Voting Day Cecil, Morrow, OR


Voting Day -
Cecil, Morrow, OR

Voting Day - Cecil Store, Morrow County, Oregon - probably about 1910

Man in white shirt sitting on porch roof: Albert Nash.
Man in dark suit sitting on porch roof: Wid Palmateer
Man in light suit sitting on porch roof: Boyd Logan

Left to right on porch.
Standing adult male: not known
First sitting adult male: not known
Second sitting adult male: Bill Lowe
Woman leaning on porch rail: Mrs. Hardesty
Woman standing: Aunt Hazel Logan
Little girl in white: Esther Logan
Little girl in dark: Eudora Hardesty
Man framed by door: Tom Lowe
Man leaning on door: Ed Milton
Bearded man in white shirt: Pete Baurnfriend
Man leaning against porch column:  Jim Hardesty
Bearded man with suspenders: Peter Nash
Bearded man sitting on box on porch: Mr. Milton
Man at far right leaning on porch column might be Bee Miller.

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