Foliatt

Hill Peter, St. Budeaux

Howard Saml. (boarding), Tamerton Foliatt

Needham Richard (boarding), Tamerton Foliatt

Smith William, Tamerton Foliatt

Inn & Public Houses.

King's Arms, William Gregory, Tamerton Foliatt

St. Budeaux Inn, Francis Martin, St. Budeaux

Seven Stars, John Jackman, Tamerton Foliatt

Shopkeepers & Traders.

Avent Jos., miller, Butshead Mill

Bawden Richard, carpenter, Tamerton Foliatt

Bayley Mary, shopkeeper, St. Budeaux

Bond Wm., blacksmith, St. Budeaux

Brown John, nursery & seedsman, Tamerton Foliatt

Calloway Zacharias, blacksmith, Tamerton Foliatt

Collins John, blacksmith, Tamerton Foliatt

Ellis Wm. stone mason, Tamerton Foliatt

Glanville Thos., shoemaker, Kings Tamerton

Gloyn John, carpenter, Tamerton Foliatt

Gourd Margaret, shopkeeper, Kings Tamerton

Gregory Sarah, milliner and Dressmaker, Tamerton Foliatt

Hamley John, carpenter, Tamerton Foliatt

Harris William, butcher, Tamerton Foliatt

Hicks Maria, shopkeeper, St. Budeaux

Hicks Thomas, butcher, St. Budeaux

Hoskin Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Kings Tamerton

Hoskin William, stone mason, Kings Tamerton

Houghton James, baker and shopkeeper, Tamerton Foliatt

Hull William, gardener and seedsman, Tamerton Foliatt

Lee Samuel, shoemaker, Kings Tamerton

Maddock John, painter and glazier, Tamerton Foliatt

Manning Joseph, miller, Tamerton Foliatt

Martin Francis, carpenter, St. Budeaux

Northmore Solomon, baker, Tamerton Foliatt

Pearce Thos., shoemaker, Tamerton Foliatt

Purdy Wm., shoemaker, Tamerton Foliatt

Quance Richard, butcher, Tamerton Foliatt

Stephens John, shopkeeper, Tamerton Foliatt

Tall Wm., tailor, Kings Tamerton

Turtley Josiah, shoemkr, St. Budeau