John DeArmond b 1798 of Bertrand, Berrien County, Michigan
DeArmond | Foster, Dearmond in Berrien Co | Marriages, 1817

The Family of John & Eleanor (FOSTER) DeARMOND
of Butler County Ohio and Berrien County Michigan
with Timeline History and Children and Notes
b. 1730 IRE
d. 1816 PA
(m 2) Margaret "Peggy"

b. 1741 IRE
d. 1805 PA

b. 18--
d. 18--
(m) Unk


Alexander (m)

b. 1769 PA
d. 1833 OH

b. 1774 PA
d. 1854 OH

John DeARMOND      (m 1 OH)
b. 1798 PA
d. 15 Oct 1877 MI
(m 2) Ruth EGBERT
on 12 Apr 1860 MI

b. ?
d. ?
(m) ?

b. ?
d. ?









Eleanor FOSTER
b. 22 Feb 1794
d. 23 Apr 1859 MI
m. 21 Apr 1817 Butler Co OH
by King DeARMOND, JP

Family History of
John and Eleanor (FOSTER) DeARMOND

Sources: Berrien County MI History

Children of John and Eleanor (FOSTER) DeARMOND

1794 Feb 22 - Eleanor FOSTER was born to ??? FOSTER
1798 - John DeArmond was born to Alexander and Elizabeth (HUFF) DeARMOND in PA

In or about 1806, John's parents, Alexander and Elizabeth, with their family and Alexander's brother Uncle and Aunt King and Hannah, with their 2 children, came by flatboat down the Ohio River to settle on land in what is now Dearborn County, Indiana (history). What is now Dearborn County IN was, in the early 1800s, still part of Hamilton County, Ohio. (source). [People still canoe up the Whitewater River (map)] So from the Ohio River, the DeArmonds entered the mouth of the Great Miami River, and then pushed the flatboat up the Whitewater River map about two miles above Harrison, Ohio where they landed.

1817 - 19 year old John DeARMOND married 23 year old Eleanor FOSTER in Butler County OH on August 21 per 1817 Butler CO OH marriage records, by King DeARMOND JP.

[NOTE: Those same 1817 marriage records list King DeARMOND JP marrying John A. GEORGE and Sarah FOSTER on 3 July 1817 in Butler County, OH. This may be the John *E.* GEORGE who lived near other GEORGE families in Andrew Co MO 1843 when he married Mary KING DAVISON. So far (2016) the parents of John E. are unknown.]
[ shows that John DeARMOND (b 1798) died on 15 Oct 1817, but this was a typographical error. His tombstone noted at Mt Zion Cemetery ( stated he died on 15 Oct 1877.]

1818 - shows Alexander Hardin DeARMOND born 1818 to John and Eleanor FOSTER DeARMOND, died 1895 (76-77), and buried in the George Family Cemetery in Okeana, Butler Co, OH, along side his wife, Isabell (JENKINS) DeARMOND. Another source,, shows Alexander buried in Berrien County MI instead of staying in Butler County, OH.
Per The History of Berrien County, Alexander was a physician in Dayton, MI.
[Which is right?] also lists
1) Alexander Hardin DeARMOND His siblings listed as:

2) Martha Ann DeARMOND ROSS 1820-1892 married John D. ROSS (1802-1888 Apr 7) Both buried in Berrien Co MI

3) Mary Jane "Sarah" DeARMOND 1826-1853 (27) b 23 Dec 1826 Ohio d 28 Dec 1853 Berrien Co MI

4) Elizabeth DeARMOND HAMES BUCKLES 1829-1911 b 12 Feb 1829 Butler Co OH
d 24 Apr 1911 (82) in Walkerton, IN buried in Berrien Co MI
m 1 - 1854) William HAMES 1823-1865 (d Jan 12)
m 2 - 1866, Dec 10) Harvey "Henry" BUCKLES

5) John DeARMOND 1831-1881 (m. 1856)

6) William D. DeARMOND 1836-1864

1822-1845 According to "A History and Biographical Cyclopedia of Butler County, Ohio" there were both DeArmond and Ross pioneer families in Butler County OH in the early 1800s.

