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Current project under construction 2012-13: Descendants of
Thomas and Peggy (KING) DeARMOND family
(in the d'Armand book, Thomas is Line E)
to include tombstone information and an inlaw index

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* The Roscoe Carlisle d'Armand book, DeArmond Families of America
is on-line, free to use.
Since searching that book is difficult from the index page, below is an
Unofficial Index with links to the book. Server is sometimes slow.
Roscoe Carlisle d'Armand pg n6
Foreward pg ix
Contents pg n15
Illustrations (index) pg xiii
Abbreviations, Symbols pg n19
Introduction pg 1
Part I: France click and arrow down pg 5
Part II: British Isles " pg 13-19
Part III: America " pg 21
    American Families pg 23
    Line A: James d'ARMOND ?-ca 1758
    and descendants - Lancaster Co PA
pg 25
    Line A-1: Thomas DeARMOND 1730-c1785
    and descendants - Mecklenburg Co NC
some of these went to Oregon
pg 29-114
    Line A-2: John DeARMOND c1738-1809
    and descendants - Knox Co TN
pg 115-200
    Line A-3: Richard DeARMOND c1738-1809
    and descendants - Dauphin Co PA
pg 201-220
    Line B: Henry D'ARMOND Sr (1726-?)
    and descendants - Cumberland Co PA
pg 221-225
    Line C: William DeARMOND (first child born 1751)
    and descendants - Cumberland Co PA
pg 227-240
    Line D: Michael DeARMOND 1748-1839
    and descendants - Columbia Co PA
pg 241-258
    Line E: Thomas DeARMOND c1735-1811 [or 1816 per tombstone]
    and descendants - Northumberland Co PA, Butler Co OH
pg 259-299
    Line F: John DeARMOND - c1750-after 1812
    and descendants - Westmoreland Co PA
pg 301-311
    Line G: ?Michael DeARMONT - c1730-before 1790
    and descendants - Kent Co MD; some in MO
pg 313-327
    Line H: "Stricktly speaking, Line H should represent all the descendants of Alexander Diermond of County Donegal, Ireland..."
    and descendants - Kent Co MD; some in MO
pg 328-330
    Line H-1: Letitia Deyarmond 1734-?
    and descendants - Coldchester Co Nova Scotia
pg 331-3??
    Line H-2: Alexander Deyarmond c1735-?
    and descendants - Coldchester Co Nova Scotia
pg 333-338
    Line J: descendants of Hugh Deyarmont c1735-?
    of County Down, IRELAND
pg 339
    Line J-1: Joseph Deyarmon 1756- 1824
    of Dauphin Co, PA
pg 342-
    Line J-2: Alexander Deyarmon 1765- 1852
    of Fayette Co, PA
pg 349-
    Line J-3: Hugh Deyarmon 1766- 1811
    of Uniontown, PA
pg 355-
    Line J-4: David Deyarmon 1772- 1858
    of Mt. Pleasant, OH
pg 3??-
    Line K: George Dermon 17??-
    of Muffin Co PA
pg (399) 381-
    Line L: Joseph Dearman 17??-
    of Philadelphia Co PA
pg ? -
    Line M: DeArman family ??-
    of Rockcastle Co KY
pg ? -
Geographical Index of Unidentified Names and Families407
Related Families [in-laws]
Appendix wills, etc591
General Index
See Supplemental Index
Appendix to Second Edition
    *Samuel DeArmond
(c-1760-1819) MS
Supplemental Index to Second Edition729

Note: direct links to families such as AG III Harry DeARMOND
on page 278 are possible, but not currently set up.

