The Mustang 1979 Freshmen
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The Mustang 1979
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Row 1 - Left to right:
Ted Adams
Sherrie Alford

Row 2 - Left to right:
Katrina Anderson
Oliver Anderson


Row 3 - Left to right:
Sherry Anderson
Clariece Andrews
Tamar Andrews
Brian Applewhite
Kenneth Arrington

Row 4 - Left to right:
Janell Askew
Kevin Atkins
James Atkinson
Karen Atkinson
Paul Ausby

Row 5 - Left to right:
Jamie Avera
Anne Bacon
Lloyd Bagby
Chuck Baker
James Baker

Row 6 - Left to right:
Phillip Barnes
Scarlet Barnes
Benjamin Basset
Troy Battle
Vickie Bauer

Row 7 - Left to right:
Darryl Bazemore
Clark Beavers
Bobby Bell
Dorice Benton
Alicia Bethea


Mustang Pride

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