Taken from The Granberry Family--see source listed below:

       Variations to spelling include Cranberry,Cranbury,Grandberry,and Grandbury.  The town of Granbury,TX was named
       after a Granberry descendant.  The name is first found in 1551 in the parish of Cranburye in Hampshire, England.  The
       first person in written records is found in 1280--John de Crennebere--in Devon County.

        The first Granberry's found in the United States are William and John, both adult males in the 1650's.  In the next age
        group were William, Samuel, John, and Peter. In the next group were Samuel(2), John, and Moses.

Generation 1:

William Granberry
Married:  Anne ??

John Granberry
Married:  Elizabeth  ??

William and John are believed to be brothers.  William and John bought land on 7 Feb 1656/57 on Simons Creek in  Lower Norfolk County, VA. On 30 April 1679 William bought 85 acres at the head of Mr. Bennett's Creek in Nansemond County, VA. (VA Land Office Patent Book, 6-6)

Generation 2:

Willliam Granberry
Married:  Sarah (Montgomery d/o James Montgomery & Margaret Fitzwilliam per Gedcom at WorldConnect by and had children

             William Granberry, III and Moses Granberry m. Elizabeth Elliott.)

Samuel Granberry
Married:  ?Elinor

John Granberry
Married:  Ann Spivey between 1696 & 1704

Peter Granberry

Generation 3:

Samuel Granberry
Married:  Alice Ivy d/o Ursula Ivy
Children:  Ursula, Alice, Elinor, Ann, Sarah, and Samuel

John Granberry (called Junior)
Born: before 1700
Died:  25 Dec 1733
Married:  26 Feb 1722  Abigail Langley

Moses Granberry ba 1700 in Nansemond Co., VA
Born: about 1700 place unknown
Died: Norfolk County, VA
Married: Elizabeth (Elliott?)
(It's believed he may be the son of William and Sarah Montgomery shown above under Generation 2 due to his children's names)

Generation 4:

Samuel Granberry
Married:  Frances (she married #2 John Bedscott.
Children:  John, William, Alice, and Child.

Moses Granberry (from Generation 3 above)
Born: about 1700 place unknown (Nansemond Co., VA?)
Died: 12 Aug 1753 Norfolk County, VA
Married: Elizabeth (Elliott d/o Robert Elliott and Elizabeth Screven Gedcom by Robert
Elliott s/o Humphrey Elliott and Elizabeth Cutts. Elizabeth Screven d/o William Screven and Bridget Cutts.)

(It's believed he may be the son of William and Sarah shown above under Generation 2 due to his children's names)
At the time of his death he was living on the Western Branch of the Elizabeth River, Norfolk County, VA.  His will
was dated 12 Aug. 1753 and proved in October, 1753.

Children (8):
1.  Sarah Granberry
2.  Ann Granberry
3.  Elizabeth Granberry
4.  Cloty Granberry
5.  Mary Granberry
6.  William Granberry
7.  Martha Granberry
8.  James Granberry
    Born: a. 1722 Norfolk County, VA
    Died: 1761 Norfolk County, VA
    Married Mary MANNING
    At the time of his death he was living on the Western Branch of Elizabeth River, Norfolk County, VA.  His
    will was dated 14 Oct. 1760 and proved in July, 1761.
    Children (3):
1. George Granberry
    Died:    1805  Jefferson County, GA
    Married:  #1     Unknown
                   #2     Sarah Jackson
    His will was dated 11 Aug 1804 and proved 1 Apr 1805 in Jefferson County, GA.
    Children by first wife [5]:
            [1].Elizabeth Granberry m. (Harvey?) Harrington/Herrington
            [2].Loammi  Granberry  bb1780-85  wife unknown. Children{5}:
                   {1.} Rev. Norval R. Granberry
                    Born:  ba 1806 in GA
                    Married:. Nancy McLaurin - ba 1809 in SC and d. August 1850 in Madison County, MS. Married
                    2 Jan 1827, Marion County, MS
                    Died:  April 1850 in Madison County, MS.
                    Children (6):
                    (1)Loami J. Granberry
                         Born: 1830 in MS
                         Married:  Sarah F. Dillon  b. 1837 in KY d. March 1888 in TX. Burial Waco, McLennan Co., TX
                         Died: 16 June 1884 Waco, McLennan Co., TX. Burial: 1884 First Street Cemetery, McLennan Co., TX
                         Children:  Hiram P. Granberry- ba 1858 in TX; Lula Granberry, ba 1862 in TX and married #1 L. C. Jenkins
                         and #2 F. G. Ragland; Loami Granberry ba 1864 in TX, and Ann Granberry ba 1868 in TX.

                    (2) Hiram Bronson Granberry- born 1 Mar 1831 in Copiah Co., MS d. 30 Nov 1864 in
                         Franklin, Williamson County, TN.  Burial: 1864 Franklin, Williamson County, TN. Married Fanny Sims
                         who was b 1838 in Tuscaloosa County, AL and d. 20 March 1863 in Mobile, Mobile County, AL.
                         Brigadier-General in Civil War - the Town of Granbury, TX was named for him.