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* Dearman, Dearmin, Dearmon, Dearmond

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Some DeArmond Family Locations:

* Morgan twp, Butler County, OH: OHGenWeb Project.
* A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio
* Posted DeArmond graves in OH,

* PAGenWeb counties of Dauphin, Lancaster, Turbot twp, Northumberland
* Posted DeArmond graves in PA,

* DeArmonds in KY
* Kentucky Kinfolk
* Our Kentucky Relatives... who moved around, a lot

More locations by state below

Some DeArmond Family Histories:
most with Butler County Ohio ties

Please note that Roscoe d'Armand's book,
DeArmond Families of America and Related Families
(full text)
was out of print for many years before his daughter reissued it in 1986.
However, it is now free, on-line, and pdf searchable at

* Thomas Dermon (c1735-c1811) in the Revolutionary War, 1776-79,
by Tucker Hentz and by Fred Thomas

Thomas and Mary (FLENNIKEN) DeARMOND:
Thomas, born about 1735 in PA, was the son of James DEARMOND (born about 1710), and he and Mary had a son named James, born about 1755, in Mecklenburg, NC. Mary, born about 1735 in PA, was the daughter of James and Jane (GILLESPIE) FLENNIKEN. James, the son, married Elizabeth, and had a daughter, Jane DEARMOND, who married Aaron ROBISON. (Source: Ancestry World Tree. Submitter:

Thomas and Peggy (KING) DeArmond Line:
* The lives and descendants of Peggy (KING) and Thomas DeARMOND
Thomas DeArmond (aka DERMON), born about 1735 in Ireland, may have been the son of Alex DIERMOND. The life of Thomas DeArmond spanned his days in North Ireland, County Donegal, before he came to the States and Dauphin County, PA, through his time in the American Revolutionary War, two marriages and the rearing of four sons, until his death in 1811 or 1812 at Northumberland County, PA. (Read more.) Two of his sons, King and Alexander, left Pennsylvania early in the 1800s to settle in the Butler County, Ohio area, while his other two sons Richard and Samuel remained in Northumberland County. A daughter, Elizabeth, married William McELHENIE and stayed in Pennsylvania.

Who else will we find? What can we learn of them now, almost 200 years later, and of other branches of the DeArmond family?

A daughter of Thomas & Peggy DeARMOND
Elizabeth (DeARMOND) McELHENIE, dau of Thomas and Margaret Peggy (KING) DeARMOND and wife of William MCELHENIE, was buried in Turbott Twp. Northumburland PA. (per Denis Adams)
Two of Thomas & Peggy's sons moved to Butler County, OH
  1767-1844 (Shandon Cemetery, Shandon, OH)
(m 1) Hannah HARDIN
  1781-1828 (Shandon Cemetery, Shandon, OH)
(m 2) Lydia Bennett Demoret (former wife of Nicholas Demoret)
  1773/4-Feb 2 1867 (buried in Venice cem., Venice, OH)

1. Thomas DeARMOND b ca 1800
  m (yes but unk)
2. Samuel Hardin "Squire" DeARMOND (1805-1888)
  m Sarah YOUMANS (1806-1897)
3. Margaret DeARMOND m Wm. OTTO
4. Mary "Polly" DeARMOND m Joseph STEPHENS
5. King DeARMOND Jr m Esther JOLLIF
6. Elizabeth DeARMOND
7. Esther DeARMOND m (1st cousin) Harry DeARMOND
8. Alexander H. DeARMOND m Isabella JENKINS

Alexander DeARMOND
(m) Elizabeth HUFF

1. Thomas DeARMOND (1793-1879) m 1-Rebecca JENKINS (1793-1834) m 2-Anna YOUMANS
2. John DeARMOND (1798-1877); moved to Berrien Co MI
3. King DeARMOND (1800-1849 cholera); died at sea, enroute to CA gold rush
4. James DeARMOND (1803-1882) m Maria YOUMANS (1810-?)
5. Margaret DeARMOND (ca 1802-1889) m Benjamin LLOYD (1799-1875) Arcola, IL
6. Harry DeARMOND m (1st cousin) Esther DeARMOND
7. Joseph J. (Jacob??) DeARMOND (1811-?)
8. Mary DeARMOND
9. Samuel DeARMOND

Thomas & Peggy's other sons stayed in Northumberland Co PA
Robert N. DeARMOND
Will recorded 1825, Northumberland Co PA
wife? children?
No will recorded in Northumberland Co PA
wife? children? location?

