Arthur Debenham
Arthur Debenham (Matthews)

(A copied) web page about the Matthews family who originated from the Isle of Wight, England. The earliest parish records show Matthews living near to Calborne. So far been unable to get back any further than 1700, this is because the Parish records have been partly destroyed for key years in the sixteen hundreds.

It was most fortunate that Henry Matthews of Seaview born in 1849 was a keen photographer and many of his photographs exist today. Henry's brother Arthur was also a photographer who traded under the name

Arthur Debenham

of Ryde to avoid any confusion about the Matthews name. If anyone who reads this page has photographs by either gentleman I would be most interested in a copy. The above photograph as an example of the work of Henry Matthews, its the Matthews Bakery in Seaview IOW taken about 1870, the Matthews lived next door. The property was built by the Caws family for the Matthews about 1800 and can still be seen in Seaview today, the shop had been converted to a separate self contained house.

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