                      (See for picture of Hiram, info on Civil War Service and more
                         details on his family),( Also see for Battle of Franklin) and
                      (Granbury, TX website

                    (3)Jemmima Jane Granberry ba 1833 in MS d. 7 Sept  1853 in MS. Burial: 1853 Granberry Family Cemetery
                         in Madison County, MS.  Married Thomas W. Davis

                    (4)Catharine C. Granberry ba 1836. d. 13 Feb 1854 in MS. Burial: 13 Feb 1854 Granberry Family Cemetery
                    Madison County, MS.  Married Frank C. Davis

                    (5)Norvell R. J. Granberry  ba 1840 in MS

                    (6)Nancy Nautilla Granberry  ba 1848 in MS.  Married Alexander Duke Moss
                     [Information on Norvel's children provided by]

                 {2} Loammi Granberry
                 {3} John Granberry
                 {4} Hiram Granberry  b 1815 in GA. m. Elizabeth ____ Children: Ucedia(?) ba 1835, William ba 1837,
                    Pamelia ba 1839, Mary ba 1841, Norval ba 1843, James ba 1845, and a daughter August 1850.
                 {5} George b. 1820  Children:   Carey J. ba 1847 in MS and   Ella J. ba 1849 in MS

           [3.] Mary  Granberry m. (Josiah?) McLindon
           [4.] Sarah Granberry m. Josiah M. Sterritt(?)
           [5.] Rev. George Granberry b.1797 d. 1854 or 1855 in Harris County, GA. m Mary B. Folsom
                (1)John Marcellus ba 1834 m. Sarah Elizabeth McIver & had George Folsom b.a 1876 and Roberty
                      Colley b. 21 June 1880 m. Leila Belle Brinson [Children: Margaret Elizabeth, Mary Brinson and Robert Colley],
                      a daughter who m. William A. Taliaferro, and John M.Granberry.
                (2) Benjamin B. ba 1836
                (3) George Augustus ba 1840
                (4) Matthew Robert ba 1842 m. Pacific "Cifie" Greene Tenley & had (a)Eugene E. m. Edith Dee Pain, (b)Robert
                Curtis m. Cora Upchurch & had Jean m. Clare Mayo Clark, (c)Samuel Rodney m. Estelle Titus, (d) Mary Elizabeth
                    m. William Allen, (e) Bertie m. Thomas Mann Harrison, and (f) Flora d. young
                (5) Eugene b. 10 May 1844  d. 5 Jul 1889 m#1 Emma Johnson m#2 in 1883 Lottie Cropp--2 children by first wife
                    who died young & 2 by second wife, Eugenia b 9 Apr 1884 and William Cropp b 13 Aug 1885
                (6)Mary Baker ba 1846 m. Samuel Baker Baldiwn and had Mamie Baker b 25 Jan 1872 m. Henry Jethro William
                   6 Dec 1898 & had Velma Frank b. 28 Jan 1900
                (7) Richard T. b. 1849.
2. Sarah Granberry
3. Moses Granberry
    Born:  a 1750 Norfolk County, VA
    Died:   after 24 Apr 1808, Warren Co., GA
    Married: #1 Susannah DYKES (died)
    Married #2 Elizabeth Powell a. 1789 in GA  (Moses' will lists a step-son, John Powell)
    They lived in Pitt County, NC prior to 1777 and moved to Georgia in 1788.  He served in the Militia for Newbern District,
    during the American Revolution and was a Sargeant in 1783.  His will was dated 24 Jan.1808 and proved March 7, 1808
    in Warren County, GA.