* Notes on John DeArmond of Berrien Co MI
* John DeArmond (1804 PA-1848 IL) GenCircles
by Raymond Davis

PA/OH DeArmond family Inlaw Index:
DeARMOND, Esther (dau of King DeARMOND) m 1st cousin Harry DeARMOND (1800s OH)
DeARMOND, Harry (son of Alexander DeARMOND) m 1st cousin Esther DeARMOND (1800s OH)
HARDIN, Hannah (dau of Samuel HARDIN) m (ca 1804 PA) King DeARMOND (1767 PA - 1844 OH)
JENKINS, Isabell (dau of Evan JENKINS) m Alexander DeARMOND (1818 OH-1895 OH)
JOLLIFF, Esther (dau of Thomas JOLLIFF) m King DeARMOND Jr. (1812 OH-1855 OH)
KING, Peggy (dau of ?) m Thomas DeARMOND (ca 1735-1816)
MILHOLLAND, Harry (son of ?) m Elizabeth DeARMOND (1800s OH)
OTTO, William (son of ?) m Margaret DeARMOND (1800s)
STEPHENS, Joseph (son of ?) m Mary "Polly" DeARMOND (1800s)
YOUMANS, Sarah (dau of Peter YOUMANS) m in 1826 to Samuel Hardin DeARMOND (1805-1888)

DeArmond family Locations and Contacts:
Where have the most DeArmonds Lived in the USA? (from Hamrick's Surname Distribution Map)
Animated between 1880 & 1990
just 1880 (WV, TX)
just 1990 (OR, ID, AZ, OK, KS, LA, MS, TN, IN, but the highest percentage still in WV)

northeastThe "" private website of "DeArmond-Davis Families of NE Alabama" includes families that are related to the DeArmonds and Davises --- Bridges, Ice, Grayson, Stapler, Norman, Story, Loy, Massengale, Cobb --- as well as Ledbetter, Douglass, Nowlin, Walker, Sibley, Owen, LaPrade, Flournoy. Contact Linda Nimori for access to her MyFamily site. (Aug 2001)
unknown Contacts:: Brenda DeArmond, Rebecca DeArmond

Wayne and Miriam (Egan) DeArmond family
Allen Co IN recent marriages: DeArmond DeArmand

Burial Permits: DeArmond

IN Allen Co.
Dearborn Co.
IN Decatur Co.
IN Franklin CoWedding data, various counties
IN Monroe Co. &
Shelby Co.:
John Barnabas DEARMIN, b 1804, & brother Matthew A. with wives Elizabeth & Susan KELLAM, to IN about 1830-33. Dan Judd, (See Henry Co, VA)
IN Rush Co.:
DeArmond site search
Alfred DeArmond, by Scott Brockelman 2009
Teresa Dearmond Wagner 2009 more on
IN Wabash Co.: Edward DeArmond
Kansas & Oklahoma:
De Armond Web Site, by John Edwin DeArmond II, at My Heritage

De Armond Web Site, by John Edwin DeArmond II, at My Heritage
John de Armond, who died in Cherokee, OK (date unknown) had at least 4 children: Arthur James, Millie, Sadie, and Mamie de Armond. They do not seem to be listed in the Roscoe d'Armand genealogy book.

Arthur James De Armond (1882-1962) came (from where is still unknown) to the Oklahoma area with his father and they got land in the Cherokee Strip land rush, on September 16, 1893. Arthur James De Armond married Mary Catherine Bullard on 18 August 1918 when he would have been about 35 years old. Arthur James died on 10 April 1962. They had 5 children:

Delmar, Millie, Jessie, Harry and John.
Delmar moved to Fresno, CA. Millie and John lived in Wichita, KS. Jessie stayed in Cherokee, OK. Harry moved to Coldwater, KS. Only Delmar and John had sons. Delmar had two sons, Arthur and Donnie. John had one son, John.

NOTE: William H. DeArmond of Wichita, KS is the only DeArmond on the list (which may be incomplete) of people who claimed land in the Cherokee Strip Land Rush of 1893.

