Raymond and Balch group sheets

Raymond and Balch Group Sheets


Marion Frances Raymond b 10/12/1858 Westminster,MA d 4/9/1925

   in Northampton Psychiatric Hospital of breast cancer; she had

   manic depression. 

   m 1/20/1879 Middlefield, MA, Charles Hiram Readio,

   b 1/17/1858 Manchester, NH, d 7/28/1930 Lakewood, Ohio (where he

   lived with his daughter and her family).  


Henry Morgan Raymond b 12/13/1831 d 7/26/1914 Ashburnham, MA m 11/28/1855,

Winchendon, MA,

his first cousin, Almira Raymond, b Ashburnam or Winchendon, 8/20/1828 lr 

d 5/30/1902 Ashburnham, MA.

They apparently lived in Westminster for a few years after they married.

Marion or Maria Frances b 10/12/1858 Westminster, MA d 4/9/1925 in

   Northampton State Psychiatric Hospital of breast cancer.

Sarah Jane Raymond b 1/4/1857 d 1936 m Henry Ford of Ashfield Ma Issue?

   d 1936.  

Willis or Willie Harlowe Raymond b 10/18/1865 accidentally drowned age 19,


THIRD GENERATION Amos Raymond b 4/1/1795 Ashby, MA d 10/15/1886 m Holden, MA, 2/25/1824, Julia Morgan b Wales, Gt Britain, d poss 1893. Children: Harriett d infancy Sarah d infancy Henry James d age 16 Harlow b 1829 m Clarinda Buckley Middletown CT Anne Elisa b 1835 d 1871 m Charles Barrett or BAnett Edward J b 1837 Horner b 1840 d 1841 Julius b 1843 d 1843 Charles b 1846 d 1847 Henry MOrgan b 12/23/1831, d 7/26/1914 Ashburnham, MA Asa Raymond b 5/12/1797 Ashby d 7/27/1889 m HOlden Worcester, MA 12/16/1818 Holden, MA his (Raymond) first cousin Tabitha Walker b abt 1798/9 Westminster, Worcester, MA but in the Holden birth records, d 1869. Some yrs after his marriage moved to Westminster, spent much of his subsqu life there. Owned successively Jonathan Sawyer and Smyrna Whitney farms in north part of town and aferward the Abraham Wood house and lot on the Common. His first wife died, he m (2) Widow Hannah A (How) Peabody and res in the former Dr. White House. (History of Westminster, MA p 840-1-2) CHildren: * Almira b 8/20/1828 Ashburnham, MA (VR), d 5/30/1902 Ashburnham, MA Charles Harvey b 10/20/1819 m M. C. Collins d 5/10/1851 six children Daniel b 1/1822 d when l week old Asa Walker b 1/26/1823 m Susan Thurston three children Eli W b 12/31/1824 m Harriet E Brown; settled and live in Westchester. Had: Emmergene M. b 5/31/1856 m J. A. Garmon res. Lowell, l child Fred P b 10/12/1858 m Emma E Fisher reside WEstminster, 1 child George L. b June 24, 1864 d June 9, 1889 Harriet Elsa b 3/1826 d when 7 weeks old ** Almira b 8/20/1828 m Henry M. Raymond three children George I have name circled for some reason, vague memory I found his genealogy some place. b 3/3/1835 m Mary J.Ames res. Fg.; l child
FOURTH GENERATION Amos's and Asa's parents: DAniel Raymond b 2/1/1764 Princeton MA d Ashby 12/2/1778/1780 or 10/1 or 9/30/1835 m Bedford, MA, 3/17/1785, Molly Kingsley b 12/6/1762 Shrewsbury, Worcester County, MA they moved from Worcester to Ashby n May, 1785. Their eight children were born in Ashby. Children: (I have three of eight of them, need the rest) Amos b 4/1/1795 Ashby m 2/25/1824 Holden d 10/15/1886 Asa b 5/12/1797 Ashby m 12/17/1818 Holden d ? (See generation three on both of them) Daniel b3/5/18/1788 Ashby d 1/3/Ashburnam of consumption(Ashburnam Deaths) m 6/1812 Sally Green b 3/27/1789 daughter Isaac Green Children of Daniel and Sally Green: Mary Green b 5/18/1813 m 4/15/1829 James F Barrett Infant b 6/11/1814 d young William b 10/27/1815 missionary to Africa vide page 500. m Eliza Ruggles of Brantford, Canada Lewis b 12/15/1816 m Cynthis Wheeler of Ashby engaged in manuf of musical instruments at Norwich Ct where he d 1846 Joel b 12/19/1817 m Elizabeth Fairbanks of Boston d 1846 Norwich Ct Ari b 5/7/1820 vide p 514, m Eliza Secomb of Salem Alvin b 4/5/1822 d 7/31/1832 Elvira Kinsley b 7/29/1823 d ____. Charles b 1/6/1826 + He was a machinist apprentice in Lowell then in business Bristol, Ct. Inventions in re to sewing machines. Since 1862 extensive manuacturer of sewing machines at Guelph Canada. Many positions in municipal affairs. An earnest advocate of public schols. A deacon of the Baptist church, prominently connected w the missionary societies of Canada, and an anctive member of the executive board for Foreign Missions. m 8/9/1847 Mary C Marston of Sharon, Vt who d 6/1869, m 2 8/17/1870 Helen J Gill of Brattleboro Vt
Charles Raymond
Had: Emma Ardelia b 4/3/1849 m John Crowe of Guelph Canada Arthur b 4/25/1853 d 5/14/1854 Ada F b 10/18/1855 m John B Minor of Brantford, Canada Tabitha Walker's parents: Hezekiah Walker b 2/14/1750 Worcester or chr 5/5/1751 Lancaster Co MA d 12/30/1837 m Holden lr 5/16/1775 at Holden, MA, Lucy Raymond b 2/6/1755 Sudbury, Middlesex, MA, d 1/21/1849 Bedford, MA They were Baptists. Hezekiah Walker is descended from the Angevin kings of England via Prescotts and Standish. children from Holden Births: (all named Walker) ***** POST TO HUBBARD AND WALKER LISTS ************** JOel b 4/8/1798 Holden, MA JOhn b 5/20/1789 " Lucy b 3/29/1778 " m 11/1/1800, HOlden, MA Eli Hubbard Lydia b 8/15/1793 " m 8/22/1815 Holden, MA Abel Howe Parsis b 6/20/1791 " Polly b 3/6/1785 " m 4/7/1803 Holden Benjamin Hubbard Sally b 5/30/1787 " m Holden, Thomas How Silas b 2/2/1783 " m 9/25/1806 Holden, Polly Hubbard **Tabitha b 11/28/1796 " In one source I've got her b Westminster. William b 11/22/1780 "
FIFTH GENERATION Parents of Lucy and Daniel Raymond: William Raymond (Ramond) b 7/30/1725 Salem, MA m 10/9/1745 lr Bedford MA d Holden 12/2/1780 m Mercy or Marcy Davis b 7/23/1725 Bedford, Middlesex (l.r.) d 2/4/1810 Holden They lived in HOlden around 1750-70 and had 13 children there. Also lived Princeton. All of his children lived into their 90's. Children: Born at Bedford: Mary b 5/10/1746 d Holden 7/30/1838 m (1) 2/25/1767 Bartholomew Stearns (2) ____ I think she had a crop of Stearns children (CHECK) d 7/30/1838 Holden TODD HANSEN HAS HER m Jonathan Lovell he b 12/15/1743 Holden, son of Jonathan Lovell and Mary Cheney Had eight Lovell children. Walker Mercy b 10/2/1747 d Holden 7/30/1829 m 8/25/1768 Jonathan Lovell, Jr. d 7/30/1829 Holden William b 9/20/1749 or in 1747. m Eunice Glazer 1768. Hannah b 8/19/1751 Holden or Bedford d 4/29/1790 Born at Holden: Betty b 5/6/1753 Holden d 8/5/1838 ** Lucy b 2/6/1755 Sudbury MA d 1/21/1849 Bedford Middlesex Co m (1) 5/16/1775 Holden, Worcester Co, Hezekiah Walker (2) ____ Reed They were Baptists. Amos b 3/23/1757 in teh revolution d bef 1862 Holden, Worcester Co m Alice Joslin. Tabitha b 10/28/1759 d 9/20/1822 m 1/16/1781 John Perry, Jr. or Percy, Jr. Lois b 1/2/1762 Holden ** Daniel b 2/1/1764 Princeton m 3 X. m 1 Molly or Polly Kingsley Bedford MA, she b Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, MA. m 2 Relief m 3 Elizabeth He d 3/17/1785 Ashby, MA Asa b 1/1/1766 Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, d 1/5/1803 Shutesbury age 97. (Shutesbury records say 12/5/1862) m Holden, 4/17/1787 Hulda Rice dau of Elijah and Hulda (Keyes) Rice) b ca 1768 Holden d aft 4/8/ Shutesbury, Franklin Co, MA at app 30 yrs of age. ??? They were members of the Church of Christ inShutesbury for over sixty years, even though Huldah died when she was thirty. I guess you just never know what can happen by the power of the holy spirit! Now we KNOW creative as well as intellectual genius runs in this family! She could repeat large portions of the scriptures and most of Dr Watts Psalms. And celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. As per my second source. farmer, public spirited, industrious, a Congregationalist. At age 96, Mr. Raymond was infirm but hearing and memory unimpaired, his wife had excellent memory, hearing, poor eyesight. (Same wife?) **** POST TO HUBBARD LIST ****** Lydia