1830 US Census, John Dearmond, Morgan twp, Butler Co., OH, page 166 living next to or near Edward Foster, Thomas Dearmond, (John), James Grant, and Thomas Dearmond. There were 9 people including John in the household. The oldest was a female, 60-70 years old, born 1760-70. [The mother of Eleanor, perhaps???] There were one male and one female, 30-40 years old, born 1790-1800. [This could be John (b 1798) and Eleanor (b 1794).] Next was one male, 20-30 years old, born 1800-1810. [He might be a farm hand, but definitely too near John and Eleanor's age to be a son.] Next were a boy and a girl, each 10-15 (through July?) years old born 1815-20. Next was a girl, 5-10 years old, born 1820-25. And finally two girls, aged birth to 5 years, born 1825-30.

1832 - Alexander DeARMOND married Elizabeth in Butler Co OH

1833 Apr 24 - John's father, Alexander DeARMOND, Sr died in Butler Co OH, per findagrave

1834 - John and Eleanor DeARMOND moved their family from Butler County, OH to the west side of Terre Coupee Prairie, in the township of Bertrand, Berrien Co, MI in the fall. Berrien Co MI township sectional maps show that Berrien County is just east of Lake Michigan, 87 miles east of Chicago, Illinois, as well as being near the northwestern Indiana border. More History of Berrien County Michigan (1880) [There were DeARMONDs in Berrien, Huron, St. Joseph, and Washtenaw Counties in MI, per]

1850 - The census of 1850 lists John DeARMOND (DEARMAN) (b 1806 OH) rather than John (b 1798) as head of the family. John born in 1806 would not be the son of John born in 1798, making the older only 8 years old when the younger was born. For now, I will think that the census taker made an error. After John comes Ellen (FOSTER) DeARMOND, born in (sic) 1795. Ellen would seem to be a nickname for Eleanor. Children at home were Sarah aka Mary Jane (b 1826 OH), Elizabeth (b 1830 OH), John (b 1831 OH), and William (b 1836 MI), per the 1850 census.

** censuses

The more complete list of known children of John and Eleanor (1798/1806) [married in 1817] were:
    * Alexander (b unknown), per The History of Berrien County. Alexander became a physician, practicing in Dayton, MI.
    * "Sarah" aka Mary Jane (b 1826 OH), per 1850 census
        Sarah married Charles Smith per The History of Berrien County. "Sarah" died 28 December 1853 at age 27, per Mt. Zion Cemetery
    * Elizabeth (b 1830 OH), per 1850 census
        She married James "Harvey" BUCKLES per The History of Berrien County.
    * John (b 1831 OH), per 1850 census
    * William E. (b 1836 MI), per 1850 census
    * Martha (b unknown), in 1839 married J. D. ROSS, his third wife, per The History of Berrien County (see below)

1854 Sept 9 - John's mother, Elizabeth Huff DeARMOND died back in Butler County OH per findagrave

1850s - research shows that John and Eleanor's son William E. (D?) DeARMOND married Clarissa BROWN. They had a son, Camlin Foster DeARMOND, born September 1858 in MI. William served in the Civil War as a CPL, was wounded, and died 9 Sept 1864 in VA as Camlin was turning 6 years old. Camlin lived in Ionia, MI until he died in 1934.

The "History of Berrien ..." lists the children of John DeARMOND as sons Alexander and John DeARMOND, and daughters Sarah (Mrs. Charles SMITH), Martha (Mrs. J. D. ROSS), and Elizabeth (Mrs. James "Harvey" BUCKLES). [When did Alexander live?] [William who died in the Civil War (1864) was not listed.] (More references to DeArmond)

James Harvey BUCKLES was born in 1810 in Berkeley, VA to James and Ann Osborne BUCKLES. James Harvey married 1) Elizabeth DeArmond, then married 2) Maria Chambers and had 3 children. James Harvey married 3) Nancy H Dewey and had 6 children. James Harvey BUCKLES died on 28 May 1884 in Saint Joseph, IN.

