Early Proprietors and Patentees of Schenectady

Early Proprietors and Patentees of Schenectady


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15 Original Proprietors

1. Arent Van Curler
2. Philip Hendrickse Brouwer
3. Alexander Lindsey Glen
4. Simon Volkertse Veeder
5. Swear (Ahasuerus) Teunise Van Velsen
6. Peter Adriance Van Woggelum
7. Cornelis Antonisen Van Slyck
8. Gerrit Bancker
9. William Teller
10. Bastiaan De Winter
11. Catalynje De Vos Bradt
12. Pieter Danielse Van Olinda
13. Peter Jacobse Borsboom
14. Jan Barentse Wemp(le)
15. Jaques Cornelise Van Slyck

Original Owners of the Farms in the Bouwery

Farm #1: Catalynje De Vos Bradt
Farm#2: Philip Hendrickse Brouwer
Farm #3: Alexander Lindsey Glen
Farm #4: Peter Adriance Van Woggelum
Farm #5: William Teller
Farm #6: Gerrit Bancker
Farm #7: Peter Jacobse Borsboom
Farm #8: Marten Cornelise Van Isselsteyn
Farm #9: Simon Volkertse Veeder
Farm #10: Teunis Cornelise Swart

Original Owners of Flats West of Schenectady on the South Side of the Mohawk River (aka "Poversen")

Flat 1: Jaques Cornelise Van Slyck
Flat 2: Jacobus Peek and Isaac DuTrieux
Flat 3: Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen
Flat 4: Pieter Vrooman
De Willegan (The Willow Flat): Pieter Van Olinda and Claas Willemse Van Coppernol

Original Owners of the Flats on the North Side of the River (Glenville)

Claas Graven's Hoek (Scotia): Claas Andriese De Graaf
Maalwyck: Benjamin Roberts
Flat 2: Pieter Cornelise Viele and Jan Janse Joncker (Rotterdam)
Flat 4: Lewis Cobes and Johannes Kleyn
Flat 5 (Wolf Flat): Arent Vedder, Jan Danielse Van Antwerpen and Dirk Groot
Flat 6: Philip Phiipse De Moer
Flat 7: Carel Hansen Toll and Reyer Schermerhorn
Claes Graven's Hoek (Cuyler's Vlachte or Adriucha): Hendrick Cuyler

Patentees of 1672 (Patent of Land from the Mohawks)

1. Alexander Lindsey Glen
2. Jan Dirkse Van Eps
3. Swear Teunise Van Velsen

Trustees of the Dongan Patent, 1684

1. Jan Dirkse Van Eps *
2. William Teller-removed to NYC in 1692
3. Reyer Schermerhorn
4. Swear Teunise Van Velsen *
5. Myndert Wemp *
*=killed in Schenectady Massacre

Patentees of 1703

1. Ryer Schermerhorn *
2. Pieter Schuyler
3. John A. Glen
4. Adam Vrooman
5. John Wemp
*=He was the only original trustee, but failed to recognize this charter, still acting as sole trustee for the town in receiving the rents, issues and profits thereof, and in prosecuting suits of the law in his own name only, without giving any account thereof.

Patentees of 1705

1. Jan Baptist Van Eps
2. Peter Schuyler
3. Johannes A. Glen
4. Adam Vrooman
5. Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen
* Note the absence of Reyer Schermerhorn

Patentees of Hunter Patent, 1714

1. Reyer Schermerhorn
2. Jan Wemp
3. Johannes Teller
4. Arent Bradt *
5. Barent Wemp
*=last surviving patentee, died April 1765

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