b 5/26/1768 m 11/18/1790 John Hubbard d bef 1862 in Hinsdale MA Persis b 11/9/1770 Holden Child b 1772. Died as infant. Line from Edmund Rice to Carl Flegal: Edmund Rice Thomas Rice Elisha b 1679 Sudbury m Elizabeth Wheeler lived Worcester d Sudbury Elihah b 1722 d HOlden 1818 lived Shrewsbury then Holden m Huldah Keyes Huldah Rice Asa and Huldah Rice had children: Edward A b 2/6/1791 Holden d Brookline 8/1/1864 a prominent merchant in Boston. A distinguished member of the Masons. lived BEacon St, Brookline. m 9/30/1817 Lydia Dunham, d 3/13/1825 2 7/2/1828 Elizabeth (Pollard) Blackman, widow l: CAroline A b 6/25/1822 m ll/16/1841 Austin W Benton of Brookline 2: Mary E b 6/20/1832 m 6/22/1852 Mortimer Catlin Ferris of Brookline (see Ferris) Huldah b 1794 m Moses Spear 3/11/1811 Lewis Raymond b 1796 d 1798 DAniel Raymond b 6/26/1797 Willard Raymond b 6/23/1800 lived Westboro d 6/30/1856 lived Westborough, m Sarah Dickman of Petersham Lucy b 6/27/1802 d 12/14/1803 Zebina Lee Raymond b 8/23/1804 state senator, mayor of Cambridge, MA, m Rhoda Hildreth of Petersham Emmons b 9/23/1806 lived Boston Westborough m Mehitable Munroe Parents of Molly Kingsley: Enoch Kingsley b 1736 or 30 Windham CT m 2/10/1760 (l.r.) Shrewsbury MA Sarah (NOyes) Maynard b 1735 Sudbury MA Sarah's ancestry confuses most sources. Her name categorically was NOT Polly Ames (my mother's records). Her father was not a Maynard. She was the widow of Samuel Maynard, and born Noyes. For further confusion, she is descended from one of two contemporaneous Joseph Noyes' of Sudbury, MA. Peter Noyes, who with Edmund Rice founded Sudbury, and who was rock stable and a second or third cousin of Nicholas and James Noyes, had a son Joseph. Rev. James Noyes had a son named Joseph, too, and he went to Sudbury. He is the great grandfather of Sarah. James' brother Nicholas was ancestor of Emily Green Balch. It superficially looked like Peter was not related to Nicholas and Peter even though they came on the same ship and called each other good friends. Actually, on a document back in England, they called each other cousins. The two villages in different counties they lived in were only about six miles apart. A common ancestor was brought by a high nobleman from another part of England to administer his estate, and Peter's line of prosperous yeomen still ran what remained of the estate. Nicholas and James' were of a family of clergy who held a seat in a village generation after generation; their father had married into a family of rather nutso Puritan fanatics, and the young men were radicalized during their education at Cambridge or Oxford (I can't keep straight which). Sarah's children by Samuel Maynard (b 12/20/1726 d Shrewsbury 1755, m in Sudbury 1750): (thre were three of them) children of Enoch Kingsley and Sarah Molley d 12/6/1762 Shrewsbury Sarah d 5/21/1761 Shrewsbury (lr) Parents of Hezekiah Walker Hezekiah Walker b 2/24/1717 Sudbury MA m Sarah Prescott b 7/12/1726 Westford, MIddlesex Good thing I didn't have their genealogy, because it was wrong. And the Prescott line is not of royal blood.
SIXTH GENERATION Parents of William Raymond: Paul Raymond (Ramond) b 1/22/1695 Beverly, MA (adjacent to Salem to the north) d 4/17/1759 age 65, Bedford, Middlesex, MA m 2/28/1717 Tabitha Balch b 1702 Beverly MA d Bedford 1737 or aft 1739/40. Children: (first five b Salem bpin First church there. Dismissed from this church to the church at Bedford, MA, 4/4/1736.) Elizabeth bp 4/9/1721. m Josiah Davis Mary bp 3 or 5/10/1723 d 7/17/1752 IN BEDFORD accdng to Todd Hansen DEACON SIMON HUNT d 12/13/1790. son Simon b 1734, Ephraim b 1736 Todd Hansen has her m Stephen Hartwell 12/31/1741 Bedford Middlesex MA, he b 1716, BEdford, MA, son of William Hartwell and Ruth Webber, d 7/12/1792 Bedford, age 76. Deacon Simon Hunt of Concord, Ephraim came to Jaffery, Simon to Acton. ** William b 7/30/1725 Salem, Essex, MA (LEFT PAG HOME) Edward bp 12/17/1730 Salem Paul bp 5/17/1730 served in revolution d bef 1732 SAlem. (NEED PAGE) Paul b Salem Essex co 5/12/1732 m 11/27/1755 Abigail Jones Lucy b Bedford 8/7/1737 m SIMON HUNT JR Nathan b 2/29/1740 or 1739/40 accdng to Beford Births Tabitha b 9/19/1743 m EPHRAIM HUNT second owner of the mills at Squantum Parents of Mercy/ Marcy Davis: Daniel Davis b 3/16/1673 or 3/26 Concord, MA d 2/11/1741 or 1740/1 Bedford Deaths m 4/27/1698/9 1699 Concord Registerof births, marriages and deaths. Mary Hubbard b 4/3/1682 or 6/3, Concord MA d 2/2/1769 age 81 Bedford Settled within the present limits of Bedford where his descendants yet live. An incorporator of the town and a founder of the church. Children (12): b Bedford Amos b 4/8/1711 BB Danil b 9/19/1701 Ezra b 8/14/1721 Jonathan b 2/15/1700 Josiah b 7/9/1713 Marcy b 11/18/1703 d 11/4/1709 Bedford deaths Mary b 4/4/1719 Nathan b 3/31/1708 Nathaniel b 11/3/1715 Daniel settled in Bedford m 5/1/1766 Susannah Lane He d and she m 11/23/1790 Ebenzer Richardson of Billerica for his sixth wife. Josiah settled in Beford * Mercy/ Marcy b Bedford 7/23/1725 m William Raymond Parents of Sarah NOyes: Lt. Daniel Noyes b 5/30/1698 Sudbury Middlesex, d 12/29/1781 m 2/17/1729 Sarah Gott b about 1705 I've seen other guesses "of" Sudbury, Middlesex. I NEED PARENTS AND ANCESTRY OF SARAH GOTT!
SEVENTH GENERATION Parents of Paul Raymond: William Raymond b 1666 Beverly MA d 1/29/1709 killed by fall of a tree, which forced a Kettle in-law to raise his youngest children. One of "less deluded" witnesses in the witch trials. He was a friend of Dr. Griggs one day (he and other Bass River people didn't maintain either friendship, alliances, or enmity for very long) when he saw Dr. Griggs' niece in one of her fits. m (1) 1687 Mary Kettle b 1682 Beverly MA or 3/5/1660 Glouchester MA dau of John Kettle d after 1694/5 Children: Mary b 5/16/1688 Beverly d 1/20/1689 William b 2/11/1690 Beverly d after 1736/7 Rochester, Plymouth Colony m 1 Deborah Balch 2/8/1711, she b 6/6/1693 Beverly, d 5/5/1717 Rochester , Plymouth Colony, age 23 m 2 Tabitha Edwards 10/3/1717 Rochester, Plymouth colony, she b Rochester. He moved from Beverly to Rochester after birth of lst son 17ll lived "Raymond Landing" in Rochester, which later was added to Wareham. Clrk of the town 1733-7. Daniel b ll/25/1694 Beverly, d 1745 Canada, age 52. m Abigail Balch 3/11/1715/6, she b 1700 Beverly. She m 1 an unknown person 3/11/1713-4 in Beverly. He orig of Salem or Beverly. Marblehead 1715-almost 1730 Went to Beverly and almost imm in 1731 to Concord, Middlesex Co. ** Paul (Lt) b Beverly 1/22/1695 d Bedford, Middlesex Co, 4/17/1759, age 65. m 2/28/1717 Beverly, Essex Co, Tabitha Balch, b 1702 Beverly, d 1737 or aft 1739/40, Bedford, Middlesex, MA Parents of Tabitha Balch: Freeborn Balch b 4 or 8/9/1660 Beverly MA d 6/12/1729 Beverly m 4/30/1690 d 6/11/1729 Beverly MA m (1) Miriam Moulton dau of Robert Moulton and Abigail Croad m 2 Mallis 2/20/1688/9 Beverly m (3) Elizabeth Fairfield dau of Walter Fairfield and Sarah Skipperway b 1666 Wenham MA d 1/31/1737 Beverly MA My line is by (3). Elizabeth Fairfield was descended from the Angevin kings of England via the Skeppers, LEgards, etc. Children by Miriam Moulton: Miriam b 1681 or 8/2/1683 Beverly Freeborn b 1688 or 11/25/1685 Beverly. His son, by a member of William Hubbard family, died insane. Benjamin b 4/17/1688 m Elizabeth ___ who testified in Salem witch trials (That can't be, it must have been Elizabeth married Benjamin son of Benjamin. She would have had to be two years old!) Children by Elizabeth Fairfield, six Skipper b 7/25/1692 Beverly d 9/13/1714 Elizabeth b 1696 Beverly Essex MA d 5/1/1718 Sarah b 1698 Beverly d 9/30/1714 Abigail b 1700 Beverly Essex m Daniel Raymond 3/11/1713/4 Tabitha b 