Descendants of Thomas and Peggy (KING) DeARMOND
The Family of Thomas and Peggy (KING) DeARMOND (ca 1735- ca 1812)
Lived in N Ireland; Dauphin County, PA; Northumberland County, PA; Revolutionary War veteran

Children: Elizabeth McELHENIE, King, Alexander, Robert K., and Samuel DeARMOND


b. Ireland?
(m) ?

b Ireland?
d ?

(m) ??



Alex ?


Thomas DeARMOND      (m2)
b. 1730 Ireland
d. Nov 1816 PA (86)
Warrior Run Church Cemetery plot H-13R

b. ?
d. ?
(m) ?

b. ?
d. ?
(m) unknown





Margaret "Peggy" KING
b. 1741 Ireland
d. 1805 PA (ca 64)
Warrior Run Church Cemetery plot H-12R

History and Children of
Thomas and Peggy (KING) DeARMOND
of Northumberland Co, PA and Butler Co, OH
Census record links from FamilySearch org
1730-35: Born in North Ireland perhaps to Alex DIERMOND about 1730 per his tombstone and 1735 according to other sources, Thomas DeARMOND (aka DERMON, DIERMOND) came to the USA from Ireland and settled first in Dauphin County (perhaps about 1755?) in eastern PA (Harrisburg, county seat). His not knowing how to write resulted in various phoenetic spellings of his name.

1750s-70s: His first wife and infant died about the time he came to America. Thomas returned to Ireland and married Peggy KING there. Returning to the United States, they had 4 sons and 1 daughter (King, Alexander, Elizabeth, Robert, and Samuel) born in the 1760s-70s.

ca 1765: Daughter Elizabeth DeArmond McElhanie born
1767: Son King DeArmond born
1769: Son Alexander DeArmond born
1774: Son Robert K (or R) DeArmond born
1775: Son Samuel DeArmond born

1776-79: Thomas volunteered to enlist for 3 years in the Revolutionary War on 17 August, 1776 when he was about 40 or so. (Read more, by Fred Thomas and Tucker Hentz.) After the war, he returned home to Dauphin Co PA.
Other Dauphin County PA DeArmonds
In Chapter VI, Genealogical Notes, of the book Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Containing Sketches of Representative Citizens, and Many of the Early Scotch-Irish and German Settlers. Chambersburg, Pa.: J. M. Runk & Company, 1896, pages 56-77, the only mention of a DeArmond family is on page 61: "Dearmond, Mary, of Hanover, d. in March, 1780, leaving:
children John, Sarah, Margaret, and Richard;
grandchildren James Robertson and Mary Johnston.
Richard and Richard Dearmond were the executors." Despite the county residence and surname similarities, there are no indications of a family relationship between Mary and Thomas and Peggy (KING) DeARMOND. The d'ARMOND Families Book on page page 30 mentions that Mary Johnston DERMOND was the step mother of Thomas Dermond of Lancaster Co PA (later Dauphin Co). Mary did not include Thomas, her husband's son, in her will. He later moved to Mecklenburg Co NC.

1783: According to Fred Thomas, Thomas and Peggy moved from Dauphin Co PA (eastern PA) north to Northumberland County, PA about 1783 (Northumberland Co History says 1793), where their son King (1767-1844) grew to manhood. In 1783, King would have been 16. (In 1793, at 26 King would already have reached manhood.)

1784 Apr 22 marriage: About age 19, Elizabeth DeARMOND (b ca 1765) (d 1838?) married William McELHENIE (b pre-1755 or 1765?) (d 1818)
1793 [probably in 1783]: The History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, (edited by Herbert C. Bell, Published by Brown, Runk & Co. of Chicago, Ill, 1891 pg. 1078) says "The De Armond and Wallace families came from Dauphin county to Northumberland county about 1793, and settled near the present site of the Warrior Run Presbyterian church." But note that the 1790 census shows head of the family Thomas Dearmond already living in Northumberland County.
Fred Thomas wrote:
"After his 3-year enlistment expired in August of 1779, Thomas DeArmond returned to his family in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.
*By 1783, he was living in Turbot township, Northumberland County, with 150 acres of land.
*In 1786 he purchased additional land, and
* the census of 1790 shows his family as consisting of himself, wife and 4 sons." [NOTE: His daughter, Elizabeth McElhenie had married in 1784.]
1790: Census for Dauphin Co PA lists Thomas Arman. ( does not list the numbers of people living in Thomas's household at that time.)
1790: Census for Northumberland Co PA lists Thomas Dearmond. ( does not list the numbers of people living in Thomas's household at that time.)
Fred Thomas continues:
*In 1791, when he was in his mid-50's, Thomas served for 8 days in the Volunteer Corps of Scouts on the frontiers of Allegheny County in western Pennsylvania, presumably helping to quell one of the Indian uprisings of that period.
*In 1793, he purchased land in Turbot Township from Frederick Watts. 20
The land he purchased in 1793 was apparently near the site of the present Warrior Run Presbyterian Church (in what is now Delaware Township).
*A list of members of the church in 1789 includes Thomas and Robert DeArmond,
*and in 1811 Thomas DeArmond sold a strip of land on the north of the church property to the church for 70 dollars. 21"