    Children of Moses & Elizabeth Powell (10): (See for contacts on this branch)
    1. Dulaney m. Mr. Ratliffe of LA
    2. Moses ba 1792 m. Courtney  ??.  Children:
                (2)Simeon Sebastian b. 5 Sep 1828  d. 13 Jan 1871 m. Elizabeth Baxter
                        Children: Henry Johnson, James Asaph m. Elizabeth J. Phillis (& had Hallie, Agnes, James A.,
                        and Edwin P), Simeon Sebastian m. Lula Nelson (& had Laura, Elizabeth, James and Hal),
                        and Laura 1866 and died young.
                (3)Elizabeth m. Mr. Russell
                        Children: Laura m. Mr. Hollinsworth and Areola m. Mr. Carraway & had Lizzie & John,
                (4)Martha ba 1827 m. Dr. O. L. Johnston
                        Children:  Octavia ba Oct 1849 m. Mr. Walls & had Leonard and Percy, and Kate,
                (5)Caroline m. Mr. Thigpen
                        Children:   Ella  m. Mr. Gibbs (& Had Denton, Frank, Jud, Carey & Carri), Harriet m. Mr. Osborne
                        (& had Ola m. Mr. Bridges), Mary m. Mr. Wise (& had Wallace and Sam), William (had Lizzie who m.
                        Mr.Cooper  & Carrie who m. Mr. Rather), Frank, and Jud.
                (6) Mary.
    3. Jonathan Granberry
        Born: 6 OCT 1793  in Warren County, GA.
        Married:  Nancy Ann Travis in Warren County, GA 16 Nov 1815 d/o Simeon Ezekial & Mary Ann Stafford Travis.
        Died: 14 Dec 1863  (or 7 Sep 1844 per
        (1)Simeon Travis Granberry born 16 Dec 1816, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, MS and there d. 10 Jan 1880.
             Married #1Martha Phillips 1849 and #2 Elizabeth Lee in1856. Children: Mary, William, Matthew, and Moses).
        (2) Loammi Granberry born 4 Aug 1819 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and died 23 July 1824 (or 1842 in
              Clarke Co, MS?)
        (3) John B. ( Jehu) Granberry  born 27 Sep 1821 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and died 1903 in TX.  Married
             Harriett Willoughby in 1846.  Children:  Laura b 1847 & Richmond b. 1849
        (4) Moses Hill Granberry born 27 Sepember 1823 in Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and married Elvira Lee on
              25 Mar 1860 in Perry Co., MS. Died 20 Apr 1869 in Yoakum, Lavaca Co, TX.
        (5)Elizabeth Ann Granberry born 20 Feb 1826 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and died 25 Apr 1832 in MS.
        (6)Mary R. Granberry born 25 Nov 1827 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and died 15 Feb 1901. Married Daniel
             M. Carter.
        (7)Sarah M. Granberry born 16 March 1830 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and died 18 Mar 1879. Married a
             Mr. Hamilton or Hammond.
        (8)Allen Richard Granberry born 6 Jan 1832 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and married #1 Mary ____ 1876 in
             Perry County, MS and #2 Catharine ____ .      Children: Prentiss and Brown
        (9)William Stafford Granberry born 5 March 1834 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS. Died 14 Dec 1924 near Chireno,
             Nacogoches, TX.  Marreid Harriet Pope 29 Nov 1855 Perry Co., MS. Children: Mary Ann, H. R., M. J.,
             S.A.,  J. E, N.W., and H. M.)
        (10)Martha P. Granberry born 2 Nov 1836 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS. Died 19 Jun 1883. Married Mr. Odom.
        (11)Nancy Jane Granberry born 20 Mar 1839 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and died 25 Apr 1884. Married Joseph
               L. Bryant.
        (12)Stephen S. Granberry born 17 Nov 1841 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS and died 2 Feb 1845 (or Feb 2) in MS
        {Additional info provided by  See
         Additional info also from Jonathan and Nancy Travis Granberry Gedcom at Worldconnect provided by

    4. Thomas Granberry (Rev.) b. 23 May 1796 in GA  d. 11 Sep 1875 Jefferson Co., GA. m. 7 Mar 1816 in Warren Co., GA,
        Clarissa Yarbrough.  Children:  Richmond Granberry ba 1817 in GA and married Zilpha Duncan (& had Benjamin F., George
        W., and Thomas), George Granberry ba 1820 and married Lucinda ____ (& had Adaline, Columbus, Charles, R. H. and E. L.),
        Greenbury Granberry ba 1822 and married Sarah M. Avery (& had Benjamin F., Thomas W., Louisiana, Columbiana, Emily L.,
        Clarissa M., Elias J., Mary W., and Ann)., unknown son married Eunice ___ (& had Mary, John, and William), Thomas
        N. Granberry b. 15 Sep 1827 d. 11 May 1905.
    5. Amos Granberry - bb 1794-1800  d. in TX m. Elizabeth Rogers
    6. Silas Granberry b. 26 Feb 1806 d. 1 Nov 1846 in Harris County, GA.  m. 18 Nov 1827 Emmalina Smith.


-Elizabeth Clementa Granberry b. 16 Dec 1828  d. 6 Apr 1896  m. (1) Mr. Jameson and (2) Mr. Revere--had 4 sons by first

husband but all died fairly young;

-Mary Quintina Granberry  b. 6 Aug 1830 d. 20 Aug 1850 m. William Howard;

-Thomas Jefferson Granberry b. 14 Apr 1832  d. 6 Jun 1890  m. (1) Miss Fergurson and (2) Miss Kilpatrick & had 5 children

 by first wife (Thomas, Charles, James, Claude & Ida) and 1 by second wife(Ethel md.Mr. Waldrop),

-George Lamar Granberry b. 5 May 1834 d. 18 Sep 1903  m. Winnifred Drew in Muscogee Co. (Children: Silas, James, Homer,

Jesse, Lon, Mattie),

-Martha Franklin Granberry b. 15 Feb 1836 d. 7 July 1921 m. William Howard & had 4 children

-James Alexander Hogan Granberry b. 10 Jan 1838 d. 18 Jul 1924 m#1-Susan Rena Wilson 17 Mar 1859 and #2 Margaretta

 Dodd Williams on 9 May 1872, and #3 Mary E. McKee on 17 Mar 1896.  (Children by second wife: stillborn son b.31 Dec 1877,

 Silas Williams Granberry b. 20 July1879 d. 8 Aug 1932 and Janie Rena Granberry b. 2 Oct 1882  d. 5 Oct 1883).