1702 Beverly m Paul Raymond 2/28/1716/7 Mary b 1703 d 1786 m Rev. Pain Wingate or b 6/5/1707 Beverly d 10/10/1788 youngest, Rev. William Balch of Bradford, well-known patriot and preacher, b 9/30/1704 d 1/1792 Parents of DAniel Davis Samuel Davis of Concord MA b 1635 England or else 7/11/1639 Duxbury of Concord and New Bedford, d 1/11/1665-6 MA m 1/11/1665 Lynn MA Mary Meads or Meaddows, Meddowes, b abt 1639 d 10/2/1710 Concord Settled in the present limits of Bedford, where his descendants yet live. Children: (7) Mercy b Concord 9/27/1666 d 12/18/1667 Samuel b " 1/21/1669 m 3/2/1697-8 1 Abigail Read b 1709 m 2 Mary Law Eleazer (fifth) b " 5/26/1673 d 8/10/1721 m 5/7/1705 Eunice Potter she m (2) Richard Wheeler **Daniel b 3/16/1673 Concord d 2/11/1741 m 4/27/1699-8 Mary Hubbard of Concord m (2) Staples of Mendon and d 2/2/1769.Twelve children. Mary b " 8/12/1677 m 4/26/1699 John Stearns Stephen b " 3/30/1686 a petitioner of the new town and a founder of the church. d 7/11/1714. m 3/26/1713 Elizabeth Fletcher Six of their children died in infancy, one shown as living. Parents of Mary Hubbard Jonathan Hubbard b 1/3/1658 Wethersfield CT of same Hubbard line as Martha Hubbard of 1-12 (another of my lines) d 3/15/1681-2 Concord MAA m 7/17/1728 Concord MA Hannah Rice b 1658 Sudbury MA d 4/9/1747 Concord MA Children: ** Mary b Concord 6/3/1682 m 4/27/1699/8 m Daniel Davis JOnathan b " 8/6 or 18/1683 m 9/?/170_ d 4/7/1761 Rebecca Brown Hannah b " 4/20/1685 d 5/23/1725 m John Temple 1680-1734 son Abraham and Deborah Samuel b " 4/27/1687 d 12/12/1753 m 12//8/1709 m 1 Sarah Clark 1681-1720 dau Samuel and Rachel 2 ____ Joseph Capt b " 2/8/1688-9 m 11/10/1713 d 4/10/1768 Rebecca Bulkeley b 1696 d 1772 dau Joseph and Rebecca (Minott) Elizabeth b " 6/16/1691 m 1/12/1709-10 d 12/25/1757 Deacon Samuel Heywood b 1687 d 1750 son John and Sarah (Wooster) JOhn b " 3/12/1692-3 m 11/14/1716 m Hannah Blood Rice genealogy has him m Azubah Moore of Sudbury resided Worcester and Rutland, lastly at Holden, w his dau, Abigail Heywood Daniel b " 11/20/1694 m 12/5/1717 m Dorothy Dakin b 1698 dau Joseph and Dorothy settled at Holden Thomas b " 8/27/1696 m Mary ___ Abigail b " 1/23/1698 m 1/18/1721-2 Samuel Fletcher of Concord Ebenezer b " 12/28/1700 d 5/21/1755 m Mary Billings b 1704 d 1763 dau Samuel and Mary Rice genealogy has him married Mary Conant and d 5/21/1755 age 54. Parents of Lt Daniel Noyes: Joseph Noyes b 8/16/1663 Sudbury MA d 11/16/1717 Sudbury m 12/20/1693 Ruth HAYNES b 4/7/1668 Sudbury MA d 12/20/1693 Sudbury According to Carl Flegal, Deacon James Noyes and Sarah Noyes his wife had two children who suffered from disorders; Abraham from fits and Lt Abijah Haynes from distraction. Sarah Noyes was sister to Joseph Noyes Jr, who married Ruth Haynes, sister of Deacon James Haynes, so that the two couples had similar genes. Carl is descended from Lt Abijah Haynes , me from Joseph nOyes, who were twice first cousins.
EIGHTH GENERATION Parents of William Raymond: William Raymond b 1627 or 1637,5/11/1637 St. John's, Glastonbury, Somerset, England, (son of George Raymond or Raiment b abt 1599 d bef 10/30/1651 same place family were prosperous yeoman farmers and local gentry, active in local government and running local schools) d 1/29/1709,Beverly, MA, age 71. Came here from Essex Co, England in 1652 m 1660/6 Beverly MA Hannah Bishop b 4/12/1646 Beverly MA d 1738 (daughter of Edward Bishop b 1620, England d 1646 Salem MA m abt 1650 Chelmsford MA Hannah Moore b 12/29/1644 Salem MA d 1680 Salem MA) and (2) Ruth Hull of Beverly dau of Isaac Hull of Beverly Liutenant Commander of Beverly and Wenham troops, deputy to general court from Beverly in 1685-6. Hannah's stepmother, sister and brother in law were condemned in Salem in 1692 as witches - because of what strongly looks like a mood disorder propagated by noone in the family ever marrying anyone who did NOT have a mood disorder AND who was not physically abusive, rough edged, and hopefully mildly dishonest. Absolutely firm qualifications to marry into the Edward Bishop family, so, one has to ask, how did William Raymond qualify? From my other file: William Raymond came to MA from Essex Co, England in 1652; that may explain the notion that Richard, who is not on will of William's father with Wm's brother John who also came to MA, was their brother. The will of John's and William's father was found, dated 1651, proved 1651, which locates these two in Glastonbury, and is reason for thinking Richard was unrelated. William was much younger than his brother and came to this country much later. There was a Widow Raymond who may have been his mother; two much older Raymonds had been in Maine earlier w William's brother John; clearly neither was his father, may have been cousins or uncles. William received a small tract of land owned by Edward Bishop, who married (2) Bridgette who was exceuted as a witch in 1692, which bordered on land owned by Benjamin Balch. William was extremely active in military affairs and campaigns. Lt Commander under Comm Joseph Gardner Narragansett Campaign of King Philips War, 1675. Cat and Lt Com Salem and BEverly troops 11683. Rep, 1685, from Beverly, to General Court. In ill-fated Phipps Expedition to Canada of 1690. Age 53. Deputy to General Court from Beverly 1685, 1686. Confusion about what happened to his first wife, no record of her death, but people assume she did die, accounting for why he married again. His last child by Hannah was born in 1676. No record of anything happening to her. Hannah Bishop was sister of Edward Bishop, Jr, who w his wife owned a tavern on the road to Salem Town, and were accused and tried as witches and convicted, after their mother in law, on little testimony, one from Elizabeth Balch, one from the afflicted girls, and one from someone else. See my Salem witch page for Elizabeth Balch's testimony; she plainly did not want to face up to domestic trouble with her kinsmen-in-law next door. Thought that instead if Edward abused his wife and called her a witch, she was one. Edward had been raving vividly about how his wife entertained Satan in the kitchen at night, etc., etc. All true, in Elizabeth's mind. Hannah's parents weren't very savory or well respected; they wer once caught and punished for stealing foodstuffs and a knife, and lying about it. The whole family seem to have been not mentally healthy. They seem to have never married anyone who was stable, nor had anyone they married. The first wife of Bridgette's former husband was more seriously a crank than she was. Bridgette was repeatedly in trouble for swearing back at her husband and for hitting back when he beat her in public view! His first wife was always in trouble for picking arguments with everyone, especially with the authorities. She was outspoken to the degree of seeming to either be picking fights on purpose or to be not clear- headed. For instance, she was always grumping and proclaiming loudly about "women's rights". It is doubtful that she had any understanding of them; this was an uneducated, rough-edged, lower class family. It looks as though Bridgette married Edward Bishop partly for protection against a former charge of witchcraft made by her first husband's children by another wife after her husband died and she was made executor of his estate! The Raymonds and Balches never were in sympathy with the Puritan establish- ment, but that William Raymond would have married a Bishop suggests that something ailed him and his family and we just don't know about it yet. Children: (1) ** William b Salem or Beverly abt 1666 Edwrd bapt July 12, 1668 m Mary ___ who was dismissed from First church, Salem to the new church, 4/2/1716. d 11/6/1727 age 