1793: The DeARMOND and WALLACE families moved from Dauphin to Northumberland Counties. (source: History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, edited by Herbert C. Bell, Published by Brown, Runk & Co. of Chicago, Ill, 1891 pg. 1078) [Note: 1790 census suggests they moved there earlier.]

1805: Peggy died in 1805 (aged about 64) per her tombstone at Warrior Run Church Cemetery plot H-12R.
1806: Their older two sons, King (b 1767) and Alexander (b 1769), left Pennsylvania about 1806, taking their families to settle in the Butler County, Ohio area north of Cincinnati and the Ohio River. The other two sons, Robert K. (N, R) and Samuel, continued living in Northumberland County, and their daughter, Elizabeth, married William McELHANIE (various spellings) and stayed in Pennsylvania.

1807: 10 February Thomas's grandson Thomas DeArmond (1807-1893) was born in Northumberland Co PA to Samuel and Esther Wallace DeArmond. History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Per the 1880 census, Thomas stayed in Northumberland Co PA, farmed, and never married.

1808: Thomas' grandson John W. DeArmond (1808-1841) born, apparently to Samuel and Hester as they are buried together in the same section of Warrior Run Church Cemetery.

1809: Thomas' granddaughter Margaret K. DeArmond (1809-1865) born, apparently to Samuel and Hester as they are buried together in the same section of Warrior Run Church Cemetery.

1810: Census for Northumberland Co PA lists Thomas Dearmond page 128, line 290, Robert Dearmond, page 128, line 440.

1811: 22 March Thomas' grandson Samuel E. DeArmond (1811-1898) born to Samuel and Esther Wallace DeArmond.

1811: Although the 1860 census ( shows that Thomas' grandson Thomas DeArmond (1807-1893) was 49, born in 1811, rather than in 1807, that is probably an error. With no family data from the 1860 census, maybe the age 49 was a typographical error. It was Thomas's brother Samuel E. who was born in 1811.

1815: Thomas' granddaughter Hester D. DeArmond (1815-1839) born, apparently to Samuel and Hester as they are buried together in the same section of Warrior Run Church Cemetery.

1816: Thomas was 86 years old when he died in 1816 at Northumberland County, PA per his tombstone at Warrior Run Church Cemetery plot H-13R.