    7. Mary Granberry  m. William Rogers
    8. Martha Jane Granberry b. 24 Sep 1802 m. Ezekiel Stafford Travis b. 25 Aug 1794.
        Children: William Stafford Travis, Elizabeth Travis, Seth Granberry Travis, William Allen Travis, Mary Ann Travis,
        Nancy Ann Travis, James Granberry Travis, Loammi Granberry Travis, Martha Jane Travis, and Artelissa Travis.
        See worldconnect gedcon provided by for additional info on Travis children.
    9. Elizabeth Granberry b. 28 or 29 Mar 1801  m. 8 Aug 1819 Elisha Cain.  No Children
  10. Nancy Granberry b. 4 Oct 1804 d. 16 Nov 1856 at Providence, Jefferson Co., GA. m. 19 Dec 1821 James Cain.
        Children: Elizabeth m. Robert P. Little & had 11 children, William, Elisha m. ?? & had 1 child, Sarah m. G. F. Hudson
        & had 9 children, George Lynam m. Mollie Stone, James m. Janie Cain & had 2 children, Moses Powell (Rev.) m.
        Amanda Cogburn & had 8 children including James R. Attorney in Savannah, GA, and Helen m. Dr. Willis Alan Ramsey
        & had Christian Norman m. Miss Little, Basil Paul m. Miss Clark, Carroll, Malcolm, Willis Alan, James Cain m. Louise
        Golden, and Wentworth Gregg.

Children of Moses and Susannah Dykes(3): (George, Stephen & Seth)
1. George F. Granberry, Sr.  (See for Cemetery record and
    other information)
    Born: 24 Apr 1784, Pitt Co. NC
    Died:  8 Sep 1849, Shubuta, Clark, MS.
    Married: Martha Albritton ba 1790 in NC and d Hinds Co., MS
    Children (7):
    (1). Nancy b. 8  Jan 1808 and died 3 Feb 1871 m. Samuel Hemphill (1808- 8 mar 1859). Children: Elizabeth m.
    Ambrose Baber Hemphill in 1853.  Unknown child who had two children: Jessie and Maggie.
    (2). Moses b 22 Sep 1809 and d. 6 Nov 1871 m. Mary Ann Warner who was born in GA about 1812.  Children:
          [1] Seth Franklin 4 Dec 1829 and d. 1853.
          [2]George Crawford b 1834  d. 3 Oct 1878  in Jackson, MS. m. 19 Aug 1856 Jackson, MS to Mary Ann Eugenia
            Baley. Children: Florence Ida ba 1857 d. Oct 1878, George Baley ba 1859 and d. Oct 1878, Junius Edward
            ba 1861 and d. Oct 1878, Emma Eugenia b. 1 Nov 1864 and d 24 Jan 1909 or 1929, Arthur Emmett b 3 Feb
            1867 m#1 Mary Lee Brown and #2 Eunice McCalip, Mary Elethia b 17 Jun 1869  m. Zubulon Montgomery Pike
            Inge & had Arthur, John, Zebulon, and Florence.
          [3]Minerva Jane b. 19 Feb 1835 d. 18 Jan 1915 m. Alexander Cottar Caperton & had Mary E., Alex G., William R.,
            Mattie E., John A.,  Lena J., and  Hugh A.
          [4]Martha Ann  b 19 Dec 1837  d. 6 Feb 1920
          [5]Mary Ann b 13 Nov 1839  d. 8 Jun 1900  m. William Massengill Granberry
          [6James Madison  b 30 June 1841 and d. 28 Mar 1915 m. Seabie Arianna Jones. Children:  Eugene Madison, Emma
                Pearl, Seabie Allie, Mary Anna.(Mayme), William, and Clarence Edward.
          (7)Seth A. ba 1847
          (8)Emma E. b 6 Aug 1851 d. 16 Aug 1918  m. John Presley Spinks & had Stella M., Earl P., Emmett L., Lena P.,
            Mattie, Mary O. and Emma G.
    (3). Polly married Francis Abram Martin 10 Nov 1827 Lawrence County, MS.  Children:  Moses, Jesse, James,
           Fanette, Seth, Jud, Cornelius, George, Frank, Ann m. Mr. Chamberlain, Sue  m. Mr. Davenport, Lulu m. Mr. Beady,
           Lola m. Mr. Smith.
    (4). Martha Jane Granberry b. 20 Sep 1820 in MS d. 20 June 1872 in MS. Twin to Amelia.  Married Samuel
           Christian Heidelburg.
    (5). Amelia Granberry b 20 Sep 1820 in MS. d. 12 Oct 1867 in MS. Twin to Martha Granberry.
           Married Thomas T. Howze in MS.  Children:  Lizzie, Horace, Carrie and Clara m. Mr. Spencer.
           Dates and correct husband info from worldconnect gedcom provided by
    (6). Susan b 24 Oct 1824 in MS and died 11 Oct 1878 in MS of Yellow fever.  Married Edwin O'Brien.
          Children:  Emmett, Ambrose, Willie, George
    (7). George  b 2 April 1819 and died 25 Jul 1885 m. Isabella R. Baskin & had
                Seth F. b. 29 Sep 1856 and d. 2 Aug 1886
                Maggie ba 1858 m. Mr. O'Brien
                Edwin b 29 Mar 1859  d, 13 Biv 1874
                George ba 1861
                Minnie ba 1863 and m. Mr. McNeill & had Minnie, Benton, Lillian & Henry
                Mollie ba 1865 d 1911 m. J. S. Rister & had 5 children
                Ollie ba 1867 m.  ____  Ainsworth
                Clara  b 10 Aug 1868
                Lillian b 1 Oct 1870  d. 3 Sep 1882