59. Held positions in Church at BEverly; moderator, clerk, treasurer, assessor m Mary Herrick. George bp 10/30/1670 Beverly, m 3/28/1698, Jerusha Woodbury. Jerusha was first cousin to Christian Woodbury, wife of John Trask, who committed suicide in 1689 with scizzors, having argued and accused Sarah Bishop, which helped lead to Sarah being charged as a witch. Hannah bp 5/18/1673 m (1) Nathaniel Hayward jr (2) ____ Hutchinson Abigail bp 7/23/1676 m 3/26/1694, John Giles (2) Mary b 5/2/1682 Beverly d 10/26/1763 Beverly Essex, age 81. m Josiah Batchelder 12/18/1700 in Beverly. He b 3/6/1679/80 Rail Syde, Salem (now Beverly) d 10/16/1749 Bevely age 69. Ruth b 1690 Beverly d aft 1739/40 Beverly d 3/1747 m Jonathan Batchelder 2/25/1701-2 b 3/29/1678 Rail Syde, Salem (now Bverly. d 4/1740 Salem age 62. Ebenezer b 1691. Ebenezer b Beverly 1691 CHECK if Ebenezer here and if Edward Bishop in wrong place. Have Edward Bishop b 4/12/1646/48, Beverly, as a son of William. Parents of Freeborn Balch: Benjamin Balch b Winter 1628 Salem MA d 1//31/1715 Salem MA m 1650 Sarah Gardner b 1630/1 of Salem MA d 4/15/1686 Their sons: Samuel b5/1651 d 10/14/1723 m Mary or Martha Newmarch Benjamin b 1653 d 1698 m Elizabeth Woodbury. This is VERY interesting. She must have been closely related to Christian Woodbury Trask, who tangled with Sarah Bishop and committed suicide. John b 1654 d 11/19/1738 m Hannah Denning or Veren Joseph b 1658 killed by Indians in Battle of Blodoy Brook in 1675. Freeborn b 8/9/1660 d 6/11/1729 m 1681 Miriam dau of Robert Moulton of Salem, (2) Elizabeth Fairfield. Sarah b 1661 d bef 1717 Abigail b 1663 d 4/20/1706 Ruth b 1665 Mary b 1667 d 3/12/1736/7 m Nathaniel Stone Jonathan b abt 1670 d abt 1670 David b 7/9/1671 d 4/17/1690 By Grace Mallet Benjamin had: Deborah Balch b 6/6/1693 d 5/5/1717 m William Raymond 2/8/1710/11 Lydia Balch b 8/28/1695 Benjamin inherited one-half of his father's property. When his brother Freeborn disappeared (he is thought to have returned to England, but noone knew what happened to him), he inherited another 1/4, after Freeborn was declared dead. When his brother John died and John's wife remarried, and their daughter died, the original court order having been to divide the estate between mother and child, Benjamin went to court and got the order changed so taht the eventually ended up with the property. But Mary and her new husband contested the notion that Mary wasn't entitled to any part of her dead husband's estate. This time Benjamin lost. He wouldn't admit defeat. He appealed three times, and lost three times. Eventually, he won. An author on this found Benjamin overly grasping. It gets better. John Balch father of Benjamin left certain resources including the right to an upper area in the family home to his second wife, Annis Patch, and responsibility for caring for her to BEnjamin. I guess the father expected the son would do this out of duty. When Annis died, she left a will for her little bit of property. Benjamin went to court, "somehow", in the words of everyone who has written about it, got he will declared illegal, presented a detailed bill for the "costs", wages due, etc., for caring for her, and produced neighbors, as witnesses that the costs he and his wife had born in caring for her far outweighed her assets, and ended up with her estate. The only "neighbors" he had in the BAss River area were the Raymonds, the Bishops, and the Conant family. It really seems as if all six or so ancestral families who lived at the head of the BAss River between Salem and Beverly spent half of their lives in court suing each other for this and that and testifying in each others' behalf. The only pattern to the lawsuits is the entire group of families behaved like this, and they were usually efforts to obtain property, assets, services, etc form one of the others. The neighbors would line up on either side as witnesses, and there was no consistency to who allied with who when or about what. The families who acted this way included Balch, Raymond, Bishop, and Conant. Sometimes it was a petty issue, like a broken fence. ONe gets the idea that these people were both excessively grasping with no apparent morals about how one should act, and hotheaded people who had a great deal of enjoyment out of continually suing each other and fighting it out in court. IT brings one back to what sort of person was William Raymond to have wanted to marry a daughter of Edward Bishop. William Raymond's testifying for Dr. Griggs, having been in his home one day, is another example; the Bass River people were hardly friends of Puritan fanatics like Griggs! What was Raymond doing in his home OR testifying for this head member of the witch conspiracy? While Elizabeth Balch testified against two members of the Bishop family, helping to get Bridgette executed and one of only three people who ever spoke against Sarah and Edward Jr. She testified that Bridgette Bishop had appeared as an apparition and tormented her son while he was ill with the fever that killed him. She had thought nothing of her son's delirious mumblings at the time, but now she thought about it... Most interesting, Elizabeth was born Woodburie and was closely related to Christian Woodbury Trask who tangled with Sarah, committed suicide with scizzors, which was blamed on witchcraft by Sarah. It is written about Benjamin Balch that he was religiously moderate because he allowed most of his children to attain adulthood and choose for themselves whether to be baptized or join the church, and because he didn't go along with the most severe excesses of the Puritan community. This is the view taken by the man's descendants; the Balch family evolved into a prosperous middle class, highly intelligent, and socially liberal in an always politically correct sort of way, family. It is true that John Balch and his son Benjamin after him were hardly the fanatical breed of Puritan that took control of and took over the colony not long after the original settlers who included John Balch, founded it. One piece of evidence cited to support this notion is that Benjamin and his best friend, another original settler, who also kept a lantern lit and a horse saddled to help people escape the witch trials, got into trouble for entertaining and putting up a stranger to the community in their house, which was against the rules of the Puritan villagers of medieval Salem. It looks as though the Balch's were individualistic and at their best no cowards. But it also looks very much like they had a cranky streak, and the disappearance of Benjamin's brother who seems to have taken off without saying a word to anyone under circumstances that caused people to think he had gone back to England, hints at both family trouble and instability. They showed such a streak back in England, too; a BAlch ancestor who was staunchly pro-Catholic refused to provide his required light horseman for the war with Spain tha England fought under Elizabeth I, and eventually his line of the Balch family was ruined when the Puritans triumphed and his lands and assets were seized, about when John, whose actual parentage is uncertain, came to Massachusetts. But John Balch, father of Benjamin, was "staunchly Puritan", a member of a religiously motivated enterprise run by Puritan merchants and clergy, some of them connected with the royal court, which came over before the Massachusetts bay Puritans who took over Salem from its founders, which failed, leaving about half a dozen people with their families, who then trekked overland to found Salem. But Puritan was a big movement that could mean more than one thing. John Balch was a sort of Puritan that wanted to clean up the Church of