Maps of the Alsace

Maps of the Alsace

Historical Maps of the Alsace (l'Atelier de Cartographie du Département d'histoire de l'Université de Haute, Alsace): Another delightful collection is available from The Alsatian maps are here: Thank you, Mardon!

The Boundary of France (near the Alsace) in 1555, 1715, 1791, and 1871. Thanks to Robert E. Hausman for sending us this fascinating map! Another nice map which shows the changes in Alsace and Lorraine through the years: Le SPLAF - chose Départements modifiés at the top of page.

   Modern maps:

Alsachat Maps Project: and
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Modern Regions of France, Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin

If you know the village name, but not where it is located, try - Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Territoire de Belfort.
This site also works for the communes of Lorraine.

Sattelite Maps:

Map of Alsace, from Alain Manesson Mallet, Description de L'Universe, vol 4 Europe, 1683 (plate 45):

French départements in 1813 which later became German:
Die deutschen Staaten unter französischer Vorherrschaft Ende 1812:
Der Deutsche Bund nach dem Frankfurter Territorialrezess um 1820:
Staaten im Deutschen Bund 1848:
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Alsace-Lorraine - German Empire West 1882, from Shtetl-Links.

French département Mont-Tonnerre, "Donnersberg" in German, main city Mainz / Mayence. The département was divided into 4 arrondissements and 37 cantons. The civil registers were kept by the French administration. (Ewald)    Map:

Maps showing the Simultaneum in the Churches of the Alsace:
France for Visitors - Alsace & Lorraine:


Historical Maps:
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Prussian Boundries:

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection:

German-Polish Place Names (62423 locations):

David Rumsey Map Collection:

Historical Karten / Maps:

World War Two Aerial Pictures:

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