DeArmond family burials - Warrior Run Church Cemetery
Northumberland County, PA

Lists from
* and * USGW Archives

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DeArmonds by birth year:
Thomas b 1730 H-13R (Peggy)
Margaret "Peggy" b 1741 H-12R (Thomas)
Elizabeth b 1768 H-6R (Robert)
Robert K (or R) b 1774 H-5R (Elizabeth)
Samuel D. b 1775 H-9R (Hester Wallace)
Hester Wallace b 1779 H-11R (Samuel D)
Maria b ? (before 1817)
Thomas b 1807 I-4R
John W. b 1808 H-7R
Margaret K b 1809 H-4R
Hester D. b 1815 H-8R
William D. b 1818 H-10R
William Woods b 1845 I-6R
Andrew Woods b 1848 I-5R
Warrior Run Church Cemetery - Section H
with special thanks to Jeff Harvey, for tombstone pictures on
H-1R Margery Allison b 1771d 1847 (76)
H-2R Richard Allison b 1757d 4 Apr 1807 (50)
H-3R Mary Allison b 1793d 7 Apr 1850 (57)
Were the Allison's related to the DeArmond's?
H-4R Margaret K DeArmond b 1809d 1865 (56)
USGW archives lists Margaret K. buried in H-4R; FindAGrave lists both Margaret K. and Elizabeth buried in H-4R.
Buried next to Robert (K or R) DeArmond, Margaret K. was likely the daughter of Samuel and Hesther DeArmond.
H-5R Robert K (or R?) DeArmond (Elizabeth) b 1774d 27 July 1826 (50)
H-6R Elizabeth DeArmond (Robert) b 1768d 23 July 1826 (58)
Elizabeth lived in Milton, Northumberland Co, Turbut township. She and her husband Robert died in same year and month
USGW archives lists Elizabeth buried in H-6R while FindAGrave lists both Elizabeth and Margaret K buried in H-4R.
H-7R John W. DeArmond b 1808d 1841 (33)
Buried next to Robert's wife Elizabeth DeArmond, John W. may have been the son of Robert and Elizabeth DeArmond.
H-8R Hester D. DeArmond b 1815d 1839 (24)
Buried next to Samuel D. DeArmond, Hester may have been the daughter of Samuel D. and Hester (Wallace) DeArmond.
H-9R Samuel D. DeArmond (Hester Wallace) b 1775d 1818 (43)
Samuel D. was the husband of Hester Wallace H-11R. He was the father of Thomas DeArmond I-4R
H-10R William D. DeArmond b 1818d 1848 (30)
Buried next to Samuel D. DeArmond, William D. may have been the son of Samuel D. and Hester (Wallace) DeArmond.
H-11R Maria DeArmond b ?d 1817
Maria and Hesther are listed being buried in the same plot, H-11R. Maria is likely a daughter of Samuel D. and Hester (Wallace) DeArmond.
H-11R Hester Wallace DeArmond (Samuel D.) b 1779d Jan 1851 (72)
Hester Wallace DeArmond was the mother of Thomas DeArmond I-4R
H-12R Margaret "Peggy" DeArmond b 1741d 1805 (64)
"Peggy" was the wife of Thomas DeArmond H-13R
H-13R Thomas DeArmond b 1730d Nov 1816 (86)
Thomas, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, lived 86 years. He was the husband of Margaret "Peggy" DeArmond H-12R
H-14R Fanny McElheanie b d ? (43)
H-15R Thomas McElheanie b 1755d 1795 (40)
Revolutionary War veteran
H-16R Elizabeth McElheanie b 1844d ?
May these 3 be related to Elizabeth DeArmond McElheanie's husband William?
Section I
I-4R Thomas DeArmond b 10 Feb 1807d 29 Oct 1893 (86)
Born and died in Northumberland Co, PA, Thomas was the son of Samuel D. and Hester (Wallace) DeArmond. According to the 1880 census, Thomas was single and a retired farmer.
I-5R Andrew Woods DeArmond b 1848d 7 Jul 1872 (24)
Son of "S. and R.G." Samuel Edward and Rebecca G. (Ferguson) DeArmond, Andrew lived 24 years. Photo of tombstone.
I-6R William Woods DeArmond b 1845d Apr 1871 (25)
Son of S. and R.G. Samuel Edward and Rebecca G. (Ferguson) DeArmond, William lived 25 years, 6 months, 16 days

The Thomas DeARMOND family
of Dauphin and Northumberland Counties, PA and Butler County, OH

1. Elizabeth DEARMOND
b. (ca 1765) Daphin Co PA
d. ca 1838
    m. 22 Apr 1784
    (she would have been ca 19)
b pre-1755 or 1765
d. 25 Nov 1818
Stone Creek Church Cem, Huntingdon Co PA ???
1784: Elizabeth & William McELHENIE married
1787: Thomas DeArmond McELHENIE born
1826: Thomas Jefferson McELHENIE born
1840-50s: Thomas DeArmond McELHENIE,

The Thomas DeArmond McElhenie biography (pdf) in the "Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences" did not include the names of his parents. "He entered the drug business in 1865, engaging with Zimmerman & Comapny, wholesale and retail druggists of Wooster, Ohio" 5 years before he began his studies at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Upon graduation in 1872, he joined the American Pharmaceutical Association.

Elizabeth DeArmond McELHENIE and William had 10 children per GEDs research by Denis Adams:
*Thomas Dearmond McELHENIE
*Margaret McELHENIE HAZELET (John John)
*Jane McELHENIE BLACK RYLE (John, Samford)
*Elizabeth McELHENIE
*Isbal McELHENIE CARMAN (Livingston)
*William McELHENIE Jr (Mary SMART)
*Martha Montgomery McELHENIE
*Rebecca McELHENIE LONG MILICAN (John, Robert)

In 1795, Revolutionary War veteran, Thomas McELHEANIE (1755-1795) was buried in Warrior Run Church Cemetery, Delaware Run, Northumberland Co PA near possible DeARMOND relatives. Was he any relation to William McELHENIE (1750s or 1760s - 1818)?

In 1844, an Elizabeth McELHEANIE was born. Later, having died (no date visable), she was buried in Warrior Run Church Cemetery, Delaware Run, Northumberland Co PA. Was she any relation to Elizabeth DeARMOND McELHENIE (ca 1765-1838)?

