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I have been researching the family of Elias Knapp, who I believe is probably the father of Hannah, Alfred H. Smith's first wife. I have nothing proving this, but I am convinced by the circumstantial evidence that a relationship exists.

Augustus Smith's death certificate shows his parents as Alfred H. Smith and Hannah Knapp. On Augustus' marriage certificate, the witnesses are listed as George Knapp and Henry Knapp. They are the sons of Elias Knapp, all living in Washington County Wisconsin. This led me to do extensive research on this family to find a common link.

Elias Knapp was born January 19, 1796 in Connecticut, and died May 27, 1882 in Polk, Washington, Wisconsin. He was married to Esther. She was born Abt. 1798 in New York, and died Bef. 1860 in Polk, Washington, Wisconsin. Known Children are:

Name Birthdate
Eliabeth Knapp Feb 19, 1821
Hannah Knapp May 28, 1822
Mary Jane Knapp Sep 12, 1826
George W. Knapp Jun 27, 1831
Charles Knapp Abt. 1833
Henry Knapp Abt. 1835
Julia Knapp Abt. 1837

Other facts concerning Elias Knapp:

  • Living in New York State by 1821, with the birth of daughter Elizabeth
  • Living in Carmel, Putnam county, NY (1830 Federal census).
  • Living in Kent, Putnam County, NY (1840 Federal census).
  • Purchased land in Putnam County New York in 1828, 1830, 1834, 1843
  • Moved to Washington County Wisconsin spring 1846.
  • Purchased federal land in Washington County on March 1, 1848

  • Additionally, I found out Alfred H. Smith purchased property in Putnam County in 1843. According to his obituary, he moved west after his wife passed away. In the Old Gilead Cemetery near Carmel there is a grave that reads:

    Hannah, wife of Alfred H. Smith, died August 15, 1847

    Alfred moves to Wisconsin within the next year. He is living again near the Knapp family within a few years following the death of his second wife. Elias Knapp had 10 children according to his obituary, with census data showing 7 girls and 3 boys. There are still unknown daughters, and I'm sure Hannah will be found as one of them.

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