England, and a member of the Church of England. The Massachusetts Bay Puritans weren't overtly separatist, but in practical terms, they were separatists. They founded new churches run individually on the Congregationalist model, not Anglican churches, and they admitted to the inner membership of these churches and to Communion only those who could satisfy the governing board that they were among the Elect. The Salem Puritans were Congregationalists; they were Evangelical and children normally did not become church members. One had to "find Christ" and be born again, and convince the church elders that one had been born again. During one's teenage years one was expected to find Christ and be born again and be admitted to the church. Children like all members of the community had to attend meeting, but only a select few were full church members. The Puritans were staunchly Calvinistic, they believed in Predestination and that most people, even most Christians, were not among the favored few Elect who were destined from the beginning of time to be saved. About the time Benjamin Balch was deciding how to handle the baptism of his children, the Baptist controversy arose. The Baptists felt that since children couldn't commit themselves to Christ nor their spiritual status be known, they should not be baptized before they as teenagers or adults found Christ and committed themselves. Most Puritans took a rather ambivalent stance that required children to be baptized and even went so far as to claim the children of the saved inherited some spiritual advantage from their parents. Benjamin Balch was no nut, he to all appearances went along with the status quo on most things, participated actively in his church and in political affairs of his town and his colony. But he also clearly was a man who strongly thought for himself - and he may have far from having not pressured his children to be Puritans, to adopt Evangelical Christian beliefs, and to become members of the church, have put ALOT of pressure on them - but quietly refused to have them baptized before they were adults. I am not the first person to think that it is quite remarkable how ALL of his children found Christ at the same time and were baptized as a group all on the same day. If he had said anything out loud about how he felt on this subject, he would have been driven from the colony as a heretic; and quite possibly dragged back later and condemned as a witch, which happened to one individual. Parents of Samuel Davis: Dolor DAvis b 1593 Bennefield, N, England, from Kent, came 1634 to Boston, d 6/2/1673 Barnstable m 3/29/1624 Margery Willard b 11/6/1602 Horsmonden, Kent, Engl, (daughter of Richard Willard of Housemonden, yeoman) d 1655/66 Concord MA m (2) Joanna, d of Rev. Joseph Hall or Joanna (Hull) Bursley b 1620 dau of Rev. James Hull. (Margery's brother, Major Simon Willard of famous line sailed with them and another brother) Several of his children b in England. A carpenter and master builder. Lived Cambridge until 1638-9, then Duxbury, granted land there 1640. Held several grants of land in Cambridge. A resident of Barnstable 1643, admitted a freeman tehre 1646. HEld various public offices in BArnstable. This all in Plymouth colony. 1656 he returned to Massachusetts Bay, bought 150 acres in Concord. 1666 returned to BArnstable, died Barnstable June, 1673. Three younger childre, b in America, married and settled here. Parents and birth place unknown. Appears to have come from Kent. He inherited a sizable amount from a man in Horsemonden for whom he worked as a servant in 1614 (he would have been 21), married into the Willard family there in 1624, came to Massachusetts with teh Willards in 1634. He lived all over the place, the Willards were prone to wandering too; and both families were very close to the original head migratory bird, Edmund Rice. But though the Willards must have been similar to Edmund Rice in temperament as they had a similar seemingly hereditary penchant for land speculation, and a son or cousin from England was executed as a witch for bouts of serious mental illness of some sort in Salem in 1692, Dolar Davis's excuse for the incessant wandering was purportedly that he was a carpenter and a master builder, and his skills would be in demand for a short time when these new villages were first built. The Willards and Dolar Davis's and a couple of other families joined the Rice's on their cyclical migrations. A notion that Dolar's family were buried in a Bennefield, Northamptonshire, church yard, told to one of the writers of a New England genealogical dictionary, is disproven. Efforts to turn up is weird name all over England have proven fruitless. (Could it have been a nickname?) Maybe his father was a wandering speculator of one sort or another! His name is pronounced, "Dollar". Dolor lived in Cambridge until 1638-9, then Duxbury, granted land there 1640. Held several grants of land in Cambridge. A resident of Barnstable 1643, admitted freeman there 1646. Held various public offices in Barnstable. This all in Plymouth colony. In 1656 he returned to Massachusetts Bay, bought 150 acres in Concord. 1666 returned to Barnstable, died Barnstable. His wife's brother was Lt Simon Willard, a fast friend of Edmund Rice's. There was also another brother, whsoe quick temper and mouth got him into trouble. The rest of the family had to put up bond for him. Children: John b Horsemonden, Kent, England abt 1626 m 3/15/1648-9 d 1703 Hannah Lynnell, dau Robert got Cncord homestead Mary b Engl abt 1631 m 6/15/1653 m Thomas Lewis, son George Elizabeth b England abat 1633 d young **Samuel b 1635 or 7/11/1639 Kent, England, or Duxbury or Concord, MA bought 1696 homestead in w part of BEdford, then Concord. STill in family possession. This family longlived, noted for good health, and prominent in history of the church and the town. m 1/11/1665-6 Mary Medows she d 1710 He m 2 10/18/1711 Ruth Taylor Lt Simon b MA abt 1636 Settled Concord. Homestead near his father's house on farm given him by his father. A freeman 1699. Deputy to general court 1689-1705. d Concord 6/14/1713 age 77. m 12/12/1660 Mary Blood, b Concord dau of James and Eleanor Blood. Ruth b Barnstable 3/24/1645 m Stephen Hall Parents of Mary Meads: Philip Meadows b abt 1614 Lynn MA (if he was an INdian!) m 4/1641 Lynn MA Elizabeth Iggleden b 1/20/1620 Biddenden, Kent, England. Parents of Jonathan Hubbard: John Hubbard b 1630 Engl d Wp 8 1702 (?) Hatfield MA m 1648, Concord MA Mary Merriam b 1625 Hadlow Kent Engl d 3/8/1721 Hatfield MA (dau of William Merriam of Hadlow, Kent and Sarah Burgess) Table of descendants in library says they had only Jonathan. Parents of Hannah Rice: Samuel Rice b 1634 chr 11/12/1634 Berkhamsted, Herford, England, d 2/25/1685, , MA m 11/18/1655 Sudbury MA Elizabeth King b 1635, Dorset, Eng, d 10/30/1667, Sudbury, MA (dau of Thomas King of Tarrant/Hinton, Dorset, Engl and Anne Collins) He lived at Sudbury and Marlboro she d at Sudbury bur 10/30/1667 m (2) Mary Brown Sudbury 9/1668 she d 6/18/1675, Concord records say 1678 in error. They prob went to Concord for a season for refuge from the Indians. m (3) Sarah, widow of James Hosmer Jr of Concord 12/13/1676 He d Marlboro 2/25/1684-5 aged abt 51. First four c's on Sudbury records, births of others found at Marlboro, w exception of youngest, is at Concord. Children: Elizabeth b 10/26/1656 Sudbury m Peter Haynes **Hannah b 1658 Sudbury m Jonathan Hubbard Joshua b 4/19/1661 Sudbury m Mary Edmund b 1663 Sudbury m Ruth Parker Esther b 9/18/1665 Marlboro m Daniel Hubbard Samuel b 10/14/1667 Marlboro m Abigail Clapp Mary b 8/6/1669 ? Edward b 6/20/1672 m Lydia Fairbank Abigail b 3/10/1673-4 m Palmer Goulding