Fannie McELHEANIE died aged 43, but there were no dates on her stone.

Except for the 3 being buried together and near the DeARMOND's, I have found no real record of their being related.

b. 1767 PA
d. 1844 Butler Co OH Shandon Cemetery

    m1 ca 1804 PA Hannah HARDIN
b 1781
d 1828 Butler Co OH Shandon Cemetery

    m2 Mrs. Lydia Bennett Demoret
b 7 Jan 1774 NJ
d 2 Feb 1867 OH Venice Cemetery
buried with 1st husband Nicholas Demoret
King's will, DeArmond Families of America page 605 and page 606, 1844. The will was written on Aug 31, 1840.
After Hannah died in 1828, and with
young children still at home, King
married Lydia (BENNETT)
, widow of Nicholas
Lydia had 2 married children,
Samuel B. DEMORET (1798-?)
Mary Demoret ASKREN (1800-1881).
King was named after his mother's KING family. According to Fred Thomas, King moved with his parent's family from Dauphin Co PA (eastern PA) north to Northumberland County, PA about 1783 (Northumberland Co History says 1793), where he grew to manhood. King first married Hannah HARDIN in Pennsylvania about 1804. In 1806 he and Hannah with their 2 children, and his brother Alexander's family came by flatboat down the Ohio River to settle on land in what is now Dearborn County, Indiana (history). But what is now Dearborn County IN was, in the early 1800s, still part of Hamilton County, Ohio. (source). [People still canoe up the Whitewater River (map)] So the DeArmonds entered the mouth of the Great Miami River, and then pushed the flatboat up the Whitewater River map about two miles above Harrison, Ohio where they landed.

King and Hannah had at least 9 children:

* Thomas ?-pre 1844 (wife's name unknown)
* Samuel Hardin "Squire", 1805-1888 (YOUMANS)
* Margaret b ca 1807 (OTTO)
* Mary "Polly" b ca 1809 (STEPHENS)
* King Jr. 1812-1855 (JOLLIFF)
* Elizabeth b ca 1814 ( MILHOLLAND)
* Esther b ca 1816 (H. DeARMOND)
* Alexander 1818-1895 (JENKINS)
* Rebecca 1820-1822
3. Alexander DEARMOND
b. 16 Oct 1769
d. 24 Apr 1833 Butler Co OH Shandon Cemetery
    m. Elizabeth HUFF
b 25 Jun 1774 USA
d 9 Sep 1854 Butler Co OH Shandon Cemetery
Alexander married Elizabeth HUFF before moving with his brother King's family to Hamilton then Butler Counties in southwest Ohio.
Alexander and Elizabeth had 9 children:
*Thomas (1793-1879) m1 Rebecca JENKINS (1793-1834), m2 Anna YOUMANS;
*John (1798-1877 PA to OH to Berrien Co MI);
*King (1800-1849 cholera on way to CA gold rush)
*James (1803-1882) m Maria YOUMANS (1810-?)
*Margaret (ca 1802-1889) m Benjamin LLOYD (1799-1875 Arcola IL)
*Joseph J. (1811-?);
4. Robert K. (aka N or R) DEARMOND
b. 1774
d. 27 July 1826 (52) Turbotville, Northumberland Co PA
Warrior Run Church Cemetery, plot H-5R
  m Elizabeth
b 1768
d 23 July 1826 (58) Turbotville, Northumberland Co PA
Warrior Run Church Cemetery, plot H-4R
Robert married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). They lived in Milton, PA [map] Turbut Township, Northumberland County.

Both Robert and Elizabeth died in July, 1826. Her death on 23 July followed a short illness, and prompted him to write or change his will, page 609 and page 610 of the d'Armand book. He was in his early 50s when he died. Sixteen years before, the 1810 census had listed one male child under 10, name unknown, living with him and an adult female. But by the time he and Elizabeth died, their only heirs were some nephews and a niece:

Robert's will, and heirs, pages 609-10 [No direct offspring]
* Thomas (D) Dearmond, 1807-93, son of R K's deceased brother, Samuel
* Margaret (K) DeArmond, 1809-65, daughter of R K's decd brother, Samuel
[Robert was unsure if King and Alexander in Ohio had sons named Robert
[they didn't], so if not, that portion was to go to King's son Thomas,
and presumably to Alexander's son Thomas.]
* Thomas DeArmond, 1793-1879, son of R K's Ohio brother, Alexander
* Thomas DeArmond, 1800s-1831, son of R K's Ohio brother, King
* Andrew Straub who lived with Robert also inherited, as did the Penuel Church.
[Robert's sister Elizabeth Dearmond McELHENIE was living, but not in the will.]
5. Samuel D. DEARMOND
b. 1775
d. 1818 Northumberland Co PA (43)
Warrior Run Church Cemetery H-9R
  m. Hesther (Hester, Esther) WALLACE
b 1779
d Jan 1851 Northumberland Co PA (ca 72)
Warrior Run Church Cemetery H-11R