1853 - Mary Jane DeARMOND, born ca 1826 to John and Eleanor and died 28 Dec 1853, was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, in Dayton, MI. She was 27.

1856 - John and Eleanor's son John married Elizabeth WILSON (1837-1906)

1858 - John moved to Dayton, MI.

1859 - Eleanor DeARMOND, who died 23 April, 1859 was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, in Dayton, MI. She lived to be 65 yr, 2 mo, 1 day old.

1859 - John and Eleanor's son John and Elizabeth had a daughter Kate L. DeARMOND (1859-1945)

After John's wife Eleanor died (Apr 1859), he married Ruth (HASSY) EGBERT (1805-1878), a widow, 12 Apr 1860, file two.

1864 - William DeARMOND, born ca 1835 to John and Eleanor and died 9 Sep 1864, was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, in Dayton, MI. He died from injuries in the Civil War, and was 29.

1877 - John DeARMOND, who died 15 Oct 1877, was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, in Buchanan, MI at age 79. April 14 newspaper

1881 Apr 10 - John DeARMOND died at his home in Dayton MI, at the age of 50 years.

1911 - Elizabeth DeARMOND BUCKLES (1829-1911) was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, in Dayton, MI.

1921 - Cass DeARMOND, born in 1853 and died in 1921, was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery, in Dayton, MI.

This John DeARMOND is not the one who died on 17 June, 1884, and was buried with his wife Nancy A. DeARMOND in Clement Cemetery, Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County MI.

Children of
John and Eleanor (FOSTER) DeARMOND
Alexander, Sarah (aka Mary Jane), Martha, Elizabeth, John, William E.
1. Alexander DeARMOND
Alexander DeARMOND was a physician living in Dayton MI.

Source: The History of Berrien County Michigan

2. Mary Jane "Sarah" DeARMOND
    b 1826
    d 28 Dec 1853 MI (27)
  Charles SMITH
    d ( )
Mary Jane "Sarah" DeARMOND was born to John and Eleanor DeARMOND and lived in Berrien County, MI. She died 28 Dec 1853 and was buried near her parents at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Dayton, MI at the age of 27.

Sarah DeARMOND married Charles SMITH (b ?) and lived in Buchanan, Berrien County, MI.
Source: The History of Berrien County Michigan

3. Martha DeARMOND
    d 18 ( )
    m 1839
  John D. ROSS
    b 2 Jun 1802 OH
    d 7 Apr 1888 MI (86)
both buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery,
in Buchanan, Berrien Co MI
Martha A. DeARMOND (aka Dearman) was the third wife of her father's one time business partner, John "J. D." ROSS. J.D. was born in 1802 near Cincinnati, OH - perhaps in Butler County, OH where the DeARMONDs had come from. In 1824 he married his first wife, Eliza LABERTAN apparently in IN (or OH?). He moved to Indiana. Eliza died in 1833, leaving 6 children. (Of these six, in 1893 only Thomas L. ROSS survived.) J.D. married soon circa 1834, likely in Indiana, to Jane CONNER. Also in 1834, J.D. and family moved to Niles, Michigan. Between the four years of 1834 to 1838 when J.D.'s second wife Jane CONNER ROSS died, she bore 3 children. (By 1893, only Martha E. ROSS FULTON (Mrs. Thomas FULTON) survived of these children.) Jane ROSS (1812-1838) was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, as was J. D. per Soon, in 1839, J.D. married his third wife, Martha A. DeARMOND. (Martha ROSS bore J.D. 3 more children. By 1893, only A.F. ROSS born in Hamilton, La Porte County, Indiana on 7 Aug 1841 survived. This location does not agree with an 1834 move to Niles, MI, but could indicate another move.) From Niles, J.D. moved to Valparalso, IN, and in 1847 to Buchanan, Berrien County, MI. Until 1872, he owned a bank in Buchanan.