Joseph b 5/16/1678 prob the Joseph Rice who m Mary Townsend at Boston m abt 1680 2 Mary (Dix) Brown, widow of Abraham Brown of Watertown. She died about seven years later. He m 3 Sarah (White) Dix, widow of Abraham Brown of Watertown Parents of Joseph Noyes: Deacon Joseph Noyes b 10/15/1637 Newbury, Essex, England d 11/16/1717 Sudbury MA m 11/12/1662 Mary Darvill, dau Robt Darvil ad Hester or Esther, b 5/10/1642, Sudbury, d 9/24/1677 Sudbury. This Joseph Noyes is often confused with the other Joseph Noyes, of Thomnas NOyes son of Peter NOyes, who lived in Sudbury at the same time. As CArl Flegal (a Raymond cousin) points out, that Joseph Noyes would have been too young to be the Joseph who married Mary Darville. Noyes Genealogy, Vol 2 (James' descendants) bears this out. (Noyes, Harriett, 1904.) Deacon Joseph Noyes (if not still confused with Thomas' son Joseph, Noyes carefully distinguishes him from Peter's son Josepn) was selectman in Sudbury for 28 years form 1662, constable, 1667 and 1668, justice of the peace 16679, many other offices. He was a man of considerable property, and owned a number of slaves. He was a staunch and spirited proponent of temperance; he thought alcohol had reduced the "savages" and "heathen" to their current state. Also knew Latin - or atleast pretended to. Parents of Ruth Haynes: John Haynes (Haines) b 1620/1 Sutton, W England d 3/29/1697 Sudbury MA m 10/13/1642 Dorothy NOYES, b 1621/1626 Foxcotte, H, Engl, d 4/8/1715 Sudbury MA
NINTH GENERATION: Parents of William Raymond: George Raymond (Raiment) b abt 1599/ ca 1580, Glastonbury, Somerset, England, d 6/26/1651 age 70, Glastonbury, Somerset, England. Wife Mary, b ca 1584. He also had John Raymond the brother of William who came to Massachusetts much earlier than William, with some older relatives who went to Maine. Children: John Raymond b abt 1622 Glastonbury, m bef 1654, Salem, ESsex, MA, RAchel Scruggs, d 1/18/1702/3 Beverly, MA. William Raymond (Capt.) b 1627 or 5/11/1637 St Johns, Glastonbury,Somerset, England, m Hannah Bishop d 1/29/1709 Beverly, MA Parents of Sarah Gardner: Tom Gardner from Weymouth, Dorsetshire in spring 1623-4 m 1 ? m 2 1642 Damaris widow of Shattuck, prominent among area Quakers. Had: Thomas George (a father in 1644) Richard Samuel b abt 1627 per depos Joseph John Sarah m ___ Balch Seeth b 10/25/1636 m ___ Grafton Miriam m John Hill Parents of BEnjamin Balch: John Balch came to Cape Ann Colony under Mr. Thomas Gardner in 1623. In Salem bef 1628. m Margery Lovell or Lovett bef 1636. aptly m 2 Annis or Agnes Patch. (wife named in his will) no children by second wife. He was held in esteem by his small colony. One of four original settlers of Salem. He had been one of a party supposed to settle Cape Anne, a large commercial venture, but Puritan in spirit nonetheless, the people in charge of it were staunch Puritans, connected to Puritan clergy, who wanted to make a colony that would serve as a Puritan refuge. Howeer, they wee Puritan in the classical sense of wanting to purify the Anglican Church, as distinct from the separatist Plymouth Pilgrims. The colony failed, and John Balch was one of a small number who did not return to England, but stayed and walked overland to the site where they founded Salem. Balch was staunchly Puritan, albeit of the sort that favored purifying the Church of England rather than the separatism of the large numbers of people who moved into the Massachusetts Bay colony only a couple of years after he helped found it, and a founding member of the first church at Salem. He held various offices of trust, and often acted in magisterial capacity as arbitrator, principal land surveyor. Had a fair education for his time. In 1638 he moved from Salem to 200 acres in Bass River (Beverly). Severl of his grandchildren gave rise to dynasties of clergy, and great grandson Ebenezer gave the land for the SEcond parish church. The Balch's of Somerset county, England, several lines, were prosperous yeomen and gentry, very active in local government, John's line particularly in running local schools. his will names sons: * Benjamin b 1629 John b 1630 married MARY CONANT, had one child, Mary. John drowned 1/16/1662 while trying to cross the river near his father's home in a storm. The court divided his l/4 share of his father's land between his widow and his daughter. In 1663 young Mary died, and the court ordered the land to Benjamin after seven years. This from the court records. The widow remarried, a Dodge. Freeborn b 1631 Not married. He disappeared about 1658. Family tradition had it he may have returned to England. I've heard he might have died on the way back to England, but the family themselves didn't know it if he did, since ten years later Freeborn's "self-styled" executor, a local merchant and possibly his employer or a creditor, signed his 1/4 share of his father's land over to Benjamin, conditionally, allowing for the condition that Freeborn might actually be alive. Two years later the settlement of his estate was finalized. This from the deed. Parents of Samuel Rice Deacon Edmund Rice b abt 1594 of Stantstead, S, Engl settled at Sudbury moved to Marlboro d 5/3/1663 Marlboro MA m 10/15/1618 Bury St Edmonds, Engl, or Sudbury, Middlesex, MA, Thomasine HOsmer Frost b 1599/1600 Herfordshire, Engl d 6/13/1654 Sudbury MA dau of Edmund or Edward Frost and Thomasine Belgrave, they came to MA, too. Rice was an ambitious young yeoman. He moved constantly from one town to another, always quickly becoming a major landowner with his habit of buying up pieces of land here and there. He lived at a time when yeoman farmers in parts of England that managed land by the old feudal ways were beginning to buy up personal pieces of land. In the two towns where he lived in England, people were actually bying, selling and trading pieces of land like crazy. Rice was never satisfied, either with his land holdings, or with the people and government where he lived, and he continually moved on. He moved from Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, Engl, to Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, then to Watertown, MA, from there to Sudbury, where he was another founder and second in power to Peter Noyes, see below, and then "not content with the (conservatively transformed feudal, based on compromise between people from all over England with many different kinds of experience in how to divide and use land) land policy of Noyes and his followers, Rice helped lead a younger faction out of Sudbury to establish still anther New England town with differing social policies." (Powell, Sumner Chilton. Puritan Village - social historical study of Sudbury) It is difficult to see why the people who decided to leave Berkhamstead for MA, which included Thomas Axtell son of William, Robert Darvell, and Edmund Rice, did. These three were in the thick of doing the most buying and selling of land. But plenty of land was available. It seems not to have been possible to satisfy these particular individuals. They also seem to have been dissatisfied at the way land, taxes, penalties etc were assessed - though they themselves, the chief beneficiaries of the decisions that were made, wre making them! It seems as if all they really didn't control was the rights of lower and poorer people to appeal to the courts. In Sudbury, Rice, Darvell and Axtell tolerated the open field famring system in Sudbury fo fifteen years, but clearly wanted to run their own freehold farms as independent managers; Rice continued his practice of buying up lots of land and emerged with the largest single farm in Sudbury. (Powell) Berkhamsted was a market town, a seat of wol-trading and manfacture, adn a chartered