2. Stephen Granberry
    Born: 12 Jan 1786 Georgia
    Died:  28 Aug 1840 Hinds County, MS
    Married:  Elizabeth Spurlin(g?) 18 or 23 Feb 1809  She was born 1 Mar 1789 in GA and died 8 Jan 1859. d/o Jeremiah
        & Drusilla Baldin Spurlin
    (1).Cynthia Granberry  b. 21 Dec 1809 d. 19 Nov 1882  m. 15 Feb 1829 Ellis D. Kent. Children:  Susan Kent, Isabella

            Kent, Thomas Jefferson Kent, Stephen Kent and another child name unknown.
    (2).Jeremiah Baldwin Granberry  b. 27 Jun 1811 in GA m. 23 Jan 1834 to Mary Collier.  Children:
            Sarah Ann E. Granberry b. 25 Dec 1834 d. 12 Oct 1857  m. 21 Sep 1856 Michael J. Massengill & had Michael

 Massengill.Note: Marriage info may be incorrect as her Aunt Ann (#5 below) also married a Michael Massengill.
            Mary Jane "Jennie" Granberry  b. 10 Sep 1836 d. San Angelo, TX. Never married.
            Stephen Collier Granberry  b. 5 Mar 1838 in AL d. 28\7 Mar 1926 in Austin, TX  md. Ann Hemphill 24 Jan 1867.

                   - Marcus Collier Granberry  ba 1868  d. Austin, TX  md. Jennie Read & had Collier Read b 1899 m. Ruth _____
                   - Howard Baldwin Granberry b. 5 Feb 1870 Austin, TX d 1 Oct 1912 md. 18 Jan 1898 Frances Seale &

 had Howard Baldwin Granberry b 9 Mar 1900

-Mary Hemphill Granberry b. 19 Oct 1872 Austin, TX  md.  James Pleasant Hamer, Jr. 16 Jun 1896. Children:

(1)Annie M. Hamer md. John E. Pledger, & had Marian B. Pledger & John E. Pledger and (2); James G. Hamer

 b. 27 Sep 1900 m. Ann Austin & had Mary Ann Hamer b. 15 June 1930.

    (3).Phebe Granberry b. 4 Jan 1814  d. 27 Sep 1901 Hazelhurst, Copiah, MS. m. 2 Oct 1833 Joseph Dennis.  No children.
          (See for a picture of their home)
    (4).Jane Granberry b. 23 Oct 1815  d. 15 Sep 1837
    (5).Ann E. Granberry b. 9 Dec 1818  d. 31 Nov 1850 m. 7 May1840 Michael J. Massengail/Massengill.
         Children:  [1]Stephen F. b. 24 Jun 1848  da 1925 at Brookhaven, Lincoln, MS.  m. Jennie Vance 27 Feb 1868 at
         Hazlehurst, Copiah, MS. [2] Deborah A. b. 15 Feb 1849  d. 1 Jul 1934 at Hazlehurst, Copiah, MS  m. A. M.
         Martin at Hazlehurst, MS. Had 8 children. Michael J. Masengail married #2 Kate Redus.
See World connect Gedcom provided by for info on Massengill lineage.