J.D. already had 9 children from his two previous marriages. Martha and J.D. had three children. Of these only A. F. ROSS (born 7 Aug 1841) survived in 1893 when the book "Portrait and Biographical Record of Berrien and Cass Counties, Michigan" was printed.

Martha Ann ROSS was born 1820 and died 1892, buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Buchanan, Berrien Co MI. (per

4. Elizabeth DeARMOND
    b 1830
    d (??)
  James "Harvey" O. BUCKLES
    b 1810 WV
    d 28 May 1884 (ca 74)
Elizabeth DeARMOND married James Harvey O. BUCKLES (b 1810 VA/WV) apparently after the census of 1850. They lived in Buchanan, Berrien County, MI.

James Harvey BUCKLES was born in 1810 in Berkeley, VA (Jefferson Co, WV per FindAGrave) to James (1766/68-1837) and Ann Osborne BUCKLES (1770-1823) per "Harvey" was only 13 when his mother, Ann, died.

James Harvey married
1) Elizabeth DeArmond (date? after 1850? no children?) then married
2) Maria Chambers and had 3 children. Then he married
3) Nancy H Dewey (1787-1826) and had 6 children.

James Harvey BUCKLES died on 28 May 1884 in Saint Joseph, St Joseph County, IN (FindAGrave does not indicate the 2nd and 3rd wives.) His mother's will (died 1823 in Jennings Co IN) names daughter-in-law Elizabeth BUCKLES. Because Mrs. Ann BUCKLES died in 1823, Elizabeth BUCKLES (1829-1911) cannot be Elizabeth DeARMOND BUCKLES. Instead, the Elizabeth mentioned in Ann's will was her daughter-in-law Elizabeth (1794-1868), wife of her son William George BUCKLES (1790-?)

FindAGrave names Maria CHAMBERS BUCKLES as James Harvey O's wife, but no mention of a 3rd wife.

Source: Rootsweb lists James Harvey BUCKLES' two wives, Marie CHAMBERS and Nancy H. DEWEY BUCKLES with names and dates of their children. It does not mention Elizabeth DeARMOND [perhaps because she died without children?]

Source: James Harvey O. BUCKLES's parents were James and Ann OSBOURN BUCKLES (click for their history)
Source: Elizabeth (1829-1911 MI) was buried at Mount Zion Cemetery in Dayton, Berrien Co, MI per Find A
Source: The History of Berrien County Michigan

5. John DeARMOND
    d 18 ( )
    d ( )
John DeARMOND, son of John and Eleanor DeARMOND, lived in Buchanan, Berrien County, MI and had at least 1 child, Kate L. (DeARMOND) HUNT:
Kate L. DeARMOND (1859-1945) married (date unk) Albert M. HUNT (1855-1894).
Kate and Albert HUNT had at least 5 children.

Frank W. DeARMOND 1856-1933
Ida M. DeARMOND 1858-1928
Kate L. (DeARMOND) HUNT 1859-1945
Belle DeARMOND 1861-1881 (ca 20)
Florence E. DeARMOND 1873-1873 (infant)

    granddaughter Madge E. (HUNT) MEYERS b 1883 MI and d 1944 IN (buried in Oak Ridge Cem)

Many buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Buchanan, Berrien Co MI
Frank W. DeARMOND was buried at Sumption Prairie Cemetery in South Bend, St. Joseph Co, IN - plot is in the 3rd row east of the western driveway.
6. William E. DeARMOND
    b ca 1835 MI
    d 9 Sep 1864 (29)
    m (yes)
    Clarissa BROWN     b
William E. DeARMOND was born to John and Eleanor DeARMOND circa 1835/36. He lived in Berrien County, MI. research shows that William E. DeARMOND married Clarissa BROWN. They had a son, Camlin Foster DeARMOND, born September 1858 in MI.

