Victorian and Edwardian Photographs - Roger Vaughan Photograph Collection

Victorian and Edwardian Photographs - Roger Vaughan Photograph Collection


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Victorian Ladies
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Well dressed Victorian Ladies (PL 40)
Victorian Ladies (PL 47)

Ladies and Gents
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Victorian Portraits (PL22)
Victorian Cycling and Portraits (PL27)
Victorian Portraits (set PL45)
Victorian Portraits (set PL51)
Victorian Portraits (set PL65)
Victorian Portraits (set PL67)
Victorian Portraits (set PL69)

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Famous Victorians (list 100)
Portraits of Actors 1886 (list 101)
Portraits of Victorian Geologists (list 102)
Portraits of Victorians (A-Z) (list 105)
Portraits of 19th & 20th C.(A-Z) (list 115)
Cabinet Card Portraits (list 119)
Portraits - Lambert Album (list 120)
Portraits - Stoubridge Album (list 121)
Portraits - Tyler Album (list 122)
1860s Portraits - Maddy Album (list 123)
Portraits - London Album (list 125)
Portraits of Victorians (list 126)
Portraits - mixed (list 128)
Victorian ambrotypes (list 135)
Victorian Portraits (list 137)
Victorian Portraits (list 138)
Victorian Portraits (list 139)
Well dressed Victorian Ladies (list 140)
Victorian Chromotypes (list 145)
Rutty Family Album (list 146)
19th & 20th C photos(list 149)
A London Family Album (list 150)
Gayton Family Album (list 151)
Victorian Portraits (list 154)
Victorian Album (list 158)
Seymour Family Album (list 166)

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Victorian Men in Uniform (list 106)

Victorian Stereoscopic Views
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Victorian Stereoscopic (list 108)
London Views c.1900 (list 140L)

Quick Views - Many Photographs on One Page
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Eight Famous Victorians (Woodburytypes) (list 100)
London Streets in 1900 (list 109)
1950s Dancer Elizabeth Baker (list 172)
More Elizabeth Baker's photos (PL64)
Six Victorian ladies, enlarged photos(PL51-part)
1886 Theatre Woodburytype Photographs(list 101)
Chromotype Photographs(list 145)

Victorian Photographs hosted by Rootsweb
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974 Victorian Photographs (PL97)
12 Victorian Photographs (PL96)
440 Victorian & Edwardian images (PL1)
Victorian Cook Family Album (PL43)
Victorian Portraits (set PL49)
Victorian Portraits (PL38)
30 Rare Early Amateur Views ( PL55)

(text links & descriptions)
Portraits around the World (list 103)
Portraits by Year 1860-1906 (list 104)
Portraits - Jones Album (list 124)
Victorian Portraits (list 130)
Victorian Portraits (list 132)
Victorian Portraits (list 133)
Bristol Album (list 141)
Victorian Portraits (list 152)
1000 Victorian Portraits (list 153)
Victorian Album (list 156)

Edwardian Girl - Real Photo Postcard (With love from Maie) c.1912

(thumbnail views)
Edwardian Actresses (set PL41)
Edwardian Actresses (set PL 44)
Edwardian Actresses (set PL 54)

(text links & descriptions)
Edwardian Actresses (list 110)
Cigarette Card Actresses (list 111)
Actresses and Edwardian Portraits (list 129)
Actresses and Medical Portraits (list 148)
Edwardian Actresses (list 157)

Portrait Postcards
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Portraits (mixed) (set PL32)
Portraits (mixed) (set PL52)
Portraits (mixed) (set PL53)
Portraits (mixed) (set PL56)
Portraits (mixed) (set PL68)
C.of E. Bishops 1909(PL98)

Portrait Postcards
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Portraits (mixed) (list 126)
Portraits (mixed) (list 131)
Portraits (midget) (list 134)
Portraits 1920-40 (list 136)
Portraits (mixed) (list 143)
Portraits (mixed) (list 155)
Portraits (mixed) (list 160)
Portraits (mixed) (list 162)
Portraits (mixed) (list 167)

(thumbnail views)
Royal Portraits - George V and VI (PL61)

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Tinted Cute Children and Pretty Ladies
(thumbnail views)
Cute, Tinted and Romantic (set PL42)
Pretty Lady Tinted Postcards (set PL57)
Pretty Lady Tinted Postcards (set PL58)
Pretty Lady Tinted Postcards (set PL59)

Amateur Photographs
(text links & descriptions)
Jennie Elstob's Photographs (list 112)
1880s Amateur photos (list 144)

When was it taken?
(To help you date and old photo)
Main Date an Old Photo Section

What Type of Photo is it?

Ladies by year 1860 - 1952

(victorian mounts to help frame an old photo)
Printable Victorian Album Pages (list 142)

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Selected Photographic Studios

Paul Stabler, Sunderland
William Marsden Harrison, Falmouth
A & G Taylor, branches everywhere
Franz Heinrich Lösel, Sheerness
George Henry Braund,Tiverton
Henry Davis of London
C.J.Farlie, Woolwich
Joseph Buckley, Ashton-under-Lyne
Emilian Fehrenbach, London
Philip Christian Stortz, Liverpool
James Rae of Dumfries
John Drummond of Edinburgh
H.J.Whitlock, Birmingham


Sketch Portraits and Historical Research 20th Century
19th Century Prints
(thumbnail views)
Famous People Sketch Portraits (PL46)
Early 19th C. London Prints (PL63)
Baptismal Church Fonts (PL 50)

(text links & descriptions)
Famous People Sketch Portraits (list 113)
Adverts and Prints of London Views 1894(list 164)

Research Pages
Crockford's Clerical Directory 1865-1995
(Look-up Service - Church of England Vicars)
Biographical and Reference Look-up Service
Autograph Letters (list 165)
Leonard JenynsResearch on Darwin's Friend
Links Page Many Useful Links I have saved
Roger Watercolours Art Classes
20th Century Weddings
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Wedding Photos 1930s - 1960s (list 116)

20th Century Amateur Photographs
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1940s Arnott Album (list 117)
Taljhari India - 1920s (list 118)
Sunny Memories Album (list 159)

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Welcome to my site - Victorian and Edwardian Photographs from my own collection of antique photographs moved here May 2015, many thanks to Rootsweb for the hosting. The photographs are known as Carte-de-visite (CDV): 1859 - 1906 (small ones), Cabinet Card Photographs: 1870s to 1906 (large ones), and early 20th Century Portrait Postcards. The most useful section is the (Date an Old Photo) for those who are trying to date a family photograph - useful for research into family history.
Galleries of roughly dated Victorian ladies are here (Ladies Dated by Year) they should help those who are interested in ladies fashions from 1860 onwards.

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