Meet Robert & Ruth Ortt-Cutchins
Bob Cutchins (class of1940) and Ruth Ortt Cutchins  (class of 1941) grew up in, and loved Cradock, Va.Together they have put their Cradock memories and a bit of Cradock history into several newsletters. They have allowed their newsletters to be posted at this site for others to enjoy. Some of you may remember a lot of what they speak of in these letters, and some will learn new things about Cradock.I hope all enjoy the letters as much as the Cutchins' enjoyed writing them.
Bob & Ruth Cutchins
 Here you will find an index to each page of each letter. You will need to use the back button on your browser to return to the index after reading each page. Hopefully you will be able to print the pages to read offline. I have given a summary of some items you can read about on each page, in the event you do not have time to read all at one time and cannot print them. Enjoy!
The Good Old Days In Cradock