His CIVIL WAR service, per William left Bertrand, Berrien Co MI to serve in the Civil War as a corporal, enlisting in Co G 26th MI at Dayton, MI on 1 August 15, 1862, aged 26. His leg and foot were severly wounded at Spotsylvania, VA on May 12 (or 9 Sept) 1864, and died back in Dayton, MI on 9 Sept 1864, just as his son Camlin was turning 6 years old. Camlin later lived in Ionia, MI until he died in 1934.


From the "History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties, Michigan: Its Prominent Men and Pioneers"
D.W. Ensign & Co., Philadelphia, 1880.
By Austin N. Hungerford

"John De Armond emigrated from Butler Co., Ohio, to the west side of Terre Coupee Prairie, in the township of Bertrand, in the fall of 1834, and located land on the southeast quarter of section 18. He kept a stock of goods, and had quite an extensive trade with the Indians until they went West. He was for a time in partnership with J. D. Ross, in Hamilton, Ind. In 1858 he moved to Dayton. He afterwards married Ruth, the widow of Elisha Egbert, and lived on the southwest quarter of section 4, where he died.

Alexander, a son, is a physician living in Dayton.

Another son, John, lives in Buchanan.

Charles Smith and J.D. Ross, of the village of Buchanan, each married a daughter of Mr. De Armond.

Harvey Buckles, who lives about three miles south of Bertrand, married another daughter."

ROSS, John D. father of A. F. ROSS
Portrait and biographical record of Berrien and Cass Counties, Michigan

(on Google Books - search "john martha dearmond ross michigan") by Biographical Publishing, 1893

"A. F. ROSS, a retired bank cashier and prominent business man of Buchanan, was born in Hamilton, La Porte County, Ind., on the 7th of August, 1841. He is the son of the Hon. John D. ROSS, who was born near Cincinnati, Ohio, June 2, 1802, and was there reared to manhood, going thence to Indiana, and coming from there to Michigan in 1834. His trade was that of a blacksmith, which he followed for a time at Niles. To him belongs the distinction of having built the first flouring-mill ever erected in Niles, and he was one of the prominent pioneers of that place.

From Niles, Mr. ROSS, Sr., proceeded to Valparalso, Ind., and thence came to Buchanan in 1847. Here he opened a general stor, and also operated a mill and distillory, all of which enterprises he conducted with the greatest success. Later, he embarked in the banking business, and conducted a financial institution at Buchanan until about 1872, when he retired from all active participation in business. At the time he located in the village of Buchanan, it contained five dwelling-houses and two stone buildings, and it may be truly said of Mr. ROSS that he did more for the improvement of the place than any other man there residing. His great capabilities were recognized and appreciated by his fellow-citizens, who elected him to represent them in the Legislature of the State. He served many times as President of the village, and was considered one of the leaders of the Democratic party in this section.

The first marriage of Mr. ROSS united him with Miss Eliza LABERTAN, who became his wife in 1824, and died in 1833, having become the mother of six children. One child is the only survivor of that number, Thomas L., who resides in Topeka, Kan. After the death of Mrs. Eliza ROSS, Mr. ROSS was united with Miss Jane CONNER, who died in 1838, leaving three children, only one now surviving: Martha E., the wife of Thomas M. FULTON, of Chicago. The third marriage of Mr. ROSS took place in 1839, and united him with Miss Martha A. DeARMOND. Three children were born of this union, of whom our subject [A. F. ROSS] is the only survivor. [published in 1893]

At the age of seven years our subject accompanied his father to Michigan and carried on his primary studies in the schools of Buchanan. At the age of sixteen he entered the University of Notre Dame, Ind., where he remained for two years, diligently prosecuting his studies. Returing home, he embarked in business with his father, and upon the organization of the firm of Ross & Fenton, bankers, he became their Cashier. The institution was originally know as the Bank of Buchanan, and afterward became the Bank of Ross & Son, our subject's connection with it covering a period of twenty-five years. Mr. ROSS was also engaged for one year in the dry-goods busiess in partnership with John GRAHAM.

