My Children's Forefathers Ranson Henderson family Genealogy


Unknown member of the Brook Branch.

My Children's Forefathers


Devon, London, Suffolk and Yorkshire.

Unknown member of the Brook Branch.

Names of interest in the UK.

My Side.

Abrams, Ambrose, Bishop, Brook(e), Bunker, Fitzjohn, Force, Gooch, Hart, Hicks, How(e), Jacobs, Jones, Jordan, Keeble, Kitson, Lambert, Newcomb(e), Parkin, Ranson, Rolfe, Salisbury, Saul, Saunders, Standerwick, Stocks, Thompson, Thornton, Wilkinson.


My Husbands Side.

Bickford, Burke, Collin(g)s, Everleigh, Hannaford, Henderson, (H)Ewing(s), Leach, Mitchell, Partridge, Pearce, Pidgen, Richards, Riggs, Scott


One day I was surfing the Internet and wandered if I would be able to find out anything about my roots. I typed in my maiden name and BINGO, one of the first sites I came across had many of my family on it. I then got the 'bug' and started to look at other family names. Since my family did not come from the area that I live I found it difficult to get information and have only got so far thanks to the people with websites and those willing to lookup things for me. I then started on some of my husbands family, discovered the mass of records available locally and have decided to try and put some of it on these pages.


A Bit of Family info.


Some info on the families and the Tree.



Parish Register - Mainly of the family names, but a also a few others I have picked up along the way.

Devon Directories - Selected Towns and Villages.


Morris and Co's Commercial Directory and Gazetteer. 1870


My ongoing effort to make this available on-line, with the help of some wonderful people I have made contact with since starting this hobby.

Harberton OPC Page


Page relating to my OPC role. For more information on the OPC project see Devon Genuki.

The Ranson Connection.


A page relating to the research of Dennis Ranson. Co-Researcher of my Ranson line.


A Page for Jackie

A page relating to the research of Jackie Sture.


Some Links


Pages I have found of use and researchers of names of interest.










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