Michigan: Berrien CoJohn DeArmond and family moved from Butler Co Ohio to Terre Coupee Prairie, Bertrand Township in 1834.
Michigan: Buried at Clement Cemetery, Vicksburg, Kalamazoo Co MI
* John (1798-1884), Nancy A. (1796-1870), Sarah (1817-?), and Sarah J. (1829-1845) DeARMOND
Michigan: Battle Creek,
Calhoun Co, Bedford twp.
Bertha DeArmond married Edwin McPeake, and died in 1962. Her mother was Sara Wade DeArmond. Marlene Miller,, with web page
Missouri: 1790-1870 Missouri Census IndexDavid, Elias, Lumel, Thomas, William DeArmond
North Carolina:
Mecklenburg Co James, the son of John and Esther Flenniken DeArmond b 1771
NC Mecklenburg Co Thomas and Mary (Flenniken) DEARMOND, from Our Kentucky Ancestors Thomas b about 1730
NC County? John Barnabas (b 1804) & Matthew A. DEARMIN married Elizabeth & Susan KELLAM, in NC in the 1820s. Dan Judd, (See Henry Co, VA)
Nova Scotia:
Colchester Co "Alexander Deyarmond came to Colchester Co. in Nova Scotia from Donegal North Ireland with his wife Mary Barnhill in 1767. There are still a lot of Deyarmond's in Colchester Co. My grandfather dropped the Y in Deyarmond, so I see it spelled both ways. It is a French name from southern France."
Butler County: ? - DeArmond: Fred Thomas is a descendant of King DeArmond.
OH Butler County: JENKINS-DeARMOND: Nancy Sween
OH Butler County: JOLIFFE-DeARMOND: James Windsor []
JOLLIFF-DeARMOND: Kathleen Rizer,
OH Butler County: SS Death Index
Alex DeArmond: b) 05 Mar 1879 d) Jul 1971 Hamilton, OH
Helen DeArmond: b) 01 Feb 1887 d) Apr 1978 Hamilton, OH
OH Butler County: McKEE-DeARMOND: Samuel DeArmond md. Laura A. McKee on 13 Oct 1876 in Butler Co, OH. What are birth and death dates for Samuel DeArmond? Laura was b. 21 Oct 1857, the dau. of William McKee and Melissa Shields. They had at least two children, Alice Bell DeArmond and Clarence Maynard. Kathleen Rizer,
(Dauphin Co.)
James d'Armond line
  1. Brenda DeArmond
  2. Heidi DeArmond
  3. Rebecca DeArmond
PA Indiana County: BOWER-DEARMOND (Elizabeth and William) line: Margaret Ann Goodlin
PA Lancaster County: Thomas DeArmond, ca 1730-90, and son of James d'Armond, from "Our Kentucky Ancestors"
Roane County: DeArmond Family & DeArmond Gap
TN Blount Co: 1860 census
TN Knox Co: Rebecca DeArmond's ancestors David Flenniken DeArmond, Sr. and John DeArmond.
TNKnox CountyMarriage records of D Armond and DeArmond
Henry Co: John Barnabas Dearmin, b 1804, & brother Matthew A. went to NC, married sisters Elizabeth and Susan KELLAM, then moved to IN about 1830-33. Dan Judd,
VALoudin Co Peter Dearman, b 1790, Loudin Co, VA - d. 1840, Lewis Co (WV)
West Virginia:
unknown Civil War: Robert G. Deyarman, Cpl.; L Co., 2nd Reg Cav Vols has an unclaimed Union Civil War medal
Famous DeArmonds
Charlie Hommer "Hummer" DeArmond, from Butler County, OH, played baseball for the Cincinnati Reds in 1903
(5'10" 165 pounds) b 2/13/1877, Okeana, OH (Butler Co) - d 12/17/1933, Morning Sun, OH

Births, Butler Co OH
Marriages, Butler Co OH
Shandon: Paddy's Run Old Welsh Cemetery

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