Samuel and [Hester] Esther (Wallace) had 7 children, per the d'Armand book. All but 2 (Thomas and Samuel) were deceased by 1891. (source) The Warrior Run Church Cemetery has 6 buried near Samuel and Hesther (Hester, Esther) DeARMOND (with Samuel E. buried elsewhere?):
* Thomas 1807-1893, buried at I-4R
* John W. 1808-1841 buried in H-7R
* Margaret K. 1809-1865, buried at H-4R
* Samuel Edward 1811-1898
* Maria ca 1813?-1817 buried in H-11R
    (plot maybe shared with Hesther W. DeArmond)
* Hester D. 1815-1839 buried in H-8R
* William D. 1818-1848 buried in H-10R
Maria had died young in 1817. The next year in 1818 William was born and 43 year old father Samuel D. died.

Son: Thomas b 10 Feb 1807 Northumberland Co PA; d 29 Oct 1893 Northumberland Co PA. Thomas DeArmond was a farmer of Northumberland Co PA, born to Samuel and (H)Esther (Wallace) De Armond, and brother of Samuel De Armond b 22 Mar 1811 to Samuel and Esther Wallace DeArmond. (more info at link)
Grandson: Samuel Edward DeArmond (same as following link)
Grandson: Samuel Edward DeArmond born 9 June 1855 to Samuel and Rebecca G. (Ferguson) DeARMOND. Rebecca lists him in her will. Samuel E's will is in the d'Armand book, page 610. It notes he has his brother Thomas DeArmond's estate.
Grandson of Samuel and Esther (Wallace) DeArmond, and great-grandson of Thomas DeArmond. Thomas DeARMOND's sons: Samuel (b 1783 Ire (sic); d 1842), John, Robert. Samuel's children were John, Thomas, Samuel (b 22 Mar 1811; d 3 Apr 1898) (father of Samuel Edward DeArmond), William, Hester, Martha, Margaret, and Mattie. Rebecca G. Ferguson DeARMOND was the daughter of Andrew Ferguson of Northumberland County. She was born 20 Sept 1812 and died 1 Nov 1898. Samuel and Rebecca G. Ferguson DeARMOND had children: Hadasah G., William W., Andrew Woods, Thomas Dutton, and Samuel Edward DeArmond. (from Northumberland County PA Archives Biographies)

* BOOK: DeARMOND FAMILIES OF AMERICA and Related Families, (free copy on-line) by Roscoe Carlisle d'Armand, 1954
* ARTICLES: by Tucker Hentz, 2006 and Fred Thomas. Fred Thomas is the son of Mildred DeArmond Thomas 1912-2012 of Fountain City, IN, and grandson of Claude and Edith DeArmond (photos)
* BLOG: DeArmond Families in North America, by Richard C. Dearmond [email protected]
* MAP: Pennsylvania counties
* TOMBSTONES: Find A Grave cemetery tombstone records
* Butler County OHGenWeb with
    * DeArmond Family Surname Resource Center with mirror site here
    * A History and Biographical Cyclopedia of Butler County Ohio, 1882
* Dauphin Co PAGenWeb
    * History of Dauphin County PA
* Northumberland Co PAGenWeb
    * Northumberland County Historical Society
    * Northumberland Co PA: DeARMONDs buried at Warrior Run Church Cemetery, Delaware Run
    * Northumberland County PA USGW Archives - Cemetery Records (see Warrior Run Cemetery files)
* PA Birth and Death records are not on-line

The Centinel of the North-Western Territory, John Dearmond, Miami twp appeared in the newspaper because of his strayed/lost cow (4/28/1796)

1862: The 83rd Ohio Infantry, Company D, Non-Commissioned Officers included King DeARMOND

DeARMONDs buried at Shandon Cemetery, Butler Co OH

DeARMONDs buried at New London Cemetery

Charts: * King DEARMOND and * Alexander DEARMOND lines
Chart: * Margaret DEARMOND and George Washington Sizelove (Samuel & Sarah)
Chart: * John Randolph and Mary George DEARMOND (James -> Alexander and Elizabeth Huff)
Chart: * DEARMONDs buried in the old George Cemetery (Alexander H., Isabelle, Joseph A., King, King)

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