October 26, 1864, occured the marriage of Mr. ROSS to Miss Mary A. SHERMAN, a resident of Paw Paw, Mich. The union was blessed by the birth of one son, John D., now residing in Chicago and for many years Cashier for Lord & Thomas, of that city. The second marriage of Mr. ROSS occured on the 10th of January, 1877 and united him with Miss Clara M. LOOMIS who was born in Chicago, Ill., April 25, 1853. Her father, A. D. LOOMIS, a native of Saratoa Springs, N. Y., settled in Chicago about 1836, and engaged in the lumber business there for many years, but now makes his home in Gainesville, Fla. The mother of Mrs. ROSS wa known in maidenhood as Miss Marietta CARR, and was born in Kentucky. (page 907-8)....

Marriages from
Martha DEARMAN m John B ROSS on 02 MAY 1839
Sarah DEARMAND m C W SMITH on 26 JUL 1857
Clarissa JONES DEARMOND m David D CLOUGH on 08 APR 1868
Elizabeth DEARMOND m William HAMES on 04 JUL 1853/24 JUL 1854
John (1) DEARMOND m Elizabeth HICMAN (HICKMAN) on 13 MAY 1856
John DEARMOND m Mary JANE on 00 XXX 1852
John DEARMOND [SR] m Ruth EGBERT on 12 APR 1860
Lillie DEARMOND m Albert M HUNT on 17 JUN 1880
Mary J DEARMOND m Franklin B CRITSHAW (CUTSHAW) on 31 JAN 1864/22 APR 1864
Pauline DEARMOND m John LISTER [JR] on 02 OCT 1898
Sarah DEARMOND m Charles W SMITH on 18 JUN 1857/26 JUL 1857

(Many of these PDF links don't currently work)
Berrien PDF of marriages in
Dearman, Martha married Ross, John D. on 5/2/1839
several Foster marriages
DeArmond, Elizabeth married Hames, William on 7/24/1854
Dearmond, John married Hicman, Elizabeth 5/13/1856
DeArmand, Sarah married Smith, C. W. on 7/26/1857 (file 3)



Probate Court Files
PDF of Deaths in 1850-59
1860-69 1870-79
Dearmond, Florance - Buchanan Twp. died 10/15/1873

(some Fosters)

1870-79 1880-89
Some Fosters

Michigan 1870 Census search,
PDF 110R Bertrand twp, Berrien County
Alex DeArmond, 52 - Medical Doctor, born in Ohio | Real estate: 2,000 and Personal estate: 600
Mary M. DeArmond, 25 - keeps house, born in Ohio
Charles DeArmond, 17 - laborer, born in Mich
Ross DeArmond, 4 - born in Mich
Nellie DeArmond, 2 - born in Mich
Frances DeArmond, 4/12 - born January 1870 in Mich
PDF 109R Bertrand twp, Berrien County
John DeArmond, 72 - farmer, born in Ohio | Real estate: 9,000 and Personal estate: 500
Ruth DeArmond, 67 - keeps house, born in NCar | Real estate: 10,000
PDF 145R Buchanan Village, Berrien County
Elizabeth DeArmond, 55 - (no occupation listed), born in England | (no real or personal estate
living with
John D. Ross, 68 - banker, born in Ohio | real estate: 25,000 and personal estate: 55,000
Martha A. Ross, 50 - keeps house, born in Ohio
Alfred F. Ross, 29 - (no occupation listed), born in Ind | real estate: 3,500 and pers estate: 1,000
Anna Lou Ross, 15 - born in Mich
Jno D. Ross, 2 - born in Mich
Foster - several including
PDF 114
Willie Foster, 35 - farmer, born in Ind | real estate: 13,000 and pers estate: 3,000
Sarah Foster, 27 - keeps house, born in Ohio
Charles Foster, 11; Ada Foster, 9; Martha Foster, 6; John Foster, 3; Cora Foster, 2; Willie Foster, 8/12 (Nov 1879) all born in Mich.