    (6).Susan Granberry b. 4 Aug 1821  d. 21 Aug 1838  m. 28 Jan 1838  Isaac Kent
    (7).Jesse Dykes Granberry b. 17 Feb 1824 in MS  d. 29 Mar 1870 Midway, Hinds, MS.  m#1 Emeline A. Massengill

on 28 Sep 1843 and #2 Elizabeth Dawson 6 July 1851 (Emeline died 26 June 1849).
           Children of Jesse Dykes Granberry & Emeline A. Massengill (3):
                (1) William Massengill b 14 July 1844  d. 15 Mar 1942  m. Mary Ann Granberry (d/o Moses and Mary Ann
                    Warner Granberry)
                        Children:  Thomas E. b 8 Feb 1871  d. 1 Mar 1931 m. Marie Halbert
                                        Henry D. b 27 Nov 1874  m. Nancy Eliza Haley (Children: William, Nancy, Mary and Henry)
                                        Annie Willie b 2 Feb 1877
                                        Emma Eurene b 31 Jan 1879  m Walter Samuel Dennis (Child: Crawford Granberry Dennis)
                                        Madison Wallace b 28 Dec 1880  d. 22 Aug 1926 m. Jessie Wossman (Children: Jessica and
                                        Jesse D. b 20 Sep 1882 m. Marie Monica Boyer  (Children:  Vernon and Emma)
                (2) Joseph Dennis Granberry b. 29 Jan 1817  d. 17  Dec 1917 m. Hattie Renella Webb
                        Children:  Denis W. b 5 Aug 1877  m. Katharine Borden Franklin (Children: Denise, Cynthia, and Susan)
                                        Jesse Dykes  b. 4  Sep 1879  m. Ruth Elizabeth Watson (Children: Jesse D., Leila, and Martha)
                                        Effie  b. 9 Oct 1881  m. Theodore F. Buntin (Child:  Christine)
                                        Josie McNath  b. 10 NOv 1883  m. Hal R. Ellis (Children: Josephine, Hal, Webb and Jean)
                                        Shellie M.  b. 11 Jan 1889  d 24 Nov 1891
                                        Marguerite Sherman  b. 3 Apr 1892  d 1 May 1938  m. Charles A. Robins
                (3) Stephen Henry (Rev.) b. 10 Sep 1848  d 12 Aug 1928  m. Helen Woodward (Children: Helen m. Edgar F.
                     Waterman (& had Helen G.,, Lucy E., Mary G., Marjorie F.and Mary Emeline)

     Children of Jesse Dykes Granberry & Elizabeth Dawson(7):
                (4) Edward  b 19 Dec 1852  d. 2 Jul 1853
                (5) Ella Ione  b. 2 July 1854  d. 28 Aug 1918  m. William A. Hall  & had 8 children
                (6) Celeste Ada  b. 25 Apr 1856   d. 10 Feb 1925  m. William M.Higdon  & had 8 children
                (7) Mollie Ford  b. 23 Jun 1858  d in 1936  m. Charles I. Allen (Children: Joe, Charles Jr., Shellie, Hattie and
                (8) Theodore Ernest  b 20 Jul 1862  d 18 Jul 1902  m#1 Mary J. Robinson and #2 Mary M. Freeman.
                (9) Abner Jesse  b. 13 Mar 1865  d. 21 Dec 1889
                (10) Hannah  b. 12 Dec 1866  d. 28 FEb 1867

    (8).Stephen Franklin Granberry b. 5 May 1827 m#1 Mary E. Gallman and #2 Laura Ann Beasley
            Child of Stephen F. Granberry and Mary E. Gallman:  Orinthe  Granberry – b. 6 Feb 1848 and d. 11 Jul 1852
            Children of Stephen F. Granberry and Laura Ann Beasley:
                    -Thomas Granberry
                   - Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" Granberry
                      Born: 1854 at Granberry Plantation on Tallahalla Creek near Dry Grove, Hinds Co., MS
                      Married: Robert Davies Miller in 1880
                      Died:  1938
    .                 Children: Anna Elizabeth Miller, Laura Miller, Robert Davies Miller, Jr., Stephen Woodall Miller,
                                   Marshall Stone Miller, and Walter Hillman "Carey" Miller.
                    -Bettie Granberry m. Mr. Gokjer
                    -Mollie Granberry
                    -Robert Granberry married and had 9 children
                    -Fannie Granberry

                    -Vernon Granberry
                     -Joe Granberry

    (9).George W. Granberry  b. 7 Apr 1830  d. 4 Apr 1849

3. Seth Granberry 
Born: 3 Nov 1787 in GA.
    Died: after 1850 in MS
    Married: #1 Jane BLEDSOE 14 Feb 1811 in GA (died)
    Married: #2 Mrs. Amy Jones 29 Jul 1832 in Copiah County, MS (died)
    Married: #3 Dempsey “Dincy” Dillon 18 Sept 1842 in MS  (No children by this marriage)

            Seth Granberry served as Justice of the Peace in Perry County Mississippi in 1820, as an Associate Justice

of Copiah County from 1824-1827, was a member of the 1832 Constitutional Convention from Copiah County,

and was elected to the Senate in 1838.  He served in the MS Legislature from Copiah County "until so old

and deaf he asked to be left at home.  Gov. Brown (Albert G. Brown 1844-1848) said he was the grandest man

in the Legislature" – taken from The Granberry Family.