borough. Darvell and Axtell wre had experience in town government. Thmas Aztell's father, William had been a stone warden (in charge of roads) a churchwarden and a sideman, then a lifetime chief burgess of the borough, served a year as mayor and was elected town clerk 1639. DArvell also had been a chief burgess. Had a permanent place on town councel. Edmund Rice was nt there long enough to be considered for an officer before he left for New England. Some argue that Edward Rice and not Deacon Edmund Rice married Thomazine Frost. Then controversy on if father of Thomasine Frost was Edward who married Thomasine Belgrave, or Edmund who married Thomasine Belgrave. children: Mary Rice chr 8/23/1619 Stanstead, Suffolk, England Henry age 50 1/25/1667 b abt 1617/20 chr 2/13/1620/21 Stanstead, Suffolk, England m Elizabeth Moore at Sudbury, 2/1/1643 lived Sudbury and Framingham d there 2/10/1710-11 Elizabeth d 8/3/1705 Edward m 1 Anna ___ said to have been Agnes Bent, d w/o issue. Lived at Sudbury, moved to Marlaboro 1664, was deacon of the church there d 8/15/1712. age 47 10/2/1666 m 2 Anna who d Marlaboro 6/4/1713 age 83 All children but eldest, whose birth not found, by Anna. Two youngest recorded Maralboro, others at Sudbury He got half of his fathers's land in Sudbury Edward chr 10/26/1622 Stanstead, Suffolk, England d 8/15/1712 Marlboro, Middlesex, MA m Anna (Agnes) BEnt Thomas b 1626 chr 1/26/1625/6 Stanstead, Suffolk, England m Mary King lived at Sudbury, Marlaboro from 1664. Births of six children recorded at Sudbury and the younger children at Marlboro, of which he was a proprietor. d Marlboro 11/16/1681 Matthew b app 1629 chr 2/28/1629/30 Berkhamstead, m Martha Lamson at Sudbury 7/7/1654 resided there, d 1717, Sudbury, MA age abt 89. **Samuel b 11/12/1634 Berkhamstead, Hertford d 2/25/1685 Sudbury m 11/28/1655 Sudbury Elizabeth King Joseph b 3/13/1637/8 Berkhamstead, Hertford, d 1711 m 5/4/1658 Mercy King Sudbury 5/4/1658 She prob d soon after m 2 Martha d Marlboro 1/4/1668-9 m 3 Mary Beers of Watertown 1670. She d 5/13/1677 age 34. m 4 Sarah by whom he had two children at Watertown and one, theyoungest at Marlboro after he returned there Lydia b 1627 chr 3/9/1627/8 Berkhamstead, Hertford, England d 4/5/1675 Boston, Suffolk, MA 1675 m Hugh Drury lived Sudbury and Boston he m 2 Mary, widow of Edward Fletcher, 10/1676 Edmund no record of his ever having been married, or of his residence, or death, or settlement of any estate ever belonging to him, has ever been discovered. May have d 1714 - porbate records. Edmund Rice of Sudbury. Benjmin b 5/31/1640 d 1713 m Mary Brown Ruth b 9/29/1659 m Samuel Wells Ann b 11/19/1661 prob m Nathaniel Gary (Gerry) of Roxbury 11/12/1685, b 7/4/1663 son of Nathniel Gery and Ann Dugglas m at Rox. 10/14/1658. Arthur Geary was one of first settlers of Rox. Nathaniel, b 1/3/1660, Stanstead, Suffolk, from IGI. Carl Flegal ahs him as Edmund's son. I was missing him, for some reason. Parents of Joseph Noyes: He is son of Rev. James NOyes, one of the emigrant bird Noyes', brotehr to Rev. Nicholas the father of Nicholas of Salem infamy; see my Salem page. James Noyes (Rev.) m Sarah Browne. Both born in Newbury, Essex, England. Parents of John Haynes Walther Haynes (Haines) b 2/14/1564 Mandeville, W, England d 2/14/1665 Sudbury MA m 1612/6 prob in W,,Engl Elizabeth Gourd, b 1585, Shaftesbury, O, England, d 6/15/1659 Sudbury, MA In East Anglia, each man held an enclosed area and managed it by his own rules, but paid steep rents. This made for fun in Sudbury MA, whre a half dozen emigrants from East Anglia spearheaded a bitter dispute by bringing the younger members of the community around to their freehold ideas of land use. People also wre heavily penailzed in fines and public penance for such offenses as morals, failing to pay proper attention to their church, etc. But The area was in the thick of nonconformist sentiment. Among those who got into trouble for insufficient attention to church were the Goodnow's. But (noncomformist ministers) had an irresistable apeal. The whole Goodnow family was drawn to these vigourous sermons and to others of a similar Nonconformist variety. In February, 1637, Ralph, Simon and Edmund Goodnow were forced to come before their archdeacon once again. They wre al presented 'for going to Shaftesbury to church on Sudnays and Holy Days,' and they quite fankly asked their superior if they could not attend other churches than their own'. They were ordered to reappear the following month with certifcates that they had attended morning and evening prayer at their own church." (Powell, p 73) Goodnow was a churchwarden at Donhead St Andrew. Requied to do public penance and contribute htirty shiling to the poor of their parish, a heavy fine. For wanderings from their parish church. The Goodenows obeyed dutifully, didn't openly show their resentment. But, joined by Walter Haines of nearby Sutton Mandeveille , a large Goodnow tribe headed for Massachusetts on thhe Confidence in 1638. "From 1638 onward they were determined to establish the true path to God, narrow though it might be." Haynes another of the four founding leadrs of Sudbury. (Pendleton ws the fourth) Edmund Goodnow was there, too. Walter Haines adn Edmund Goodnw also major landowners. Sudbury was the most conservative of the New England towns in the sense of everyone had to go to church, and its church ws one of the first to admit only those who could objectively demonstrate that they were saved or in a state of grace to be admitted to communion; this, tied in strongly with the doctrine of predestination and Election, was one of the sources of anxiety in the Puritan mind that led to such fun and games as the witch trials in Salem. Parents of Dorothy Noyes and also of Thomas Noyes father of Joseph, b 1637; Peter Noyes (emigrant), b 1592, Foxcotte, Hampshire, England, d 9/23/1657 Sudbury Middlesex Engl son of Richard Noyes, m Weyhill, Hampshire, Engl, Elizabeth, b 1594, P,,,England. Peter Noyes and son Thomas were probably related to Nicholas Noyes, father of Salem clergical critter, and his brother. They lived six miles from Nicholas Noyes family in Cholderton, Wiltshire (which ws not in a different part of England). A court deposition of 1652 on display in Weyhill REctory MSS, attest tht the two families knew ea other well, Nicholas called Peter's family very good friends, and his family knew the details of the other Noyes' family's trips to New England. Hre is a Salem clergical critter family tree: Rev. William Noyes, Oxford grad, d 1622 - brother Robert, prominent yeoman in the town. Son Nathan, an Oxford grad also inherited his father's parish. Brother Robert, also a prominent yeoman in the town. Younger brothers James, 25, Nicholas, 18, possibly infl by their cosin, Rev. Thomas Parker..James had been to Oxford. But Peter Noyes seems to have been much steadier and more deliberate, seemingly a born leader, he was most in charge of new community of Sudbury, MA. He needed to be able to make decisions particularly about land use by compromise, as the settlers came from parts of England with vastly different patterns of land use and division, and ownership. Peter's uncle ran Ramridge Hall, where the town court was, and Robert Noyes another uncle, managed the second largest property in the village, Blissmore Hall. These were farms. The Noyes family were considered one of the leading families in the parish. He sailed from Southampton in 1638 w three servants, his eldest son and daughter, and a neighbor, John Bent. Granted plowland, meadow, upland, and a lot of 70 acres in Watertown. Went back for the rest of his family, disposed of business, turned his land over to the lord of the manor, and returned to New England. Noyes and a group of selectmen founded town of Sudbury. Goodnows and Haineses were also from towns in England that used open field system. In Weyhill, though some farmers tried to acquire more personal land, aggressive reformers were resented. Peter controlled a total of 116 acres of land in Weyhill, one way or another. Three cottages, four parcel, a freehold of 55 acres in Foxcott worth 300 pounds in 1652. The lord of Weyhill was a fiction; Ewelme Hospital, a property of Queen's College in Oxford, was actual "Lord". Heavy system of fees, taxes in feudal system. He served on the court-baron jury for four years, bailiff of the court 1637, He was also a church warden.
