Thomas and Kate (George) ASHLEY Family
The Family of
Thomas and Kate (GEORGE) ASHLEY

daughter of Enoch and Jane GEORGE, granddaughter of Reuben and Ann George Sr. - more on the George Lines
[Not all dates are verified. Discrepancies between family Bible, census, and tombstone dates may not all be identified.]

(1st wife)

17?? -
(m) ?


* Enoch George     
(1st wife)
Jane McCotter

First wife: * Emma "Kate" George
b. 30 Apr 1851 Andrew Co, MO
d. 3 June 1893 Whitesville, Andrew Co (42-TB)
McGlothlin Cemetery, AndCo MO
m. 30 Sep 1875 AndCo MO

Second wife: Kate's sister, Nan
* Nancy J (Jane?) George
b 1847 IN
d 1934 CO (87)
Cory Cemetery, Delta, CO
m 10 Mar 1897 And Co, MO

(m) ?

(m) ?



? ?

(m) Thomas Gilmore ASHLEY
b. 15 Dec 1845 Andrew Co MO
d. 1 Jan 1906 Austin, Delta Co, CO (60-TB)
Cory Cemetery, Delta, CO

Timeline: The ASHLEY Family
1845 - xxx

Family History

The Wives of Thomas ASHLEY
The 10th and youngest child of Enoch and Jane GEORGE, Emma "Kate" George was born and raised in Andrew County, MO. Around the age of 20, Kate became a member of the M. E. Church. On September 30, 1875 in Andrew County, MO, "Kate" married Thomas Gilmore ASHLEY.

According to the Newspaper Gleanings of Andrew County MO, by McMackin (page 343), Kate and Thomas had 10 children, with 8 still living in 1893 when Kate died June 3rd at Annaretta St Clair's house in Whitesville, MO. Kate and Thomas had been married 17 years. Her funeral, conducted the following Sunday from her home near Rush, MO by Reverend Kutzner (or Kinzer?) was attended in part by W. B. ALLEN, H. H. TILSON, and Oscar and Mrs. (Fannie) COLBURN. Kate was buried near her parents and other relatives at the McGlothlin Cemetery.

Kate and Thomas's last child, Nannie E. was born January 31, 1893. She was 5 months old when her mother died, and died herself 3 months later. Of Kate and Thomas's 10 children, only 3 (Roy, Marian, and Myrtle) are thought to have survived the TB that killed their parents and siblings. Kate was still living when the twins, Ralph and Roxie (1889-1891) had died. These were extremely hard times for the family.

Nancy "Nan" J. (GEORGE) ASHLEY
The 9th child of Enoch and Jane GEORGE, Nancy J. George was probably born in Green Co IN in 1847, and was about 2 when her parents and family moved west to Andrew Co MO about 1849. Enoch George's brother Reuben George Jr. had moved to Andrew Co a few years earlier, as likely did Enoch's son, Reuben Andrew George. The George brothers' wives, Jane McCotter George and Nancy McCotter George may have been sisters. The couples had married in Butler County, OH.

The 1850 census for Andrew Co MO listed Nancy living with her parents and their family. In 1857, Nancy moved across the Missouri River into Doniphan County Kansas with at least her father. Whether that was before or after her mother, Jane McCotter George, (tombstone at McGlothlin cemetery, AndCo) died on 25 May 1857, is not known. But the family had returned to Andrew Co MO by the 1860 census for Platte township of Andrew Co MO with Nancy listed living with her father and siblings Sarah, Ezra, Mary Ellen, and Reuben Andrew George with his wife, Mary J. George and their two children.

As an adult, she was a seamstress and milliner, and for awhile owned land in Doniphan County, Kansas, across the Missouri River from Andrew County, MO. In 1867, she bought the west half of the southeast quarter of 18-2-22 (Burr Oak Township, Doniphan Co KS) from her father Enoch and his second wife Matilda George who had returned from Kansas to Andrew County, MO. Nancy paid them $400.00 for the land.

The 1870 census (#38-40, Jackson township) showed Nancy George, a milliner, living back in Andrew County MO with another milliner, Martha E. Gilliam, aged 19, born in Indiana.

On 10 Mar 1897, nearly four years after her younger sister Emma "Kate" had died on June 3, 1893 of TB, 50 year old Nancy George married Kate's husband Thomas G. Ashley in Andrew County, MO. After a few years, they took the three surviving children to live in Delta County, Colorado, hoping the climate change would bring better health. Most of them did not survive childhood, probably from TB. Thomas had a ranch just west of Austin, CO. Thomas died in 1906. Nancy returned to the Andrew County area, but when she needed help, her family came and took her back with them to Colorado, where she died in 1934, aged about 87.

Nan was buried in the Cory Cemetery, Delta, CO with her husband.

The Children of Kate (GEORGE) and Thomas ASHLEY

    * Roy A. ASHLEY (1877-1949) - Cory Cemetery, Delta, CO
    Ruby J. ASHLEY (1879-1896) - McGlothlin Cemetery, Andrew Co MO
    Ira Dill ASHLEY (1881-1899) - McGlothlin Cemetery, Andrew Co MO
    Carl ASHLEY (c1882-? after 1893)
    * Marian Gertrude ASHLEY PRICHARD (1884-1977) - Cory Cemetery, Delta, CO
    * Myrtle Irene ASHLEY LANNING (1885-1935) - Cory Cemetery, Delta, CO
    Charlie ASHLEY (c1888-? after 1893)
    Ralph ASHLEY (1889-1891) - McGlothlin Cemetery, Andrew Co MO
    Roxie ASHLEY (1889-1891) - McGlothlin Cemetery, Andrew Co MO
    Nannie E. ASHLEY (1893-1893) - McGlothlin Cemetery, Andrew Co MO

Also buried in the Cory Cemetery near Delta, CO:

Ashley, Anna, b. 1876, d. 1957, s/w Anna Ashley [?]
Ashley, Mary E., b. 1843, d. 1929 [Thomas' sister]
Ashley, Nancy J., b. 1847, d. 1934 [Thomas' 2nd wife, Kate's sister Nan]
Ashley, Roy A., b. 1877, d. 1949, s/w Roy A. Ashley [Thomas and Kate's son]
Ashley, Thomas G., b. 15 Dec 1845, d. 1 Jan 1906 [Kate and Nancy's husband]

Lanning, Alfred W., b. 1883, d. 1970
Lanning, Dorothy Sundberg, b. 1917, d 2001, Married 14 Feb 1938, s/w Raymond Ashley Lanning
Lanning, Harold Ray, b. 11 Nov 1939, d 20 Jun 1986
Lanning, James Alfred, b. 27 May 1949, d. 30 Nov 1999
Lanning, Myrtle, b. 1886, d. 1935
Lanning, Raymond Ashley, b. 1909, d. 1994, Married 14 Feb 1938, s/w Dorothy Sundberg Lanning
Lanning, Ruth E., b. 1900, d. 1973

Pritchard, baby, b. 26 Jul 1917, d.
Pritchard, Edward Chester, b. 1882, d. 1968, Masonic symbol, s/w Marion Ashley Pritchard
Pritchard, Eunice B., b. 1908, d. 1990, Married 24 Nov 1927, s/w Ralph H. Pritchard
Pritchard, Irvin A., b. 1915, d. 1921
Pritchard, Marion Ashley, b. 1884, d. 1977, Masonic symbol, s/w Edward Chester Pritchard
Pritchard, Ralph H., b. 1900, d. 197?, Married 24 Nov 1927, s/w Eunice B. Pritchard

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