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Daniel Viers 1733 taxable
(The date in the above document is smudged on the left column-it is the year 1733)
Source: "Publication of the Hall of Records," Commission-Calendar of Maryland State Papers- No. 1-State of Maryland-1943-No. 1, The Black Book, No. 1, pg. 43.

"From the earliest settlements to 1700, the grants were given as lying in Charles County; from 1700 to 1748, as lying in Prince George's ; from 1748 to 1776 as lying in Frederick; and since 1776 all grants have been from Montgomery County. By a glance at the names of the first settlers it will be readily learned that Montgomery County was settled by a class of people far superior to the ordinary emigrant who reaches the shores of America in modern times and is shipped by contract to the West. In the majority of instances the settler was an educated gentleman with a cultured family, who had fled from the oppresions of wretched government and the persecutions of religious bigotry to secure freedom of thought and action in the virgin country where his precursors had established a secure asylum. He brought with him all his worldly goods, and he also contributed the refinements and aesthetic features of the social life he had abandoned. The Dulaneys, Magruders, Bowies, Bowics, VIERS, Clarks, Bealls, Bordleys, Gaithers, Brookes, Wallingfords, Wickhams, Browns, Wards, Darnells, Watinses, Addisons, Stoddards, Evanses, Thomspons, Snowdens, Dawsons, Crabbs, Safells, Wests, Diggs, Offutts, Bradfords, Carrolls, Buchanans, Scotts, Griffiths, Dickinsons, Beanes, Hayes, and Comptons were the pioneers of Montgomery County, and the descendants of many of them are still among the most prominent and most respectable citizens of the county, thrifty, honest, intelligent, engaged in the same occupations as their sires, and frequently cultivating the same acres."
Source: "History of Western Maryland"-Montgomery County, pgs. 652 and 653.

"ROCKVILLE DISTRICT, No. 4, is bounded on the north by Darnestown District, northeast by Gaithersburg District, southeast by Cracklin District, east by Mechanicsville District, south by Berry and Bethesda Districts and west by Great Falls District. Rock Creek flows through the southeast part of the district and separates it from Mechanicsville and Berry Districts Cabin John Creek having its source near Rockville town, flows southwest into the Potomac. Watts' Branch, also having its head near Rockville, flows northwest into the Potomac. Crabb's and Mill Branches in the east empty into Rock Creek........
... Among the earliest settlers in the district were: James Moore, Thomas and William Beall, Arthur Nelson, Edward Dawson, Joseph West, James Halmard, Caleb Litton, the Magruders, VIERS, Graffs and Watkinses."
Source: "History of Western Maryland," Montgomery County, pg. 739

1:56. DANIEL VEERS a witness to will of John Kennedy of Frederick Co., 26 Feb 1750/51.
3:102. 1733 Taxables, present Frederick and Mont. Counties, then part of Prince George's Co. Dan'l Veers and 1 slave at Jno. Magruder's quarter with James Turley and John Ball, Rock Creek One Hundred.
1. 165: Frederick Co. Debt Books, 1756-7. Daniel Veares charged for pt. of Dublin Resurveyed of 60a; Rum Punch of 60a; None Eaten of 109a.


Research information provided by Florence Howard, relating to her research on land patents for the Montgomery County Historical Society, plus additional information from Sheila Cochran of MCHS:

"None Eatten: 109 acres surveyed and patented to Daniel Veers in 1755. Patent BC&GS#2, Folio 256. Resurveyed with errors corrected and contiguous vacant land added in 1761. It wa patented to Daniel Veers in 1761 for 1,535 acres and called the Resurvey of None Eatten in Patent BC&GS#17, Fol. 217. Again resurveyed in 1764 for Daniel Veirs; errors were corrected and adjacent vacant land was added to become 1,640 acres patented 1764 by the name of The Mary. This land falls mostly on the "Poolesville" map and partly (west part) on the "Seneca" map of land patents. On today's map it would lie east of Partnership Road (includes some of Morrow Road) and west of Dawsonville; it includes the area where Whites Ferry Road, Darnestown Road and Sugarland Road all come together. (See Will and also refer to William Vears in Generation9-Children (Daniel Viers' Sr.'s son) to see how this land was later divided after Daniel Viers Sr.'s death).

Rum Punch 60 acres surveyed for and patented to Daniel Vear on Aug. 11, 1742; Pat. EI#6, Fol. 544; and the Resurvey on Rum Punch, 146 acres, surveyed for and patented to Daniel Viers in 1764; Pat. BC&GS#29, Fol. 173 are located on the Olney-Laytonsville map of land patents.

Resurvey on Dublin was patented 1753 for 200 acres to John Kennedy for 981 acres in Patent. BY&GS#4, Fol. 513 on the Rockville-Gaithersburg patent map. (It is believed this tract was later transferred to Daniel Viers, Sr.-Note: Daniel Viers, Sr. was a witness to John Kennedy's Will so we know they knew each other and probably had dealings together).

(Sheila Cochran commented that in their research that every manner of spelling for Viers was accomplished in many documents).

Below is a hand drawn map. The towns are only approximate in location so you can refer on a road map as to about where Daniel Viers Sr.'s property lay. The rectangular section incorporates the joining of White's Ferry Rd., Darnestown Road and Sugarland Rd. At this junction is approximately where the land was situated as noted in the above land description.
Land Map

None Eaten #1
None Eatten-109 Acres
Pat. BC&GS#2, FOL. 256, 1755
Pat. by Daniel Veers
Montgomery County, Maryland
None Eatten 2
None Eatten
Resurvey on-1,535 Acres
Pat. BC&GS#17, Fol. 217, 1761
Pat. to Daniel Veers
Montgomery County, Maryland
The Mary
The Mary-1,640 Acres
Pat. BC&GS#25, Fol. 478, 1764
Pat. to Daniel Veirs
Montgomery County, Maryland
Much of this portion became William,
Mary and Daniel Jr.'s inheritance.

NOTE: At the time of acquiring the above resurvey drawings, Rum Punch and Dublin had not yet been fully researched by the Montgomery County Historical Society, so drawing of the resurvey was available. The Montgomery County Historical Society is still working on this large patenting project. It takes money to complete this type of research. The MCHS would always welcome a contribution to help toward completing this project. They are extremely cooperative and helped immensely in researching Daniel Viers Sr.'s background.


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