According to A History of Mississippi by Robert Lowery and William H. McCardle published in 1891, Seth

Granberry served as State Senator from 1836 – 1843.  He also served in the House of Representatives in

1828, 1830, 1831 and 1835.

Children of Seth and Amy Jones(2):
1. Susan Dykes Granberry ba 1836 m. Elijah Millsap
2. Martha Elizabeth Granberry ba 1839 m. #1. John Watson & #2. Mr. Kent

Children of Seth and Jane Bledsoe(7):
1. Sarah "Sally" Granberry b. 29 Feb 1812  d. 12 Oct 1880 at Corsicana, TX  m. William Norvell Mullins 6 Mar 1828 in MS.
     (See for information on the Mullins family)
    Children:  (1)Anna Jane b. 8 Jan 1830 m. 3 Jun 1849 in MS Elijah Miller
                    (2) Seth Granberry b. 3 Jun 1832 d. 12 Aug 1912 at Corsicana, TX. m. Cornelia Barnes Tillman
                          16 Feb 1853 at Pine Bluff, Copiah, MS.  Children:  Flora Eugene b. 16 Jul 1854 Copiah Co.,
                           MS, Edda Blanche Mullins b. 1 Jun1856 Hinds Co., MS, Sallie Fair Mullins b. 24 Feb 1858
                           Copiah Co. MS, Edgar Young Mullins b. 5 Jan 1860 Franklin Co., MS, Kate Tillman Mullins
                           b. 8 Mar 1862 Franklin Co., MS, Willie Stephen Mullins b. 4 Apr 1864 Copiah Co., MS,
                           Ophelia Mullins b. 15 Feb 1866 Copiah Co., MS, Allie Mullins b. 8 May 1868 Copiah Co.
                           MS, Ada Carter Mullilns b. 28 Mar 1871, Washington Co. TX, and Susie A. Mullins
                           b. 17 May 1873 Navarro Co., TX.  (Source
                           Tillman info also available at this site.)
                    (3)Polly Bledsoe b. 15 Jul 1834 d. 1886 in AR  m. 20 Dec 1849 to Henry Traylor.
                    (4) Hardy Franklin b. 9 Jul 1836 Killed 27 Jun 1862 in Civil War at Richmond, VA.
                    (5) William Norvell b. 8 May 1839  d. 8 May 1855.
                    (6)Sarah Elizabeth b. 27 Nov 1841  d. 12 Oct 1875 of yellow fever at Biloxi, MS.  m. 17 Dec
                          1863 Rev. J. B. Hamberlin.
                    (7)Josephine Isabella b. 1 Feb 1844  m. 13 Dec 1863 Rev. E. L. Compere.
                    (8)Allie Dincy b. 13 Oct 18456 d. 28 May 1925 at Beaumont, TX  m. 27 Dec 1870 Robert F.
                        Coleman at Meridian, MS.
                    (9)John Hunt b. 9 Dec 1849 d. 8 Jan 1917 at Dallas, TX. m. 29 Aug 1877 Mary Virginia Sharp
                        at Brandon, Hill Co., TX.
2. Jane Ann Granberry b. 3 Sep 1822  d. 7 Dec 1855 m. Thaddeus C. Watson
3. Allie Granberry
    Born:  4 Jan 1814
    Died:  20 Dec 1852
    Married:. Horace M. Gilmor/Gilmer.
    Children: Helen C. Gilmer (27 Jul 1832 - 17 Jan 1838), Mary E. Gilmer (11 Jun 1834 - 14 Jan 1838),
        George Gilmer (6 Mar 186 - 19 Jan 1838), Ophelia Gilmer (25 Feb 1838-13 Jan 1841) and
        Martha T. Gilmer  b. 1840.
     Horace Gilmer married #2 Mary Ann Godbold.
     Info on children from Gedcom at worldconnect by Also see website
4. Benjamin Franklin Granberry ba 1817 in GA m#1 Amelia A. Rembert and #2 Serena (Mullins per
        Children of Benjamin Franklin Granberry and Amelia Rembert:
                Sarah J. ba 1842 and m. Mr. Hargraves
                Bolivia A. ba 1844 and m. Mr. Jones
                Nanny E. ba 1846 and married Mr. Thompson
                Seth R. ba 1847  married and had Florence and Frank
                Laura M.  ba 1849  married Mr. Ray
                Mary Alice ba 1853 and married Mr. Holliday
                Margaret ba 1856  married Mr. McCollum
                William ba 1859  died young
        Child believed to be that of Benjamin Franklin and Serena Granberry:
                John B.  ba 1863