TENTH GENERATION Parents of Edmund Rice Henry or Thomas Rice b abt 1555 Sudbury. Thomas unproven, Henry most likely. Margaret BAker there was a Mgt BAker bapt 9/4/1560 Bradfield St Geroge England, buried there 9/13/1560. Children: Edmund may have had a brother named Henry and/or a twin named Robert. Allegedly, Henry, buried 1621 Stanstead Suffolk England, d 11/16/1621, married Elizabeth Frost, Thomasine's sister, who remarried ___ Whales, who turned up in Sudbury MA. Parents of Thomazine Frost: Edmund Frost b 8/28/1593 Hartest, Suffolk, Engl. d 7/1672 Cambridge, Middlesex Co. A "preaching elder" forced to leave England under an assumed name because he dissented from church views. Settled immediately in 1635 in Cambridge with first wife and son John. One of original members of First Congregationalist Church of Cambridge. Made elder 1636. m 1 1630 Thomazine, not Belgrave (who may have actually married Edward Frost) in Hartest, Suffolk, England. She d 6/13/1653 Sudbury MA m 2 Mary c 1653 d bef 1669 m 3 Reana c 1669 d bef 11/3/1665 m 1 Edmund Jaes bef 1640, m 2 William Andrews (-1652) c8/11/1640 3 Robert Daniel (-1655( 5/2/1654 Children: John Frost b. c 1632 England d c9/30/1672 m 6/26/1666 Rebecca Andrew at MA Thomas Frost b 1636/7 CAmbridge d 1629 Cambridge Samuel Frost b 2/13/1639-9 Cambridge d 1/7/1717-8 Billerica, Middlexex co MA m 1 10/22/1663 Mary Cole m 2 bef 1674 ELizabeth Miller sister of Joseph's wife. A physician and building contractor. Joseph Frost b 1/13/1639-40 CAmbridge d 1692 m 5/22/1666 Hannah Miller (1649-) sister of Eliz miller at Charlestown MA Deacon James Frost b 4/9/1643 Cambridge d 8/12/1711 Billerica, Middlex Co, MA m 12/17/1664 Rebecca Hamlet (-8/20/1666 Billerica, oe child, James Frost Jr. m 2 1/22/1667 Elizbth Foster (-1726) Billerica had rest of his children through Benjamin. Mary Frost b 7/24/1645 Cambridge Ephraim Frost b 1646 Cambridge d 1/2/1718/9 m bef 1678 Hepzibah Pratt Thomas Frost b 1647 Cambridge d 1724 m 11/12/1678 Mary Gibbs (1652-2/20/1690-1) Sudbury. She had first married John Goodridge. He d 1676. m 2 7/9/1681 Hannah Johnson (4/27/1656-5/3/1712 one child, Sarah c 1692. m 3 Sarah Singletary By Mary Edmund Frost had: Sarah Frost b 1653 Cambridge OR Edward Frost b 3/13/1560-1 Glemsford Suffolk Engl christened 1561 Glemsford Suffolk Engl. buried 8/3/1616 Stanstead, Suffolk, Engl. died 10/13/1616 Stanstead, Suffolk Engl. (It sure took him a long time to suffocate after they buried him!) Will dated 7/26/1616, proved 10/4/1616. m Thomasine Belgrave chrisened on 2/1/1561-62 Leverington, Suffolk, Engl (where the Leverings of my Dehaven line believed to be from) She d after 1616 in England. b Leverington Suffolk England. Their children: Anne Frost b 11/28/1586 STanstead, Suffolk, Engl. d 12/27/1586 Sufolk. Elizabeth Frost b 1587 Stanstead c 3/24/1587 Stanstead d 1647 Sudbury MA she was Thomasines older sister and married a brother of Edmund Rice m 1 11/1605 Stanstead Engl Henry Rice d 11/16/1631 bur 1621 Stanstead Suffolk Engl. Listed as freeman in Cambridge Church records on 10/5/1648 Philemon Whales name listed alongside. m 2 1/24/1622 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk St Mary's Philemon Whale, Weaver b 5/27/1599 Chickney, Engl d 2/22/1675 Sudbury MA setlled Sudbury MA abt 1640 bought land in 1643 freeman 5/10/1648. William Frost b 1589 STanstead Suffolk, Engl chr 8/3/1589 Stanstead. m 1610 Abi Bowser. Anne Frost b 1592 Stansted chr 12/3/1592 Stanstead . d 12/26/1642 m Lawrence Collins at Bury St. Edmunds in 1613 Alice Frost b 1594 Stanstead Suffolk Engl chr on 12/1/1594 Suffolk Engl m 1612 Thomas Blower at Stanstead Mary Frost b 1596 STanstead. chr 9/21/1596 Stanstead Suffolk b 11/23/1596 Stanstead Thomasine Frost b 8/10/1600 Stanstead chr 8/11/1600 St James, STanstead. d 6/13/1653 Sudbury MA. Sudbury MA Vital records. Edward Frost b 1605 Stanstead Suffolk Engl chr 11/11/1605 Stanstead Suffolk Engl d bef 1616 Mary Frost b 1607 STanstead Suffolk Engl chr 1/21/1607 STanstead m 1622? JOhn Scott Thomas Frost b 1615 or 16 Stanstead, d 1615 or 16 STanstead. ELEVENTH GENERATION John Belgrave chr abat 1535 Gelmsford, Suffolk, Engl d 1590-1 GElmsrd Suffolk, bur 2/12/1590-1 Leverington, Suffolk. Will dated 2/3/1590 proved 3/11/1590 (REign of Queen Elizabeth I) Johanna Strutt b abt 1536 Gelmesford Suffolk Engl d 1577 Gelmsford Suffolk. bur 8/14/1577 Lverington Suffolk. Their children: Thomasine Belgrave Elizabeth BElgrave b 1563 STanstead chr 2/16/1563 Gelmsford d aft 1591 CAtherine Belgrave b 1566 STanstead chr 8/31/1566 STanstead d aft 1591 Thomas BElgrave b 1567 Stanstead chr 12/13/1567 Stanstead d aft 1591 Abraham Belgrave b 1569 STanstead Suffolk chr 12/27/1569 Stanstead d aft 1591 George BElgrave b 1571 STanstead chr 12/27/1569 Stanstead d aft 1591 Barbara Belgrave b 1575 Stanstead Suffolk chr 6/12/1575 STanstead d 1576 STanstead BarbaraBelgrave b 1577 Stanstead Suffolk chr 6/27/1577 STanstead d 1589 Jacaob Belgrave mentioned in his father's will, alive in 1591. Parents of Edward Frost: John Frost b abt 1534 Glemsford Suffolk Engl d 2/9/1609 Hartest Suffolk Engl m Anna had 8 children will dated 2/6/1609 proven 3/9/1609 He resided in Suffolk, Engl adn was one of the clergymen who disented from the church of England and were silenced by Archbishop Laud in the early 1600's. He had atleast tw children; Edmund Frost b 8/28/1593 Hartest, Suffolk, Engl d 7/12/1672 Cambridge MA m c 1630 Thomasine HartestSuffolk, Engl m 1653 Mary m bef 1669 Reana John Frost This source doesn't name Edward, but the other source has Edward son of John - one of eight children! TWELTH GENERATION Parents of Thomasine Belgrave Richard BElgrave w abt 1509 m Elizabeth Hadelstone 6/25/1534 Their children: John Belgrave ? Parents of John Frost: William Frost b 1495 Glemsford, Engl d 9/15/1549 Gelmsford Suffolk England m Philippa b 1508 d 1/20/1558 Lidgate Engl
Balch ancestry From Reunion and organization of The Balch Family Association: George W Balch of Detroit Michigan address Thought the name was rendered Balchman in 1066 in Somersetshire in west of England where family was from llth century. John Balch b 1362 made Sheriff of Somersetshire, d 1420. George Balch b 1398 d 1468 Founder of the family seat at St. Audries, near Bridgewater, which continued to end of l8th century. (Large genealogy of Maryland family mentions the family at Bridgewater, notes they were very involved in running area schools, but doesn't take them to America, seems to get dates of birth all mixed up!) Successive male members of the family of whom record: James b 1428 John b 1466 Henry b 1469 George b 1499 Henry b 1504 George b 1536 Goerge b 1575 or 1577 John, afterwards the Beverly planter, 1579. e-mail me at dorasmith24@hotmail.com for my set of eight generations from John, from Mormon Ancestral file; these are text files. Five generations from John, and five generations from each of John's grandchildren by Benjamin, who is the only son of John followed.
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