Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Chesapeake, Virginia

Greenlawn Memorial Gardens
Route 58 (Airline Blvd)
Chesapeake, VA


Guidelines For Visitation

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The following Regulations are provided to Lot Owners and those visiting loved ones within the Park to avoid misunderstanding and assist in assuring an atmosphere of beauty and a sacred place of remembrance.


The Park is open for visitation from sunrise to sunset every day of the year. The office hours are 9:00AM to 5:00PM daily for assistance and weekends by appointment.


The speed limit is 10 MPH. Parking is only permitted on the hard surface roadways, not on the grass areas. Please avoid parking on roadways with pending funeral services (Tent Set-ups) or driving by areas while funeral services are in progress. The use of bicycles, skateboards, or self-propelled modes of travel are not permitted in the Park at any time.


March 1 through November 1: All floral offerings must be placed in bronze memorial vase units. (The use of artificial flowers during this season will only be tolerated with the understanding the Park assumes no responsibility for any floral arrangements.)

November through February: Appropriate seasonal floral arrangements will be permitted during the winter months, but all Christmas decorations must be removed prior to February 15th. Any Christmas items on a grave site or in the memorial vase units will be removed and placed behind maintenance building for 60 days. Please remove any items that are to be saved before February 15th of each year.

At all times: The use of glass, metal or plastic containers is prohibited in the Park. No lawn ornaments or items of such nature are allowed on grave sites. All scattered or unsightly arrangements are subject to immediate disposal. While visiting the Park, please do not leave old flowers, arrangements or trash within the Park. No floral offerings will be permitted on unmarked graves without prior Park permission, and if granted, would be for a limited time only.


The displaying of flags and “spiked emblems” will be restricted to placement in the memorial vase units only.


No alcoholic beverages are to be brought on the Park grounds. It is your right as a lot owner, family friend, or visitor, to expect an atmosphere of respect and reverence during your visit to the Park. Should you witness any conduct unbecoming, please report it to the office or call (757) 488-2546.


Over the years, as the Park has grown, we have endeavored to provide a place of comfort for those placing their loved ones in our care, staffed with concerned people. In our effort to ease the loss of someone held dear, we have strayed from the basic ideals and have allowed exceptions to the very principles that were designed to meet the desires and needs of our property owners. The above guidelines are based on the original Park concept and in fairness to all, we find it necessary to require adherence to these established rules and regulations.