5. Huldah Ann Granberry  b.13 Nov 1815  d. 23 Oct 1822 (complete dates from
6. Mary " Polly" Granberry - b. 11 Feb 1820  - 8 May 1840 Never married  (complete dates from
7. George Richmond Granberry (Picture)
    Born: 24 Sept 1825 in MS
    Died: 5 Feb 1896 in Copiah Co., MS
    Married Mary Ann WARNER 7 Oct 1847 in Hinds County, MS
    Children (6):
    1. Melissa Arcola Granberry m. William L. Mitchell
    2. Mary Ally Granberry m. James T. Morrison
    3. James Buckley Granberry m. Florence Gilcrest
    4. Lilla Gertrude Granberry m. Duncan Higdon
    5. Georgia Ann Granberry - Johnnie F. Rembert
    6. Seth Franklin Granberry (Picture)
    Born: 19 Aug 1852 in Copiah County, MS.
    Died: 15 Jan 1916 in Copiah Co., MS
    Married: Cora Ann THOMPSON 12 Nov 1874 in Copiah County, MS
    1. Nancy Alice Granberry (Picture)
    Born: 15 May 1884 in Copiah County, MS.
    Died: 25 Dec 1966 in McComb, Pike Co., MS.
    Married James Daniel EDWARDS on 22 June 1905 in Wesson, Copiah County, MS.

    2. Mana Eudora Granberry
    Born: 3 Nov 1882 Copiah County, MS
    Died: 5 Mar 1973, McComb, Pike, MS
    Married: Charles Pinkney EDWARDS 18 May 1905, Copiah County, MS
    (Nancy and Mana married twin brothers)

    3. Jesse Thompson Granberry
    Born: 1 Mar 1876  Copiah County, MS
    Died: 3 Mar 1950  Copiah County, MS
    Married:  Lillie Cornelia Mitchell
    Children (6):
    (1. Mollie Jim Granberry
        Born:  3 Oct 1902
        Married: Hugh M. Godbold
        Died:  22 May 1887  Conroe, TX
        Children: James M., Laura M. and Kathryn.

   ( 2. Myrtle Granberry
        Born:  24 April 1904
        Married:  Burton Bowlin.
        Died:  5 July 1992  McComb, Pike, MS
        Children: Mary Frances and Myrtle Louise.

    (3. Cora Ellen Granberry
        Born: 18 Aug 1905
        Married: #1 Earl Godbold and #2 Jimmy Norris.
        Died:  7 Feb 1980 McComb, Pike, MS
        Children: E. L., Amelia L., and Cora L.

    (4. Willie Granberry
         Married:  Rev. Charles Daniels  d. 24 Dec 1976
         Child: John Owen "Bucky" Daniels  m. Margaret A. Lang.  5 children.

    (5. Lora Granberry
        Married:  Leon Dunaway.
        Children: Jerry and Mitchell

    (6.Gertrude Granberry
        Born:  24 July 1901
        Married: John White Caston.
        Died:  25 Sept 1972 Pike County, MS
        Children: John, Julius T., Robert N., Charles R., Hilton B., James L., Irene G.
         Lillie C., and Mary E.

    4. George Richmond Granberry
    Born: 6 May 1888 Copiah County, MS
    Died: 12 Sept 1951
    Married: Evie Williams (Born 19 Feb 1892. Died ?? Sept 1969 Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS)
    Children (9):
    --1. Frances Granberry
         Married:  Rev. Ambrose Winston.
         Children:  Sharon and a son

    --2. Rev. Seth W. Granberry
        Born:  18 Feb. 1913
        Married:  Margery Witmore
        Died:  7 March 1992
        Children:  Majorie G. and Seth Jr.

    --3. George R. Granberry, Jr.
         Born:  15 Nov. 1890
         Married:  Miss Meadows.
         Died: ?? Jan 1975, Richton, Perry, MS
         Children: Georgia L., Mary E., Hiram R., and Elsie A.

     --4. Nettie Henrietta Granberry
         Born: 16 May 1899
         Married:  Keith Gilmore
         Died:  11 Nov 1988, Cleveland, Bolivar, MS

    --5. Annie Cora Granberry m. Mr. Foster

    --6. Lee Roy Granberry
        Born:  10 Oct. 1920
        Married:  Aline Thompson.
        Died:  5 April 1994, Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS.
        Children:  Dennis L., Brad W. and Dona B.

    --7. Jesse T. Granberry
        Born:  11 Dec 1922
        Married: Marguerite Hennington
        Died:  27 Aug 1995, Hattiesburg, Forrest, MS
    --8. Elsie Marie Granberry -died in car wreck at age 16.

    --9. Henry N.  Granberry - died young

Wesson Cemetery, Wesson, Copiah County, MS
Rose Hill Cemetery, Brookhaven,Lincoln County, MS
Hazlehurst Cemetery, Hazlehurst, MS
The Granberry Family, by Edgar Frances Waterman, 1945
1850 and 1860 MS Census

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